Feature highlights for stations and DJs

  • Playlist entry and editing:
    • Manual web-based entry with large autocomplete database. Playlists are normally entered during the show live on-air but can also be entered after or before the show. Playlist entry and editing is optimized for busy DJ's workflow with auto-completion and integrated database search for reuse of existing data.
    • Uploading playlists from many programs. If your music library already exists in another program or computer file you can upload it to minimize typing. You can also import individual playlists that you created in another application, e.g. iTunes.
    • Automation system integrations. Automation systems connect to Spinitron over the internet to log songs and generate playlists. They can be used both in full automation mode and live-assist mode.
    • Automatic music recognition - optional add-on feature ($19/month) that listens to your stream and auto–populates your playlists in real time.
  • Features for Web integration with your own website. You can link to Spinitron from your personal or station web site or integrate Spinitron public pages into your site and match its design and styles. There are several ways to do that:
    • HTML embed with customizable stylesheet.
    • Public API to query the Spinitron database directly.
    • Metadata Push to display now-playing song on websites, mobile devices, etc.
    • Customizable JavaSript widget.
  • Compliance reporting. Unlimited reporting for SoundExchange, BMI, and the rest. Best in class technical and customer support for copyright compliance reporting.
  • Statistics and chart tabulations (e.g. Top 30). What jazz songs were most requested in the last three weeks? Which classical disks were played most last year? Compiling a top 10, or a top 100 takes only a few clicks, customized by genre, time frame, show format etc.
  • Playlist Export. You can easily download/email data from Spinitron if you want to use them in another application.
  • Webcast archive service. Optional add-on feature (starting at $20/month) that allows listeners on-demand access to past shows within the two weeks legal limit.
  • Public website with current and browsable playlist archive – by date, DJ or show.
  • Show and schedule management. Maintain and display your station's program schedule online.
  • User accounts. DJs create their own user accounts (or Admins can do that for them) and enter & manage their own playlists.
  • Live chat with the on-air DJ and other listeners.
  • Social network sharing links.

Get started

Learn more about Spinitron by trying it out for yourself. Sign up your station for a free trial or contact us to set up a trial and to ask any questions about features, technical matters, terms, or anything else.

Our 30 day free trial:
  • Without any obligation
  • Available to as many DJs at your station as you like
  • Fully functional – no restrictions or disabled features – and fully supported

As soon as the trial is set up, you and your DJs can start using it and publish playlists online for the public (you can also keep the trial private). All data entered is kept if you decide to subscribe – alternatively, you can export all data entered.