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Mar 15, 2023 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Number 6

A potpourri of different genres with an emphasis on EDM, space and trance music.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen.

V 166.0

12:01 PM
Livigesh - If Kloud 9 was 6
Livigesh If Kloud 9 was 6 N
Shell Of Light
12:08 PM
Binary Sunset - Sans Oxygène
Binary Sunset Sans Oxygène N
Trans-en-Provence (FR) - Single recordJet 2023
12:11 PM
Coast 2 Coast - Polymorphism
Coast 2 Coast Polymorphism N
Human Dance Machine Music
12:15 PM
Grotta Veterano - If Only Anything Could Change You
Grotta Veterano If Only Anything Could Change You N
Endless Vacation
12:21 PM
Endless Valley - Ruskin
Endless Valley Ruskin
Nayivada 4000 Records 2021
12:27 PM
Jcran - A Forgotten Experiment
Jcran A Forgotten Experiment
Broadcast 2023
12:37 PM
Edge Of Decipher - Suppressed, But Still Burning
Edge Of Decipher Suppressed, But Still Burning
Edge of Decipher Edge of Decipher 2022
12:43 PM
Johnatron - Imolate
Johnatron Imolate
12:50 PM
Mata - Track 3
Mata Track 3
Red Album
12:55 PM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S1 E35, 36
The Adventures Of Ruby S1 E35, 36
Ruby 1 ZBS.ORG
1:02 PM
Wevie Stonder - Small People
Wevie Stonder Small People
The Bucket Cack Records 2009
1:06 PM
King Tuff - Always Find Me
King Tuff Always Find Me N
Smalltown Stardust Sub Pop Records 2023
1:10 PM
Doreem - Sample 21
Doreem Sample 21
Sampler Collection Vol. 2
1:17 PM
Runaway Horses - Boundary Query
Runaway Horses Boundary Query
Edges of Existence Runaway Horses 2022
1:22 PM
Palancar - Dharma
Palancar Dharma N
Blue Green Earth
1:33 PM
State Azure - Ethereal Landscape One
State Azure Ethereal Landscape One
Ethereal Landscapes 2023
1:40 PM
Circuit 3 - Transmissions
Circuit 3 Transmissions
Technology For The Youth
1:46 PM
From Tokyo To Honolulu - Driftage
From Tokyo To Honolulu Driftage
Dream Waves 2 No Problema Tapes 2023
1:53 PM
Up The Hudson River - Atop The Skyline
Up The Hudson River Atop The Skyline
Crow Calling
2:00 PM
Michael Hoenig & Manuel Göttsching - Early Water
Michael Hoenig & Manuel Göttsching Early Water
Early Water
2:48 PM
Escape Velocity - Planetary Alignment
Escape Velocity Planetary Alignment
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 12:01:52 PM
Welcome to another new acquisitions show.
Number 6 (host) 12:17:03 PM
The online listener jawn says 118 presently.
DSM 12:37:57 PM
Hey Number 6! FM here, so I won't be boosting the jawn
Number 6 (host) 12:40:08 PM
Hi DSM, me too.
DSM 12:44:46 PM
Nice acquisitions today, the sun just came out here too!
Rob F 12:45:03 PM
Hi Number 6. Just finished a bike ride (inside). Should have waited for these upbeat tunes
Number 6 (host) 12:46:50 PM
Hi Rob! Biking inside or out goes well with WPRB.
Rofflestomp 12:52:29 PM
Pentode. LOL Precursor transistor electron mosh pit dance scene. In a mosh pit nobody cares if you...
Rofflestomp 12:52:48 PM
Hey Number 6, hey folks.
Number 6 (host) 12:53:58 PM
Hi Roffle! A pentode is a transistor under glass.
DSM 12:54:07 PM
good afternoon Roffle, Rob
Rofflestomp 12:54:45 PM
Rob F 12:56:02 PM
Hi all
Brian D 12:56:16 PM
Weeeeeeee are the Android Sisters....
Brian D 12:57:59 PM
That was a hoot. And here's RUBY!
Number 6 (host) 12:59:11 PM
The Android Sisters go boom!
Brian D 1:00:16 PM
This is a great RUBY ep! Echo echo echo....
Rofflestomp 1:01:33 PM
Another audio expose' this week. :)
Brian D 1:04:05 PM
Cool. Been seeing this spoonerized band name for decades but never heard them. Funny stuff. Have you ever played Conan Mockasin on the show?
Number 6 (host) 1:05:45 PM
Hi Brian! I'll have to check them out.
Brian D 1:07:44 PM
Ya. He. Connan Mockasin is a New Zealandeer. Very psyched out . Trippy. Not unlike some Ween but his own deal
Rofflestomp 1:11:04 PM
An friend of mine went full-on Margret Mead with the Maui. She is as interesting as they are.
Brian D 1:11:55 PM
Maori ya. Face paint. Dancing with big sticks.
Rofflestomp 1:12:39 PM
Yes, thanks for spelling correction. My weak thing. lol
Number 6 (host) 1:13:49 PM
I always like weird and wonderful artists.
Rofflestomp 1:16:40 PM
Often weird and wonderful is really the best thing about you silly DJ's. :)
Rofflestomp 1:17:31 PM
Precious really.
Number 6 (host) 1:17:48 PM
Wouldn't have it any other way.:)
Rofflestomp 1:18:18 PM
Thanks for that for sure.
Number 6 (host) 1:18:42 PM
10-4 good buddy.
Rofflestomp 1:19:31 PM
5 By 5!
Number 6 (host) 1:20:14 PM
Wall to wall & 10 feet tall.
Rofflestomp 1:21:49 PM
Right on!
Rofflestomp 1:23:11 PM
Signal Bounce
Rofflestomp 1:29:43 PM
My Dharma is still mischief. But this piece is nice and not in any type of hurry.
Number 6 (host) 1:36:53 PM
On Friday I will be doing 3 hours of space music for you brain cavity! Right before Mike.
Number 6 (host) 1:37:24 PM
Rofflestomp 1:52:03 PM
That's cool, I like to let the space music on Friday nights drop a background quite often at those hours. Just depends, but always fine and welcome when it's a chill Friday for sure. I have another dentist appointment that day, so pretty sure that works well for me. lol
Brian D 2:00:08 PM
Long form time!
Number 6 (host) 2:01:17 PM
Medication time!
Number 6 (host) 2:01:46 PM
130 online listeners!
Rofflestomp 2:16:38 PM
260 ears.
Number 6 (host) 2:20:27 PM
130 can shaped headphones.
Rob F 2:25:40 PM
Thanks for the music Number 6. Off to another meeting now
Number 6 (host) 2:28:52 PM
Okay, take care!
Brian D 2:39:58 PM
I think there's a guitar solo on this piece
Colin 2:41:28 PM
lol bri,
Colin 2:42:31 PM
also, fantastic show as always 6. free4all has become one of my favs.
Brian D 2:42:48 PM
Manuel G letting loose. RIP
Number 6 (host) 2:43:05 PM
Hi Colin, thanks!
Number 6 (host) 2:52:37 PM
145 current online space heads!
Number 6 (host) 2:58:06 PM
Until Friday, BCNU!
Brian D 2:58:20 PM
Good time #6!
Rofflestomp 2:58:22 PM
Thanks 6