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Aug 28, 2022 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

With Number 6

Going where no radio station has gone before.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen...

V 134.0

3:01 PM
Sergey Tkachev - Flying Spirals (Matao Remix)
Sergey Tkachev Flying Spirals (Matao Remix)
Flying Spirals - Single Intricate Records
3:10 PM
Loop - Eolian
Loop Eolian N
Sonancy Cooking Vinyl Limited 2022
3:14 PM
Sam Prekop & John McEntire - A Ghost At Noon
Sam Prekop & John McEntire A Ghost At Noon N
Sons Of Thrill Jockey Records 2023
3:21 PM
Billy Preston - OUTA SPACE
Billy Preston OUTA SPACE
Billy Preston - Soul Hero (Billy Preston - Soul Hero) Music Company Europe 2009
3:26 PM
The Commodores - Machine Gun
The Commodores Machine Gun
3:32 PM
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Herbie Hancock Rockit
Future Shock Columbia/Legacy 1983
3:37 PM
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock
Planet Rock Tommy Boy Music, LLC 1992
3:43 PM
The Temptations - Smiling Faces Sometimes
The Temptations Smiling Faces Sometimes
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Temptations, Vol. 1 (The '60s)
3:56 PM
Isaac Hayes - Theme from "Shaft"
Isaac Hayes Theme from "Shaft"
Shaft (Music From the Soundtrack) Stax 2016
4:02 PM
Funkydrive - Beachbreeze (Jayeson Andel Remix)
Funkydrive Beachbreeze (Jayeson Andel Remix)
Beachbreeze - Single sunsetmelodies 2014
4:10 PM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S1 E4
The Adventures Of Ruby S1 E4
Ruby 1 ZBS.org
4:12 PM
Lewsberg - All Things
Lewsberg All Things N
In Your Hands Lewsberg Records 2021
4:16 PM
Monty Python - Argument
Monty Python Argument
The Final Rip Off Charisma Catalogue 1987
4:20 PM
Phosphorescent - Song for Zula
Phosphorescent Song for Zula
Song for Zula - Single Dead Oceans 2013
4:25 PM
Robert Leiner - Out of Control
Robert Leiner Out of Control
Visions of the Past R&S Records 2009
4:37 PM
Stardust - Fuerza Diviniea
Stardust Fuerza Diviniea
4:46 PM
Lambert Ringlage - Sun
Lambert Ringlage Sun
4:57 PM
ESG - Moody
ESG Moody
Esg Fire Records 2011
5:01 PM
Kid Arrow - Is It True We've Only Just Started
Kid Arrow Is It True We've Only Just Started
5:43 PM
Coral Cave - Panorama 2
Coral Cave Panorama 2 N
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 3:02:08 PM
Welcome to Free4all!
TAndy 3:02:30 PM
Number 6 (host) 3:03:13 PM
Hi TA!
TAndy 3:06:32 PM
Strong start. I also caught the rerun of your sub show last week, fun times!
Number 6 (host) 3:07:52 PM
I have a few leftover funk songs to play today.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:21:22 PM
Number 6 (host) 3:26:50 PM
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 3:29:34 PM
Number 6 (host) 3:30:34 PM
Hi Emeril! Glad to see everyone here.!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 3:32:20 PM
Good afternoon, villagers.
esoterica! 3:34:36 PM
Hey I think the commodores song is used in the film Being There
esoterica! 3:34:48 PM
Number 6 (host) 3:35:16 PM
Hi esoterica, welcome!
esoterica! 3:36:08 PM
Number 6 (host) 3:36:53 PM
Possibly, I didn't see that film. Any good?
esoterica! 3:37:53 PM
The best! Ashby’s masterpiece
Number 6 (host) 3:38:28 PM
I will have to check it out sometime.
Number 6 (host) 3:45:29 PM
I would join other DJs chats sometimes, but I can only get in through Facebook or Google for some reason. Bummer!
David Shortell 3:58:04 PM
I can only get in through Facebook, not Google.
Number 6 (host) 4:02:11 PM
Hi David, I haven't even tried Google, so I don't know about that either.
TAndy 4:02:51 PM
Was that ID from the PJs?
Number 6 (host) 4:03:47 PM
Probably, I had that on my computer forever, back in the AOL days.
DSM 4:04:55 PM
Hey Number 6, cool to hear that extended Smiling Faces version
Number 6 (host) 4:05:55 PM
Hi DSM, the chat is kickin' today.
richard lyons 4:14:50 PM
Love this Lewsberg release! Hi all in the chat:)
Number 6 (host) 4:16:35 PM
Hi Rich, welcome.
richard lyons 4:20:42 PM
"I could be arguing in my spare time."
Number 6 (host) 4:21:30 PM
A great classic!
richard lyons 4:24:15 PM
richard lyons 4:26:26 PM
Great show! I'll be listening on my earbuds :)
Number 6 (host) 4:26:46 PM
TAndy 5:20:35 PM
Whoops I fell asleep. I recognized a lot of what I heard though
TAndy 5:21:16 PM
Or I think I did. Very pleasant dreams to the music, man!
Number 6 (host) 5:23:33 PM
I fall asleep to Music With Space all of the time!:)
TAndy 5:40:42 PM
I actually started dozing off to the shaft theme, was just that exhausted
DSM 5:45:36 PM
Funny that Kid Arrow just sorta abruptly ends that way after that long, almost as if they have a much longer version but just decided to cut it
Number 6 (host) 5:50:14 PM
I got that off bandcamp, so that is the official version.
Number 6 (host) 5:52:11 PM
This one reminds me of Tangerine Dream.
TAndy 5:57:10 PM
Time to watch that little Netflix docuseries about Woodstock 99
Number 6 (host) 5:58:14 PM
Cool! Thanks for tuning in!
TAndy 5:59:46 PM
Still gonna be listening >:)
Number 6 (host) 6:01:07 PM
Thanks all for participating, until next time, BCNU!