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Aug 18, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Pethie

Summer 2022-episode eleven!


Arthur Handy sculpture,



8:01 PM
Les Rita Mitsouko - Hip Kit
Les Rita Mitsouko Hip Kit
Marc & Robert Because Music 1988
Featuring Russell Mael
8:07 PM
ESG - Get Funky
ESG Get Funky
Esg Fire Records 2011
8:09 PM
Big Black Delta - Huggin & Kissin
Big Black Delta Huggin & Kissin
Big Black Delta (Deluxe) Masters Of Bates 2013
8:13 PM
The's - Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
The's Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon) - Single Third Man Records 2011
8:17 PM
Ui - Drive Until He Sleeps
Ui Drive Until He Sleeps N
Drive Until He Sleeps - Single Numero Group 2022
8:23 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Nino Nardini-Jungle Obsession

8:24 PM
Randy Crawford - Street Life
Randy Crawford Street Life
The Best of Randy Crawford Rhino 2011
8:28 PM
Grace Jones - Art Groupie
Grace Jones Art Groupie
Nightclubbing Island Records 1982
8:31 PM
Bernard Estardy - Cha tatch ka
Bernard Estardy Cha tatch ka
La formule du baron cbe 1968
8:33 PM
The Sound - All Fall Down
The Sound All Fall Down
All Fall Down Rhino 1982
8:37 PM
Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street
Jackie Mittoo Wall Street
Keyboard King at Studio One Soul Jazz Records 2000
8:45 PM
Nihiloxica - Bwola (Radio Edit)
Nihiloxica Bwola (Radio Edit)
Bwola (Radio Edit) - Single Crammed Discs 2021
8:47 PM
Wilson Pickett - Ninety-Nine and One-Half (Won't Do) [Single Version]
Wilson Pickett Ninety-Nine and One-Half (Won't Do) [Single Version]
Land of 1000 Dances Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group 2018
8:49 PM
Family Fodder - Warm
Family Fodder Warm
Savoire Faire: Best Of Jungle Records 1980
8:52 PM
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)
Love Bites Domino Recording Co 1996
8:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:59 PM
Meditations on Crime - Crime Seed
Meditations on Crime Crime Seed N
Crime Seed - Single Antifragile Music 2022
9:04 PM
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark - Enola Gay
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark Enola Gay
Organisation EMI Marketing 2003
9:06 PM
Golden Teacher - Shatter
Golden Teacher Shatter
Sauchiehall Enthrall - EP Golden Teacher Records 2017
9:14 PM
Cha Cha Guitri - La lumière est blanche...
Cha Cha Guitri La lumière est blanche...
French Synth Wave (St Etienne 1981) Born Bad Records 2014
9:15 PM
Anika - Never Coming Back (Dave Clarke Remix)
Anika Never Coming Back (Dave Clarke Remix)
Change: The Remixes INVADA Records 2021
9:23 PM
Tomato Flower - Aparecida
Tomato Flower Aparecida N
Construction - EP Ramp Local 2022
9:25 PM
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Wafflehead
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians Wafflehead
Respect A&M 1993
9:29 PM
Juniore - La vérité nue
Juniore La vérité nue
Un, Deux, Trois bonus Le Phonographe 2020
9:32 PM
Emilíana Torrini - Speed of Dark
Emilíana Torrini Speed of Dark
Tookah Rough Trade 2013
9:37 PM
Pretty Lights - Gold Coast Hustle
Pretty Lights Gold Coast Hustle
Glowing In the Darkest Night Pretty Lights Music 2010
9:44 PM
Bill Nelson - Near East
Bill Nelson Near East
Dreamy Screens: Soundtracks from the Echo Observatory Esoteric 2017
9:44 PM
Pattern Is Movement - Trolley Friend
Pattern Is Movement Trolley Friend
All Together Hometapes 2018
9:48 PM
Killing Joke - Bloodsport
Killing Joke Bloodsport
Killing Joke Virgin Catalogue 2005
9:53 PM
Peter Ivers - I'm Sorry Alice
Peter Ivers I'm Sorry Alice
Becoming Peter Ivers RVNG Intl. 2019
10:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:04 PM
Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
Broadcast Come On Let's Go N
Maida Vale Sessions Warp Records 2022
10:05 PM
Dina Ögon - Tombola 94
Dina Ögon Tombola 94
Dina Ögon Playground Music 2021
10:09 PM
Mela Femmina - Hello Chic
Mela Femmina Hello Chic N
Hello Chic - Single Slow Dance 2022
10:13 PM
Belbury Poly - Sticks and Stones
Belbury Poly Sticks and Stones
The Gone Away Ghost Box 2020
10:17 PM
Angel Olsen - Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)
Angel Olsen Too Easy (Bigger Than Us)
All Mirrors Jagjaguwar 2021
10:21 PM
Tussle - Lightly Salted
Tussle Lightly Salted
Tempest Smalltown Supersound 2012
10:26 PM
Classix Nouveaux - Robots Dance
Classix Nouveaux Robots Dance
The Liberty Recordings 1981-83 Warner Music Group - X5 Music Group 2021
10:32 PM
Szun Waves - In the Moon House
Szun Waves In the Moon House N
Earth Patterns The Leaf Label 2022
10:34 PM
Moon Duo - Mirror's Edge
Moon Duo Mirror's Edge
Occult Architecture, Vol. 2 Sacred Bones Records 2017
10:43 PM
Dome - D-D-Bo
Dome D-D-Bo
3 Editions Mego 2019
10:45 PM
Dais Queue - Each string a bell
Dais Queue Each string a bell Dais Queue N
I live here Oxtail Recordings 2022
10:53 PM
Yann Tiersen - Kerlann (Laurel Halo Remix)
Yann Tiersen Kerlann (Laurel Halo Remix)
Kerber Remixes 2022
Chat is archived.
Pethie (host) 8:02:13 PM
Hello PowerClashing friends!
Alan Pasnyk 8:02:42 PM
Pethieeee!! Hi!
TAndy 8:02:59 PM
Pethie (host) 8:03:07 PM
Greetings, Alan! Hola, TAndy!
Pethie (host) 8:03:21 PM
in the key of dubya!
Liz Bot 8:03:26 PM
Pethie (host) 8:03:37 PM
You know it, Liz Bot!
Liz Bot 8:03:58 PM
LOOOOOOOOVE Russell's vocals more than just about anything!
Pethie (host) 8:04:41 PM
It's nearly as delightful as ice cream
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:05:06 PM
Oh ice cream!
Liz Bot 8:05:08 PM
Les Rita Mitsouko + Russell = pure deliciousness
Liz Bot 8:05:14 PM
TAndy 8:05:17 PM
Hope your week is going well Pethie 💙
Alan Pasnyk 8:05:21 PM
@ Pethie: Kickass start to the show, Gentlemen/women please start your engines...
Zanti M 8:05:30 PM
Zanti M 8:05:36 PM
Liz Bot 8:05:37 PM
@Alan - Agreed!
Zanti M 8:05:53 PM
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:05:55 PM
Hey Zanti!
Zanti M 8:06:14 PM
Alan Pasnyk 8:06:24 PM
Hi Addie, hope all isssssssssss ok!
Pethie (host) 8:07:02 PM
Thank you TAndy! The past two days have been pretty lovely. HOpe your weeks has been fine!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:07:11 PM
All isssssss well, Alan! Getting sssssleepy but hanging in there for Powerclashing!
Pethie (host) 8:07:24 PM
Hi Addie! Hi Zanti! Get Funky!
Alan Pasnyk 8:07:57 PM
Funky snake dance...
richard lyons 8:08:13 PM
hello Pethie, Alan, TAndy, Addie, Zanti and Liz!
Zanti M 8:08:24 PM
@Addie I thought those were green ducks.
richard lyons 8:08:34 PM
Funky Hip Kit
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:08:37 PM
Good evening Richard!
Zanti M 8:08:44 PM
Hello, Richard.
Liz Bot 8:09:13 PM
Each installment of Powerclashing comes with a funky hip kit
Pethie (host) 8:09:36 PM
Hi Richard!
richard lyons 8:10:15 PM
Indeed Liz. For our old hips
richard lyons 8:10:21 PM
Zanti M 8:10:26 PM
Funky Hip Kit can be yours for 3 monthly payments of groooove.
Ossy Hyouka 8:10:56 PM
Evening flo!
Pethie (host) 8:11:14 PM
Heya Ossy!
Alan Pasnyk 8:12:30 PM
@ Richard: Hiya back at cha!
Liz Bot 8:12:48 PM
@Zanti M - ha!
Ossy Hyouka 8:13:03 PM
:) Pethrie!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:14:42 PM
Show is off to a heckuva start!
DSM 8:18:07 PM
Hiya Pethie 🍦
DSM 8:18:38 PM
Agree with Addie, spectacular sounds for this summer evening
Pethie (host) 8:18:39 PM
Hey, DSM. Ooooh, ice cream!!!💜
Zanti M 8:19:13 PM
Pethie, how do you choose the picture each week?
Liz Bot 8:19:59 PM
Who's getting a cone!
Pethie (host) 8:20:06 PM
@Zanti, a few minutes before the show, I panic, and clik on my tumblr. I scroll through it till I find a black and white pic that I like, and then i grab it.
Pethie (host) 8:20:25 PM
I want a twist with rainbow jimmies
Zanti M 8:20:45 PM
Zanti M 8:21:43 PM
Twist with rainbow jimmies = "Twinkletop"
Alan Pasnyk 8:22:11 PM
@ Lizbot: I saw a Sho-Jo-Ji on Fairmount Avenue...He loves to rip your trash bags up 'cause he's one hungry Racoon...
richard lyons 8:22:47 PM
I agree Addie!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 8:22:59 PM
Gosh darn it, I miss frozen custard. Creemees just don’t cut it.
Pethie (host) 8:23:33 PM
Ice Cream for all the hungry raccoons!
Pethie (host) 8:23:43 PM
I thought the creemeeeee was great!
Zanti M 8:23:47 PM
Street life!
Zanti M 8:24:09 PM
Street life + hungry racoons
Pethie (host) 8:24:32 PM
Raccoons love Randy Crawford
Maryellen Small 8:24:46 PM
Hello kiddo, speaking of hungry raccoons , Pierre has just informed me that there is a skunk ( a large one) under my car. So, do you have any skunky numbers to play ?
Pethie (host) 8:25:12 PM
The SKunky Drummer]
richard lyons 8:27:28 PM
HA Pethie! No "Funky drummer" though.
Pethie (host) 8:27:44 PM
HOpefully not!
Liz Bot 8:29:12 PM
grace 4ever
Pethie (host) 8:29:34 PM
I love her so.
Zanti M 8:29:50 PM
The Man gets excited when he recognizes stuff.
Alan Pasnyk 8:30:31 PM
Hi Maryellen! I'll bet you remember the Sho-Jo-Ji song from a long time ago, I do!
Pethie (host) 8:31:25 PM
@Zanti, The Man is excitable.
Maryellen Small 8:33:48 PM
Hello Alan, sorry, but I do not know about that song. Tell me about it please. I am from a long time ago though.
Zanti M 8:35:42 PM
The Man says, "good choice!" Re: The Sound
Alan Pasnyk 8:35:59 PM
@ Maryellen: I think it was on a Walt Disney album we had, but my dusty data banks in my head could be wrong, we used to sing along...
Pethie (host) 8:37:26 PM
Thanks, The Man
Maryellen Small 8:39:18 PM
Ah, Pethie had some Disney albums, I never did. Mayhaps she knows that song. Hey Peth ! Does thattitle sound familiar ? Sho-Jo-Ji ?
Alan Pasnyk 8:39:44 PM
@ Maryellen: Yep, it was on a Disney Record circa 1950, try cliking on this https://www.ebay.com/itm/304198276943
Pethie (host) 8:39:53 PM
I only know the version by the that i played earlier.
jimbeaux 8:40:56 PM
P E T H I E ⚡⚡⚡
Pethie (host) 8:42:26 PM
JIMBEAUX hows it shaking
jimbeaux 8:46:01 PM
It's goood...thank you! Pwrclshng shakes it up right.
Pethie (host) 8:47:08 PM
Right on!
richard lyons 8:47:38 PM
Oh boy! That Nihiloxica was just the right stuff :)
Ossy Hyouka 8:48:08 PM
Classic Butter
Pethie (host) 8:48:46 PM
i've got to have one hundred
jimbeaux 8:51:28 PM
Ui...deejay Wilbo's band!
richard lyons 8:51:54 PM
99.5? NOPE!
Pethie (host) 8:52:05 PM
Yes! They are having some stuff reissued!
Pethie (host) 8:52:21 PM
@richard, absolutely not enough
richard lyons 8:53:28 PM
So great jimbeaux! WPRB :)
Zanti M 8:53:35 PM
Haha! Yes! buzzcocks!
richard lyons 8:54:31 PM
I concur, Zanti.
jimbeaux 8:54:41 PM
rrrrrrright on, richard!
Zanti M 8:58:34 PM
Maybe Grace Jones' autobiography is full of sex!
Pethie (host) 8:58:56 PM
Prolly that and her yelling at people
Zanti M 9:03:07 PM
You have excited The Man again!
Pethie (host) 9:04:24 PM
I am all about exciting men, Zanti.
Zanti M 9:09:10 PM
I know you are.
Zanti M 9:14:08 PM
Chatters? Where you at?
Pethie (host) 9:14:31 PM
I killed the chat with my salacious comment.
Zanti M 9:15:04 PM
It's just you & me now.
Pethie (host) 9:15:32 PM
I can handle that.
Ossy Hyouka 9:15:50 PM
Grace Jones recherche yucky scary LOL
Pethie (host) 9:25:35 PM
This song is dedicated to Jenifer, if she's listening!
richard lyons 9:26:36 PM
richard lyons 9:39:50 PM
Buy the Pretty Lights discography everyone!
Pethie (host) 9:44:23 PM
oh yeah? good stuff?
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 9:46:32 PM
Hi Pethie! Not for the first time, the stream cut out for a few seconds
Pethie (host) 9:47:13 PM
Uh oh! Thank you for letting me know, Rob!
richard lyons 9:48:26 PM
Some of the best in that genre imo :)
Zanti M 9:48:51 PM
The Man, excited.
richard lyons 9:48:51 PM
Great show. Thanks!
Pethie (host) 9:50:00 PM
The Man is not surprising me with his bursts of excitement
Zanti M 9:51:16 PM
I wuv Killing Joke
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 9:51:26 PM
It just happened for 2 seconds
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 9:51:39 PM
*right as I was reading your response to me
Pethie (host) 9:53:17 PM
Zanti M 9:53:46 PM
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 9:53:50 PM
I enjoyed the Killing Joke song
Pethie (host) 9:55:19 PM
I'm glad, Rob! I'm sorry for all the blips. I'm not sure what's up?
TAndy 10:06:13 PM
TAndy 10:06:33 PM
Huge respect for playing a Dave Clarke remix by the way
Pethie (host) 10:07:15 PM
Thanks, TAndy!
Rob from Maryland 🌻 🇺🇦 🦀 10:08:07 PM
With the Broadcast broadcast over, I'm going to head out. Thanks for the show, Pethie!
Pethie (host) 10:08:41 PM
Thanks for listening, Rob!
TAndy 10:08:54 PM
Good night Rob!
Guelo <3 10:17:37 PM
<3 from LA 🌞
Pethie (host) 10:18:01 PM
Hello Guelo!!
TAndy 10:27:29 PM
Hey GueloLA
Marcus Watt 10:41:04 PM
Hi. I'd never heard of .
Marcus Watt 10:41:27 PM
Moon Duo. Terrific.
Pethie (host) 10:43:24 PM
Hello, Marcus! Oh yes, they are great!
TAndy 10:51:48 PM
Loving this Dais Queue
TAndy 10:53:36 PM
And now this Laurel Halo <3
TAndy 10:54:51 PM
i need the server to stop serving up funky drummer every few minutes. Pethie I'm going to kick the transmission tower for ya
Pethie (host) 10:55:30 PM
Thank you TAndy! I don't know whats going on with that!
Pethie (host) 10:55:41 PM
Sorry about the outages....
TAndy 10:55:56 PM
Been having issues on Tuesday too, but it was still fun. Won't let no drummer interrupt my meditation music
TAndy 10:57:32 PM
Thanks for the show though <3 have a good weekend pethie
Ossy Hyouka 10:58:36 PM
Serene 💙⭐🍨
Pethie (host) 10:59:54 PM
Thank you TAndy! And thank you to everyone for listening tonight! Stay Tuned!