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Follow the Train

Jan 14, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With CJ

A show with more variety than Big Smoke's Cluckin' Bell order


Join CJ in another weekly adventure!

Follow the Train
11:00 PM
Set Break: Intro - Big Smoke's Order

CJ's Intro

11:02 PM
Viagra Boys - It Ain't Enough
Viagra Boys It Ain't Enough N
Cave World (Deluxe) 2023
11:07 PM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Gurzle
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Gurzle Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
High Visceral, Pt. 2 Independant 2017
11:12 PM
Damaged Bug - Sic Bay Surprise
Damaged Bug Sic Bay Surprise Damaged Bug
Hubba Bubba Castle Face 2014
11:13 PM
Damaged Bug - Thunder Speaks
Damaged Bug Thunder Speaks Damaged Bug
Bug On Yonkers Castle Face 2020
11:18 PM
Full Flower Moon Band - NY - LA
Full Flower Moon Band NY - LA Full Flower Moon Band
Diesel Forever Dirty Power Studios 2022
11:22 PM
CIVIC - Blood Rushes
CIVIC Blood Rushes N
Taken By Force 2023
11:25 PM
Altin Gün - Rakıya Su Katamam
Altin Gün Rakıya Su Katamam N
aşk 2023
11:29 PM
Hot Garbage - Ride
Hot Garbage Ride Hot Garbage
RIDE Mothland 2021
11:33 PM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
11:37 PM
Hot Garbage - Fantasma
Hot Garbage Fantasma Hot Garbage
RIDE Mothland 2021
11:42 PM
Verge Collection - Cover It Up
Verge Collection Cover It Up Verge Collection
Ludlow Hithergreen Verge Collection 2019
11:45 PM
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - November
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets November Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
High Visceral, Pt. 2 Independant 2017
11:52 PM
The Nude Party - Ride On
The Nude Party Ride On N
Rides On 2023
11:57 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Candles
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Candles King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Omnium Gatherum KGLW (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) 2022
12:01 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break - Halfway Point!

You picked the wrong house fool!

12:05 AM
Pipe-eye - People Move Along
Pipe-eye People Move Along Pipe-eye
Cosmic Blip Flightless Records 2015
12:08 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Red Smoke
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Red Smoke King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Omnium Gatherum KGLW (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) 2022
12:14 AM
Mcbaise - 610
Mcbaise 610 Mcbaise
Windowsill dirty melody 2017
12:15 AM
Jerkcurb - shadowshow
Jerkcurb shadowshow Jerkcurb
Air Con Eden Handsome Dad Records 2019
12:21 AM
Spellling - Boys at School
Spellling Boys at School Spellling
The Turning Wheel Sacred Bones Records 2021
12:28 AM
Spellling - Under the Sun
Spellling Under the Sun Spellling
Mazy Fly Sacred Bones Records 2019
12:34 AM
Set Break: CJ's Set Break
12:36 AM
Koleżanka - Vegan Sushi
Koleżanka Vegan Sushi Koleżanka
Place Is Bar/None Records 2021
12:39 AM
Koleżanka - 7th St/ 7th Ave
Koleżanka 7th St/ 7th Ave Koleżanka
Place Is Bar/None Records 2021
12:43 AM
Mili - From a Place of Love
Mili From a Place of Love Mili
To Kill a Living Book -For Library of Ruina- Saihate Records 2021
12:45 AM
36g - The raingazer's song (feat. 初音ミク)
36g The raingazer's song (feat. 初音ミク) 36g
The raingazer's song KarenT 2011
12:52 AM
Millennium Mother Saihate Records 2018
12:55 AM
Set Break: End of the Line!
12:56 AM
nakanoise - ユビサキ
nakanoise ユビサキ nakanoise
「無題」 - EP Nakanoise 2017
Chat is archived.
Colin 11:02:34 PM
i like the idea of on coming dream pop
Colin 11:03:00 PM
lol, the ol kick the juke box fonzie fix
Ambrose Hughes 11:03:27 PM
Colin 11:03:40 PM
I just bought my viagra boys tickets two days ago!
Ambrose Hughes 11:03:47 PM
CJ (host) 11:03:50 PM
ayy nice!
CJ (host) 11:03:53 PM
yo ambrose!
Ambrose Hughes 11:04:11 PM
Colin 11:04:11 PM
CJ (host) 11:04:28 PM
@Colin I should fix it eventually lol, probably shouldn't have to smack a computer to get it to work in 2023
Ambrose Hughes 11:04:32 PM
Heavy sax!
Colin 11:04:37 PM
hello my friends
Colin 11:05:23 PM
han solo smacked the ish out of the MF to get it to work
Ambrose Hughes 11:05:24 PM
@Colin, where are the Viagra Boys playing?
Colin 11:05:55 PM
union transfer on valentines day
Francis 11:06:10 PM
wait - didn't their guitarist just die?
Ambrose Hughes 11:06:32 PM
Oh ...HAHA!
Colin 11:06:44 PM
francis, that i don't know, guess what i'm about to google
Ambrose Hughes 11:07:25 PM
@Franci, fuck me!
Francis 11:08:11 PM
Oh - nevermind.. Valle was a n orig member, but left a while ago and died in 2021.
Francis 11:08:32 PM
OH we're cool - yeah!
TAndy 11:08:59 PM
CJ (host) 11:09:01 PM
I think he left back before Welfare Jazz released
CJ (host) 11:09:14 PM
was an OG member though
Colin 11:09:16 PM
ok. an ex v boy died. not the guy who was playing with them when i last saw them. which was probably the best live shows of 2022 for me.
Colin 11:10:02 PM
still super stoaked for this show
Ambrose Hughes 11:10:09 PM
Sucks he died regardless!
Colin 11:10:41 PM
peace be with him and his family
CJ (host) 11:10:51 PM
RIP indeed
Ossy Hyouka 11:11:13 PM
Chilly inside out
Ambrose Hughes 11:11:27 PM
@Colin, have you heard any of the latest Jon Spencer stuff?
Colin 11:11:30 PM
also, we have more🎷
TAndy 11:11:31 PM
CJ (host) 11:11:58 PM
always fun when there's some 🎷🎷🎷
Colin 11:12:29 PM
bo, guess what i'm about to google!!
Ambrose Hughes 11:13:15 PM
@ Colin🤔
Rofflestomp 11:13:27 PM
The folks dying lately need a leaf blower to get through. My respect is there, but the tears are for the personal impacts most felt. Space to personal space.
Ambrose Hughes 11:14:46 PM
@Rofflestomp 🙏
Ossy Hyouka 11:15:09 PM
Ambrose Hughes 11:20:31 PM
CJ (host) 11:21:11 PM
Thanks Ambrose!
CJ (host) 11:22:19 PM
new civic track up next, a bit softer than the prev ones
Rofflestomp 11:23:48 PM
Full Flower Moon Band was not shabby at all. Liked that for sure.
TAndy 11:23:48 PM
foreboding album title
Ambrose Hughes 11:24:12 PM
I'll gladly accept anything by CIVIC.
Rofflestomp 11:24:59 PM
I donated A Civic to PBS once upon a time. LOL
TAndy 11:26:11 PM
I still want a honda civic
Ambrose Hughes 11:26:25 PM
@Rofflestomp, 👍
Rofflestomp 11:26:36 PM
If only I knew you wanted it Ambrose. :)
Ambrose Hughes 11:28:14 PM
@Rofflestomp, I didn't but, went to a good cause.
Rofflestomp 11:29:11 PM
Right on. 25 years ago.:)
Colin 11:33:37 PM
i've never owned a civic but feels like it would be a fun ride
TAndy 11:34:33 PM
me want type r
Ossy Hyouka 11:35:38 PM
Red corvette like Prince
Colin 11:35:50 PM
just looked that up, yeah tandy, that's the one
TAndy 11:36:39 PM
Corvettes should ALWAYS be red, hell yeah ossy
TAndy 11:37:00 PM
@Colin I love the look of the hatchback. Honda dealers are horrible with markup so no civic for me
Ossy Hyouka 11:37:06 PM
And Cadillac like Bruno Mars
Rofflestomp 11:37:17 PM
@Colin, That silly Civic took me on weird insane roads on the coast of the CA coastal range. Might have died or got stuck, but no. Good ride.
Colin 11:38:37 PM
this bops
Rofflestomp 11:39:23 PM
@TAndy, tend to agree with Corvettes being red. Beyond logical.
TAndy 11:40:52 PM
the ideal corvette: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEQ-8L2kpy4EkDp30McSoBvuhZGqTo2Li05PNEMxjdRUe6R7Yk6neT2iaNHxzeFUSdCjs&usqp=CAU
Rofflestomp 11:40:53 PM
Or a Prince song.
CJ (host) 11:41:32 PM
@TAndy lmao nice
Colin 11:41:47 PM
nominates in your face yellow corvettes to get a pass as well?
Rofflestomp 11:42:00 PM
LoL TAndy. Corvettes are a dick move.
TAndy 11:42:15 PM
the cars they use in tpb are too perfect. love how lahey's '78 new yorker got worse and worse till it got the chop top and the side door bashed into a tree
Ossy Hyouka 11:43:42 PM
Colin 11:44:39 PM
i recently saw a yellow corvette put one of those muffler kids to rest. muffler wanted a race at the red light. corvette took off with a quiet vroom and left big mouth back fire boy in the dust. i was like, america.
TAndy 11:46:25 PM
The coffee can exhausts should have been left behind when it turned 2011
Francis 11:47:02 PM
Corvettes are are one of the best bang for buck cars on the track. But I like reliability, and go for Porsche
Rofflestomp 11:47:23 PM
Loving this tune CJ! Nice.
Colin 11:48:28 PM
i went for reliability and went for toyota. now i wonder, did i aim too low?!?!?
Rofflestomp 11:48:38 PM
@Francis, not just a fast car, but a real fast car. I am so in that camp.
TAndy 11:49:15 PM
I wanted reliability and good power with refinement so I went Mazda 😤
Rofflestomp 11:49:28 PM
Porsche is time travel at some point.
Francis 11:49:55 PM
Hard to beat Toyota, but they have no performance. I race and daily a 997 GT3 - it's fast and reliable
Colin 11:50:09 PM
roffle, well put
Francis 11:51:15 PM
I like that they've been perfecting the same car for 50+ years. It has the kinks worked out
Colin 11:51:37 PM
lol some coffee can mufflers just rolled down the road.
TAndy 11:52:11 PM
I agree on the Porsche, Francis. There's a reason that one of my old coworkers chose a Cayenne Twin Turbo for his family car with his wife
Rofflestomp 11:52:49 PM
I owned a Toyota Supra back in the 80's. It was so fast and cool. It was God giving me an optional coffin.
TAndy 11:53:28 PM
Shout-out to my mom's new neighbor who has a new supra, first gen supra, what I think is a viper, and an A3
Colin 11:54:08 PM
*wants a toyota supra sticker now.
Francis 11:54:59 PM
LOL - yeah, I've passed on a few cars that I really wanted but knew I wasn't good enough to drive and not get into trouble
Ambrose Hughes 11:55:10 PM
Are clothes optional at this band's live show?
Francis 11:55:45 PM
serious V.U. influences here. Which is just fine
CJ (host) 11:55:52 PM
as long as you're partying 😉
Ambrose Hughes 11:56:25 PM
Rofflestomp 11:56:38 PM
CJ, that was the whole point of a machine like those for shure.
CJ (host) 11:56:45 PM
@Francis spot on, I think they even mentioned it in a recent interview
CJ (host) 11:57:11 PM
Francis 11:57:11 PM
I saw the Dwarves back in 1990 Have the guys were naked or just wearing adult diapers
Ambrose Hughes 11:57:31 PM
Ghost of Lou Reed fosho
TAndy 11:57:33 PM
Flesh colored skinsuits
Rofflestomp 11:58:03 PM
@Frances, G Force diapers! LOL
Francis 11:59:17 PM
The best thing about that show, was a friend took a girl on a first date to it. She wasn't exactly down with the Dwarves vibe
Ambrose Hughes 11:59:55 PM
Rofflestomp 12:00:10 AM
Geez zoo, girls right?
Francis 12:01:24 AM
I'm amazed at these guys ability to change style of music and still sound awesome
Rofflestomp 12:01:25 AM
But then the masters appear. Crazy world.
TAndy 12:02:08 AM
Ossy Hyouka 12:05:43 AM
Can we get a what what (Jay-Z, Ja Rule and Amil song reference)
CJ (host) 12:05:50 AM
saw a WSJ article about em today talking about all the different genres they do
CJ (host) 12:05:55 AM
really mainstream now lol
CJ (host) 12:06:36 AM
@ossy what what!
Ambrose Hughes 12:07:03 AM
Francis 12:07:11 AM
And after 30? albums, they'll become an overnight success
Ossy Hyouka 12:08:56 AM
CJ - And woop woop! 🔥
Francis 12:10:29 AM
Anyone here seen them live?
Francis 12:10:55 AM
KGTLW, that is
Ambrose Hughes 12:12:15 AM
Nah, would love to though!
TAndy 12:12:15 AM
I wish I did before their shows started selling out immediately
CJ (host) 12:13:03 AM
still need to personally
CJ (host) 12:13:22 AM
gotta see one of their 3 hour marathon sets at red rocks one of these days
Francis 12:13:24 AM
I used to see many shows/year, but none since Covid. Still haven't caught Covid yet though.
CJ (host) 12:13:44 AM
rare achievement these days
Ambrose Hughes 12:14:34 AM
I wonder if they are as good live?
CJ (host) 12:15:09 AM
some of the live recordings are pretty good at least
Ambrose Hughes 12:16:07 AM
@CJ, good to know!
Francis 12:16:08 AM
As long as they don't get too stoned, I suspect yes. Although some bands are great while they're impaired - e.g. Replacements
Ambrose Hughes 12:17:26 AM
@Francis, you saw The Replacements!?!
Francis 12:18:20 AM
3x Maxwells, The Ritz and somewhere else in NY
Francis 12:18:49 AM
almost as good as Bad Brains live
TAndy 12:19:18 AM
Fave set tonight right now omg
Ambrose Hughes 12:19:42 AM
@Francis, VERY NICE!
Francis 12:20:35 AM
The last time was with Slim. Nowhere near as good as when Bob was still in the band
Ambrose Hughes 12:21:27 AM
@Francis, I'm green with envy, very cool!
Francis 12:23:08 AM
Eh - I'm old - late 50's, I pretty much saw every band in the 80- mid 90's
Ambrose Hughes 12:23:59 AM
@CJ, what in the fuck? Sounds like Kate Bush, not a bad thing!
CJ (host) 12:25:03 AM
CJ (host) 12:25:17 AM
nah nah this is Chrystia Cabral
CJ (host) 12:25:59 AM
I think I played a bit of Spellling probably like 3 seasons ago, was a nice sound
Ambrose Hughes 12:26:03 AM
@Francis, I'm right there a few years behind ya, Punk Rock 👶
Ambrose Hughes 12:26:57 AM
@CJ, all good dude!🤗
Francis 12:30:20 AM
This is a great set, and fits the mood for my rainy NorCal night
Ossy Hyouka 12:30:40 AM
Sounds kinda like Pokemon music
TAndy 12:30:53 AM
god this set is so good
Ambrose Hughes 12:33:21 AM
@Francis, man you've been gettin' pounded out there, I empathise.
Francis 12:35:16 AM
I'm ok where i live - just an inconvenience of no power for 48 hrs. I 'll miss the lack of natural disasters in Princeton. It's a little more of an action movie here. Earthquakes, fires and floods
CJ (host) 12:37:43 AM
very much glad the studio hasn't had a 48 hour blackout haha
TAndy 12:38:28 AM
Don't jinx it
CJ (host) 12:38:45 AM
CJ (host) 12:39:13 AM
after the web stream issues I'm hoping we don't have to deal with that too
Ambrose Hughes 12:43:11 AM
Diggin' this band!
CJ (host) 12:46:18 AM
@TAndy went on a miku shoegaze binge, had to add a bit
TAndy 12:46:41 AM
hell yeah
Francis 12:54:33 AM
alright guys - I'm out.. THanks for the great selection tonight CJ
CJ (host) 12:54:49 AM
Thanks for tuning in francis!
CJ (host) 12:55:02 AM
good luck with the weather!
TAndy 12:55:04 AM
Ah shit already. Thanks for the show, CJ!
CJ (host) 12:55:19 AM
time flies!
Ossy Hyouka 12:55:39 AM
Otaku close for the Saturday night!
CJ (host) 12:55:56 AM
haha yep!
CJ (host) 12:57:53 AM
Thanks for tuning in y'all! Stay safe and take care!
Ambrose Hughes 12:58:33 AM
Enjoyed the diversion CJ, thank you for a brilliant show!🤗
CJ (host) 12:59:14 AM
glad you enjoyed!
Ossy Hyouka 1:00:24 AM