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Aug 13, 2022 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Sangeet Team (Dave, Jayashri, Ramaprasad, Rungun & Padma)

Classical and Folk Music from the Indian Subcontinent, on WPRB since 1986 with a rotating cast of DJs

Take some tea with Dave ☕️


9:02 AM
Maharajapuram Santhanam - Varnam Sunodhavindodhini Adi
Maharajapuram Santhanam Varnam Sunodhavindodhini Adi N. S. Ramachandran
Sukhalayam V/A Geethanjali 2006

Maharajapuram Santhanam, (20 May 1928-24 June 1992) was born in Sirunangur, a village in Tamil Nadu. He followed the footsteps of his father Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer who was also a renowned Carnatic vocalist.


9:09 AM
Veena Sahasrabuddhe - Raga Bhoopal Todi - Khyal In Madhya Lay Teental
Veena Sahasrabuddhe Raga Bhoopal Todi - Khyal In Madhya Lay Teental
A Morning Raga - Bhoopal Todi Navras Records 1994

Veena Sahasrabuddhe (14 September 1948 – 29 June 2016) was from Kanpur. She was trained in the Gwalior gharana, but like many modern classical singers borrowed from others - in her case, the Jaipur and Kirana gharanas.


9:26 AM
T. R. Mahalingam (flute) & Dr. L. Subramaniam (violin) - Evarimata
T. R. Mahalingam (flute) & Dr. L. Subramaniam (violin) Evarimata Tyagaraja
One and the Only Mali AVM 1996


9:42 AM
Kedar Bodas - Raga Malashri
Kedar Bodas Raga Malashri Kedar Bodas
Raga Malashri 2016

Kedar Bodas was trained in the Gwalior gharana by his father Narayanrao Bodas.


Raga Malashri is an ancient 3-note raga.

9:54 AM
T. N. Seshagopalan - Haruguna (Meera Bhajan)
T. N. Seshagopalan Haruguna (Meera Bhajan) Meera
Master of Swaras Vol. 2 Sangeetha 1995

Madurai Thirumalai Nambi Seshagopalan (born, 5 September 1948) is a Carnatic singer, musician and composer.


10:02 AM
Vilayat Khan (sitar) & Munir Khan (sarangi) - Raga Bilaskhani Todi
Vilayat Khan (sitar) & Munir Khan (sarangi) Raga Bilaskhani Todi R
Melodies of Masters Alankar 1987

Vilayat Khan (28 August 1928 – 13 March 2004), is regarded as one the all-time greatest sitar players. He recorded his first 78-RPM disc at the age of 6, and gave his last concert in 2004 at the age of 75. He was born in Gouripur, Mymensingh in then East Bengal in British India and current Bangladesh.

Munir Khan was based in Delhi, and accompanied many vocalists. He had his musical education in sarangi and vocal music under the guidance of his father Nazir Khan (1882-1975).


10:34 AM
Bombay S. Jayashri - Ananda Mrita Karshini (Amritavarshini)
Bombay S. Jayashri Ananda Mrita Karshini (Amritavarshini) M. Dikshitar
South Indian Classical Saican 1996

"Bombay" Jayashri Ramnath is an Indian Carnatic vocalist, singer and musician. She was trained by Lalgudi Jayaraman and T R Balamani.


10:50 AM
Vijay Raghav Rao - Amrut Varshini
Vijay Raghav Rao Amrut Varshini
Myriad Melodies EMI 1994

Vijay Raghav Rao (3 November 1925 – 30 November 2011) was an Indian flutist, composer, choreographer, musicologist, and poet.


11:02 AM
Set Break: Rising Stars 2022

Nominations for 2022 Rising Stars are now open. It is a great opportunity for senior students of Hindustani vocal music to perform with and for your peers. If you are interested, please visit http://iapausa.org/rising-stars/

Senior students from all across the United States are eligible.

You can self-nominate or ask your guru to nominate you. Guru's nominations have a little more weight. Deadline is August 31st.

For more information or questions, you can reach out to IAPA Rising Stars <risingstarsiapa@gmail.com>

11:02 AM
Sheik Chinna Moulana (Nadaswaram) - Mayilvahana
Sheik Chinna Moulana (Nadaswaram) Mayilvahana Mayavaram Viswanatha Sastri
Nadhaswaram EMI 1992

Sheik Chinna Moulana (12 May 1924, – 13 April 1999), hailed from a family of legendary nadhaswaram player.


11:13 AM
Samarth Nagarkar - Bhajan - Janaki Nath Sahaya
Samarth Nagarkar Bhajan - Janaki Nath Sahaya
Pranali Chhandayan Inc 2013

Samarth Nagarkar received trainman from Dinkar Kaikini and Ulhas Kashalkar.


11:25 AM
Emani Sankara Sastry - Maa Mava Meenakshi (Varali)
Emani Sankara Sastry Maa Mava Meenakshi (Varali) M. Dikshitar
Maha Mahopadhyaya INRECO 2003

Emani Sankara Sastry (23 September 1922 – 1987), was a renowned veena player.


The music was originally released on this double LP in 1980. While the CD reissue inexplicably does not identify the accompanying artists, Discogs shows the original LP, which identifies the mridangam player as Yella Venkateswara Rao, and veena accompaniment by Dr. Sastry's daughter Kumari E. Kalyani.
11:49 AM
Mehdi Hassan - Abke Hum Bichre To
Mehdi Hassan Abke Hum Bichre To Ahmed Faraz
In Concert, Vol. 2 EMI 1976

Mehdi Hassan (18 July 1927 - 13 June 2012) was a Pakistani ghazal and movie playback singer. Widely considered one of the greatest and most influential figures in the history of ghazal singing. He had classical training with his father Ustad Azeem Khan and uncle Ustad Ismail Khan who were both traditional Dhrupad singers.



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Sangeet Team (host) 9:00:45 AM
Good morning. ☕️🫖 Welcome to Sangeet.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:11:40 AM
Regrettably, this is only an excerpt of Raga Bhoopal Todi, since her entire performance is about an hour long.
jimbeaux 9:15:54 AM
yeoooo DTO!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:16:44 AM
Good morning, Jimbeaux! Finally a comfortable summer day for us.
Good morning all!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:31:04 AM
Good morning, Padma!
Raga Malashri is very similar to Amritavarshini Raagam in the Carnatic style
Amritavarshini is the “rain maker” ragam. It is believed to bring about rain when performed.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:50:55 AM
Yes. And I will be featuring Raga Amritavarshini after 10:30, with Carnatic and Hindustani presentations.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:51:27 AM
M. Dikshitar is said to have made it rain.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:52:11 AM
I think today's forecast will not cooperate, unfortunately.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:52:50 AM
Amritavarshini is such a nice raga, Hindustani musicians have borrowed it directly.
@Dave, great that you will be playing Amritavarshini!
@Dave as you said, there is a legend about Muttuswami Dikshitar bringing about rain with his composition “Anandamrutan..” in a village called Ettayapuram in Tamil Nadu. I grew up around those parts. I can vouch for that area to be arid and often drought-stricken. Any rain would have been more than welcome!
Sangeet Team (host) 10:01:05 AM
Yes, that's the story I read about. If only performances of ragas could control the weather! Maybe the glaciers wouldn't be melting.
Christine 10:07:10 AM
Good morning Dave and all the Sangeet team 🫖
Christine 10:08:07 AM
Listening to Sangeet & taking some tea is the perfect thing to do right now.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:10:22 AM
Good morning, Christine! ☕️🫖 🎶 🎵 ♬♫♪♩
Christine 10:14:18 AM
These vibes are Quite Cosmic 🌌
Sangeet Team (host) 10:16:33 AM
Not TOO Cosmic 😉
Christine 10:18:02 AM
Shane Navoy 10:34:45 AM
I have been listening and enjoying... I figured I should chime in... good morning !
Sangeet Team (host) 10:35:30 AM
Thanks for chiming in, Shane! 🐢
Shane Navoy 10:38:06 AM
no. thank you.
Brian D 11:02:07 AM
No "screaming online" on Saturdays shhhh
Sangeet Team (host) 11:03:35 AM
No, we at Sangeet take things very seriously.
Brian D 11:10:21 AM
Tea included
Sangeet Team (host) 11:11:58 AM
At least virtually. ☕️🫖
Brian D 11:13:38 AM
virtual real-it-tea
Guelo <3 11:15:00 AM
Guelo <3 11:15:10 AM
Good Morning :)
Sangeet Team (host) 11:16:46 AM
Good morning, Guelo!
Brian D 11:25:34 AM
Coffee and a drive to the shore starts soon... with Sangeet -> Tim Scratchy. A great combo.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:27:23 AM
Sounds like a fine weekend plan, Brian D.!
Sangeet Team (host) 11:59:41 AM
Thanks for listening, everybody! Sangeet will be back next week.