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Nov 9, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Number 6

A potpourri of different genres with an emphasis on EDM, space and trance music.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen.

V 147.0

10:01 AM
Loren Nerell - Hare Drum
Loren Nerell Hare Drum
Gong Prophet Timeroom Editions 2021
10:12 AM
Blue Is Nine - Rue De Rivoli
Blue Is Nine Rue De Rivoli N
Far and Wide 1891629 Records DK 2022
10:17 AM
Courting - Jumper
Courting Jumper N
Guitar Music Play It Again Sam 2022
10:21 AM
Space Element - Reflection
Space Element Reflection
10:30 AM
Dynamic Illusion - Beyond Infinity
Dynamic Illusion Beyond Infinity
10:38 AM
Gateway 721 - First Signals
Gateway 721 First Signals
Trancendental Departure Mindspring Music 2022
10:45 AM
Tebra - Magla
Tebra Magla
Magla - Single 8CELL studio 2019
10:52 AM
Mystic Crock & Dense - Magma Chamber
Mystic Crock & Dense Magma Chamber
After Eruption - Single iM Electronica 2020
11:05 AM
Perfect Blind - Shapes and Illusions
Perfect Blind Shapes and Illusions
Shapes & Illusions 1767883 Records DK 2020
11:13 AM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S1 E16
The Adventures Of Ruby S1 E16
Ruby 1 ZBS.ORG
11:16 AM
Desumanos - Lambada desumana
Desumanos Lambada desumana N
Desumanos 2022
11:21 AM
The Marsh Family - Some Hobby That I Used To Know
The Marsh Family Some Hobby That I Used To Know
11:25 AM
Waveform - Journey to Infinity
Waveform Journey to Infinity
Center of the Universe TesseracTstudio 2017
11:35 AM
Scann-Tec - Svet
Scann-Tec Svet
Unyt ULTIMAE 2016
11:41 AM
Ekalogic - NinghiZida
Ekalogic NinghiZida
11:51 AM
Jam & Spoon - Right in the Night (feat. Plavka) [Nicholson Remix]
Jam & Spoon Right in the Night (feat. Plavka) [Nicholson Remix]
Right in the Night (feat. Plavka) [Pig&Dan + Nicholson Remixes] - EP Black Hole Recordings 2020
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 10:01:16 AM
Welcome all!
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 10:10:31 AM
Hi Number 6 🚲 ⛱️
Number 6 (host) 10:13:27 AM
Hello Christine!
Number 6 (host) 10:18:39 AM
Next week I am going to have a special all space show!
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 10:19:30 AM
Stellar! 🌌
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 10:19:40 AM
I look forward to it.
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:21:43 AM
@ Number 6 (host) Loving the new music you present, as ever. Courting is a kicker of a band, didn't know of them before this ...
Number 6 (host) 10:22:34 AM
Hi Rich, me neither.:)
Bud Burroughs 10:22:56 AM
Yeah, that Courting song was great
Number 6 (host) 10:26:02 AM
Hi Buddy! I'm always finding out about new music because of WPRB.
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:30:43 AM
@ Number 6 (host) Me 2, Number 6 ! WPRB updates my music awareness files and saves me from Old F*rtdom ev'ry day. Thank you. Certainly why I've contributed during the Silent Fundraiser.
Donating Supporting Monthly 10:32:07 AM
Morning Number 6, enjoying as always
Donating Supporting Monthly 10:32:34 AM
@Richard from Rocky Hill, is that the lunar eclipse from the other day?
Number 6 (host) 10:32:37 AM
Hi DSM, great!
Number 6 (host) 10:50:29 AM
ROHS! Records is still having their sale until the end of the year: ⚠ To celebrate the 15th anniversary of rohsrecords all (digital) releases are available for 1€ each until 31 December 2022 ⚠
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 11:07:49 AM
Good to know 🛍
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:13:10 AM
@ Donating Supporting Monthly (Sorry for late reply ...) Actually, I photographed that full reddish moon about 9 hours before the eclipse. I was at Gateway National Recreation on Sandy Hook, here in NJ. Took the photo just about sunset when it was time to come off the beach and leave the park. So it's a Getting Ready to Eclipse Moon!
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:19:16 AM
S.B. "Gateway National Recreation AREA" ... there are sister areas in Staten Island and Brooklyn ...
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:21:59 AM
@ Donating Supporting Monthly Thanks for asking, it's certainly the best celestial object image I've ever taken with my Droid camera ... Moon pics seem to usually come out overexposed and/or out of focus.
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:26:03 AM
@ Number 6 (host) I have to tell you, the latest Adventures Of Ruby (S1 E16) is THE wittiest and most delightfully romantic/erotic (although totally G-rated ...) episode I've yet heard. Thanks!
Donating Supporting Monthly 11:29:17 AM
@Richard, yeah it looks great! Every time I've ever tried to capture the moon it looks like a distant blurry streetlight lol.
Donating Supporting Monthly 11:30:30 AM
Lovin' the weekly Adventures of Ruby as well, reminds me a lot of the Victory Chimp audio book, he must have been largely inspired by Ruby
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 11:33:53 AM
I too am a Adventures of Ruby, Galactic Gumshoe fan. 🔎
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:35:02 AM
@ Donating Supporting Monthly Yep, exactly right. Phone photos of the Moon typically come out looking like "a distant blurry streetlight" ! ;-))
Number 6 (host) 11:37:15 AM
Ruby Rocks!
Guelo 11:52:56 AM
Loving the tunes. Very nice moon pic. A red moon was certainly a sight to see… astrologically spiritually charged moment. All my pics of it = trash haha.
Number 6 (host) 11:54:27 AM
Hi Guelo!
Guelo 11:54:39 AM
Number 6 (host) 11:56:14 AM
Don't forget, all space show next week, and pledge.wprb.com!
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 11:57:13 AM
These past two hours went by way too fast. Thank you, Number 6!
Christine, pledger allegiance 💸 11:57:36 AM
Watch out for Rover...
Richard from Rocky Hill 11:59:05 AM
@ Number 6 (host) Another truly fab FREE4ALL. Thanks muchly #6.
Number 6 (host) 12:00:12 PM
Thanks all! Music makes the time go by. Until next week, BCNU!