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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Aug 1, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With rosasolis dream


˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ✩


◉✿ !♥ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀*˒⁎⁺˳✧༚!♥!♥! ✧₊ ∘̬ ☆♀✿◉ก̀๑)●•◦ .


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:01 PM
High Rise - Whirl
High Rise Whirl
Live 96' 1996


8:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


8:14 PM
Charles Earland - Black Talk
Charles Earland Black Talk
Black Talk! (RVG Remaster) Prestige 2006


8:22 PM
Charles Tolliver & Music Inc. - Our Second Father
Charles Tolliver & Music Inc. Our Second Father
Live at Slugs' Volume II Stratacast


8:35 PM
Area - Arbeit macht frei
Area Arbeit macht frei
Arbeit macht frei Cramps Records 2013


8:43 PM
Third Ear Band - Earth
Third Ear Band Earth
Elements Cherry Red Records 1970


8:53 PM
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Saxophone Concerto
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Saxophone Concerto
Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle Atlantic Records, Columbus (OH) 1973


9:13 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:19 PM
Fishmans - あの娘が眠ってる
Fishmans あの娘が眠ってる
Corduroy's Mood 1990


9:24 PM
Fumitaka Anzai - Asperges Me
Fumitaka Anzai Asperges Me
Kyrie : Canto Cybernetico Apricot Systematic Recordings 1999


9:28 PM
Floating Points - LesAlpx
Floating Points LesAlpx
Crush Ninja Tune 2019


9:33 PM
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - '91 Dodge Van
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 '91 Dodge Van
Tubby Turdners's Celebrity Avalanche (Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles Present) Communion label 2001


9:34 PM
Andy Boay - Migration
Andy Boay Migration


9:45 PM
Discordance Axis - Jigsaw
Discordance Axis Jigsaw
The Inalienable Dreamless 2000


9:47 PM
Laddio Bolocko - Nurser
Laddio Bolocko Nurser
Strange Warmings of Laddio Bolocko 1997


9:57 PM
Raquin - Her
Raquin Her
Ariclone 2018


10:03 PM
Naked Flames - Tennessee Transit
Naked Flames Tennessee Transit N
Miracle in Transit Dismiss Yourself 2022


<3 <3 <3
10:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:19 PM
Diveo - Fever Dreams (feat. Taylor Fernandez)
Diveo Fever Dreams (feat. Taylor Fernandez)
Fever Dreams (feat. Taylor Fernandez) - Single Diveo 2016


10:22 PM
Kiryano - Emo Plugg+ kketamine
Kiryano Emo Plugg+ kketamine
Single 2020


10:24 PM
BbyGoyard - Loss of Words
BbyGoyard Loss of Words
Loss of Words 2022


10:26 PM
Hi-C - I'm Uh Skywalker Like a Jedi U Stupid Bitch
Hi-C I'm Uh Skywalker Like a Jedi U Stupid Bitch
High the Lonestarr Mixtape Hi-C 2019


10:28 PM
Bodygaard & Exodus1900 - Auto Salon✱✱
Bodygaard & Exodus1900 Auto Salon✱✱
Auto Salon✱✱ 2021


10:31 PM
✧ 111Loggedin / Roxy McGabber ✧ - c̸̱͒̈́ͅh̷̖͇̆́e̴̦͔̰̿̀̿r̶̝͕̜͑̿n̷̨̻̺̆̄́ǫ̴͉̦̀b̷̠͙̆ũ̸̧̬̘̕r̶̜̾ͅk̴̨̛̘̳̑̊v̷̝͓͂Б̸̛̪л̴̛̞̾и̸̡̤̅̋з̸͖͓̌н̸̘̊̕е̵͂
✧ 111Loggedin / Roxy McGabber ✧ c̸̱͒̈́ͅh̷̖͇̆́e̴̦͔̰̿̀̿r̶̝͕̜͑̿n̷̨̻̺̆̄́ǫ̴͉̦̀b̷̠͙̆ũ̸̧̬̘̕r̶̜̾ͅk̴̨̛̘̳̑̊v̷̝͓͂Б̸̛̪л̴̛̞̾и̸̡̤̅̋з̸͖͓̌н̸̘̊̕е̵͂
c̸̱͒̈́ͅh̷̖͇̆́e̴̦͔̰̿̀̿r̶̝͕̜͑̿n̷̨̻̺̆̄́ǫ̴͉̦̀b̷̠͙̆ũ̸̧̬̘̕r̶̜̾ͅk̴̨̛̘̳̑̊v̷̝͓͂Б̸̛̪л̴̛̞̾и̸̡̤̅̋з̸͖͓̌н̸̘̊̕е̵͂ 2022


10:34 PM
Laur - Metamorphose (Extended)
Laur Metamorphose (Extended)
Collapse Last Labyrinth 2021


10:38 PM
ゴッドOD [GodOD] - 不審者 サスピシャスパーソン
ゴッドOD [GodOD] 不審者 サスピシャスパーソン
不審者 -Suspicious Person- 2004


10:43 PM
KnightVision - Knight of Visions
KnightVision Knight of Visions
Knight of Visions - Single Ruffneck 1995


10:48 PM
Various Artists (Beauty:Burst) - DJ Sharpnel - Take Core of Yourself
Various Artists (Beauty:Burst) DJ Sharpnel - Take Core of Yourself
10th Impact [Full Compilation] Beauty:Burst 2006


10:55 PM


10:58 PM
Magenta - 16 Angels
Magenta 16 Angels
Single 2021


Chat is archived.
TAndy 8:01:49 PM
omg >:)
rosasolis (host) 8:03:00 PM
hellooo everyone welcome!! happy august :)
TAndy 8:04:05 PM
happy august! i also hit up that (very mildly) anime themed party over the weekend and it was sick. when i left there was a girl in gothed up outfit playing hard techno
rosasolis (host) 8:04:37 PM
omg i think i saw that it looked sooo sick, where was it exactly?
TAndy 8:05:49 PM
a shortt walk from the Grand St station on the L line
rosasolis (host) 8:06:20 PM
omgg yea! those rats were indeed wildin
Matt-ain Lightning 8:07:55 PM
TAndy 8:08:02 PM
TAndy 8:08:09 PM
@Matt hold on
rosasolis (host) 8:08:36 PM
hi matt!! lol i was honestly terrified
TAndy 8:08:47 PM
TAndy 8:09:14 PM
ive also been high all day and still am bring on the goblin music
Matt-ain Lightning 8:09:36 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:10:01 PM
what happened to the k lmaooo
Elise Cube 8:10:20 PM
YESSSS THe noise rock
TAndy 8:10:27 PM
i do not have k
Matt-ain Lightning 8:10:33 PM
A friend of mine in the bay area shot footage of a rat on the BART escalator that went viral 🤣🐀
Matt-ain Lightning 8:10:47 PM
Bong time, @Cube
TAndy 8:10:48 PM
yoooo the BART
Elise Cube 8:10:56 PM
it commutes like anyone else
TAndy 8:11:12 PM
I am currently building my tolerance with this 50/50 cart, which I honestly think I should have brought more of.
Matt-ain Lightning 8:11:17 PM
Oof the BART #trauma 🚇
Matt-ain Lightning 8:11:48 PM
TAndy 8:12:01 PM
i had the fkn rat video open and forgot it had sound
Matt-ain Lightning 8:12:41 PM
Usher in the August with wildin rats & bodies under the garage
nekogrrl 8:14:07 PM
yeaaaaaaaah let's goooooooooooo
Matt-ain Lightning 8:14:14 PM
Gabber dabba do
TAndy 8:15:05 PM
aw yeah
rosasolis (host) 8:15:53 PM
omg hellooo nekkogrrl and elise
rosasolis (host) 8:16:20 PM
rats and bodies under the garage a perfect vibe for laborwave
nekogrrl 8:20:03 PM
this is sho gewd
rosasolis (host) 8:20:39 PM
screams august to me fr
nekogrrl 8:24:22 PM
reminds me of the jazz spots i went to down in austin :) <3
DSM 8:25:20 PM
Happy August Rosasolis! Hello 👋 everyone
Matt-ain Lightning 8:25:48 PM
August innit
TAndy 8:26:05 PM
hey dsm
DSM 8:26:05 PM
This cafe jazz makes the sunset and my wine feel extra appropriate rn
TAndy 8:26:30 PM
omFG there's already chapter spoilers out for one piece rosasolis :(
DSM 8:26:31 PM
Almost Chewsday, innit?
rosasolis (host) 8:28:06 PM
hi dsm!! yess enjoying some nice sunset coffee here, and @tandy nooo the chapter just came out tho!
rosasolis (host) 8:28:38 PM
@nekogrrl maybe its the bassist ur thinking of 👀
TAndy 8:28:40 PM
i read the spoils and loudly YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
rosasolis (host) 8:29:55 PM
lololl we cant spoil for other people in the chat 🤔
DSM 8:30:43 PM
I saw the spoiler. one piece becomes a two piece.
TAndy 8:30:46 PM
i will
DSM 8:30:49 PM
DSM 8:30:53 PM
TAndy 8:30:58 PM
spoiler alert i have a popeyes 3 piece combo coupon
rosasolis (host) 8:31:38 PM
speaking of two piece need to do a live broadcast from the beach one day
TAndy 8:32:03 PM
live cast from seaside heights boardwalk
DSM 8:33:04 PM
Beach broadcast would be tiiiight
DSM 8:33:32 PM
Make it a beach party
jimbeaux 8:35:00 PM
S'up, Hot Rats?
Matt-ain Lightning 8:35:29 PM
DSM 8:35:52 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:36:27 PM
supp jimbeaux!! and brb calling the wprb board to schedule a beach rave event
DSM 8:38:01 PM
Omg yes plz
Andy Wing 8:38:33 PM
OK, which Area is this? There are several of them.
Matt-ain Lightning 8:39:19 PM
Area 51 👽
rosasolis (host) 8:39:28 PM
hii andy! this is italian jazz-rock group with amazing vocalist Demetrio Stratos!
rosasolis (host) 8:39:36 PM
noo please no aliens they scary
jimbeaux 8:39:51 PM
Sand in the mixer 🎚
TAndy 8:40:16 PM
hey andy and jimbeaux 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
Andy Wing 8:40:21 PM
It's only the sixth one on Discogs, lol. https://www.discogs.com/artist/313917-Area-6
Andy Wing 8:40:37 PM
DTO would dig this!
rosasolis (host) 8:41:18 PM
yesss im sure he already lovees it; but who are the other five areas?! now im doing research lol
Andy Wing 8:41:48 PM
The dream pop outfit from the early 90's. Their release "Radio Caroline" is nice.
nekogrrl 8:42:56 PM
im air guitaring and making stank face rn to this
Andy Wing 8:44:15 PM
I believe there was a Mexican Area as well as a trance group Area.
nekogrrl 8:44:22 PM
aww yee bardcore
rosasolis (host) 8:44:50 PM
ooh will def check it out!! love me some ethereal tunes, and the trance group cause tb has me wanting to make more trance dj mixes
rosasolis (host) 8:45:05 PM
@nekogrrl not bardcore 😭😭😭
TAndy 8:46:01 PM
yoooo bardcore
TAndy 8:46:06 PM
TAndy 8:46:35 PM
requesting any hurdy gurdy song
nekogrrl 8:46:48 PM
i am court jestering to this rn
Matt-ain Lightning 8:47:00 PM
Hurdy Gurdy Man by Butthole Surfers
DSM 8:47:08 PM
Lol nekogrrl
Matt-ain Lightning 8:47:46 PM
Lol TAndy
rosasolis (host) 8:48:07 PM
hurdy gurdy sounds like something explicit
TAndy 8:48:27 PM
holy shit someone covered a pantera song WITH a hurdy gurdy and some drums
Elise Cube 8:48:33 PM
@nekogrrl im dying laughing
Matt-ain Lightning 8:48:38 PM
Performing self-trepination rn
Elise Cube 8:48:42 PM
lets open up this pit
TAndy 8:48:51 PM
i'm like a tornado up in there
Elise Cube 8:48:53 PM
hit that oboe
TAndy 8:49:04 PM
@matt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtvpXr9O0J4
Matt-ain Lightning 8:49:09 PM
Open up the pit, Chaucer
DSM 8:49:15 PM
TAndy 8:49:39 PM
yo trhis really is bardcxore omg
TAndy 8:49:53 PM
i feel like i'm buying wares at a bazzaar now
Matt-ain Lightning 8:50:01 PM
Heard a Star Wars theme on hurdy gurdy, very pretty
rosasolis (host) 8:50:04 PM
really opening my third ear rn frfr
TAndy 8:50:17 PM
i feel like i'm getting my gangrenous big toe inspected by the local 'pothecary
TAndy 8:50:57 PM
i feel like i've just been prescribed opium or rudementary cocaine as a painkillerskin salve
Matt-ain Lightning 8:51:03 PM
TAndy 8:51:09 PM
Ambrose Hughes 8:51:29 PM
Hello rosasolis! Awfully Medieval in here 🤔
Matt-ain Lightning 8:51:33 PM
Rudimentary Cocaine, tribute band to Rudimentary Peni
TAndy 8:51:51 PM
hey ambrose
rosasolis (host) 8:52:06 PM
hi bo!! yess progressive medieval drone ragacore
Ambrose Hughes 8:52:39 PM
TAndy 8:53:12 PM
elder scrolls if the daedra weren't such huge [redacted]
nekogrrl 8:54:01 PM
@elise HIIII GIRLLL <3 <#
rosasolis (host) 8:55:08 PM
is elder scrolls like elden ring or
Elise Cube 8:55:09 PM
@nekogrrl heyyyyyy :3
Elise Cube 8:55:18 PM
TAndy 8:55:25 PM
r u serious
rosasolis (host) 8:55:38 PM
omgg i only play fifa please
Elise Cube 8:55:42 PM
@rosasolis they are the two ends of the rpg spectrum
TAndy 8:55:44 PM
elkder scrolls is about paper and elden rings is about rocks and bling
jimbeaux 8:56:04 PM
Chat gone sideways🐁♨️
Elise Cube 8:56:31 PM
@nekogrrl "this is the kind of music you dance so hard you twirl and fall down" -rin
rosasolis (host) 8:56:45 PM
chat gone hurdy gurdy
Elise Cube 8:56:49 PM
oh hell yes this jazz is the spot
TAndy 8:56:55 PM
elder scrolls is like your neighbor-become-good-mate who invites you over to watch football and have a few drinks.
Matt-ain Lightning 8:57:27 PM
Never played Elder games yet, but the German stoner band Elder is dope
TAndy 8:58:16 PM
elden ring is like the sinkhole that swallows his car
rosasolis (host) 8:58:20 PM
@elise this track is *relentless* i love it, and @matt omg need to play some stoner rock
jimbeaux 8:58:37 PM
Work it, Kirk💥💥💥🎷🎷🎷
TAndy 8:58:59 PM
yo his hair is on fire
Matt-ain Lightning 8:59:04 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:59:15 PM
@tandy so u dont like elden ring???
Elise Cube 8:59:28 PM
ayyyy kirk coming through
TAndy 8:59:45 PM
@rosasolis nah i havent played it but my point being that elden ring is brutal and elder scrolls is just good
rosasolis (host) 8:59:50 PM
i think this is up there with his best compositions
Elise Cube 9:00:12 PM
its sick
Elise Cube 9:00:20 PM
just won apex to this
rosasolis (host) 9:00:51 PM
@tandy i feel like my friends played it at least twice all the way through lol
TAndy 9:01:50 PM
Elise Cube 9:01:57 PM
doing footwork to this
TAndy 9:02:11 PM
i am now watching spoace dandy with a friend and listening to the show while i wait for saul to download
Matt-ain Lightning 9:02:12 PM
And now the Benny Hill themesong
nekogrrl 9:02:44 PM
@elise tell rin i heart her and she makes me laugh
rosasolis (host) 9:03:11 PM
this is my fav part.. wasn't prepared
nekogrrl 9:03:45 PM
also idk what it is but this is giving jazzy jewish wedding vibes. maybe it's the key signature? either way i want to dance in a circle NOW
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 9:04:34 PM
Hey, Andy. Yeah, I dug Area.
rosasolis (host) 9:04:55 PM
i could totally see it hes going thru all these different dancing styles... lets dancee
rosasolis (host) 9:05:10 PM
hi dave!! thought u would
TAndy 9:05:35 PM
hey dto
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 9:06:10 PM
Hey, all.
Andy Wing 9:07:00 PM
DSM 9:09:40 PM
Really like the piano part
Andrew WestCoast 9:09:43 PM
Hey team. Sorry I’m late to the party
rosasolis (host) 9:10:36 PM
hi andrew!! nice to have u here, and @dsm i agree, the piano keeps it all from falling apart
DSM 9:10:42 PM
Howdy AWC
TAndy 9:11:10 PM
The Andrew Conglomerate Has Formed
jimbeaux 9:11:29 PM
Kirk could rapid-fire quote anything...klezmer, classical...
Matt-ain Lightning 9:12:06 PM
The Andy Andy's, but everyone is actually named Andy. :)
Andrew WestCoast 9:12:58 PM
@rosasolis are u familiar with the Charlie Hunter project TJ Kirk?
rosasolis (host) 9:13:13 PM
hi rofflestomp! the andy conglomerate is formidablee, and @andrew i do not! whats it about?
Hi rosasolis, Hi Folks!
Andy Wing 9:14:02 PM
Kirk must have crossed paths with Sun Ra at some point?
TAndy 9:15:27 PM
hey roffle
Matt-ain Lightning 9:15:45 PM
Jiano Briggs 9:16:02 PM
Who up playing with they worm
Hey TAndy, I just want to yell Hey Andy in this crowed chat room :)
Andrew WestCoast 9:17:35 PM
When he lived in the Bay Area he put together a band called James T Kirk that played modern versions of songs by James Brown, Thelonious Monk & Rassan Roland Kirk
Andrew WestCoast 9:18:55 PM
He got a cease & desist letter from Paramount pics so he changed the name to TJ Kirk
@Andrew WestCoast, That's a very cool side note.
Wow, they fan film style silenced his name choice! Those brutes!
Matt-ain Lightning 9:20:36 PM
Lol Jiano
Andy Wing 9:20:51 PM
Oooh, Laddio Bolocko, haven't heard them in ages.
Andrew WestCoast 9:21:36 PM
Yeah they’re possessive AF about their property
rosasolis (host) 9:22:21 PM
@andrew i didnt know that! am reading about it right now, but sounds about like something paramount would do
rosasolis (host) 9:22:44 PM
@andy yess its been a while since ive had some slab of noise rock
Andrew WestCoast 9:22:44 PM
The resulting band and sound were awesome but short lived
I guess messing up Star Trek is Paramount's proprietary business. sigh...
TAndy 9:25:16 PM
ok saul time this song is WEPIOC
TAndy 9:25:19 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:25:38 PM
this is def artwork that @elise would love
Matt-ain Lightning 9:26:37 PM
Tangerine Dream-y
rosasolis (host) 9:27:32 PM
yess definitely, i also really like the vocalist here
Matt-ain Lightning 9:28:11 PM
a song about asparagus?
Matt-ain Lightning 9:28:57 PM
TAndy 9:29:26 PM
DSM 9:29:56 PM
Lol Matt-ain
TAndy 9:30:01 PM
yooo floating points
rosasolis (host) 9:30:27 PM
LOL matt 😭
rosasolis (host) 9:30:45 PM
its when the priest douses people with holy water i think
Elise Cube 9:31:22 PM
TAndy 9:31:29 PM
YOOOO new jersey MENTIONED in saul
rosasolis (host) 9:31:57 PM
wprb top of the hour but its saul goodman doing the station id
Matt-ain Lightning 9:32:02 PM
Clearly one of the smarter shows on Television, or what ever they call it these days.
Ossy Hyouka 9:34:06 PM
Hello Luma Star Rosalina Notebook!
TAndy 9:34:28 PM
yooo ozzy
Matt-ain Lightning 9:34:33 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 9:34:59 PM
Best album title ever
Ossy Hyouka 9:35:02 PM
Sup Tandy!
Andrew WestCoast 9:35:19 PM
I thought it was Stereolab before I looked it up
Andrew Gruen 9:36:03 PM
thinking fellers 💚
Andrew Gruen 9:36:16 PM
good evening all
TAndy 9:36:34 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:36:44 PM
hiii ossy and andrewg!! only reason i dont play more thinking fellers is that i dont wanna spam all the albums all the time but theyre sooo good
Heya Ossy, My god, march of the Andrews!
rosasolis (host) 9:37:44 PM
this current artist is called andy too... lmaoooo
TAndy 9:38:03 PM
We have a situation here.
Andrew WestCoast 9:38:36 PM
Somebody die TAndres?
TAndy 9:38:58 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 9:40:11 PM
The Situation
TAndy 9:40:32 PM
The Swamptuation
Matt-ain Lightning 9:40:50 PM
Ab solutley.
Ossy Hyouka 9:41:17 PM
Hi Rofflestomp!
rosasolis (host) 9:43:18 PM
i think swamp hours are behind us hopefully
Matt-ain Lightning 9:44:48 PM
Global warming swamp ass
A/C still keeping the humidity down in the bedroom though. The swamp seldom sleeps on the esat coast.
jimbeaux 9:45:17 PM
O, this is 1/2 of sibling duo tonstartssbandht 💥
Andy Wing 9:46:12 PM
Listening to this as I watch a Stoic Finance video about the imminent collapse of Evergrande, lol.
jimbeaux 9:46:28 PM
full fuggin goblinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Matt-ain Lightning 9:46:34 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 9:47:53 PM
Support your local thrasher
Hi jimbeaux! I think you will need to be accompanied by an Andy for the whole goblin experience tonight for some reason.
Colin 9:48:45 PM
started to doodle a goblin mode wprb design for the next art drive.
Matt-ain Lightning 9:48:48 PM
Plenty of Andrew chaperones available
Andy Wing 9:49:06 PM
The track "Y Toros" from this same release is epic.
jimbeaux 9:49:33 PM
Trust in thine guidance, Andrewwwwwwwwwwwwssssssssssssssss
Better than campus security perhaps.
Matt-ain Lightning 9:49:40 PM
Colin nice
DSM 9:49:42 PM
Weather says back in the 90’s tomorrow 😓
rosasolis (host) 9:49:44 PM
@jimbeux oh i didnt know that! i just found it crazy that andy boay made that album when he was 16 lol ;; and @roffle always an andy guide available
rosasolis (host) 9:50:00 PM
hi colin!! we def need it
jimbeaux 9:50:27 PM
This is double goblin-in'🦃🦃
rosasolis (host) 9:50:28 PM
@andy that, goat lips and nurser are the tracks that always stand out for me
Ossy Hyouka 9:50:56 PM
The swamp, which I think of Lacieniga Boulevardez from Proud Family, LMAO
DSM 9:51:03 PM
Anyone see the ‘I Voted’ sticker winner out of Ulster County? Pretty awesome
Matt-ain Lightning 9:51:03 PM
Goblin/gobblin' good 🧀
Colin 9:51:28 PM
dsm, I did! lol
jimbeaux 9:51:54 PM
Andy Wing 9:51:57 PM
DSM 9:52:08 PM
Lol Colin, love it
TAndy 9:52:53 PM
yoooo colin
Colin 9:52:57 PM
the sticker, https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2022/07/29/sticker_sq-77af5144b95eaa980f0e5d066fa0db3c23704113-s800-c85.webp
TAndy 9:53:29 PM
i love that image LMAO
High fives to the kid that came up with that one!
I've blown through a box full of Crayolas just using the sharpener, but that kid did art!
rosasolis (host) 9:56:41 PM
@andy lol what was that video?? it was sooo eerie, and omg was that just a sticker on cars?? i love it
Andy Wing 9:57:49 PM
That video was my friend Fred from Baltimore. He made the video by layering camcorder footage. I added the Laddio Bolocko track.
Loved that old TV too. lol
Colin 9:58:43 PM
I just refreshed, this still laddio bolocko? impressive.
rosasolis (host) 9:59:51 PM
sorry! its this artist called raquin!
Colin 10:00:34 PM
still mega impressive sounds!
Andy Wing 10:00:51 PM
OK, the 10:00 hour is here!
TAndy 10:01:15 PM
goblin hours
Matt-ain Lightning 10:01:55 PM
[loads bong]
Matt-ain Lightning 10:02:33 PM
[eats spoonful of mayo]
Matt-ain Lightning 10:02:55 PM
[prepares for rigorous gabber dance]
Matt-ain Lightning 10:04:03 PM
[waxes tips of goblin ears]
rosasolis (host) 10:04:14 PM
yesss plugg + nerdcore + gabber
jimbeaux 10:04:26 PM
TAndy 10:04:28 PM
what the hell is goblin mode. next thing youre telling me youre orcpilled. not gonna make it because your a dwarfcel. an elfed up shorty. busting it down centaur style
Matt-ain Lightning 10:04:43 PM
You made TAndy's night, Rosasolis
TAndy 10:05:11 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:05:19 PM
Oh yeah, smelly mayonnaise like mustard, blahahaha
jimbeaux 10:05:19 PM
Satyrs be bustin'...
DSM 10:06:32 PM
Full attention now after an emotional episode of The Bachelorette lol
Elise Cube 10:07:10 PM
ugh I love naked flames. you introduced me to them on an earlier show
@ DSM, did they kick someone off the island or whatever?
rosasolis (host) 10:07:30 PM
omggg i havent watched the bachelor/ette in a minute
rosasolis (host) 10:07:50 PM
@elise im so glad they are one of my fav artists rn <3
Matt-ain Lightning 10:07:52 PM
Lol DSM 🌹🥀
TAndy 10:08:39 PM
yah i love this
DSM 10:08:41 PM
Roffle, lol yes. I live for the ridiculousness
TAndy 10:08:59 PM
Reminds me of old BT
Bless your heart DSM! :)
Ossy Hyouka 10:09:20 PM
A world full of nonsense like Alice in Wonderland, DSM
DSM 10:09:27 PM
Rosasolis, there are TWO Bachelorettes this season! 😱
DSM 10:10:27 PM
Refreshing to hop into third hour Notebook
rosasolis (host) 10:10:30 PM
@tandy please listen to his other releassess and @dsm omg im already intrigued
TAndy 10:10:44 PM
i will!! i have too much music to catch up on
I still freak out at my highly educated music teacher friends who watch American Idol. I just don't understand!
DSM 10:12:04 PM
Now American Idol i can not stomach
jimbeaux 10:12:29 PM
If they are not listening to/from the Notebook, they not high educated
TAndy 10:12:54 PM
i didnt know american idol was still going
Colin 10:13:15 PM
roffle, i watch a bone headed car show only to turn off my brain, maybe it it the same for those music teachers.
DSM, I am pretty sure that's how Trump got elected. Couch potatoes casting votes. smh...
Colin 10:13:49 PM
also, they could be there waiting for the train wreck to happen...
Andrew Gruen 10:14:21 PM
i don't get why american idol is so popular
Matt-ain Lightning 10:14:28 PM
Yeah the brain needs low power times. I love bad movies like Leprechaun 2, et al, guilty pleasures
Colin, I wish that the train wreck concept were true.
DSM 10:15:35 PM
Still waiting on a Leprechaun vs Chucky movie
Andrew Gruen 10:15:48 PM
the train wrecks are why people watch americas got talent, though
DSM 10:15:51 PM
Someone must have penned a script
Matt-ain Lightning 10:15:55 PM
Aren't we all
I like to decompress without TV, but a good movie however irrelevant can be quite nbice.
Matt-ain Lightning 10:16:43 PM
Chucky v Lep is a licensing/intellect property issue, I think, or development hell
Andy Wing 10:17:13 PM
Chucky vs Freddy
DSM 10:17:59 PM
Oh true, forgot about all the legal issues to get them in the ring
What happens on Elm Street, stays on Elm Street.
Colin 10:18:54 PM
btw, dj and chat, I did my homework, i listened to blawan, why they hide the bodies. and even a remix or two. thanks!!! it was fantastic.
Matt-ain Lightning 10:18:58 PM
There is a Chucky film where a "welcome to new jersey" sign is shown lol
TAndy 10:19:03 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:19:25 PM
Freddy vs Pennywise
rosasolis (host) 10:20:11 PM
@colin that track is amazing i think every dj should play it at least once imo
jimbeaux 10:20:27 PM
Chucky vs. Fred Rogers
Matt-ain Lightning 10:20:30 PM
@colin the skrillex remix of "hide garage bodies" is crappy tho
DSM 10:21:08 PM
Seed of Chucky is absolutely amazing lol
Seeing Exit 13 on the Turnpike for the Sopranos opening was always cool. Although it's the number one exit for cancer. Oh, well.
Colin 10:21:41 PM
fred rogers would have joyfully chucky painting a still life within minutes.
DSM 10:21:49 PM
Interesting statistic Roffle
Matt-ain Lightning 10:21:56 PM
RIP Paulie Walnuts
TAndy 10:22:41 PM
DSM, My folks had a house in Linden. Yikes!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:23:05 PM
Chucky would kill everyone in the neighborhood
Matt-ain Lightning 10:23:34 PM
Fookin Chucky
I bet Chucky lived down the block.
rosasolis (host) 10:25:45 PM
omg how did we get to chucky
rosasolis (host) 10:25:50 PM
@tandy kket my fav
Colin 10:26:45 PM
Fookin Chucky 🤣
TAndy 10:27:42 PM
saul was sick
Ossy Hyouka 10:27:43 PM
Chucky vs Terminator!
TAndy 10:27:53 PM
my money's on chuckie
Matt-ain Lightning 10:28:16 PM
Lol Ozzy
Ossy Hyouka 10:28:46 PM
Terminator: Hasta la Vista to the evil toy!
@ozzy, I doubt if the Terminator could catch Chucky. It would be funny though.
Matt-ain Lightning 10:30:01 PM
Terminator vs Chucky is a dope idea
Matt-ain Lightning 10:30:26 PM
Time-travelin Chucky
Or bride of chucky to kill Chucky Conners' ancestor.
Ossy Hyouka 10:32:30 PM
Ok Rofflestomp, how bkut Chuckie vs PREDATOR LOL!?
Ossy Hyouka 10:32:46 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 10:32:49 PM
McGabber !!
Colin 10:33:10 PM
ok, this may be my track of the week. it's a ripper!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:33:15 PM
🍟🍔🥤gimme a large McGabber
@Ossy, I say throw him in the ring!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:34:13 PM
DSM 10:34:21 PM
Why they hide they Chuckies under my garage?
Matt-ain Lightning 10:34:33 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 10:34:52 PM
Why Is Chucky Hiding Under My Garage
TAndy 10:35:03 PM
yooo i love this
rosasolis (host) 10:35:06 PM
@colin its sooo good i love 111loggedin <3 and @matt lmaooo they should introduce the mcgabber drink
rosasolis (host) 10:35:14 PM
@tandy laur is sooo good
Matt-ain Lightning 10:35:35 PM
McGabber 🥤, available only in Rotterdam
Jiano Briggs 10:35:58 PM
Plugged in 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
DSM 10:36:00 PM
TAndy 10:36:07 PM
Laur sounds like they've been listerning to modern raw hardstyle lol
Ossy Hyouka 10:36:08 PM
Throw him in the ring with Alien and some monster named Lily from a SyFy movie named Siren
Matt-ain Lightning 10:36:15 PM
It's a shake made w/ mayo & mdma
TAndy 10:36:29 PM
ah there it is
Ossy Hyouka 10:36:37 PM
And Cujo the cursed dog, Rofflestomp
TAndy 10:36:51 PM
piepkick university
Matt-ain Lightning 10:37:06 PM
Mayo, mdma, dutch ganja, & tulip seeds
rosasolis (host) 10:37:12 PM
LOL cant forget that pipekick
Matt-ain Lightning 10:37:31 PM
Chucky v CUJO 🤣👍🤣👍
TAndy 10:37:44 PM
ok that one was sick
Cursed dogs are cool. My neighbor had one! Sounds good to me Ossy.
Elise Cube 10:39:43 PM
guuuuh the gits sample <3
rosasolis (host) 10:40:13 PM
omgg thats where its from, thank you eliseee (✿◕‿◕✿
Elise Cube 10:40:13 PM
wow 2004 thats sick
Matt-ain Lightning 10:40:37 PM
the processed toy-sounding hi hat 🤣
rosasolis (host) 10:41:34 PM
suspicious even 🤔🤔🤔
Ossy Hyouka 10:42:02 PM
Matt-ain - A classmate of mine in the intermediate school days put mustard on his pizza and it stunk so so bad, we suggested so many mints for his awful breath! 🤣🤣🤣
TAndy 10:42:18 PM
mustard pizza :(
Matt-ain Lightning 10:42:31 PM
What!! Mustard 🍕
Ossy Hyouka 10:42:47 PM
Chuck can't handle this toy, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! 🟢🟣⚪
This anime pic with the terminator look is so spot on btw. :)
Matt-ain Lightning 10:43:03 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:43:39 PM
Yep, Lightning, mustard pizza. Boy he was smelly and disgusting, good thing I was far away from him, LOOOOL
Matt-ain Lightning 10:43:55 PM
Chucky vs Evil Knievel Toy Motorcycle with Gorge-Jumping Action
Colin 10:43:55 PM
chucky vs the terminator child on the cover
Mustard is not in the food group per say.
Ossy Hyouka 10:44:51 PM
And Chucky vs Jerry Dandrige the vampire from Fright Night
DSM 10:45:00 PM
Chucky vs mustard
TAndy 10:45:06 PM
TAndy 10:45:27 PM
Top 5 material for gabber
Colin 10:45:29 PM
I've been searching time and space for the situation where mustard on pizza worked......i'm still searching
Andy Wing 10:45:33 PM
Chucky vs Dark Modulator
Matt-ain Lightning 10:45:46 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:45:48 PM
Chucky vs Chuck Norris vs Chuck the fighting gym leader from Pokemon vs Chuckie Finster from Rugrata!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:46:01 PM
Chucky vs Rotterdam Terror Corps
rosasolis (host) 10:46:05 PM
@roffle i agree i usually love all the album covers for these nerdcore releasess and @tandy i knooo cant believe it took me this long
TAndy 10:46:21 PM
love this part coming up where the kick comes in with no hi hat behind it
Chucky buys a MOOG an sends everyone to hell.
Ossy Hyouka 10:46:43 PM
and forgot Chuck Thorndyke from Sonic X against Chucky
TAndy 10:47:47 PM
I feel like you guys would Love the Thunderdome comp covers:
TAndy 10:48:33 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 10:48:42 PM
Oh shit, Thunderdome!
Colin 10:49:22 PM
there's even a chucky one!!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:49:39 PM
Who run Bartertown?
@rosasolis - I will defer to your love of anime anytime. You sure pick lots and lots of cool ones. Part of the show actually for us online types.
Matt-ain Lightning 10:49:54 PM
I saw that @colin 🤣
Colin 10:50:03 PM
imma share knightvision with all the world.
TAndy 10:50:30 PM
Knightvision sks Ruffneck is legendary
rosasolis (host) 10:50:33 PM
@roffle im so glad! the true online notebook experience ✿
It is!
Elise Cube 10:51:03 PM
i had my dose of salvation but now it's time for 10th impact
rosasolis (host) 10:51:23 PM
im ready misato
Ossy Hyouka 10:51:28 PM
Knightvision like Scarlet Wandavision
TAndy 10:52:29 PM
TAndy 10:52:39 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:52:45 PM
Yeah Rofflestomp, sounds like workout music a mentor and friend of mine plays at his gym training clients!
Elise Cube 10:52:49 PM
Andy Wing 10:53:11 PM
Ossy Hyouka 10:53:25 PM
He also has remixes of Doja Cat's Kiss Me More and Say So!
TAndy 10:53:41 PM
luv these mexican edits of the show https://twitter.com/mrmiguelart/status/1493314038003994629
Elise Cube 10:53:50 PM
the sample is a pretty good and obscure eva song too
Elise Cube readies ground zero! 🖐️ Fly you fools!
rosasolis (host) 10:54:04 PM
im loving all the evangelion content right now
Elise Cube 10:54:27 PM
@rofflestomp lets goooooooooo
Elise Cube 10:54:44 PM
@rosasolis yeah youve set up the perfect closure to the hour!!!!!!!
Elise Cube 10:54:55 PM
I could do this for another hour though....uwu
TAndy 10:55:20 PM
Matt-ain Lightning 10:55:21 PM
Great show Rosasolis
DSM 10:55:26 PM
Ossy, def level 10 spin class
TAndy 10:55:27 PM
thanks for the show!!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:56:16 PM
I'm off to hide bodies under the garage
Elise Cube 10:56:16 PM
incredible stuff rosasolis
rosasolis (host) 10:56:18 PM
we still got room for one moreeeeee
DSM 10:56:23 PM
Thanks Rosasolis! My heart rate gonna crash when this show ends
Elise Cube 10:56:40 PM
tonight was so good starting off with that jazz and running into this ahhh
Oh dang! 22:55 already! Hey, thanks rosasolis. See y'alls later, including the whole tribe of Andy's. :)
Ossy Hyouka 10:57:10 PM
I hear that Asuka girl is cute, cuter than Akane Tendo from Ranma, Rosasolis!
TAndy 10:57:45 PM
me when notebook show is over: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/327777364006141952/895040005012086804/1633464549283.jpg
TAndy 10:57:54 PM
also me when no wprb service
Matt-ain Lightning 10:58:30 PM
Stay strong TAndy! Jersey strong!
TAndy 10:58:50 PM
TAndy 10:58:52 PM
Colin 10:59:04 PM
tandy, same
Matt-ain Lightning 10:59:10 PM
Andy Wing 10:59:20 PM
Thanks for the energy!
Matt-ain Lightning 10:59:22 PM
Elise Cube 10:59:28 PM
goodnight everyone
rosasolis (host) 10:59:39 PM
thanks for listening everyone 💕
Ossy Hyouka 10:59:43 PM
TAndy 10:59:45 PM
Elise Cube 10:59:47 PM
haha tandy
jimbeaux 10:59:56 PM
Colin 11:00:00 PM
TAndy 11:00:03 PM
TAndy 11:01:10 PM
oh i forgot ameena was on tonight too beyond sick
DSM 11:02:20 PM
TAndy 11:02:33 PM