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Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry

Aug 13, 2022 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

With Selecta Jerry

Playing the finest in Reggae music from Roots & Culture to Conscious Dancehall, Oldies, Lovers Rock, Riddims and Dub!

Reggae Music Shall Play!


Sounds of the Caribbean w/ Selecta Jerry
3:02 PM
The Itals - Truth Must Reveal
The Itals Truth Must Reveal
Brutal Out Deh Nighthawk Records 1981
3:06 PM
Barry Brown - Fittest of the Fittest Part 1
Barry Brown Fittest of the Fittest Part 1
Praises Pressure Sounds 2021
3:10 PM
Misty In Roots - Dance Hall Babylon
Misty In Roots Dance Hall Babylon
Roots Controller Real World Records 2002
3:16 PM
Talisman - Nothing Change (Oldwah Rockers Dub)
Talisman Nothing Change (Oldwah Rockers Dub)
Nothing Change - Single Sugar Shack Records 2014
3:21 PM
Talisman - Nothing Change (Conquering Lion Dub)
Talisman Nothing Change (Conquering Lion Dub)
Nothing Change - Single Sugar Shack Records 2014
3:24 PM
Dub Idren & I-niverse - Mystical Valley
Dub Idren & I-niverse Mystical Valley
Mystical Valley - Single Dubophonic 2022
3:28 PM
Keith & Tex - Hotel Corona
Keith & Tex Hotel Corona N
Freedom Liquidator Music 2022
3:33 PM
The Congos - Can't Come In
The Congos Can't Come In
Heart of the Congos VP Records 1977
3:39 PM
Mista Savona & Havana Meets Kingston - We Are One (feat. Prince Alla)
Mista Savona & Havana Meets Kingston We Are One (feat. Prince Alla) N
Havana Meets Kingston Part 2 Cumbancha 2022


3:43 PM
More Relation - Solve Them (Disco Mix)
More Relation Solve Them (Disco Mix)
Freedom Mr 1979
3:51 PM
Jimmy Cliff - Bridges
Jimmy Cliff Bridges N
Refugees Universal Music Group 2022
3:55 PM
Dennis Brown - Yaga Yagga
Dennis Brown Yaga Yagga
The Prime Of Dennis Brown: 16 Cuts From The Crown Prince Of Reggae (1973-1995) Music Club 1998


3:58 PM
Dennis Brown & Niney The Observer - Thief
Dennis Brown & Niney The Observer Thief
Dennis Brown In Dub Heartbeat Records 2002


4:00 PM
Cornell Campbell - Brother Killing Brother
Cornell Campbell Brother Killing Brother
Mike Brooks And Friends: Just The Vibes 1976-1983 Moll-Selekta 2000


4:04 PM
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Running Away (Kaya 40 Mix)
Bob Marley & The Wailers Running Away (Kaya 40 Mix)
Kaya 40 Tuff Gong 2018
4:05 PM
Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner - In the Hills
Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner In the Hills
Sounds Almighty Tradition Disc 2019
4:17 PM
Midnite - Ras To The Bone
Midnite Ras To The Bone
Jubilees Of Zion Afrikan Roots Lab 2000


4:21 PM
Abeng - Crying Time
Abeng Crying Time
Crying Time - Single DIG THIS WAY 2019
4:24 PM
Daba Makourejah - Running
Daba Makourejah Running
Daba Makourekah Meets Meekman Amoul Bayi Records 2020
4:28 PM
Daba Makourejah - Running Dub
Daba Makourejah Running Dub
Daba Makourekah Meets Meekman Amoul Bayi Records 2020
4:31 PM
Protoje - Incient Stepping
Protoje Incient Stepping N
Incient Stepping - Single In.Digg.Nation Collective/Six Course Music/RCA Records 2022
4:35 PM
Junior Dread & Little Lion Sound - Desperation
Junior Dread & Little Lion Sound Desperation
Sound Killer Riddim Evidence Music 2022
4:38 PM
I-Taweh - Can You Feel It
I-Taweh Can You Feel It N
Can You Feel It - Single Tap Nat Muzik 2022
4:44 PM
Tiken Jah Fakoly & Winston McAnuff - I Can Hear
Tiken Jah Fakoly & Winston McAnuff I Can Hear N
I Can Hear (Radio Edit) - Single Chapter Two Records 2022
4:48 PM
Jimmy Cliff - Security
Jimmy Cliff Security N
Refugees Universal Music Group 2022
4:51 PM
Glen Washington & Vernon Maytone - When The Wars All Over
Glen Washington & Vernon Maytone When The Wars All Over N
Single Glen Washington Music 2022
4:55 PM
Ione Angeles & Tony Chin - Get On The Right Track
Ione Angeles & Tony Chin Get On The Right Track N
Get On The Right Track - Single 2022


4:59 PM
UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro - Mellow
UB40 featuring Ali Campbell & Astro Mellow N
Unprecedented UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2022
5:02 PM
The Frightnrs - Purple
The Frightnrs Purple
Nothing More To Say Daptone Records 2016
5:10 PM
One Blood - Be Thankful
One Blood Be Thankful
Be Thankful - Single King City Records 1980


5:17 PM
North East Ska Jazz Orchestra & Wicked Dub Division - Cascade Dub
North East Ska Jazz Orchestra & Wicked Dub Division Cascade Dub N
Wicked Dub Division Meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra ((Live Studio Session #1)) Brixton Records 2022
5:21 PM
Winston Fergus - Too Much War
Winston Fergus Too Much War N
Single Winston Fergus Music 2022


5:28 PM
Da Fuchaman - I Am Not Afraid
Da Fuchaman I Am Not Afraid N
Buxton Boy Da Fuchaman 2022
5:32 PM
Protoje - Family (feat. Jesse Royal)
Protoje Family (feat. Jesse Royal) N
Family (feat. Jesse Royal) - Single Indignation Collective 2022
5:35 PM
Black-Am-I - Mr Hurry Come Up
Black-Am-I Mr Hurry Come Up N
Mr Hurry Come Up - Single Ghetto Youths International 2022
5:38 PM
Garnet Silk feat, Charli Chaplin and Cocoa Tea - Every Knee Shall Bow
Garnet Silk feat, Charli Chaplin and Cocoa Tea Every Knee Shall Bow
Reggae Anthology: Music Is the Rod VP Records 2005
5:41 PM
Cocoa Tea - No Threat
Cocoa Tea No Threat
Reggae Anthology: The Sweet Sound of Cocoa Tea VP Records 2008
5:46 PM
Fracture Feat. Cocoa Tea - Idiot Sound
Fracture Feat. Cocoa Tea Idiot Sound
7" Blank Label
5:47 PM
Gregory Isaacs & Josey Wales - Disrespect (Sound Check Mix)
Gregory Isaacs & Josey Wales Disrespect (Sound Check Mix)
Necessary Mayhem presents: Gregory Isaacs - Remixed Necessary Mayhem 2013
5:51 PM
Brother Culture & Derrick Sound - International Dance
Brother Culture & Derrick Sound International Dance N
International Dance - Single Evidence Music 2022
5:56 PM
Mungo's Hifi & Kiko Bun - Riddim General
Mungo's Hifi & Kiko Bun Riddim General N
Riddim General EP Scotch Bonnet 2022


Chat is archived.
Selecta Jerry (host) 2:58:54 PM
Greetings & Dubutations to one and all Rock and Come In!
DubNP 3:02:52 PM
Thanks and praise.
Jarret Mitchell 3:04:10 PM
Got to reveal it.
Jarret Mitchell 3:04:39 PM
Live Up Selecta and SOTC FAM. ❤️💛💚
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:04:52 PM
Big Up Jarret
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:05:03 PM
Dub NP Greets
DubNP 3:05:32 PM
SoTC is my driver
Joe L AbsoluteAuto 3:05:53 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:07:05 PM
Greetings Joe and the absolute crew
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:12:10 PM
heathens don't praise jah in their dance
Jim Olbrich 3:13:56 PM
A beautiful Saturday to you Selecta Jerry! Helping make my yard work much more enjoyable!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:14:02 PM
heathens don't flex like you and me
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:14:23 PM
big up jim
Buck Wild 3:17:57 PM
Buck Wild 3:18:06 PM
Big up Selecta !
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:18:17 PM
Booooom !
Jarret Mitchell 3:18:22 PM
Heavy heavy bass sound
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:18:23 PM
hail buck
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:27:50 PM
DJ SelectaJerry! 🖤💀
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:28:30 PM
Sending powerful and positive healing vibes to you Sir SelectaJerry!
DubNP 3:30:25 PM
Winston took one hit on the drum head. Didn’t like it. Tuned it on faith and never looked back. Feel
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:30:34 PM
Give thanks Mr. Malcontent
DubNP 3:30:36 PM
Better Jerry
Kevin Kaiser 3:30:44 PM
Jarret Mitchell 3:30:56 PM
O no Jerry! Feel better DJ
Kevin Kaiser 3:31:02 PM
Glad I wore my mask last weekend!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:31:27 PM
today is gonna be a challenge but the music will provide
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:31:48 PM
Virtual HUGS later tho yo! 🤗🚫😷🥴🤑
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:32:11 PM
Yes hugs tot that big bag of bones Mr Malcontent
Kevin Kaiser 3:34:00 PM
Keep on knockin'
Kevin Kaiser 3:34:24 PM
But you can't come in
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:34:28 PM
but you can't come in lol
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:35:01 PM
you've got to be clean
Pat in South Philly 3:35:43 PM
yo selecta jerry! Sounds of the caribbean is making working on a Saturday downright enjoyable!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:36:44 PM
glad to know Pat I want to help in anyway I can
Erwin Smith 3:37:23 PM
Erwin Smith 3:38:00 PM
Kevin Kaiser 3:38:00 PM
SOTC + FC Barcelona
Kevin Kaiser 3:38:14 PM
Good combo
gboss 3:38:35 PM
big up, selecta
Erwin Smith 3:39:52 PM
Slecta Jerry, thank you for being there for all of us. this is my first time on this chat. Love your show. Shout out to the world, peace and love to all.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:40:17 PM
Oh wow Erwin Give thanks for passing through
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:40:45 PM
peace and love to you and yours sir
Erwin Smith 3:41:30 PM
thank you. Jah Bless
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:41:47 PM
G Boss Big up yourself
Kevin Kaiser 3:43:52 PM
@Erwin Smith Greetings! Strictly good vibes here!
Erwin Smith 3:43:54 PM
greetings from Smyrna Delaware via Birch ave Princeton.
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:44:38 PM
Ah I remember that princeton place :)
Erwin Smith 3:45:19 PM
Yes, good vibes. I didn't hear that Spear was at the TLA. :-(
Kevin Kaiser 3:45:35 PM
Who dis Prince Ton?
Erwin Smith 3:46:25 PM
Princeton, New Jersey
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:46:47 PM
You got problems you got to go out and solve dem
Erwin Smith 3:49:53 PM
Selecta, have you ever attended SunSplash at Jarret Park in Mobay?
Erwin Smith 3:51:06 PM
Yeah Mon!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:51:57 PM
No erwin that was before my time
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:52:16 PM
rebel salute in aligator pond though
Rob F 3:52:23 PM
And Rob in the Listener Lounge
Kevin Kaiser 3:52:25 PM
@Erwin Smith I know Princeton, but I've never been to Delaware
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:52:57 PM
Rob F Big Up!
Erwin Smith 3:54:02 PM
Just moved here from south jersey. This move saves me 12K in property tax every year. Less cash in Babylon's pocket.
Rob F 3:55:31 PM
Can’t say enough about how fantastic last weeks show was! Thanks again!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:55:47 PM
Love the spear eh Rob?
Ambrose Hughes 3:55:58 PM
BIGGEST UP Selecta Jerry! Get well soon!
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:56:25 PM
thanks ambrose apprecilove that
Erwin Smith 3:57:01 PM
@Kevis Kaiser, Delaware is cool if you like living in the country. We love it here. Wifey retired but I'm still working from home.
Guelo <3 3:58:49 PM
Guelo <3 3:58:51 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:59:04 PM
working from home is the best thing that came out of corona
Selecta Jerry (host) 3:59:18 PM
Guelo One love
Erwin Smith 3:59:31 PM
I wish I could post some pictures that I've taken at SunSplash over the years so I could share them with Selecta Jerry and all the listeners.
Rob F 4:00:03 PM
@SJ Yea, enjoy the Spear songs you play in a regular show, but was not familiar with all the great stuff. The Paris live is great
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:00:08 PM
Fb @sotcreggaeradio
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:01:23 PM
so glad to hear that rob
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:02:00 PM
What a pleasure and a joy it is to spread the sounds of roots reggae music
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:02:08 PM
big up wprb
Erwin Smith 4:03:02 PM
@Selectra Jerry I'll gather some shots of Yellow Man back stage getting ready to go on. then more will follow when I can find time to do so.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:03:42 PM
great Erwin
Rob F 4:05:27 PM
@Erwin Smith congrats on your move to DE
Erwin Smith 4:08:05 PM
thank you
Kevin Kaiser 4:13:21 PM
I like an instrumental chune
Erwin Smith 4:16:47 PM
Big up to Gary White in Doylestown, Pa who listens every week.
Rob F 4:16:51 PM
Big up Jerry Gordon!
Nicole Riccio Mitchell 4:17:46 PM
Big up! Sad to have missed the show last weekend but the baby didn’t want to stay home by herself 😢
Rob F 4:17:52 PM
Love that show too
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:18:13 PM
Hahaha nicole
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:18:29 PM
It was great to meet your man.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:19:01 PM
I can see why you hang with him lol
Kevin Kaiser 4:22:13 PM
@Erwin I lived in Doylestown until recently. Just moved to Warrington. Didn't know there were other listeners in DTown!
Erwin Smith 4:23:38 PM
@Kevin Kaiser yes I took him and three of his workers to SunSplash in the late 80's.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:23:43 PM
the man white lion is out there too somewhere near doylestown
Ossy Hyouka 4:24:17 PM
Hot Burning, But Breeze Summer Ups Selecta and all! 💚💛🖤❤
Ossy Hyouka 4:24:49 PM
Hope all has a Burning time last Saturday at the TLA Philly!
Pat in South Philly 4:25:20 PM
Loving the farfisa in that Abeng track!
Kevin Kaiser 4:25:22 PM
Greetings, Boss Oss
Erwin Smith 4:25:24 PM
@Kevin Kaiser if you need any stone work done, he's and amazing stone mason. White Masonry. he turned me on to reggae in the late 70's.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:26:46 PM
Mr Hurry and Mrs. Busy love that
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:26:56 PM
Ossy whoop Whoop
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:27:21 PM
Love that agent track pat
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:27:28 PM
Kevin Kaiser 4:27:40 PM
@Erwin The last place I lived could've used some stone work!
Erwin Smith 4:28:44 PM
We need a live venue where we can enjoy Selecta Jerry and drinks and whatever you enjoy. Let's do that.
Buck Wild 4:29:30 PM
jimbeaux 4:31:08 PM
My speakers are mmmmelting, Selecta!
Kevin Kaiser 4:31:22 PM
Don't know this one! I like the Nyabinghi drums. Message. Dub. Great!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:31:34 PM
as long as I am recovered from the rona I will be spinning tunes at farm truck brewery in Medford next sunday
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:32:20 PM
greetings Jimbeaux thanks for popping in
Kevin Kaiser 4:32:27 PM
Afro drums more than binghi maybe
Kevin Kaiser 4:34:07 PM
Medford is about an hour from me. I wonder if I can make it. I am having a procedure for a kidney stone on Friday!
Rob F 4:35:07 PM
Protoje! Nice
jimbeaux 4:35:19 PM
Turn it up, Kevin! Selecta sub-bass blasts stones to Babylon!
Nicole Riccio Mitchell 4:35:30 PM
He is a pretty good one!
Kevin Kaiser 4:35:57 PM
Anyone going to Protoje? I'd like to hear Lila iké. But I think it's a couple weeks after I'm back at work.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:36:27 PM
I wil be there wearing a mask this time
Kevin Kaiser 4:36:35 PM
@jimbeaux I've thought about it!
Kevin Kaiser 4:37:17 PM
I recognize this riddim
Ossy Hyouka 4:37:18 PM
Yeah Selecta, SOTC Saturday on me birthday weekend 🥞🎂🎉🔥🕯 whoop whoop, forgot to mention!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:37:21 PM
Fun Fact: Junior Dread learned english by listening to classic reggae selection
Ossy Hyouka 4:37:27 PM
Hello Kevin!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:38:10 PM
Happy Earthstrong Ossy !!
Kevin Kaiser 4:38:33 PM
@Ossy Happy Earthstrong!
Erwin Smith 4:38:46 PM
Medford is two hours north of me. I'll try to make it.
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:39:03 PM
you guys are nuts lol
Rob F 4:39:16 PM
Happy birthday Ossy!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:39:49 PM
can you feel it ? Coming from yard!
TAndy 4:40:57 PM
Somehow, I am awake... Happy belated birthday Ossy
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:42:31 PM
reggae music the only thing i want
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:43:17 PM
you can't keep us apart
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:43:25 PM
what you say T-Andy ?
Rob F 4:44:46 PM
Is this the same riddim as the great people song?
Sean Babin 4:44:49 PM
TAndy 4:45:01 PM
I say reggae and coffee about to make an unrivaled combination in a bit 🤩
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:45:11 PM
Seani B !!
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:45:40 PM
doing that here to Tandy
Sean Babin 4:51:36 PM
everybody needs security
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:52:00 PM
pretty impressive jimmy cliff record
Sean Babin 4:53:44 PM
InI enjoy
Sean Babin 4:53:59 PM
pleasantly surprised
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:54:05 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:54:33 PM
jah goodness and mercy will set me free
Kevin Kaiser 4:57:19 PM
Tony Chin!
Sean Babin 4:57:30 PM
coney island could be beautiful tomorrow ;)
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:57:48 PM
can't go :(
Selecta Jerry (host) 4:58:00 PM
rona ball and chain
Ossy Hyouka 4:58:30 PM
Had to run to take care of something, but B=blessings ups always, Selecta, Tandy, Kevin, Rob and SOTCians!!! ❤️‍🔥 Leo Month with Barack Obama and Magic Johnson!!
Sean Babin 4:59:21 PM
ugh wth. stay up wind
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:00:08 PM
man its got me good still fever and heavy heavy eyes
Sean Babin 5:00:46 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:00:59 PM
pretty much gonna collapse at 6
Sean Babin 5:01:05 PM
maybe it was down-wind?!
Sean Babin 5:01:57 PM
watch that waste water up in ny too. polio making a comeback
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:02:12 PM
think it was coming thru the TLA Vents lol
Sean Babin 5:02:53 PM
Sean Babin 5:03:21 PM
i hear cannabis helps
Sean Babin 5:03:27 PM
a dat
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:03:28 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:04:27 PM
Mellow sounded like Garrett Silk 🍊
jimbeaux 5:07:57 PM
Sean Babin 5:08:56 PM
yes Jimbeaux!!!
Sean Babin 5:09:03 PM
Sean Babin 5:09:34 PM
beautiful weather today
Guelo <3 5:10:13 PM
Guelo <3 5:10:30 PM
Big up the community.
Ossy Hyouka 5:10:39 PM
😎 🔥💫🧡✌
Rob F 5:11:19 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:11:38 PM
big up guelo !
Ossy Hyouka 5:12:06 PM
Reggae version of Curtis Mayfield or William Devaughn!
Steve Mundt 5:12:37 PM
Forever listener, first time chatter. Thanks Jerry, you define my Saturday afternoon
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:13:08 PM
Steve! Thanks so much man
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:13:26 PM
So glad you could join us here
Kevin Kaiser 5:13:42 PM
Nice DeVaughn cover
Kevin Kaiser 5:14:08 PM
Greetings, Steve M.
Steve Mundt 5:14:50 PM
I love the global reach, Missy in the UK with the late day listen, West coasters enjoying the midday vibes, perfection
Zapshifter X 5:14:53 PM
I'm glad I joined you here
Steve Mundt 5:15:16 PM
best 3 hours of the week(end)
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:15:32 PM
missy c doing spear johnny clarke and horace andy tonight
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:15:42 PM
so jealous of her
TAndy 5:16:10 PM
A bit late but this is a jam alert right here
DubNP 5:17:51 PM
Lineup and a half.
TAndy 5:18:47 PM
Anotha one. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:19:29 PM
thanks steve
Ambrose Hughes 5:19:30 PM
Ossy Hyouka 5:19:54 PM
Steve Mundt 5:21:20 PM
Thanks, my wife knows when I start sinigng "Downpressor Man" around 2PM (EST) that's it's almost time...Hamilton NJ, PRB in my soul
TAndy 5:22:16 PM
Anti war jams big UPS!! 🚨🚨🚨
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:22:48 PM
zap popped in too Hail Up zap shifter
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:24:00 PM
LOL @ Seve
Rob F 5:32:03 PM
Da Fuchaman 🔥
Jarret Mitchell 5:33:47 PM
I and I will not be afraid
Rob F 5:34:14 PM
And more Protoje…
Ossy Hyouka 5:34:53 PM
Not Afraid like Etana and Eminem!
Jarret Mitchell 5:38:33 PM
Big up Ms Nicole M
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:39:00 PM
hahaha yes big up the Lioness
Readie Righteous 5:40:35 PM
Big up, Selecta Jerry! I am on deck, brother!
Ossy Hyouka 5:41:48 PM
Heaven Hot Like Recherche!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:41:50 PM
readie at 6??
Readie Righteous 5:42:15 PM
Indubitably, Selecta!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:42:27 PM
readie selecting intelligently
Readie Righteous 5:42:48 PM
Subbin' in for the great Ameena, and digging the sounds rn!!!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:43:10 PM
yes I
Readie Righteous 5:43:14 PM
Always, and evermore!
Readie Righteous 5:43:44 PM
(But subbin' just for today, not to confuse dear friends!
Readie Righteous 5:44:11 PM
Hi Oss!!
Readie Righteous 5:44:37 PM
Birthday season for Ossy!
Readie Righteous 5:45:59 PM
Thanks for the shout, Selecta!!
Ossy Hyouka 5:47:16 PM
Still at Leo Explosive Best, Readie. Great music present yesterday! Sharing the Leo month with Barack Hussein Obama, Marsai Martin and Magic Johnson!
Steve Mundt 5:47:24 PM
Expect Readie will meet the challenge, bring it!
Readie Righteous 5:48:02 PM
Yes, Mr. Steve, yes!
unoclay 5:48:35 PM
yo yo maybe too late to play this on the show this week but some other time? My boy Tim made the world's first Mummy/Skeleton Reggae tribute!!
Ossy Hyouka 5:48:35 PM
LMAO turn off idiot sounds!
unoclay 5:48:37 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:49:09 PM
Mind You dis Rude Bwoy
Readie Righteous 5:49:14 PM
Thanks Ossy - U R rockin' LEO the Lion!!!
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:49:52 PM
no badda dis
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:53:07 PM
amplified music spearing the word of jah Ya Know!
Readie Righteous 5:53:21 PM
Selecta Jerry (host) 5:54:20 PM
moving over borders
Kevin Kaiser 5:55:40 PM
Steppin' over the borders
TAndy 5:55:42 PM
Aye! Thanks for the show DJ Select Jerry 🔥🔥🔥
Rob F 5:56:41 PM
Thanks for the great show! Hope you are feeling better soon
Kevin Kaiser 5:56:46 PM
Readie Righteous 5:57:39 PM
Thanks for the sounds, Selecta...HAIL up!
Kevin Kaiser 5:57:58 PM
Big up Selecta J and SOTC fam!
Ambrose Hughes 5:59:03 PM
Thanks for another brilliant show Jerry!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:59:05 PM
DJ SelectaJerry! Deep respect and big cheers to you for bringing the Sweet Sounds to the airwaves whilst going through the ridiculousRona! Take good care! Kind regards to you, Sir!
Ossy Hyouka 5:59:05 PM
Summer ups Selecta, as always and blessings for the birthday wishes and song for me!!! 💚💛🖤❤🤎😎
Selecta Jerry (host) 6:00:07 PM
Give thanks to all you good folks. You are amazing people
Selecta Jerry (host) 6:00:19 PM
Respect Everytime