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WPRB Princeton 103.3 FM

The Freeform Pathogen

Aug 24, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Mike Lupica

Freeform radio for creative weirdos and deskbound dreamers. A sonic one-stop for Acid Dub, Beardo Bhangra, Micro-Folk Turntablism, Krautdrone, Cambodian Synthwave, Glam Pop, Art-Damaged Metal, Electro-Stoner Jazz, Proto Soul-Punk, DIY Hip-Hop, Psychedelic EDM, Minimalist Power Violence, Pre-Hipster NYC Weirdcore, and Afro-Hillbilly Futurism. Up and down this goddam dial since 1992.

Sometimes I remember that I'm on Twitter.

Mark Farner Homeboy Cabdriving Deathstomp

Wednesday Night Pitcrew, please rise! Apologies for my recent absence from our weekly appointments. Last week I thought my kid had Covid (turns out she didn't), but I took off anyway in anticipation of Needing To Deal With That. Zillion dollar thanks to Commie Francis for stepping up on short notice to cover the show last week.

No webcam, no nickel gags, and no parlor tricks tonight. Just a pile of great records and three hours with which to burn through 'em. Refresh this page to see the most recently-played songs, say hello in the Listener Lounge, and be among friends in these waning days of summer.

The Freeform Pathogen
8:01 PM
Chris Joss - Little Nature
Chris Joss Little Nature
Sticks 18th Street Lounge 2009
8:07 PM
U.S. Girls - So Typically Now
U.S. Girls So Typically Now N
So Typically Now - Single 4AD 2022
8:10 PM
Spizzenergi - Soldier Soldier
Spizzenergi Soldier Soldier
7" Rough Trade 1979
8:14 PM
Oneida - Beat Me to the Punch
Oneida Beat Me to the Punch N
Success Joyful Noise Recordings 2022
8:19 PM
ABBA - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
7" Atlantic 1979
8:23 PM
Boris - My name is blank
Boris My name is blank N
Heavy Rocks (2022) Relapse Records 2022
8:26 PM
Warlock Pinchers - Island of the Misfit Toyboys
Warlock Pinchers Island of the Misfit Toyboys
Circusized Peanuts Boner 1991
8:31 PM
Sex Pistols - No One is Innocent
Sex Pistols No One is Innocent
The Great Rock & Roll Swindle Virgin 1979
8:34 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:41 PM
Madness - Embarrassment
Madness Embarrassment
7" Stiff Records 1980
8:44 PM
Tall Dwarfs - Life Is Strange
Tall Dwarfs Life Is Strange N
Unravelled: 1981–2002 Merge 2022
Glory be!
8:47 PM
Why Bother? - Laughing at What I Forgot
Why Bother? Laughing at What I Forgot N
Lacerated Nights Feel It 2022
8:49 PM
Homeboy Sandman - Lovin It
Homeboy Sandman Lovin It N
Digital Single 2022
8:52 PM
Fusilier - No Words
Fusilier No Words
Treason - EP 2022
8:56 PM
Steve Wynn - Watch Your Step
Steve Wynn Watch Your Step
Here Come the Miracles (Expanded Edition) Blue Rose 2001
9:00 PM
The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society
The Kinks The Village Green Preservation Society
The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (2018 Stereo Remaster) 1968
9:03 PM
The Frowning Clouds - Not the Fool
The Frowning Clouds Not the Fool N
Gospel Sounds and More from the Church of Scientology LP Anti Fade Records 2022
9:05 PM
Kitty Ford - Blue Diamond Ring
Kitty Ford Blue Diamond Ring N
Pussycat Sundazed 2022
Orig. a long time ago
9:07 PM
GA-20 - Dry Run
GA-20 Dry Run N
Crackdown 2022
9:10 PM
The Reivers - Star Telegram
The Reivers Star Telegram
End of the Day Capitol 1989
9:15 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:22 PM
Roxy Music - Take a Chance with me
Roxy Music Take a Chance with me
7" WB 1982
9:26 PM
Just Mustard - Still
Just Mustard Still N
Heart Under Partisan Records 2022
9:29 PM
The Kleptones - Let's Get the Dirt
The Kleptones Let's Get the Dirt
From Detroit to J.A.
9:34 PM
Alice Cohen - Wild Wolf
Alice Cohen Wild Wolf N
Moonrising Styles Upon Styles 2022
9:39 PM
Empire - Expensive Sound
Empire Expensive Sound N
Expensive Sound Munster 2022
Orig. 1981. Members of Generation X!
9:42 PM
Nilüfer Yanya - Baby Blu
Nilüfer Yanya Baby Blu
Miss Universe ATO Records / Fontana North 2019
9:47 PM
We Ragazzi - Being Alive Is Like Vandalizing
We Ragazzi Being Alive Is Like Vandalizing
Suicide Sound System My Pal God Records 2004
9:49 PM
Paul McCartney - Eat At Home
Paul McCartney Eat At Home
Ram Apple 1971
9:53 PM
Jimmy Pursey - Animals Have More Fun
Jimmy Pursey Animals Have More Fun
7" Epic 1981
He of Sham 69
9:55 PM
Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore
Cliff Richard We Don't Talk Anymore
7" EMI 1979
10:00 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:07 PM
The Grifters - Centuries
The Grifters Centuries
Full-Blown Possession LP Sub Pop 1997
10:11 PM
Conjunto Ingenieri - Aefo
Conjunto Ingenieri Aefo N
Digital Single El Palmas 2022
From a forthcoming LP compiling the best of the Venezuelan big band's 3 LPs
10:14 PM
Jimetta Rose & Voices of Creation - Answer the Call
Jimetta Rose & Voices of Creation Answer the Call N
How Good It Is Day Dreamer 2022
10:21 PM
Reevo - Dirty Secret
Reevo Dirty Secret N
All Welcome on Planet Ree-Vo 2022
10:26 PM
Edan - Humble Magnificent
Edan Humble Magnificent
Primitive Plus Lewis Recordings 2002
10:29 PM
White Hills - Oceans of Sound
White Hills Oceans of Sound N
The Revenge of Heads on Fire 2022
10:34 PM
Allison Lorenzen - VALE (feat. Midwife)
Allison Lorenzen VALE (feat. Midwife) N
Tender Whited Sepulchre Records 2022
10:40 PM
Zachary Cale - Sundowner
Zachary Cale Sundowner
Duskland No Quarter 2015
10:43 PM
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Bloody Hammer
Roky Erickson & The Aliens Bloody Hammer
I Think of Demons LP Edsel 1987
10:47 PM
Daniel Higgs - Say God
Daniel Higgs Say God
Say God Thrill Jockey 2010
Chat is archived.
Rofflestomp 8:00:46 PM
Refresh button bitches!
Ossy Hyouka 8:01:51 PM
I'll make Plankton mind control you, like he did with Spongebob and made him his bitch, LOOOOOL
richard lyons 8:01:57 PM
Rofflestomp 8:02:48 PM
I live for the Wednesday evening essyesque
Jon Solomon 8:03:14 PM
...but seriously, did anyone find my hat?
DSM 8:03:20 PM
Rofflestomp 8:03:31 PM
Right where you left it Jon!
richard lyons 8:03:35 PM
Patrick Rapa 8:03:38 PM
roffle tool it
Patrick Rapa 8:03:49 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:04:35 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:05:06 PM
Also, hello good people of earth.
Marcus Watt 8:05:53 PM
Correct assuming we're all earthlings.
Rofflestomp 8:06:32 PM
And also to you dear stargazer.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:06:33 PM
Ahh, fair point. Smart money's on Vegans. Not that kind, the other ones.
Rofflestomp 8:08:22 PM
Vegan is great is you have a choice. Ya know barring a zombie apocalypse and all that.
Rofflestomp 8:09:20 PM
I am just glad they happen to be grass fed.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:09:34 PM
Rofflestomp 8:11:16 PM
Vegeta is entirely different I guess.
Patrick Rapa 8:11:23 PM
they still want an American to go, Mike
Mike Lupica (host) 8:11:46 PM
Do I have talk to that creepy bald guy first?
Rofflestomp 8:12:00 PM
Of course!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:12:31 PM
Cashed out, in that case. Send Jodie Foster instead.
Patrick Rapa 8:12:34 PM
boy that guy is the bezos of the future
Rofflestomp 8:13:14 PM
Jodie Foster has an Army, and she knows space balls!
Dave Morris 8:13:20 PM
yess i was just thinking about wanna buy a bridge
Mike Lupica (host) 8:13:48 PM
Totally had a Jodie Foster's Army sticker on my car in high school. I was routinely beaten up.
Marcus Watt 8:14:03 PM
Where can I buy a bridge?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:14:28 PM
Awesome comp, Dave! Forgot that track is on there.
Marcus Watt 8:14:32 PM
Dave Morris beat me.
Jon Solomon 8:14:49 PM
This new Oneida record is super good.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:16:05 PM
2002 me never would have anticipated 2022 me reckoning with a world in which there IS a new Oneida record. But yes, totally agree.
Rofflestomp 8:16:26 PM
I found that album by JFA in San Lois Obisbo! Brilliant! Who else would even get that reference! Yeah, I learning music with you guy!
Rofflestomp 8:16:54 PM
Me love...
Rofflestomp 8:18:16 PM
I learn puntuation! Look ,.?;":'"!
Rofflestomp 8:19:47 PM
Crackin' whips break the speep of sound sometimes.
Rofflestomp 8:20:07 PM
But spelling is still a bitch.
TAndy 8:20:30 PM
Gimme gimme gimme a JAM 🚨🚨🚨 after midnight
richard lyons 8:20:55 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 8:21:18 PM
Heard this in the grocery store the other night and was all like "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" in the frozen food aisle.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:21:39 PM
Last time I tuned in to poison idea, now ABBA?? Radio perfection!
DSM 8:21:54 PM
Lol Mike
Commie Francis ☭ 8:21:56 PM
Welcome back Mike!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:22:03 PM
This is from their split 7" on Profane Existence!
Mike Lupica (host) 8:22:12 PM
(Thank you)
Dave Morris 8:22:47 PM
haha amazing
Rofflestomp 8:23:26 PM
I love that they made every dollar they had work. Smart AF.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:24:14 PM
ABBA--->BORIS segue. (DJ blows smoke off barrel of gun.)
Commie Francis ☭ 8:24:26 PM
Oh yeah the ABBA/extinction of mankind split
Rofflestomp 8:25:10 PM
Mike plays the turntable with a knife.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:25:18 PM
Picked that up at the Smörgåstårta Not Bombs benefit.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:26:19 PM
@Rofflestomp, I have tried to play a slice of toast on a turntable but even I have my limits.
Rofflestomp 8:26:43 PM
But you tried!
jimbeaux 8:27:17 PM
Meeester Mike, hallo!
richard lyons 8:27:20 PM
Jon Solomon 8:27:46 PM
I wonder who the prior WPRB DJ to play Warlock Pinchers is.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:27:50 PM
Jimbeaux walks in just as I start playing the Warlock Pinchers. He totally planned this.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:28:00 PM
It better have been me.
jimbeaux 8:28:12 PM
Best album name! Pinch me.
richard lyons 8:28:24 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 8:29:03 PM
I requested warlock pinchers for the Christmas sjow
jimbeaux 8:29:13 PM
Thought this was some buckethead metal-crunch-rap at first!
Commie Francis ☭ 8:29:30 PM
But i have never played them myself
Jon Solomon 8:30:09 PM
No record of Warlock Pinchers in my playlist archives...
Commie Francis ☭ 8:30:43 PM
I requested them for this year! But i think it was not radio friendly
Commie Francis ☭ 8:31:14 PM
I found their Christmas record while i was transcribing old mrr reviews
Jon Solomon 8:31:28 PM
Most hits for "Warlock Pinchers" + "WPRB are old MRRs.
Krista 8:32:13 PM
Is there a search function for spinitron?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:32:18 PM
This is the 2nd time I've played the Sex Pistols this summer. WTF, man?
Mike Lupica (host) 8:32:54 PM
Krista, yes, but you *might* need to be an admin to use it. I will investigate later, or maybe Jon knows?
Marcus Watt 8:33:04 PM
It's okay, as I'd never heard this one before.
Jon Solomon 8:33:09 PM
In the past 24 hours, only one radio station has played Warlock Pinchers.
Dave Morris 8:33:28 PM
The *best* station
Mike Lupica (host) 8:33:33 PM
My work on this planet is done.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:33:43 PM
Krista we can search wprb plays going back a decent amount but other stations only 24 hours
Mike Lupica (host) 8:33:43 PM
On to Vega!
Commie Francis ☭ 8:34:23 PM
I've played los punk rockers sex pistols covers twice
Rofflestomp 8:35:07 PM
Jon, I think Spintron is awesome, I don't know about the community colleges in remote North Dakota playlist choises though.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:35:50 PM
Featuring Spanish speakers listening to sex pistols songs a time or two and then trying to sing them
richard lyons 8:36:04 PM
It's amazing to find oneself in front of piles of records
Commie Francis ☭ 8:36:11 PM
Let's talk about the professionals
richard lyons 8:36:18 PM
beeee careful
Jon Solomon 8:37:06 PM
richard lyons 8:37:47 PM
funny-haired kids turn on fascists
Jon Solomon 8:38:36 PM
I found a February 2022 spin of Warlock Pinchers on a different radio station. - https://twitter.com/WZRDPlaylist/status/1498482922222931970
richard lyons 8:38:40 PM
Hamilton, Montana still has one
TAndy 8:38:59 PM
Tell her how the super Walmarts used to be open all night lolol
richard lyons 8:39:05 PM
24 hr grocery, that is
Rofflestomp 8:40:02 PM
"I had a Walkman probably" Yuppers! lol
Commie Francis ☭ 8:40:57 PM
One of the most Philly experiences I have ever had is watching a lady in eagles pajama pants dancing sexy to pour some sugar on me at shop rite on aramingo
Dave Morris 8:41:13 PM
Thanks for the shoutout! Keep up your membership drive pledges kids, it pays off, I'm living proof
Commie Francis ☭ 8:41:57 PM
I was actually quite sick (not covid) by the time I did that show and barely remember it.
Rofflestomp 8:42:28 PM
OMG, you had cancer too? So did until I talked to my cousins who work at John Hopkin's as Doctors.
Mike Lupica (host) 8:43:53 PM
Commie, that Los Punkrockers LP is GOLD.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:44:13 PM
I love it so much
Tyler B 8:44:50 PM
I feel like we are getting flirtaciously close to hearing the damned
Ossy Hyouka 8:44:57 PM
richard - Almost read one of your comments as Hsnnah Montana lol
Commie Francis ☭ 8:45:26 PM
Ossy me too
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 8:45:29 PM
Good evening everyone
richard lyons 8:45:36 PM
Chris and Alex!!!!!!!!!
Jon Solomon 8:45:39 PM
Tyler! I received a terrific photo of you over the weekend! OK to share socially?
richard lyons 8:46:00 PM
new comp out!
Ossy Hyouka 8:46:08 PM
Hi Commie!
Commie Francis ☭ 8:46:37 PM
Oh dang can we get this tall dwarfs in new emph
Commie Francis ☭ 8:46:47 PM
Hi ossy!
Tyler B 8:46:49 PM
Hahaha uh oh! Go ahead Jon. I'm only embarrassed for you to see what I've done to your parents shirt
Mike Lupica (host) 8:47:07 PM
Commie, I ordered it last week. I will see about "losing" the MP3 d/l card.
Commie Francis ☭ 8:47:17 PM
So nice to meet you this weekend tyler
richard lyons 8:47:20 PM
Hannah Montana may be open too :)
Ossy Hyouka 8:48:23 PM
that is what you make it! Miley/Hannah
richard lyons 8:49:29 PM
Even though I have most of Tall Dwarfs albums. I am getting this. 55 songs. Hell yeah
Rofflestomp 8:51:01 PM
This is getting redundant, but look in the last place you left the card. Apologies up front.
Tyler B 8:52:20 PM
Okay either somebody is messing with me, or commie Francis and Dana K are the same person.
Tyler B 8:52:38 PM
I have not seen any evidence yet that they are not the same person..
Commie Francis ☭ 8:52:45 PM
I am messing with you
Commie Francis ☭ 8:53:25 PM
We have done radio shows together at the same time although i guess i could just be changing voices
Jon Solomon 8:53:34 PM
Well played, Commie.
Tyler B 8:54:13 PM
Hahaha whew. It's like you all were right there!
Tyler B 8:55:18 PM
After the whole Pato/Pangaeo scandal I don't know who to trust anymore
Mike Lupica (host) 8:55:45 PM
WPRB staff party on the playlist. See how many DJs you can summon.
Rofflestomp 8:56:25 PM
Ha, two questionnaires will be devised. The one who answers the the cheesesteak question... Well, we shall see.
Brian D 9:00:56 PM
Desperate Dan Appreciation Society now called to order... the minutes please!
Rofflestomp 9:02:00 PM
BTW, thanks Mike. But Robert's Rules just trumped us all!
Brian D 9:02:02 PM
Office Block Persecution Affinity... one for the employees
Mike Lupica (host) 9:02:05 PM
Right on time, Brian!
Brian D 9:03:11 PM
Draught Beer Preservation Society. And Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium. My faves of Mr Davies assocations
Rofflestomp 9:05:00 PM
I certainly defer to Draught Beer Preservation!
Colin 9:06:24 PM
I happen to have just become a member of the montgomery country opened canned beer appreciation society!
Brian D 9:06:57 PM
Canned in the house as well. Bucks repped
Rofflestomp 9:07:06 PM
Where the gods lark!
Marcus Watt 9:07:22 PM
Spell correct always does that to county.
richard lyons 9:07:30 PM
Nice Kitty Ford pick! '60 ish
Colin 9:08:20 PM
i agree, ford was jammin!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:08:55 PM
Kitty is the alter-ego of Mimi Roman. Can't wait for the official release, love everything I've heard so far.
Dennis Linggg 9:11:10 PM
Nice segue!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:11:41 PM
Thanks Dennis! Now the REAL question is determining who the last WPRB DJ to play the Reivers was.
jimbeaux 9:12:07 PM
Oooooh Zeitgeist...i mean Reivers.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:12:10 PM
This is an ultimate wistful-end-of-summer jam for me.
Dave Morris 9:12:21 PM
This has strong Martin Courtney (Real Estate frontman) solo album vibes, in a good way
Mike Lupica (host) 9:12:28 PM
Three pointer, Jimbeaux.
Colin 9:12:32 PM
if i was a betting man i bet it was before the spintorn daze
Marcus Watt 9:14:00 PM
Reivers cool. Reavers not so much.
jimbeaux 9:14:05 PM
Saw them live once...infrickingcredible!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:14:41 PM
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Obscure Reivers References
Rofflestomp 9:14:59 PM
Don't know this stuff. Thanks Mike. I love you fuckers and this is always why. I gotta get, but thank you all. Goodnight.
Colin 9:15:22 PM
jimbeaux 9:15:44 PM
Translate Slowly is a masterpiece album.
richard lyons 9:15:59 PM
Nice jimbeaux! I still play cassettes I recorded from records borrowed from Rockin' Rudys in Missoula MT in the late 80s during my radio show
richard lyons 9:16:39 PM
Rofflestomp 9:17:36 PM
BTW, I will always be listening.
jimbeaux 9:17:46 PM
Cool...when/wheres your show richard?
jimbeaux 9:18:17 PM
Roffle...thnks 2 you!
Colin 9:18:20 PM
when the solar particle winds are just right, i hear wprb resonating on the various bits of metal embedded inside me.
Colin 9:19:35 PM
idk, this moment is pretty good to me.
jimbeaux 9:19:35 PM
Colin, shortwave band 1 or 2?
richard lyons 9:19:42 PM
KUFM Missoula 1989-90. Saturdays 2-6 am. Then Fridays 11-2am. Fun stuff with all the drunk Montana fans.
Colin 9:20:15 PM
richard, that sounds fantastic!
jimbeaux 9:20:26 PM
Love missoula!
Colin 9:20:58 PM
i bet there is some sick tapes of the show out there in montana
richard lyons 9:21:29 PM
Born 45 miles south of there. Hamilton
richard lyons 9:21:56 PM
I need more Tall Dwarfs
richard lyons 9:22:56 PM
Colin, I had them recorded but I was too immature to save them
Commie Francis ☭ 9:23:22 PM
I think i played revivers once but probably pre wprb
richard lyons 9:23:24 PM
Roxy Music is Aces!
Commie Francis ☭ 9:23:29 PM
Colin 9:24:33 PM
Colin 9:25:44 PM
the question i end up asking myself, if i was hanging out with roxy music, would their conversations be over my head?
richard lyons 9:25:47 PM
Rockin' Rudys would let DJs take any used record or CD out for 24 hrs for our shows. Absolutely life changing for me
Mike Lupica (host) 9:25:51 PM
There's a great Missoula punk comp in the PRB stacks. Commie, you know the name? It's a 7", came out in, like, 1996 or so?
Marcus Watt 9:26:10 PM
The 2001 Roxy show on YouTube is great. Chris Spedding joins Phil.
Jon Solomon 9:26:32 PM
There is a new LP compilation of 1980s Montana punk and related due out later this year...
Mike Lupica (host) 9:26:38 PM
Found it! https://www.discogs.com/release/11640233-Various-Landlocked-Missoulapuncomp
Mike Lupica (host) 9:26:57 PM
How could I forget band names like Honky Sausage and Humpy.
richard lyons 9:27:01 PM
I wore out cassette recorders. I couldn't even keep up with listening. HA
Colin 9:27:18 PM
mike, guess what i'm requesting next time i'm listening to an in studio dj!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:27:48 PM
Colin, hit up Grady or Ameena with that. They'll dig it.
Commie Francis ☭ 9:28:04 PM
Oh yeah i know that comp, too slow
richard lyons 9:29:11 PM
Haven't heard it but I will take Commie's advice and wait to check it. I don't know the players
Colin 9:29:21 PM
commie, slow is the comp or the data processor in your head?
Commie Francis ☭ 9:30:15 PM
My head
Colin 9:30:31 PM
btw, that just mustard was nice!
richard lyons 9:30:58 PM
honky sausage is very Montucky :D
Colin 9:31:28 PM
and now that i think about it, i blend condiments, but never mustard
richard lyons 9:32:42 PM
iiccecreammmm with pretzels and extra mustard
Colin 9:32:45 PM
commie, i have the same processor!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:33:03 PM
Colin, from Ireland! Now I want to go there and see them play with Sprints.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:34:35 PM
Well that was a crap segue.
Ossy Hyouka 9:35:04 PM
Mmhm, smelly yellow mustard! Quite the stinky1
richard lyons 9:35:21 PM
not an easy one to pull off
Jon Solomon 9:35:49 PM
Glad to see mustard talk can bridge two shows.
richard lyons 9:36:52 PM
trying to pull you back in Jon
Commie Francis ☭ 9:37:10 PM
1. I live for mustard 2. Im scared of how bad my transitions are gonna be once I go back to playing records on the air. I'm so out of practice.
Jon Solomon 9:37:24 PM
I never left! (Save for a break to wash some dishes.)
Mike Lupica (host) 9:37:43 PM
Commie, you can do some warmup shows from the Starlite Lounge if you want!
Commie Francis ☭ 9:37:59 PM
Aw thank you!
richard lyons 9:38:00 PM
Wash mine pleas
richard lyons 9:38:04 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:38:11 PM
As long as we're talking condiments, how do y'all feel about Capitol City Mambo Sauce?
richard lyons 9:38:28 PM
new to me
jimbeaux 9:38:49 PM
T.B. has a whole mustard-themed show planned i hear...
richard lyons 9:38:56 PM
pepper, vinegar-based?
Ossy Hyouka 9:39:10 PM
or Megan The Stallion hot stinky sauce
Dennis Linggg 9:39:17 PM
Back on the winning segue track.
Jon Solomon 9:39:20 PM
I gather you can now get Capitol City Mambo Sauce at Target.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:40:07 PM
I can't remember where I bought it but now I need to buy, like, a case of it.
richard lyons 9:40:14 PM
Dang! The D.C. company arrived
richard lyons 9:40:32 PM
Sounds good with the soy and sugar
Commie Francis ☭ 9:40:36 PM
Where is Rob
Colin 9:41:01 PM
I've had incredisauce on my supper over the last three days.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:07 PM
If Twitter is to be believed, he is cheating on us with KEXP.
Commie Francis ☭ 9:41:16 PM
jimbeaux 9:41:47 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 9:41:54 PM
jimbeaux 9:43:16 PM
oh THAT sauce! someone put it on my pizza and there are knowe ragretts
Jon Solomon 9:43:18 PM
***collapses on fainting couch***
Ossy Hyouka 9:43:33 PM
That smells, Richard, HAHAHA
Mike Lupica (host) 9:44:23 PM
Colin 9:44:34 PM
if were coming clean about cheating... there has been a good punk show on kdu sunday nights
richard lyons 9:44:40 PM
Dang! Now I have two more adds on my shopping list
Commie Francis ☭ 9:44:58 PM
Do you mean YONI my mortal enemy
Colin 9:45:40 PM
i can't remember the guys name, but not yoni, his show is after the punk show.
Commie Francis ☭ 9:46:14 PM
Ah i dunno then. It just would have been funny if it was yoni
Commie Francis ☭ 9:46:45 PM
(we're not really enemies)
richard lyons 9:46:51 PM
mustard does smell. I was chuckling about Jon's daughter who put extra mustard on mustard pretzel ice cream :)
Jon Solomon 9:48:18 PM
Hey, this record sounds pretty good in 2022!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:48:40 PM
Dennis Linggg 9:49:27 PM
I’m glad that fainting couch was there, Jon.
Marcus Watt 9:49:43 PM
Shakti Yoni? I saw Gilli Smyth with Daevid Allen around 1980. Hot Club.
Commie Francis ☭ 9:49:48 PM
Oh i know the before yoni show. That is the only radio show that I know of that has played my band besides running red lights jen
Colin 9:50:41 PM
level up your mustard skills https://food.fnr.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/food/fullset/2022/08/04/FN_frenchs-mustard-donut-1_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960.suffix/1659627506970.jpeg
Mike Lupica (host) 9:51:35 PM
Then Jen must fight them.
richard lyons 9:51:59 PM
HA Colin!
Commie Francis ☭ 9:53:45 PM
Jimmy pursey solo!!!
Ossy Hyouka 9:54:10 PM
Everytime there's a stinky mustard conversation, I bring up my one classmate in 2nd grade that put mustard on his entire pizza, he had stinky ass breath!
Mike Lupica (host) 9:54:26 PM
I know, right? I bought this in that pile of records I've been talking about all night because of course I couldn't resist a 1 dollar Jimmy Pursey 45.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:56:28 PM
And then.. I also bought this.
Mike Lupica (host) 9:56:37 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 9:57:14 PM
Oh cliff
Commie Francis ☭ 9:57:31 PM
Sometimes it seems as if
Commie Francis ☭ 9:57:39 PM
You really are a cliff
richard lyons 9:57:49 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 9:57:52 PM
When fascists try to push you over it
Colin 9:58:10 PM
*nervously looks around the room and wonders if i'm the only one who never heard this before....
richard lyons 9:58:46 PM
experience it Colin...
Commie Francis ☭ 9:59:06 PM
You'll know it soon enough
Commie Francis ☭ 9:59:15 PM
You probably know it by now
Colin 9:59:42 PM
i have relocated from a seated to a standing stance during this jam
Jon Solomon 10:00:17 PM
"[Cliff Richard] has sold more than 250 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time."
Commie Francis ☭ 10:00:49 PM
He has has #1 (UK) hits in SOX
Commie Francis ☭ 10:00:58 PM
Lol SIX decades
richard lyons 10:01:17 PM
No Jackasses
Commie Francis ☭ 10:03:55 PM
Fine i won't tell you
richard lyons 10:04:31 PM
richard lyons 10:06:55 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 10:07:05 PM
Hopefully my petition to kick Mike off the air finally gets enough signature this season
Jon Solomon 10:07:05 PM
Colin 10:07:37 PM
if my memory serves me correctly rosasolis is subbing for tb tonight, i may be wrong tho
Mike Lupica (host) 10:07:57 PM
Commie, I just played a Cliff Richard 45 on the air. I would kick me off the air.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:08:36 PM
I started the NO MORE DADS committee
Mike Lupica (host) 10:10:27 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 10:11:07 PM
Then again i played masterboy the other week so who am I to talk
Jon Solomon 10:12:26 PM
I need to turn in. Have a good night everybody! Don't blow it, Mike!
TAndy 10:12:41 PM
Good night Jon!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:12:57 PM
See ya, Jon!
richard lyons 10:13:12 PM
Colin 10:13:36 PM
this is fantastic exit music for jon.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:13:47 PM
Night Jon!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:13:58 PM
TAndy 10:14:17 PM
Also thanks for the show Jon, sorry for not saying earlier :x
Colin 10:14:38 PM
lol, #waltonswithrecycling
Commie Francis ☭ 10:15:17 PM
I just unearthed this memory of driving through Albany with my dad in the 90s and listening to the RPI station and the DJs were talking like Thurston Howell and trying to give away grifters tickets and no one wanted them. I would have called in but we were going camping
Mike Lupica (host) 10:16:42 PM
Damn, can't believe the old Thurston Howell DJ Voice Trick didn't work.
Colin 10:16:56 PM
commie be like, if i ever find a time machine guess where i'm going
Commie Francis ☭ 10:17:11 PM
Albany in the mid 90s?
Commie Francis ☭ 10:17:23 PM
Or the set of Gilligan's island?
Colin 10:17:35 PM
who wouldn't with that knowledge!!
Commie Francis ☭ 10:17:53 PM
Free grifters tickets!!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:18:13 PM
MY favorite ticket giveaway memory is winningtix to see Blur on WTSR in, like, 1990 when no one knew who they were. I worked in Trenton at the time and the DJs were refusing to play more music until someone called for the tickets, so I stopped at a payphone on Olden Ave, dialed up, won, and went to the show with my friend Amanda that night.
Colin 10:19:56 PM
mike, was the show great? I got free tickets to see blur in 92, and that to this day is one of the best shows i ever went too. never heard them till that night.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:20:03 PM
I would probably go back in time and buy a cough/cool 7"
Commie Francis ☭ 10:20:14 PM
Two cough/cool 7"s
Marcus Watt 10:20:22 PM
Mine is Peter Hamill and Graham Smith at the Bijou
Marcus Watt 10:20:48 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:21:05 PM
Colin, I don't remember it! The Senseless Things also played, so maybe it was more like 1992?
Commie Francis ☭ 10:21:46 PM
I never won anything except a John Barry CD on the internet during that weird hipster lounge/exotica thing that happened
Mike Lupica (host) 10:22:18 PM
I won an Easter bunny coloring contest at a pharmacy when I was 10.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:22:31 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 10:22:59 PM
You won on TALENT not just chance. PURE TALENT
Colin 10:24:01 PM
i bet mike still flexes his coloring game when nobody is looking🤣
Mike Lupica (host) 10:24:10 PM
You know it.
jimbeaux 10:26:24 PM
loved that jimetta rose funkadelic cover!
Colin 10:26:51 PM
coloring art work displays in the playlist in the future?
Colin 10:27:21 PM
also, wonders how many chain restaurant coloring placemats mike has rolled up in his basement.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:27:48 PM
Oh, I *killed it* at Denny's, Colin.
Colin 10:32:08 PM
the great busboy art heist of 1986🤣
Mike Lupica (host) 10:33:03 PM
Side quest: Is it just me, or is heavy psychedelic rock Having A Moment again? White Hills, the new Loop record, that new Spiritualized record I overplayed for most of the summer... Seems like a thing.
richard lyons 10:33:24 PM
now we're cruisin'
Mike Lupica (host) 10:33:45 PM
Cap'n Ahab stylee.
richard lyons 10:34:08 PM
Colin 10:35:14 PM
A good chunk of the shows i've been too over the last two years have been fuzzed out psych rock, and those guys were all on top of their chops!
Mike Lupica (host) 10:36:58 PM
[SPOILER] In that case, seems like a good night for some Roky Erickson.
Commie Francis ☭ 10:38:12 PM
I dunno if that kind of thing ever really went away?
Mike Lupica (host) 10:39:04 PM
I guess you're right, it just suddenly seems all up in my business again. Not a complaint, just an observations!\
Dave Morris 10:39:19 PM
Man what happened to Edan, those records are fire.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:40:45 PM
@Dave, last I looked, I think Edan is busy... re-issuing Edan records.
Dave Morris 10:41:24 PM
Needs to get busy Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme
Commie Francis ☭ 10:41:48 PM
Maybe YOU are having a heavy psych rock moment, sounds nice!
Commie Francis ☭ 10:41:57 PM
It's finding you
Mike Lupica (host) 10:43:25 PM
Look for my $60 double album on green vinyl with Tony Iommi's toenails pressed into the wax limited edition of 10.
richard lyons 10:44:45 PM
Commie Francis ☭ 10:44:45 PM
Oh good Roky time
jimbeaux 10:44:47 PM
richard lyons 10:45:06 PM
Marcus Watt 10:45:54 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:46:03 PM
I feel like this is the first time I've played Roky since the two hour tribute I did right after he kicked it.
Mike Lupica (host) 10:46:16 PM
richard lyons 10:47:27 PM
I wish I had a recording of that! amen
richard lyons 10:48:39 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:48:56 PM
I think I recorded it, Richard. I'll let you know if it turns up!
richard lyons 10:50:09 PM
that would go right to the phone!
jimbeaux 10:51:57 PM
thank youuuuuu mike!
richard lyons 10:52:11 PM
i just beat my god goal on my fitbit
Commie Francis ☭ 10:52:31 PM
The first time i ever sang in a band we did stand for the fire demon and night of the vampire at someone's birthday party
Commie Francis ☭ 10:53:13 PM
Stand for the fire demon (repeat 16x)
Commie Francis ☭ 10:53:31 PM
Stand for the demon of fire
richard lyons 10:54:14 PM
Mike Lupica (host) 10:54:43 PM
Thanks team. Good hang tonight.
Dave Morris 10:58:23 PM
Great show Mike!
Ossy Hyouka 10:59:09 PM
TAndy 10:59:26 PM
Thanks for the banger of a show tonight, Mike!
TAndy 10:59:39 PM
sounds like kid koala on the decks lol
richard lyons 10:59:48 PM