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Don't Back the Front

Jun 16, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Dana K


Don't Back the Front
8:03 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:07 PM
Modern English - Gathering Dust
Modern English Gathering Dust
Mesh & Lace Blixa Sounds 1981
8:15 PM
The Sound - Sense of Purpose
The Sound Sense of Purpose
From the Lion's Mouth Rhino 1981
8:20 PM
The Ire - The Chariot
The Ire The Chariot
What Dreams May Come 2022
8:23 PM
Rubella Ballet - Arctic Flowers
Rubella Ballet Arctic Flowers
Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's Overground Records 2010
Single from 1986
8:25 PM
Comsat Angels - Missing In Action
Comsat Angels Missing In Action
Waiting for a Miracle Polydor Records 1980
8:29 PM
Ibex Clone - There Is No Llght
Ibex Clone There Is No Llght
All Channels Clear Goner 2023
8:33 PM
Party Day - Rabbit Pie
Party Day Rabbit Pie
Sorted! Optic Nerve Recordings 1982
8:43 PM
Paralisis Permanente - Héroes
Paralisis Permanente Héroes
El Acto WM Spain 1982
8:48 PM
Poison Ruïn - Härvest
Poison Ruïn Härvest
Härvest Relapse Records 2023
8:54 PM
Folk Devils - Beautiful Monster
Folk Devils Beautiful Monster
Beautiful Monsters (Singles and Demo Recordings 1984-86) Optic Nerve Recordings 2016
Single from 1984
8:59 PM
Blackouts - Dead Man's Curve
Blackouts Dead Man's Curve
History in Reverse K 2004
From 1980 "Men in Motion" EP
9:02 PM
Es - Too Late
Es Too Late N
Fantasy - EP Upset The Rhythm 2023
9:05 PM
Whirlywirld - Win/Lose
Whirlywirld Win/Lose
The Complete Studio Works 1978 - 80 Hozac 2020
From 1980 S/T EP
9:16 PM
Easter and the Totem - One
Easter and the Totem One
From Bromley With Love V/A Alternative Music 1981
9:19 PM
One Gang Logic - Playtime
One Gang Logic Playtime
Household Shocks Dark Entries Records 2016
Originally released in 1980
9:23 PM
Sardine V - Stuck On You
Sardine V Stuck On You
I Hate You Phantom Records 1983
9:28 PM
Wire - On Returning
Wire On Returning
154 EMI 1979
9:30 PM
Ida e Os Voltas - Anti-Progresso
Ida e Os Voltas Anti-Progresso N
Demo 1986 Mini-LP Nada Nada Discos 2023
9:31 PM
Clock DVA - Sensorium
Clock DVA Sensorium
Thirst Fetish Records, Baby Music Ltd. 1981
9:34 PM
Tuxedomoon - What Use?
Tuxedomoon What Use?
Half Mute / Scream With a View Crammed Discs 1985
1980 on the "Half Mute" LP on Ralph
9:43 PM
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Hollow Eyes (12" Version)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Hollow Eyes (12" Version)
Talk About the Weather (Bonus Tracks) Anagram Records 1985
9:46 PM
Echo & The Bunnymen - Back of Love
Echo & The Bunnymen Back of Love
Porcupine WM UK 1983
9:50 PM
Abecedarians - Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians
Abecedarians Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians
Eureka Pylon Records 1987
9:54 PM
The Chameleons - View from a Hill
The Chameleons View from a Hill
Script of the Bridge Statik Records 1983
10:01 PM
Lowlife - Hollow Gut
Lowlife Hollow Gut
Diminuendo + Singles LTM Publishing 1987
10:05 PM
Body Maintenance - The Spiral
Body Maintenance The Spiral
Beside You Unwound Records 2023
10:11 PM
Hula - (No One Leaves The) Fever Car
Hula (No One Leaves The) Fever Car
Fever Car Red Rhino Records 1984
10:18 PM
Nightmares In Wax - Black Leather
Nightmares In Wax Black Leather
Nightmares In Wax KY Records 1985
10:20 PM
Section 25 - Sakura
Section 25 Sakura
The Key of Dreams (Remastered) LTM Publishing 1982
10:25 PM
Morwan - Грім
Morwan Грім N
Світає, палає Feel It Records 2023
10:30 PM
Ausserhalb - Zeitzelle
Ausserhalb Zeitzelle
Rock Experimentell 1983
10:34 PM
Pyrolator - Gold Und Silber
Pyrolator Gold Und Silber
Ausland Ata Tak 1981
10:36 PM
Testcard F. - Bandwagon Tango
Testcard F. Bandwagon Tango
Single Backs Records 1983
10:40 PM
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened
Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened
Dead Eyes Opened - Single Ink Records 1984
10:46 PM
Belgrado - Intra Apogeum
Belgrado Intra Apogeum N
Intra Apogeum La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2023
10:56 PM
A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water (12" Version)
A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water (12" Version)
Acr:Box Mute 2019
released in 1982
Chat is archived.
Dá Bəng Gôu 8:04:48 PM
Ŧ₳ndy 8:05:07 PM
Friday night shenanigans
Alan Pasnyk 8:05:52 PM
Hellllooooo Dana!!
Dana K (host) 8:06:44 PM
hi crumb creeps
richard lyons:) 8:06:58 PM
Alan Pasnyk 8:07:58 PM
Dana: So you got through the I 95 mess and made it to the Barge????
Chris Mohr 8:09:53 PM
I forgot Modern English had one more than one song. They were not #CrumbBums!
Ambrose Hughes 8:10:20 PM
Hello Dana K! Nice start🎶💥
Gautham Kalva 8:14:38 PM
Hey Dana, just coz you asked. Can you play any song with an absurdist sense of humor? Preferably an obscure one?
Dana K (host) 8:15:23 PM
Gautham, I'll see what I can drum up
richard lyons:) 8:16:59 PM
Always a good day when Commie Francis and Dana K are on 😊
Rob F 8:17:29 PM
Frank Zappa comes to mind
Ambrose Hughes 8:18:03 PM
@richard, agreed
Ambrose Hughes 8:19:22 PM
@Dana K. What year is this song from?
Dana K (host) 8:20:34 PM
This current song is from 2022, previous one was from 1980...forgot to put it on the playlist
Dana K (host) 8:20:58 PM
or 1981
Rob F 8:21:57 PM
I loved New Order back in the day
Ambrose Hughes 8:29:53 PM
Dana K (host) 8:30:39 PM
hi everyone! thanks for tuning in tonight!
richard lyons:) 8:33:19 PM
this Ibex Clone is so good. Reminds me a bit of Bob Mould/Sugar
Dana K (host) 8:33:39 PM
they're great. saw them a month or two ago in Philly, seeing them again in Memphis for Gonerfest in September
Brian D 8:34:48 PM
That Ibex Clone was great yeah! Lil bit of Icicle Works / J Cope sound too. Total time warp sounding band
richard lyons:) 8:35:02 PM
Nicce DK!
richard lyons:) 8:35:18 PM
Yes, Brian D
Dana K (host) 8:49:49 PM
Dana K (host) 8:49:58 PM
learning curve to this new station
Ŧ₳ndy 8:50:36 PM
You got this. Solid show so far
Dana K (host) 8:51:23 PM
thank you :3
richard lyons:) 8:59:47 PM
Dana K (host) 9:02:11 PM
crumb creep coated
Michael D. Okum 9:08:13 PM
New Listener Dude here... really Dig this show... Thanks for making this Friday evening more interesting!
Dana K (host) 9:09:21 PM
glad to have you here, michael! thanks!
richard lyons:) 9:13:20 PM
crumb creep coated, indeed! (Stevie P joke) Welcome Michael D. Okum!
Jim Otter 9:24:44 PM
Hi all!
Dana K (host) 9:25:46 PM
welcome jim!
richard lyons:) 9:28:58 PM
I said this last week but it happened again-WPRB was playing in the background, then I heard, 'Don't Back The Front' WOOO!
Dana K (host) 9:29:12 PM
:) :) :)
Chris Mohr 9:39:36 PM
I may still have a cassette somewhere that includes "What Use" taped off the air on WPRB circa 1982.... on my portable cassette player, naturally
Dana K (host) 9:42:38 PM
ha, excellent, chris!
Chris Mohr 9:44:01 PM
Ooh, the Lorrys!
Jim Otter 9:44:31 PM
I have a non-specific, not-fitting the vibe of this show request. So maybe for next time. But when you played There Goes Concorde Again a while back, you mentioned that you had 3 or 4 songs that were even... moreso. And I'd love to hear those songs
Dana K (host) 9:47:08 PM
I think I was talking about a Native Hipsters song that was even more obnoxious than that one. But I can certainly play a lot of obnoxious music.
Jim Otter 9:49:46 PM
well you have piqued my interest
Colin 10:06:49 PM
this album, besides you, is sitting nicely with me. I listened to a couple of tracks last night
richard lyons:) 10:07:02 PM
Dana K (host) 10:07:09 PM
yes. i also enjoy the vibe
Colin 10:07:49 PM
i just got all excited when i heard that bass intro
Colin 10:10:04 PM
that was a short song, i definitely played 2... 3x? last night.
Colin 10:16:02 PM
my listening situation tonight is i got a big ol 8ish+ bedroom house all to myself. wprb tuned in on multiple stereos rn
Dana K (host) 10:16:16 PM
surround sound!
richard lyons:) 10:17:08 PM
Colin 10:17:25 PM
official count in, 7.5 bed rooms. it is kinda surround sound. 2 stereos one clock radio = 5 speakers
Colin 10:18:20 PM
windows are open so all the outside nocturnal critters get to listen too.
Dana K (host) 10:18:52 PM
i hope they come in to keep you company
Colin 10:20:48 PM
this is not the nightmares i done got buried in my cd notebook.
Colin 10:21:20 PM
i liked that one!
richard lyons:) 10:21:48 PM
Jim Otter 10:26:38 PM
lot of great new/new to me finds tonight!
richard lyons:) 10:27:00 PM
Ŧ₳ndy 10:28:25 PM
This Morwan rules. Love this kind of music
Dana K (host) 10:28:45 PM
From Ukraine!
Colin 10:29:38 PM
this is super rad, also, the last like 5 songs, all new to me. all made the list for later.
richard lyons:) 10:29:54 PM
richard lyons:) 10:30:24 PM
in stereo
Ŧ₳ndy 10:30:43 PM
I may be slow to catch on in chat but friday nights this summer really did just get better with DBTF
Dana K (host) 10:31:26 PM
Colin 10:32:48 PM
not only a bass solo, a german dance music bass solo.
Rob F 10:36:10 PM
This music is so good
Michael D. Okum 10:38:02 PM
Gold Und Silber... German Disco Synth Beats iz the BEST!
Ŧ₳ndy 10:38:24 PM
Anyone else going to the Dark Entries party next week?
Dana K (host) 10:38:33 PM
wish i could, i'll be here!
Ŧ₳ndy 10:38:45 PM
That guestmix earlier this week has me pumped
Rob F 10:39:24 PM
That guestmix was cool
Ŧ₳ndy 10:39:58 PM
u know it's a good DJ mix when I love it and i only recognize one track
Colin 10:43:43 PM
tandy, DE party is on my radar, but the next two weeks i'm buried in work as well as packing to move on july 1
Ŧ₳ndy 10:43:59 PM
Oh word, hope the move goes well duede!
Ŧ₳ndy 10:44:04 PM
Typo. Keep. Blah.
Dana K (host) 10:44:36 PM
yeah, good luck with the move!
Colin 10:45:20 PM
me all all tomorrow, sup duuuuueeeeddddeeee
Ŧ₳ndy 10:45:31 PM
The only part of moving I enjoy is deciding how to decorate the new lace
Colin 10:46:40 PM
i'm taking almost nothing with me. the new spot is a big ol blank canvas. pretty excited
Ŧ₳ndy 10:47:10 PM
No furniture, no bed, no electronics? D:
Ŧ₳ndy 10:47:35 PM
JAM 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Rofflestomp 10:50:49 PM
This one is great too. Thanks for the sets Dana.
Colin 10:50:50 PM
bed, electronics, plants, clothes, all my other neato thingys. gonna buy an ez chair on day one, then the rest later.
Ŧ₳ndy 10:51:26 PM
The EZ chair came on my third week at my current place. The cushioning is cheap, but a seat cushion and a car seat back make it the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.
Colin 10:51:34 PM
so many jams! there has definitely a roving dance part going on here.
richard lyons:) 10:52:12 PM
PLANTS! Hell yeah, Colin :)
Ŧ₳ndy 10:52:38 PM
Does anyone have any plant suggestions for a basement apartment with limited sunlight, besides little succulents?
Colin 10:52:51 PM
some of my plants are 30+ years old.
Ŧ₳ndy 10:53:05 PM
My father has the second floor apartment and his kitchen is full of vines and plants, so jealous.
Jim Otter 10:53:10 PM
great set, always appreciate how a DBTF set flows together
Jim Otter 10:53:34 PM
TAndy, what you want is a snake plant, the only plant I have never killed
Rofflestomp 10:53:48 PM
LOL TAndy, I own a disturbing amount of memory foam myself.
Colin 10:54:07 PM
i think norfolk pines can do with lower light. i have one and love it. but it can getg BIG
richard lyons:) 10:54:42 PM
Cheers, TAndy, Colin, Rofflestomp, Michael D. Okum, Rob F, Jim Otter, Chris Mohr, Brian D, Ambrose Hughes, G Gautham Kalva, Alan Pasnyk, Dá Bəng Gôu :)
Colin 10:54:57 PM
lol, i totally confused it with the on wax one!!!
Colin 10:55:05 PM
missed that detail
richard lyons:) 10:55:06 PM
Perfect show DK!
Michael D. Okum 10:55:24 PM
Great Show! Thx ;)
Dana K (host) 10:56:00 PM
thanks everyone!
Dana K (host) 10:56:04 PM
have a fab weekend
Colin 10:56:07 PM
i like your diligence richard!!!
richard lyons:) 10:56:32 PM
Colin 10:56:33 PM
bye guys!
Dana K (host) 10:57:03 PM
richard lyons:) 10:57:36 PM
Hell yeah
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:58:30 PM
Quiet, shy people are listening! Thanks for sharing all the Pure Moods 💞, DJ Dana K❣️ Hope to chat with you more next time!
Dana K (host) 10:59:13 PM
aw, glad you were able to tune in, MrM!
Ŧ₳ndy 10:59:28 PM
Thank you DJ Dana K!