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Oct 14, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Number 6

A potpourri of different genres with an emphasis on EDM, space and trance music.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen.

V 143.0

Link to archived shows: https://www.mixcloud.com/Number6FREE4ALL/

Special Mark Shreeve Tribute sub show.

3:01 PM
Blanc du Blanc - Patcong
Blanc du Blanc Patcong N
Reggatta Du Blanc Du Blanc
3:07 PM
Charles Stepney - That's the Way of the World
Charles Stepney That's the Way of the World N
Step on Step International Anthem 2022
3:11 PM
Lucretia Dalt - Enviado
Lucretia Dalt Enviado N
3:15 PM
Cheech & Chong - Basketball Jones
Cheech & Chong Basketball Jones
Los Cochinos Rhino/Warner Records 1973
3:18 PM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S1 E12
The Adventures Of Ruby S1 E12
Ruby 1
3:22 PM
Mark Shreeve - Mephisto
Mark Shreeve Mephisto
3:31 PM
Mark Shreeve - Aurora
Mark Shreeve Aurora
3:36 PM
Mark Shreeve - Assassin
Mark Shreeve Assassin
3:46 PM
Redshift - Redshift
Redshift Redshift
Redshift (Remastered) Distant Sun 1996
4:06 PM
Redshift - Pyro-Gen
Redshift Pyro-Gen
Faultline Distant Sun 2004
4:20 PM
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) - Blaze
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) Blaze
4:26 PM
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) - Falling Through To Rapture
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) Falling Through To Rapture
4:43 PM
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) - Proxima Obscura
ARC (Ian Boddy And Mark Shreeve) Proxima Obscura
4:58 PM
'Ramp & Mark Shreeve - Steel & Steam Pt. 1
'Ramp & Mark Shreeve Steel & Steam Pt. 1
Steel & Steam
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 3:01:03 PM
Greetings all sixaholics!
Brian D 3:10:06 PM
Love this Stepney. Ordered it as soon as I heard it here on wprb
Number 6 (host) 3:13:13 PM
Hi Brian!
Brian D 3:13:15 PM
There we go! Thanks
Brian D 3:13:24 PM
Happy weekend
Number 6 (host) 3:14:26 PM
This is a special edition of FREE4ALL with a mostly Mark Shreeve tribute.
Brian D 3:16:57 PM
That basketball was like a basketball to me
Number 6 (host) 3:17:31 PM
Christine 3:18:39 PM
🏀 ✨️
Christine 3:18:49 PM
I turn the radio on, and...
Rofflestomp 3:19:01 PM
Hi #6! Probably have not heard this in 30 years! LOL
Brian D 3:20:49 PM
Ruby on a Friday!
Number 6 (host) 3:20:52 PM
Hi Christine and Roffle.
Christine 3:20:52 PM
That song always reminds me of the movie Being There
Christine 3:21:19 PM
Hey, Number 6! ⛱️ 🚲
Brian D 3:21:52 PM
I like to watch television - Chance The Gardener
Number 6 (host) 3:22:00 PM
I have some great new station IDs for nest week!
Brian D 3:23:02 PM
The Deodato fusion funk version of Also Sprach Zarathustra (aka 2001 Theme) . That too
Brian D 3:23:24 PM
Being There opening scene in DC
Number 6 (host) 3:29:50 PM
I remember Deodato.
David Shortell 3:30:51 PM
Hard to believe "2001: A Space Odyssey" is in the past. We're now in the year of "Soylent Green" (and of George Jetson's birth).
Number 6 (host) 3:32:15 PM
Hi David!
Number 6 (host) 3:33:17 PM
I hope we don't get to Resident Alien!
Number 6 (host) 3:34:54 PM
I was thinking of Star Wars and other Galactic Funk, but that was MECO.
Rofflestomp 3:35:38 PM
Haven't watched Resident Alien since the mid-season break. Wanna binge that one.
Number 6 (host) 3:40:11 PM
Early fix for Music With Space tonight!
Christine 3:42:26 PM
Afternoon Music With Space...
Number 6 (host) 3:44:10 PM
Or Stars in Space.
Christine 3:45:07 PM
Right! Star = ☀️
Rob F 3:54:47 PM
This great for music for working. Have a meeting at 4pm though
Number 6 (host) 3:57:33 PM
Hi Rob!
Rob F 3:58:12 PM
Hi Number 6
Number 6 (host) 3:58:15 PM
I have all of my shows on Mixcloud.
Brian D 3:59:31 PM
This is a journey
Number 6 (host) 4:01:15 PM
Mark Shreeve was only 65!:(
Christine 4:10:15 PM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:55:12 PM
Number 6 (host) 4:58:04 PM
Hi ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ! Just in time!
Christine 4:59:01 PM
Hahaha that station ID
Christine 4:59:36 PM
Number 6 (host) 4:59:53 PM
Until the drive next week, BCNU!