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The Freeform Pathogen

Mar 1, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Mike Lupica

Freeform radio for creative weirdos and deskbound dreamers. A sonic one-stop for Acid Dub, Beardo Bhangra, Micro-Folk Turntablism, Krautdrone, Cambodian Synthwave, Glam Pop, Art-Damaged Metal, Electro-Stoner Jazz, Proto Soul-Punk, DIY Hip-Hop, Psychedelic EDM, Minimalist Power Violence, Pre-Hipster NYC Weirdcore, and Afro-Hillbilly Futurism. Up and down this goddam dial since 1992.

A Spit in the Hand is Worth Two in the Loading Dock


Good evening, friends. Thanks for swinging through the doors of the Starlite Lounge.

You know the drill. Three hours of freeform radio. You, the night, and the music.

Refresh this page to see the most recently played songs.

Say hello in the chat.

We're here until 11 PM.

The Freeform Pathogen
8:01 PM
Kids Indestructible - Trans-Pennine Express
Kids Indestructible Trans-Pennine Express
Trans-Pennine Express EP Gooom 2003
8:10 PM
!!! - Except Death
!!! Except Death
Thr!!!er Warp Records 2012
8:14 PM
Catalogue - Houseplant
Catalogue Houseplant N
Modern Delusion Hell Vice i Vicious Records 2023
8:17 PM
Homeboy Sandman - Fresh Air Fund
Homeboy Sandman Fresh Air Fund N
Still Champion Mello Music Group 2022
8:20 PM
Mickey Jupp - You'll Never Get Me On One of Those
Mickey Jupp You'll Never Get Me On One of Those
Juppanese Stiff 1978
8:23 PM
Shalom - Lighter
Shalom Lighter N
Sublimation Saddle Creek 2022
8:27 PM
Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - Darildum Darıldım
Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek Darildum Darıldım N
Dost 2 Bongo Joe 2022
8:30 PM
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Down At the Rock and Roll Club
Richard Hell & The Voidoids Down At the Rock and Roll Club
Blank Generation Sire 1977
Ivan Julian of Richard Hell and the Voidoids interviewed on Esoterica's show NEXT week (not tomorrow). Woof, woof!
8:33 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:39 PM
Nick Lowe - Heart of the City
Nick Lowe Heart of the City
Hits Greatest Stiffs Stiff 1977
8:41 PM
The Drin - Mozart on the Wing
The Drin Mozart on the Wing N
Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom Feel It Records 2023
8:47 PM
My Bloody Valentine - No Place to Go
My Bloody Valentine No Place to Go
Geek EP Fever 1986
8:50 PM
Special Interest - LA Blues
Special Interest LA Blues N
Endure Rough Trade 2022
8:58 PM
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again
Music for the Masses Mute 1987
9:02 PM
Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band - Semayala
Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band Semayala N
Sonbonbela Sublime Frequencies 2022
9:07 PM
Bill Fox - Let's Be Buried Together
Bill Fox Let's Be Buried Together
Shelter from the Smoke Scat 2009
9:10 PM
Billy Nomates - Fawner
Billy Nomates Fawner N
Cacti Invada 2023
9:13 PM
Roger McGuinn - Lost My Drivin' Wheel
Roger McGuinn Lost My Drivin' Wheel
Roger McGuinn Columbia 1973
9:17 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:26 PM
Run DMC - Rock Box
Run DMC Rock Box
Run DMC Profile 1984
9:31 PM
Langendorf United - Vieux
Langendorf United Vieux N
Yeahno Yowouw Land Sing a Song Fighter 2023
9:38 PM
Moritz - Bohemian Rhapsody
Moritz Bohemian Rhapsody
[Possibly the greatest Queen cover ever recorded. Random 2000s MP3 blog detritus. And for our purposes here tonight, "drunkenly executed karaoke" qualifies as a "cover".]
9:44 PM
King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust
King Tuff Smalltown Stardust N
Smalltown Stardust Sub Pop Records 2023
9:47 PM
Johnny Mathis - Chances Are
Johnny Mathis Chances Are
7" Columbia 1957
9:50 PM
The Winston Brothers - Drift
The Winston Brothers Drift N
Drift Colemine Records 2022
9:53 PM
Hans Platzgumer - Sunshine
Hans Platzgumer Sunshine
A Portion of Genuine HP Sauce Spaice 1989
9:57 PM
Bhajan Bhoy - Raga Shanti
Bhajan Bhoy Raga Shanti N
To Love is to Love (Vol. 1) Feeding Tube 2023
10:03 PM
Richard Dawson - Thicker Than Water
Richard Dawson Thicker Than Water N
The Ruby Cord Weird World 2022
10:09 PM
Hawkwind - Kings of Speed
Hawkwind Kings of Speed
Warrior on the Edge of Time Atco 1975
10:12 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:22 PM
Marlena Shaw - Last Tango in Paris
Marlena Shaw Last Tango in Paris
7" Blue Note 1973
10:25 PM
John Morrison - SWP Hellfire
John Morrison SWP Hellfire
Swp: Southwest Psychedelphia Deadverse Recordings 2016
10:30 PM
Roland P. Young - Generative
Roland P. Young Generative N
Spontaneous Bounce EM Records 2022
10:37 PM
Jane - It's A Fine Day
Jane It's A Fine Day
Make More Noise! Women In Independent Music UK 1977-1987 V/A Cherry Red Records 2020
Orig. 1983
10:40 PM
Jerry Orbach - Try to Remember
Jerry Orbach Try to Remember
The Fantasticks MGM 1968
10:42 PM
Johnny Darrell - These Days
Johnny Darrell These Days
California Stop-Over United Artists 1970
Nico/Jackson Browne cover.
10:45 PM
Bob Seger - Night Moves
Bob Seger Night Moves
7" Capitol 1976
10:49 PM
Meg Baird - Star Hill Song
Meg Baird Star Hill Song N
Furling Drag City 2023
10:55 PM
BADBADNOTGOOD - Can't Leave the Night
BADBADNOTGOOD Can't Leave the Night
III Innovative Leisure 2014
Chat is archived.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:56:04 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 7:57:44 PM
Not yet, but working on it.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:58:30 PM
I woke up like this
jimboo 8:01:28 PM
Stop yelling already!
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 8:03:04 PM
Thoughts on sardines?
jimboo 8:04:17 PM
Love tinned fishies!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:04:33 PM
I’M NOT SHOUTING! ALRIGHT, I AM! I’M SHOUTING, I’M SHOUTING! I’M… (thump) *candlestick falls on skull 💀
unoclay 8:05:12 PM
well, all that is true now that im here
Jon Solomon 8:06:27 PM
Isn’t this Santa Claus by The Sonics?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:06:27 PM
Into the sardines. Love the way the little tinned filets ... just melt when you cook 'em up in olive oil.
DSM 8:07:49 PM
This also sounds like it could be a Spiritualized song
Mike Lupica (host) 8:08:27 PM
Agree, when they're in full-out-rock mode!
Liz Bot 8:08:46 PM
Hi DSM! That’s exactly what I was thinking
Mike Lupica (host) 8:08:50 PM
This is my go-to "FISTS ALOFT" jam.
Liz Bot 8:09:04 PM
Transporting me back to ladies and gentleman we are floating in space era spiritualized
Mike Lupica (host) 8:09:11 PM
So hopefully y'all have something to aloft your fists about tonight.
DSM 8:09:13 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:09:21 PM
Jon Solomon 8:10:04 PM
Could you just loop this until 11?
Liz Bot 8:10:07 PM
Hi Mike!
Jon Solomon 8:10:19 PM
While we all jog in place.
Liz Bot 8:10:30 PM
Alofting my fists and my fishes now 🐟
Liz Bot 8:10:58 PM
Sardines flipping rhythmically in Mike’s pan to this song
Mike Lupica (host) 8:11:15 PM
Jon, I'm picturing Owen Wilson in a sweatband.
Jon Solomon 8:12:23 PM
Or Bill Murray at the factory in Rushmore.
Liz Bot 8:12:37 PM
Kikkoman soy sauce logoman, fists aloft, jogging alongside Owen Wilson in a sweatband, only Kikkoman sweats soy sauce
Mike Lupica (host) 8:13:12 PM
DSM 8:13:31 PM
Is Kikkoman's sweat collected for retail sale?
Jon Solomon 8:14:58 PM
Oh! Maura was raving about this one!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:15:16 PM
[Beastie Boys Sample Voice]: YO SHUT THE FUCK UP, KIKKOMAN.
jimboo 8:15:29 PM
You can't afford Kikkoman-man's sweat.
Liz Bot 8:15:36 PM
DSM, yes. Yes it is. It’s science.
DSM 8:16:33 PM
fascinating process!
Liz Bot 8:19:38 PM
Homeboy Sandman! We play him nonstop in this house, esp his many songs about food
Liz Bot 8:19:52 PM
I love that Catalogue song
Liz Bot 8:20:50 PM
👋 jimboo! Goes well with a bottle of Pocari Sweat
Mike Lupica (host) 8:20:53 PM
Homeboy Sandman is awesome. Totally in love with this latest one. Workin' hard to make it a "hit".
Jon Solomon 8:20:55 PM
Is that an….Earles and Jensen sample?!
Dennisons 8:21:47 PM
Hey all y’all! Good to see you up and typing, LizBot!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:21:56 PM
Ha... lifted from a Prisonshake record, Jon.
Liz Bot 8:22:25 PM
Hi Dennisons! I hope live action shorts weren’t rife with child soldiers and hospital clowns
Dennisons 8:24:24 PM
Child molestation, child brides, beating up trans people, fascist Catholics, and dead mums. The usual oscar fare.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:25:07 PM
I think context is in order here.
Liz Bot 8:25:13 PM
Dennisons, maybe you can draw moleboy or make a mole boy response video to The Boy the Mole the Fox and the Horse. Or just redux the whole thing with growls n snarls
TAndy 8:25:15 PM
I'm far from fashionable but I am fashionably late if that counts for much
Mike Lupica (host) 8:25:37 PM
It counts for EVERYTHING, TAndy!
Liz Bot 8:25:42 PM
Haha, sorry Mike, we’re talking about the Oscar-Nominatee short films
Liz Bot 8:25:58 PM
Hi TANdy!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:25:58 PM
Ahh, OK. Was gonna say, this chat got real dark, real fast.
Andrew Gruen 8:26:02 PM
well hello there
Mike Lupica (host) 8:26:12 PM
Hey Andrew, welcome back!
Dennisons 8:26:18 PM
Went to see the Oscar Live Short Films and it was the usual grim parade.
TAndy 8:26:23 PM
Dennisons 8:26:37 PM
Sorry Mike!
jimboo 8:26:42 PM
Damn this goooooood
Liz Bot 8:27:07 PM
@Dennisons - Sounds like it some light fare! Like Mary said, wouldn’t kill them to throw in a couple comedy shorts!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:27:11 PM
Word, Jimbo. Whole record seems rad.
Liz Bot 8:27:43 PM
Hi Andrew!
Liz Bot 8:29:03 PM
Dennis, wouldn’t be Oscar Nom live action shorts without at least two child soldiers.
Marcus Watt 8:29:05 PM
Hello, Wednesday night pit crew.
jimboo 8:29:34 PM
Ahab calling...wants her Turk-Rock back!
Liz Bot 8:29:58 PM
This song rules
Mike Lupica (host) 8:30:04 PM
She just emailed me. COSMIC, RIGHT?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:30:22 PM
Hey Marcus, welcome!
Colin 8:35:58 PM
you bought that for a dollar
Liz Bot 8:36:38 PM
Oh man, I love Turkish rock but I just butcher the pronunciation so badly
Colin 8:37:30 PM
mike pretty much nailed the pronunciation. but ahab sent him the cheat codes
Liz Bot 8:39:20 PM
I got a bunch of Anatolian rock records from Bob Dickie at the old 9th St Records near the Italian Market in the early 2000s and I love them but I have no more of an idea how to pronounce the song names now than I did then. I need Ahab’s help!
jimboo 8:41:04 PM
banger ALERT
jimboo 8:42:06 PM
Think there's a country-fried version of this...
Mike Lupica (host) 8:42:43 PM
Most of me wants to think you are talking about the noisy krautrock jam I just started playing, Jimbo.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:43:19 PM
And when I say krautrock, I of course mean some spooky punk band from Cincinnati.
Colin 8:44:56 PM
*wonders what the percentage of punk bands from cicinnati could be called spooky. i bet it's high.
Ossy 8:45:35 PM
What better way to spend the Wednesday night, than in the Starlight Sparkling Rainbow Lounge?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:45:40 PM
Colin, I've only ever been to Cleveland, but all available evidence points positively at your theory.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:49:09 PM
Cincy is extremely haunted
Mike Lupica (host) 8:49:28 PM
By the ghost of .... Dr. Johnny Fever?
Colin 8:49:34 PM
i had a show trade situation with with bands from about 40minutes outside of Cincinnati (bonafide ohio county side). They were more spooky space punk, but def spooky
Commie Francis ☭ 8:49:47 PM
Well now yeah
Mike Lupica (host) 8:50:37 PM
Commie, glad you are here. Need your take on the next band. They have a song which I think sounds RIDICULOUSLY like Crass. It's not the one I'm playing , but still...
Colin 8:50:52 PM
"Cincy is extremely haunted" is totally gonna be a hardtimes headline
Mike Lupica (host) 8:50:59 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 8:54:35 PM
Do you mean special interest or whatever is next?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:55:19 PM
Special Interest
Commie Francis ☭ 8:55:53 PM
Hmmm trying to think of what song you mean
Mike Lupica (host) 8:56:13 PM
Concerning Peace. Gave me crazy Crass vibez.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:56:18 PM
I'm familiar with them but not THAT familiar
Commie Francis ☭ 8:56:34 PM
Yeah i don't think i know that one, will investigate
Mike Lupica (host) 8:56:40 PM
I feel like I'm late as hell to them, but I dig this record lots.
Liz Bot 8:59:51 PM
Vaguely tempted to go to that Depeche Mode show in the fall but it’s a stadium show…eh
Commie Francis ☭ 9:00:03 PM
Ok yes that is very crass-ish, it's reminding me of some other peace punk too but the vocals are very Steve ignorant
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:00:15 PM
DEPECHE MODE ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Rofflestomp 9:01:21 PM
Love the workin' on it AM radio gif. Dad had limited opportunities for sure.
Andrew Gruen 9:13:02 PM
fyi robyn hitchcock turns 70 on friday 😯
Mike Lupica (host) 9:13:16 PM
jimboo 9:14:28 PM
AM "preset" buttons in cars were fun...KA-CHUNK! Even more so when the station display secretly tilted back to accept an 8-track. I'm not old...YOU'RE old!
Colin 9:15:35 PM
yikes in the fact that 70 don't seem that far off anymore🤣
Liz Bot 9:16:10 PM
You know, this song sounds a lot like a The Who’s How Many Friends Have I Really Got from Who By Numbers and predates it by 2 years. At least the whole intro really reminds me of that song
Alan Pasnyk 9:16:12 PM
Hello Pitcrew!! Late to the party, but I'll be stickin' around rest of tonite...
jimboo 9:16:13 PM
70 better stay the fuck back or imma gone stab it
Rofflestomp 9:16:25 PM
8 tracks were the birth of bootlegs on the Jersey shore.
Andrew Gruen 9:16:32 PM
definitely, colin
Liz Bot 9:16:38 PM
Hi Alan! Hi Commie!
Ossy 9:17:21 PM
Hi Liz!
Alan Pasnyk 9:17:28 PM
Lizbot! 1010100011000!!!!
DSM 9:17:29 PM
this Roger McGuinn hitting right right now
jimboo 9:18:25 PM
this one is for the byrds
Liz Bot 9:19:28 PM
I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn’s
Liz Bot 9:19:34 PM
Hi Ossy!
Rofflestomp 9:23:28 PM
Not like any MBV. Best part about that album.
Rofflestomp 9:26:15 PM
That said, I love MBV. Loveless is priceless.
Liz Bot 9:26:19 PM
Oh my god, my daughter dressed as JOHNNY from The Outsiders for Halloween this year because her middle school English class read it this fall!!!
Jon Solomon 9:27:41 PM
I’m confused, is she Kevin Nash or Scott Hall?!
Rofflestomp 9:29:58 PM
Kevin Shields has a bunch of guitars tuned to each song and switches for each song. lol
Marcus Watt 9:30:38 PM
Mike, I really liked your story about your family and The Outsiders.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:32:07 PM
Marcus, I suspect it is a Tale As Old As Time Itself.
DSM 9:32:15 PM
The Rev Run reality show was pretty fantastic actually
Jon Solomon 9:33:18 PM
This is a great record, thank you again for introducing it to me.
Alan Pasnyk 9:33:21 PM
@ Mike: BTW I never thought that you shout, just that you are very excitable about being a DJ at New Jersey's...no, the Universe's... ONLY radio station!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:34:09 PM
Right on, Jon. Liking it more with every listen. Some great montages of them performing live on YerTerb.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:34:21 PM
You are 100% on to something, Alan!
Rofflestomp 9:36:16 PM
NJ is going to be North and South now with new legislation? Lovely
Rofflestomp 9:37:18 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:38:01 PM
North Jersey starts on Route 1 above Edison and South Jersey starts on the turnpike just past Trenton. Fight me IRL.
Alan Pasnyk 9:38:36 PM
An extra state?? Boy will that really mess up the flag...
richard lyons :) 9:38:51 PM
joining the party late! just finished dinner
Alan Pasnyk 9:38:53 PM
51 stars???
richard lyons :) 9:38:59 PM
nice playlist
Rofflestomp 9:39:23 PM
Nah, always knew it, but it does not need dopey stuff.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:39:30 PM
Richard Lyons, you are JUST IN TIME (for the best Queen cover ever recorded.)
Rob from Maryland 9:40:57 PM
Um, this is quite a cover
Mike Lupica (host) 9:40:58 PM
The part where he really lets go and goes OFF is one of the best things I've ever heard.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:09 PM
You'll know it when you hear it.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:14 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:47 PM
Dying here in the SL Lounge.
Rofflestomp 9:41:52 PM
This is a water boarded version?
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:58 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:42:05 PM
Here it comes...
Alan Pasnyk 9:42:28 PM
Imagine tuning in to PRB for the very first time now!
DSM 9:42:38 PM
LOLZ when the little harmony singers got added behind MORITZ
Mike Lupica (host) 9:42:42 PM
Rob from Maryland 9:42:49 PM
Alan, really! :-O
DSM 9:43:05 PM
I prefer this version
Rob from Maryland 9:43:17 PM
I still like the original
Mike Lupica (host) 9:43:19 PM
Them's that do be the lucky ones.
TAndy 9:43:25 PM
oh my lord
Rob from Maryland 9:43:39 PM
But you know, nothing really matters, any one can see
Andrew Gruen 9:44:03 PM
this is amazing
Rob from Maryland 9:44:11 PM
"that was painful" -- my wife
h1ro-Protagonist 9:44:18 PM
This is the best thing I've heard all day
Rob from Maryland 9:44:20 PM
and I tend to agree with her
Marcus Watt 9:44:24 PM
Fun. And I saw Queen in 1977. Thin Lizzy opened.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:44:29 PM
Clearly, German karaoke bars re way better than what we have in NYC.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:44:36 PM
*are way better
TAndy 9:44:41 PM
song of the night. Sorry MBV but carry oaky always wins
Rob from Maryland 9:44:45 PM
Marcus, that must have been quite a show!
unoclay 9:45:13 PM
reminds me of when my brohter and i discovered we could hook a toy microphone to the VCR and do this weird primitive VO stuff. the lols
Rofflestomp 9:45:28 PM
OMG, that was recorded in an undisclosed cia LOCATION.
h1ro-Protagonist 9:45:49 PM
I Shazamd this and it came back with California guitar trio 🤣
TAndy 9:46:26 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:46:43 PM
Hahahaa, fantastic
h1ro-Protagonist 9:48:16 PM
Mike, please tell us all that we can find this somewhere in the intertubes. We must know the source!
Andrew Gruen 9:48:31 PM
this set is rather disorienting
Andrew Gruen 9:48:43 PM
in a good way
Rofflestomp 9:49:24 PM
@h1ro-Protagonist, don't wind up on a watch list for knowing.
Alan Pasnyk 9:49:25 PM
@ Andrew: This set is designed to confuse the alien's tuning in...
Rob from Maryland 9:50:04 PM
We are glad you played that version, Mike
DSM 9:51:18 PM
That haunted J Mathis 7" was rad
Mike Lupica (host) 9:51:26 PM
The Bohemian Rhapsody cover: http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/KF/singalong/27_-_Moritz_-_Bohemian_Rhapsody.mp3
Mike Lupica (host) 9:51:31 PM
You're welcome.
h1ro-Protagonist 9:52:42 PM
Thank you Mr. DJ!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:53:12 PM
richard lyons :) 9:54:23 PM
That cover was EPIC!
Rofflestomp 9:54:34 PM
The FEDs are so gonna have agents in the stacks now. Was nice though. Thanks.
TAndy 9:58:26 PM
this right here
Alan Pasnyk 9:59:03 PM
I'm with you on that Tandy!
DSM 10:02:12 PM
agree as well
Mike Lupica (host) 10:03:06 PM
jimboo 10:04:15 PM
Andrew Gruen 10:05:53 PM
richard dawson can do no wrong
Mike Lupica (host) 10:07:15 PM
It took me a while to figure this record out, but this song swells in a truly godlike manner.
Rofflestomp 10:08:48 PM
Math? Sixth is that next step undiminished onto stuff.
Ambrose Hughes 10:08:54 PM
Hi Mike! Made it in the nick of time, evenin' all.
Andrew Gruen 10:08:55 PM
the length of that first track definitely makes it a challenge
Rofflestomp 10:09:07 PM
Not math. lol
Andrew Gruen 10:09:26 PM
i am seeing richard perform on the day i turn 50
Mike Lupica (host) 10:09:59 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:10:58 PM
Andrew, wow! A fine birthday present! I didn't see any bands when I turned 50. I saw Helmet and the Jesus Lizard on my 21st birthday, but I have no real fondness for that memory. It's just kinda... there.
jimboo 10:11:49 PM
Feel the breaking wind of spaaaaaaaace 🪐
Mike Lupica (host) 10:12:27 PM
Jimbo, you say that like someone who once let Hawkwind sleep at his house...
jimboo 10:13:59 PM
It was a gas.
Ambrose Hughes 10:15:05 PM
...and a blast jimboo!
Rofflestomp 10:16:08 PM
The best part of being alive is all these things. In our faces. Some choices for sure, But we sure do chose that fork.
Marcus Watt 10:16:14 PM
Lemmy did okay. Also I inherited his wart when he died.
Ambrose Hughes 10:17:28 PM
You should be known as Marcus Wart then
Rofflestomp 10:17:45 PM
I must ask Marcus. Which one?
Marcus Watt 10:22:27 PM
Gotta change the subject. No AI could ever replace Mike, or any PRB DJs
richard lyons :) 10:23:21 PM
I couldn't agree more, Mike
Ambrose Hughes 10:23:59 PM
@Marcus, I second that!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:25:29 PM
Marcus Watt 10:26:22 PM
Thanks, Ambrose. Liked the wart joke. Sadly Marcus Watt is only my internet name
Rofflestomp 10:27:08 PM
@Marcus. If this is ever AI, I am out! Period! I love the commitment of these guys and their wonderful choices they set up and research into form every week. for sure.
Sasha Keen 10:27:43 PM
Relax Mike...remember Marshall McLuhan said that the New Technology always renders the former version into an "Art Form" you will only be more appreciated and revered...Slava DJ's
Alan Pasnyk 10:28:14 PM
I thought Spotify was bad enough without making it even worse with AI...
Mike Lupica (host) 10:29:00 PM
Here's the Spotify promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok-aNnc0Dko
Mike Lupica (host) 10:29:07 PM
It's... gross.
Alan Pasnyk 10:31:46 PM
Obviously someone else's idea of what "Intelligence' really is..
Li Maria 10:32:23 PM
Yikes, Mike! Can't imagine opting for that. Love your frenetic energy--no AI can replace you or other PRB DJs!
DSM 10:32:40 PM
I don't even think people who would want that, want that
Marcus Watt 10:32:58 PM
There will always be listeners who appreciate real people choosing music that they expect we'd like.
richard lyons :) 10:33:12 PM
John Oliver did a good story about AI recently
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:33:57 PM
deadverse hellscape for us r o b o t s 😈🤖🧛🏻‍♂️🧟🦇💀
Mike Lupica (host) 10:33:58 PM
I remember when Spotify rolled out its "Tastebuds" feature, which it touted as a way to let users discover new music through their friends and I was like, wait, discovering new music through friends? What kind of fucking sorcery is that?
Marcus Watt 10:36:18 PM
Might help
Marcus Watt 10:36:55 PM
Might help. Most of my friends are idiots.
Alan Pasnyk 10:37:25 PM
Just calling something "AI" doesn't mean it really is Intelligence, it's just a marketing ploy...
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:38:42 PM
1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣3️⃣❗️ Totally Tubular❗️
richard lyons :) 10:40:48 PM
...."we will have salad"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:41:33 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:42:02 PM
Aye. I love him.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:42:56 PM
Me too! Singer! 💔❤️♥️
Li Maria 10:43:06 PM
I liked that line, too @richard lyons
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:43:52 PM
So swell, Detective Lennie Briscoe!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:44:31 PM
‘These Days’❣️
Rofflestomp 10:44:37 PM
I am an idiot Marcus. I am sorta tolerated. I am so glad to be with these brilliant folks. I am honored to be here for sure.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:44:54 PM
And right about now, I'm compelled to pour some out for Richard Belzer.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:45:24 PM
For realz 🥃 🚬
richard lyons :) 10:45:48 PM
Li Maria 10:46:00 PM
To Richard! Didn't realize that was the same Jerry Orbach
Li Maria 10:46:30 PM
Belzer, I mean
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:46:41 PM
No one puts JERRY ORBACH in the corner!
Rofflestomp 10:46:48 PM
I would pour beer into Belzer's coffin if I could.
Ambrose Hughes 10:47:13 PM
@Mike, Here, here!
Alan Pasnyk 10:47:27 PM
Takin' up back a ways...nice...
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:47:48 PM
What?! BOB SEGER ❤️‍🔥 this gem 💎
Mike Lupica (host) 10:47:50 PM
I read that his final words were something to the effect of "Fuck you, motherfucker".
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:48:03 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:48:08 PM
his = Richard Belzer
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:48:16 PM
Mines too
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:48:26 PM
I’m dead ☠️
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:48:54 PM
What the flip of this 45 🧿⁉️
Rofflestomp 10:48:56 PM
I love funny folks!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:49:12 PM
MrM, I'll tell you when I take it off
Mike Lupica (host) 10:49:43 PM
"Ship of Fools"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:49:55 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:51:01 PM
Stay awesome, DJ MikeLupica!
Rofflestomp 10:51:39 PM
Shit Lupica! You burned another night off. Thanks.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:51:50 PM
Good hang tonight, Pitcrew. Thanks for being here!
Alan Pasnyk 10:52:35 PM
Mike: Time went by like a flash! Thanks for the show Especially the Bohemian..Take care..bcnu
richard lyons :) 10:53:11 PM
Dang! Teaches me to be late! R O C K O N
Andrew Gruen 10:53:56 PM
good night and thanks for the jams
TAndy 10:54:06 PM
Thanks, Mike!
Ambrose Hughes 10:54:13 PM
😍Meg Baird. Thanks Mike, never change, AI can take a run and jump! Good night good people🙏
Li Maria 10:54:37 PM
As always, loved the show and your human touch ; ) Thanks DJ Mike
Mike Lupica (host) 10:54:41 PM
AI Meg Baird. You know these assholes would try it.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:55:03 PM
Thanks Li Maria!
Liz Bot 10:58:50 PM
Great show tonight, Thanks Mike!
Rofflestomp 10:59:01 PM
Rofflestomp 10:59:44 PM
DSM 10:59:55 PM
Thanks Mike!
Rofflestomp 11:04:11 PM
Really, thanks man. I need smart shit and you deliver always. Appreciated.