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Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry

Jan 28, 2023 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Selecta Jerry

Playing the finest in Reggae music New and Old, from Roots & Culture to Conscious Dancehall, to Oldies & Lovers Rock, to Riddims and Dub!

Things N Time


Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry
3:03 PM
Garnet Silk - Zion In a Vision
Garnet Silk Zion In a Vision
Reggae Anthology: Music Is the Rod VP Records 2005
3:06 PM
Luciano - Traveler
Luciano Traveler
A New Day VP Records 2005
3:10 PM
Luciano - Psalms 24 (feat. Mutabaruka)
Luciano Psalms 24 (feat. Mutabaruka)
Duets Charm 2002


3:13 PM
Everton Blender - Abbabajani
Everton Blender Abbabajani
King Man Heartbeat 2003


3:16 PM
Anthony B - Psalm 91 (Chant Riddim)
Anthony B Psalm 91 (Chant Riddim) N
Psalm 91 (Chant Riddim) - Single Chalice Row Records 2022
3:19 PM
Dr. Edward Love - Chant Riddim (Get Me a Drill Dub)
Dr. Edward Love Chant Riddim (Get Me a Drill Dub)
Chant Riddim Chalice Row Records / Giddimani Records 2022
3:22 PM
Roots Inspiration - Green Valleys
Roots Inspiration Green Valleys
By the Rivers of Water Roots Inspiration 2022
3:26 PM
Culture - Why Am I a Rastaman?
Culture Why Am I a Rastaman?
Humble African VP Records 2000
3:30 PM
Don Carlos - I Love Jah Jah
Don Carlos I Love Jah Jah
Changes Don Carlos Music 2010
3:35 PM
Sylford Walker & Trinity - Burn Babylon / Don't Trouble Natty Dread
Sylford Walker & Trinity Burn Babylon / Don't Trouble Natty Dread
Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase, Vol. 5 V/A VP 2010


3:42 PM
Peter Tosh - Hammer
Peter Tosh Hammer
Equal Rights (Legacy Edition) Columbia/Legacy 1977
3:48 PM
The Chantells - Natty Supper
The Chantells Natty Supper
7" Phase One


3:54 PM
Mwaamke Mwafrika - African Woman
Mwaamke Mwafrika African Woman
African Woman Abroad Common Ground 1982


3:59 PM
Burning Spear - Traveling/Walking Version
Burning Spear Traveling/Walking Version
Spear Burning Burning Spear Pressure Sounds 2001
4:06 PM
Ginjah - I Love Papa
Ginjah I Love Papa N
The Message Album Black Metro Music 2022
4:09 PM
Sistah Jahia - Bun Dem (feat. Bobo Nattywell & MC Kanis)
Sistah Jahia Bun Dem (feat. Bobo Nattywell & MC Kanis) N
Nyahbinghi Jahiwell Production 2022
4:13 PM
Dezarie - Slew Dem An Done
Dezarie Slew Dem An Done
Gracious Mama Africa Afrikan Roots Lab 2003


4:17 PM
Midnite - Maintain Dub
Midnite Maintain Dub
Intense Pressure Rastafaria 2003


4:20 PM
Earl Sixteen - Jah Earth
Earl Sixteen Jah Earth N
Rightful Ruler Zion High Productions 2022
4:25 PM
Earl Sixteen - Jah Dub
Earl Sixteen Jah Dub N
Rightful Ruler Zion High Productions 2022
4:27 PM
Khalia & Skyscraper Stereo - Every Man
Khalia & Skyscraper Stereo Every Man N
Every Man - Single Skyscraper Stereo 2023
4:30 PM
Junior Campbell - Look to the East
Junior Campbell Look to the East N
Look to the East Love Injection 2023
4:34 PM
Sister Julie - Here We Go Again
Sister Julie Here We Go Again
Heart Feel It Heart Feel It Records LLC 2022
4:38 PM
Nga Han - Trumpets
Nga Han Trumpets
Abba Chant recordJet 2022
4:41 PM
Iyah Syte - Stop the Guns
Iyah Syte Stop the Guns
Gavel Riddim 24/7 Music Production 2023
4:44 PM
Knatch Rychus - Do It with Love
Knatch Rychus Do It with Love N
Gavel Riddim V/A 24/7 Music Production 2023
4:50 PM
Tarrus Riley - Desperate Lover
Tarrus Riley Desperate Lover
We Remember Bob Andy V/A VP Records 2023
4:53 PM
Bob Andy - Desperate Lover
Bob Andy Desperate Lover
Full Up: Best of Studio One, Vol. 2 V/A Studio One 1978


4:55 PM
Slim Smith - Ain't to Proud To Beg
Slim Smith Ain't to Proud To Beg
Legend Justice 2011


4:57 PM
Winston Williams - People's Choice
Winston Williams People's Choice N
Who Wants Some? V/A VP Records 2023


5:00 PM
Dub Shepherds & Jolly Joseph - Fever
Dub Shepherds & Jolly Joseph Fever
Strike Out #2 - EP BAT Records 2022
5:08 PM
The 18th Parallel - Living In a Wonderland feat. Burro Banton
The 18th Parallel Living In a Wonderland feat. Burro Banton
Wonderland of Green (Riddim) - EP Fruits Records 2020
5:12 PM
The 18th Parallel meets Horns of Guiding Star Orchestra - Dub Land
The 18th Parallel meets Horns of Guiding Star Orchestra Dub Land
Single Fruits Records 2022
5:16 PM
Uzly Hi-Fi ft McGump & Pierre Lavergne - Make Song So Easy/New World
Uzly Hi-Fi ft McGump & Pierre Lavergne Make Song So Easy/New World
Without Connection - EP Culture Dub Records 2023


5:24 PM
Dubmatix - Dread feat.Ras Kayleb
Dubmatix Dread feat.Ras Kayleb N
ReWired Echo Beach 2023


5:28 PM
Menny More - The Show
Menny More The Show N
Souled out Riddim Giddimani Records 2023
5:34 PM
Richie Spice - The World Is a Cycle
Richie Spice The World Is a Cycle
Gideon Boot VP Records 2008
5:40 PM
Protoje - Heavy Load (feat. Samory-I)
Protoje Heavy Load (feat. Samory-I)
Third Time's The Charm In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records 2022
5:41 PM
Chezidek - Champion
Chezidek Champion
Champion - Single V/A Evidence Music 2022
5:44 PM
Arise Roots - Selecta
Arise Roots Selecta
Selecta - EP Ineffable Records 2020
5:49 PM
Raging Fyah - Nah Look Back
Raging Fyah Nah Look Back
Destiny Raging Fyah Production 2014
5:51 PM
Beres Hammond - Rock Away
Beres Hammond Rock Away
Music Is Life VP Records 2005
5:55 PM
K. Vibes - Bye, Bye Rebel
K. Vibes Bye, Bye Rebel
Studio One Dancehall Selection Studio One 1998


5:58 PM
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Time Will Tell (Kaya 40 Mix)
Bob Marley & The Wailers Time Will Tell (Kaya 40 Mix)
Kaya 40 Tuff Gong 2018
Chat is archived.
Selecta Jerry (host) 2:59:09 PM
Greetings & Dubutations to one and all . Please rock and come in!
D ARemo 2:59:12 PM
❤️NE L💛VE 💚
D ARemo 2:59:20 PM
D ARemo 2:59:27 PM
D ARemo 3:02:08 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:02:17 PM
ha Go birds!
fr1dayafternoon 3:02:32 PM
Yo Selecta! GO BIRDS!
fr1dayafternoon 3:02:37 PM
Love it
Captain Ahab 3:03:29 PM
Hey hey just wanted to say hi!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:03:42 PM
salute captain ahab
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:03:53 PM
such a pleasure to follow you
Witty 3:04:29 PM
Big up Selecta Jerry. Fly Eagles Fly
Kevin Kaiser 3:04:40 PM
Yes Iyah
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:05:09 PM
zion in a vision wprb family
Buck Wild 3:05:29 PM
Buck Wild 3:05:41 PM
Big up Selecta!
AlanS 3:05:46 PM
Big up folks!
Brian D 3:05:56 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:06:01 PM
surrounded by righteousness yes i
fr1dayafternoon 3:06:07 PM
Hey Captain, I was driving so I couldn’t check in. Enjoyed the show, specifically some of that last hour
AlanS 3:06:15 PM
Rooting for your Eagles tomorrow Selecta 🏈
Jarret Mitchell 3:07:04 PM
Big Up Selecta Jerry!!! ❤️💛💚
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:07:07 PM
come with love inna my heart to break babylon apart !!
Kevin Kaiser 3:08:47 PM
Feel like I’ve been encountering judgemental minds all week, so nice to be here
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:09:34 PM
Kevin Jarret Alan Friday Buck Brian witty and daremo welcome in my friends
AlanS 3:11:26 PM
Judgment free here Kevin
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:11:37 PM
who is this king of glory?
Witty 3:12:19 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:13:07 PM
who is .....
AlanS 3:13:27 PM
❤️💛💚 ❤️💛💚 ❤️💛💚
D ARemo 3:13:43 PM
kebra negas
D ARemo 3:13:47 PM
Kevin Kaiser 3:15:30 PM
All tribes welcome
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:16:05 PM
rastaman dem come crucify
Ossy Hyouka 3:16:37 PM
SOTC to festivate like the Wakandans 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜
Rofflestomp 3:17:26 PM
Hey, hey, Selecta Jerry!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:17:43 PM
roffle and ossy welcome
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:19:25 PM
chant rasta chant rastafari ways on your radio
Pat Bonser 3:20:11 PM
Chant Rasta Chant! Selecta Jerry is on the radio!
D ARemo 3:21:27 PM
Ossy Hyouka 3:22:58 PM
Speaking of rasta chant, that anniversary every early feburary, Bob Marley's legendary birthday and on Black History Month 💚💛🖤🤎
Ossy Hyouka 3:24:33 PM
Lost in Time and the Desert, Sludge and Bloom, true.
Kevin Kaiser 3:27:10 PM
Because of the Babylon
Kevin Kaiser 3:27:20 PM
I love this song
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:27:41 PM
because of the babylon so true
Leslie 3:27:47 PM
Me too, Kevin. ❤️💛💚
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:28:01 PM
Leslie in the house
Leslie 3:28:24 PM
You betcha Selecta!
Leslie 3:28:57 PM
And for a change I'm not cooking! Just chillaxing
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:30:05 PM
chillaxing nice mon
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:34:17 PM
gives me the sun and the rainy days
GueloLove 3:34:40 PM
<3 JAH LOVE <3
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:36:05 PM
guelo yu large
Ossy Hyouka 3:36:16 PM
Summer nights and autumn days, life!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:36:37 PM
soon come ossy
MissyC 3:37:05 PM
🎶Tune TUNE…. 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:37:24 PM
MissyC 3:37:32 PM
Greetings Selecta and SOTC fam. Missed you all these last couple of weeks - in need of a few hours of reggae tunes. 🎧on a volume up
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:38:08 PM
missed you as well
Kevin Kaiser 3:38:56 PM
MissyC 3:39:54 PM
…. Version 🌪️
Brian D 3:43:02 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:43:19 PM
rammer rammer and stammer
Brian D 3:43:32 PM
Tosh version is so right on
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:44:23 PM
hammer dem down friends
Pat Bonser 3:44:51 PM
Very nice!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:45:49 PM
if the cap fits
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:50:20 PM
let us show them now how natty live up
Daniel 3:55:08 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:55:25 PM
Daniel Big Up
Ossy Hyouka 3:59:12 PM
That's right, African Woman like the Woman King and Princess Shuri
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:01:46 PM
this is the song we were singing
Leslie 4:02:20 PM
Classic Spear. 🎯 Big up Selecta.
AlanS 4:05:29 PM
Big Up 🎤
Lioness J 4:05:29 PM
Greetings Selecta Jerry & SOTC fam ✌️
Lioness J 4:06:31 PM
Loved the Spear track
MissyC 4:06:33 PM
Long time Julia! Hope life’s good
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:06:34 PM
Julia so glad you are here!
Lioness J 4:07:01 PM
Riddim riding Selecta
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:07:16 PM
mi try Julia lol
Leslie 4:08:04 PM
Wow this tune! Turning volume up to 11!
Witty 4:08:33 PM
Second that!
Kevin Kaiser 4:08:36 PM
Big up my selecta
Lioness J 4:09:13 PM
Been missing hanging out in the chat of a Saturday evening
Jim Olbrich 4:09:25 PM
Salutations Selecta!
Leslie 4:09:34 PM
My Steelers loving husband is grimacing ay the Eagles sing lol.
Leslie 4:09:47 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:09:49 PM
who the steelers play this week?
fr1dayafternoon 4:09:57 PM
Again, yes, go birds.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:10:05 PM
Jim O big up
Witty 4:10:15 PM
fr1dayafternoon 4:10:37 PM
I was seeing lots of Eagles gear out today in travels through Philly. We’re ready.
Leslie 4:10:39 PM
Haha!! Thus the grimacing...
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:11:55 PM
I never like wishing away the weekend but i need it to be 3pm tomorrow now!
Witty 4:12:21 PM
Was at the G Love concert last night in Philly, lots of fight songs were to be had
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:12:53 PM
Lioness J 4:13:04 PM
Greetings MissyC 💃 💃💃
Lioness J 4:13:34 PM
Is there something footbally happening?
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:14:23 PM
yes football championship here in Philly Julia
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:14:34 PM
american football
Pat Bonser 4:14:41 PM
Just slew dem and done!
Lioness J 4:14:46 PM
Who is playing?
Lioness J 4:15:09 PM
Yes not soccer lol
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:15:42 PM
Our Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49er's
Lioness J 4:16:54 PM
Oh I get why you’re excited then
Lioness J 4:17:22 PM
Love Dezarie
Leslie 4:20:09 PM
Time to Blaze one. Join me?
DubNP 4:20:52 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:20:55 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:21:30 PM
dub NP
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:21:37 PM
DubNP 4:23:36 PM
Selecta. Thanks and Praise.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:23:59 PM
yes I
DubNP 4:24:10 PM
Sangeet. Desert Cruising. Sounds of the Caribbean. What a treat.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:25:03 PM
yeah thats some stellar programming if i do say so myself
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:25:10 PM
MissyC 4:26:20 PM
Rob F 4:28:26 PM
Just got home. Was jamming with Sistah Jahia in the car
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:28:42 PM
where has the love gone "Every Man" for himself
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:28:55 PM
robby fabulous!! greetings
Leslie 4:29:04 PM
Oooo i like this one. Her voice is rich.
Ossy Hyouka 4:29:23 PM
Blooming with that Sistah Jahia in the outdoors
Rob F 4:29:34 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:30:09 PM
this tune grabbed me straight away
Rob F 4:30:30 PM
Did I hear Julia is in the chat?
Leslie 4:30:31 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:31:54 PM
cornell campbells son here a chip ff the old block
Witty 4:39:53 PM
As a trumpet player, I approve of this track
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:40:03 PM
haha thats great witty
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:40:57 PM
may your trumpet make the walls of Jericho go down
Witty 4:41:17 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:44:28 PM
mek we do it with love that is the answer
Lioness J 4:45:04 PM
I am here Rob F
Lioness J 4:48:01 PM
Conscious music
Rob F 4:48:32 PM
Hi Julia! Nice you could join
Lioness J 4:49:29 PM
Very happy to be here Rob
Rob F 4:50:31 PM
So who’s your soccer team?
Kevin Kaiser 4:52:28 PM
FC Barcelona and LAFC for me
Kevin Kaiser 4:53:24 PM
Just listened to his last night
Kevin Kaiser 4:53:31 PM
This song
Pat Bonser 4:53:44 PM
Such a classic!
MissyC 4:54:17 PM
Early version 💃🏼
Rob F 4:54:42 PM
@Kevin nice
Pat Bonser 4:56:31 PM
Another golden oldie!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:57:14 PM
moldy oldie
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:59:07 PM
tooo good for your neighborhood
Pat Bonser 5:02:12 PM
The selections too hot!!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:02:26 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:03:11 PM
pat b you sing in a falsetto voice or what?
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:09:49 PM
Kevin Kaiser 5:10:01 PM
This is closer to my voice
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:10:21 PM
lol kev
Pat Bonser 5:11:40 PM
Pure ragga!
Ossy Hyouka 5:12:12 PM
Some married friends of mine loving your sounds, Selecta!
Kevin Kaiser 5:12:52 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:12:58 PM
hope they stay married
Kevin Kaiser 5:13:21 PM
Give thanks for trees
Kevin Kaiser 5:14:45 PM
Been married since 2011
Matt Maginley 5:15:15 PM
Checking in Selecta Jerry. Matt M in Hasbrouk Heights NJ
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:16:51 PM
Hi Matt big up yourself!
Matt Maginley 5:17:07 PM
..by way of Antigua and Barbuda
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:17:31 PM
whoa !!Nice
MissyC 5:17:46 PM
euro sounding 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:20:01 PM
lets go!!
MissyC 5:21:09 PM
Bass dropping!!
Leslie 5:21:32 PM
Feelin it
Pat Bonser 5:22:32 PM
Yes it is!
Pat Bonser 5:24:15 PM
Yes he is!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:25:34 PM
we are dreader den dem
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:25:44 PM
we are rougher den dem
MissyC 5:26:24 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:26:48 PM
lift off
Leslie 5:29:15 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:29:46 PM
live foe the thrill of this show
Rob F 5:29:53 PM
Lets go Eagles
Kevin Kaiser 5:29:54 PM
Promised Land riddim
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:30:00 PM
kevin you get banned
MissyC 5:31:42 PM
I got that riddim in my head
Leslie 5:31:59 PM
This is a road trip tune. 🎵
Leslie 5:32:32 PM
Windows open, air blowing, cruising slow..
Leslie 5:33:23 PM
What?!! 😔
Jarret Mitchell 5:33:25 PM
Leslie 5:33:46 PM
Gratitude Selecta. To the moon and back.
MissyC 5:34:37 PM
Nicole Mitchell 5:34:55 PM
AlanS 5:35:08 PM
🙏 🙏 🙏
Brian D 5:35:10 PM
Ouch but thank you thank you thank you! A Saturdee tradition here. Much love
Rob F 5:35:36 PM
Wish it wasn't so. But, big thanks to you for all the great shows!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:36:06 PM
you guys know where to find me and if not hit me p jerrydread@yahoo.com
Jarret Mitchell 5:36:20 PM
Dude, you have brought so much love and happiness to the airwaves and homes of your loyal listeners. We will miss hearing the positive tunes you bring regularly, but we will be in touch. Big Up Selecta Jerry, GO BIRDS!
DubNP 5:36:32 PM
Always give you thanks and praise on the greeting. Now on the goodbye.
Ossy Hyouka 5:36:43 PM
A quote of Dragon Ball character, Piccolo in relation to this announcement- Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we want and do what’s best
Pat Bonser 5:36:59 PM
Thanks and praise for your dedication, and especially your reggae collection and knowledge. Jah work will continue to be done! I remember since 88.9. You have always delivered quality reggae music!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:36:59 PM
so true ossy thanks for that
MissyC 5:37:06 PM
You won’t be able to keep away from those decks 😊 We’ll be hearing more tunes from you I’m sure. Thank you for all the Saturday evenings 🎶🌪️💃🏼 and podcasts x
fr1dayafternoon 5:37:11 PM
Thanks and much appreciation, Selecta Jerry. SOTC on Saturdays will be missed! Not being too familiar with reggae until somewhat recently, you showed me a lot about reggae I love and have connected with.
Leslie 5:37:14 PM
Well said Jarrett
Ossy Hyouka 5:37:45 PM
Selecta - 😊
Brian D 5:37:55 PM
Ouch double as that means no annual Bob show next month
Pat Bonser 5:38:22 PM
So glad I was tuned in to reggae radio today! Live and direct!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:39:04 PM
so since i suck at expressing my feelings these last tunes say a lot
Ossy Hyouka 5:39:32 PM
Pat - And best of me showing my friends of SOTC and telling them of wprb in general, which they knew prior.
Jarret Mitchell 5:40:27 PM
Jerry, are you still doing a weekly podcast/patreon? How’s that gig at farm truck brewing going?
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:40:44 PM
all that carries on
Witty 5:41:10 PM
3-6pm on Saturdays won't be the same, thank you for all the positive vibes through these years
Rob F 5:41:20 PM
Protoje heavy load!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:42:28 PM
soundsofthecaribbean.com open 24/7
MissyC 5:42:38 PM
Champion tune 🎶
Rob F 5:42:52 PM
Selecta Jerry - you turned me on to Reggae outside of Bob Marley. Thank you! Will be listening to the podcast!
Ossy Hyouka 5:43:01 PM
Jarret Mitchell 5:43:02 PM
Leslie 5:43:17 PM
Champion Selecta
Brian D 5:43:18 PM
The soundtrack for driving down to the pool or the beach on summer Saturdays. My wife and I will not know when to get into the car now ... or what to do when we get in the car....
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:43:46 PM
sorry bri wprb will take care of you in a way I am sure
MissyC 5:44:08 PM
All those podcasts to replay @brian
Pat Bonser 5:44:14 PM
Definite champion sound a fling from selecta Jerry!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:44:31 PM
fire starter
Amanda O'Brien 5:44:47 PM
Glad we will still have the podcast!
MissyC 5:46:32 PM
Selecta Selecta 🎶
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:46:43 PM
Hey Amanda !
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:46:58 PM
Hey Family thats my daughter Amanda
AlanS 5:46:58 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:47:03 PM
Pat - That's where I first caught SOTC on Rowan Z.889!
Amanda O'Brien 5:47:17 PM
Hi! Figured I should check this chat out since it’s my last chance! Lol
Amanda O'Brien 5:47:31 PM
Hello Everyone!
MissyC 5:47:43 PM
Greetings Amanda 😊
Leslie 5:47:43 PM
Big up Amanda!
Amanda O'Brien 5:48:25 PM
Big Up! ❤️💛💚
Joe Studholme 5:48:30 PM
Legend. You will be missed on the airwaves but long live and big love to the podcast.
Rob F 5:48:39 PM
Hi Amanda! Give Selecta a hug
Commie Francis 5:48:47 PM
so proud to have been on the same station with you Jerry!
Amanda O'Brien 5:49:10 PM
Will do Rob
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:49:44 PM
thanks commie
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:49:53 PM
bless up
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:50:26 PM
nah want to stay in a babylon tap
Amanda O'Brien 5:53:02 PM
Great pull up!
MissyC 5:53:16 PM
Three hours flown past - take over the airwaves for another hour or so Selecta - the night’s only just starting 😁
Kevin Kaiser 5:53:22 PM
Big up
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:53:25 PM
SelectaJerry! You’re a True GEM of a Human! Many thanks and kind regards to you ALWAYS! 🖤💀
Kevin Kaiser 5:53:32 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:53:43 PM
ahhh Mr M big up yourself
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:53:51 PM
thanks for popping in
Amanda O'Brien 5:54:15 PM
Tomi 5:54:29 PM
Jerry we will miss you. You are a pillar of WPRB. I will especially miss you hitting those high notes - SOUNDS of the Caribbean
Tomi 5:54:38 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:54:50 PM
hahaha tomi
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:55:04 PM
THANKS FOR BEING YOU, SelectaJerry!! 🖤💀
AlanS 5:55:47 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:55:53 PM
We ain't going anywhere, cause everything you've given us, stays right here :) (a farewell quote of Yugioh series finale)
Leslie 5:56:08 PM
I hope your Eagles go all the way, Selecta.
Amanda O'Brien 5:56:39 PM
Kevin Kaiser 5:57:47 PM
And sometimes the strangest thing / can be just carrying on
Leslie 5:58:10 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:58:16 PM
Big ups blessings outside of the wprb world and awesome life and festive journeying reggae via the years!!!!
Kevin Kaiser 5:58:20 PM
Give thanks and praise
AlanS 5:58:29 PM
Big Up Selecta!
Rob F 5:58:39 PM
Bless up! Always
Kevin Kaiser 5:58:41 PM
Big up big up big up
AlanS 5:58:43 PM
Big Up SOTC Fam!
AlanS 5:58:49 PM
Brian D 5:58:58 PM
Have a great one Jerry ! Love your show! Thank you! See ya down the line
Witty 5:59:03 PM
Big up Selecta J, and go Birds
MissyC 5:59:06 PM
Big up Selecta, one love SOTC family ❤️💛💚
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:59:06 PM
jah will never give the power to a baldhead
Pat Bonser 5:59:08 PM
Thank you! Big Up Selecta Jerry!
Nicole Mitchell 5:59:11 PM
Big up Selecta ❤️
Rob F 5:59:16 PM
Bob Marley still my favorite though
Kevin Kaiser 5:59:25 PM
the_dude 5:59:32 PM
I'm devastated but a million cheers and big ups to you jerry!
the_dude 5:59:42 PM
Thank you for all the music ❤
DubNP 5:59:42 PM
Oh time will tell.
Kevin Kaiser 6:00:14 PM
Turn down Babylon and turn up the roots
Selecta Jerry (host) 6:00:32 PM
jah bless you all Respect Everytime