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The Downer Party

Jun 13, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Casey

Summer season premiere

Go Phillies! This is a Yankee free zone



The Downer Party
6:00 PM
Stereolab - Super-Electric
Stereolab Super-Electric
Switched On Too Pure 1991

Artwork for the 1991 Super-Electric EP

Title track to the 1991 EP, also released on the first installment of the Switched On series

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6:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:08 PM
black midi - Chondromalacia Patella
black midi Chondromalacia Patella N
Cavalcade Rough Trade 2021

Remarkably similar to their 2018 debut single

Bandcamp | Vinyl | Video

6:12 PM
The Fall - Just Step S'Ways
The Fall Just Step S'Ways
Hex Enduction Hour Kamera 1982

front cover for The Fall's album Hex Enduction Hourback cover for The Fall's album Hex Enduction Hour

Having spent over a year now educating myself on The Fall, this is probably my favorite album of theirs.

6:16 PM
Stef Chura - Scream
Stef Chura Scream
Midnight Saddle Creek 2019

Last headliner I saw at PhilaMOCA before it closed in 2019. Though thankfully it is reopening next month with a screening of Mausoleum.

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6:18 PM
French Vanilla - Protective
French Vanilla Protective
How am I not myself? Danger Collective 2019

Opened for Stef Chura in July 2019 when I saw them. Despite a thinly attended show, they got more people dancing than I had ever seen in that room. Afterward I went to my friend's house and we played incidental music for 2001: A Space Odyssey at a house party.

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6:21 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:25 PM
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)
II Jagjaguwar 2013

Possibly working on a new record, based on nothing but this uncaptioned Facebook post

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:28 PM
Thundercat - Fair Chance feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B
Thundercat Fair Chance feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Lil B
It Is What It Is Brainfeeder 2020

All praise be to Lil B the Based God

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:32 PM
David Bowie - Young Americans
David Bowie Young Americans
Young Americans RCA 1975

A-side label from the Indianapolis pressing of Young Americans

Got this for a steal at Siren Records in Doylestown, PA even in spite of the water damaged sleeve) when I was a teenager just getting into Bowie. Transferred from vinyl for you dear listener.

Recorded at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia and co-written by Luter Vandross at the height of the Philadelphia Soul era.

My mixing teacher at Temple said he worked on the sessions for this, recorded overnight during a residency at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. Supposedly, Bowie dropped a massive bag of cocaine on the desk and said "Mi casa es su casa." My teacher's first thought at this was, "My god. We're all gonna go to jail."

6:38 PM
Now - Lovin' You Is Easy
Now Lovin' You Is Easy
Rust Side Story Vol. 24 V/A Numero Group 1976

Label for Ohio soul group Now's 1976 self-released single Lovin' You Is Easy

Cover for Numero Group's Rust Side Story Vol. 24 Ohio soul rarities compilation

Self-released in 1976 by Ohio soul group Now and newly reissued on Numero Group's Rust Side Story Vol. 24 compilation

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:40 PM
Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Runnin' Wild
Curtis Mayfield Little Child Runnin' Wild
Superfly Curtom 1972

Opening track to what was rightfully named by Pitchfork as the greatest soundtrack album of all time

6:46 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:49 PM
Dehd - Month
Dehd Month
Flower of Devotion Fire Talk 2020

Another cut transferred at home from a vinyl record

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:52 PM
Japanese Breakfast - Sit
Japanese Breakfast Sit N
Jubilee Dead Oceans 2021

Fantastic new record from the Philly band.

New Jersey tour dates already sold out along with 2 of 3 dates in Brooklyn and 3 of 4 in Philly.

Bandcamp | Vinyl

6:55 PM
So Totally - Attention
So Totally Attention
Live at WPRB 2019

Photo of So Totally during recording of their WPRB studio session

Live-in-studio recording from 2019 of a track from their album in the shape of..., free to listen and download at the Internet Archive

Bandcamp | Label

6:59 PM
Cigarettes for Breakfast - Wait
Cigarettes for Breakfast Wait N
Wait 2021

More local shoegaze from Philadelphia


7:03 PM
Slowdive - Celia's Dream
Slowdive Celia's Dream
Just For A Day Creation 1991

Singer/keyboardist Rachel Goswell released an album in April with Flaming Lips drummer Matt Duckworth under the name Beachy Head on Savannah, GA's Graveface Records

7:07 PM
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ gaze at empty waters’ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Cliffs Gaze / cliffs’ gaze at empty waters’ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE N
G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! Constellation 2021

Like your Godspeed You! Black Emperor with 20 minute long tracks and titles to match? You're in luck with their newest.

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:15 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:19 PM
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Movement 7
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra Movement 7 N
Promises Luaka Bop 2021

Cover image of Floating Points, Pharaoh Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra's album Promises

An unlikely but very rewarding collaboration

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:29 PM
Big Liquid - A Genuine Swamp
Big Liquid A Genuine Swamp N
An Old Backpack Sound As Language 2021

cover of Big Liquid's LP An Old Backpack

Second LP from NYC producer Keenan Novi


7:33 PM
Throbbing Gristle - Still Walking
Throbbing Gristle Still Walking
20 Jazz Funk Greats Industrial 1979
7:38 PM
Squid - Paddling
Squid Paddling N
Bright Green Field Warp Records 2021

Very pleased to finally get a proper LP from this UK art rock band

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:46 PM
Writhing Squares - Ganymede
Writhing Squares Ganymede N
Chart for the Solution Trouble In Mind Records 2021
7:49 PM
taqbir - Sma3
taqbir Sma3 N
taqbir / Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause La Vida Es Un Mus 2021
Debut self-titled EP from this Moroccan hardcore band, also called Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:51 PM
Jessy Bulbo - La Razón
Jessy Bulbo La Razón
Saga Mama Nuevos Ricos 2006
Mexican singer also of the band Las Ultrasonicas, probably best known for her song "Maldito" used for the Latin radio station in Grand Theft Auto V
7:53 PM
Rata Negra - En La Playa
Rata Negra En La Playa N
Una Vida Vulgar Humo Internacional 2021

Madrid band, a name-your-price download from their Spanish label

Bandcamp | Vinyl

7:55 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:56 PM
yumbo - ケーキ (Cake)
yumbo ケーキ (Cake)
The Fruit Of Errata 間違いの実 Morr Music 2021
Cover of the compilation Fruit of Errata from Japanese twee pop group Yumbocover of the 2004 Australian Songs for Nao compilation of contemporary Japanese bands

New compilation from Japanese twee pop group Yumbo, song originally released in 2004 on the Australian Songs for Nao compilation of contemporary Japanese bands

Bandcamp | Vinyl

Chat is archived.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:00:55 PM
What is up everybody?!
kentman 6:04:49 PM
you were sorely missed , my good man, bought countless cds listening to this show last summer
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:08:25 PM
Hey thanks for saying so! Happy to say I'm a regular once again
jimbeaux 6:10:27 PM
A regular irregular :) Yeoooooo Casey!
kentman 6:10:48 PM
many times I had to pull over and jot down the times the tracks were played, so I could look up the playlist, before the new setup
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:13:40 PM
Krista 6:17:54 PM
Perfect "coming home from picking strawberries" music
jimbeaux 6:20:34 PM
How many gallons Krista? 🍓
Krista 6:22:20 PM
Just 1.5, only making some strawberry sauce and fresh eating and strawberry shortcake
jimbeaux 6:22:49 PM
Krista 6:22:53 PM
1.5 gallons that is. Now we are watching Kiki's Delivery Service and eating leftover birthday cake and listening to the radio
Krista 6:30:09 PM
What else did you learn in your year's study about The Fall
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:30:39 PM
Perverted By Language is hugely underrated.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:32:13 PM
Did what I usually do when I'm ready to take a deep dive into a band like that and looked up documentaries on YouTube. Took maybe an unconventional approach cause the BBC one I found used "Eat Y'self Fitter" and "Victoria" for their 80s material
DSM 6:39:02 PM
Teachers second thought...
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:40:13 PM
"If I'm gonna go to jail I might as well..."
DSM 6:40:29 PM
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:41:21 PM
Only joking. I'm sure he was very professional (although it was the 70s...)
DSM 6:42:37 PM
I’ve read Bowie doesn’t even remember recording Station to Station cause of the massive coke intake at the time
DSM 6:43:34 PM
*didn’t i should say i suppose
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:43:58 PM
He basically said as much in the title track
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:44:32 PM
It's not the side effects (it's the primary effects)
Krista 6:45:10 PM
His whole " thin white duke" era is something he doesn't remember
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:45:11 PM
Bill Ward similarly doesn't remember recording Vol. 4 I think. Although his drumming absolutely whips on that album
Krista 6:54:48 PM
I really like this new Japanese Breakfast album. So many different styles. Some of the songs are very city pop. I'm also enjoying her memoir, Crying in H Mart
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:55:31 PM
I haven't delved into the memoir yet but I was almost shocked at how much I liked the more pop tracks on it.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 6:55:52 PM
I had "Be Sweet" on repeat in my head for about 4 days straight
-dante 7:18:39 PM
Oh the show mix!! That's gotta still be on the prod computer, hopefully
-dante 7:18:51 PM
forgot we recorded that show...
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:34:31 PM
Me too until I sat down this week to do some final touch ups
jimbeaux 7:39:16 PM
Artist who did the Floating Points cover art (Julie Mehretu) has a huge exhibit at the Whitney...pretty incredible. HUGE paintings.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:40:32 PM
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:41:15 PM
Not enough appreciation for the broader community of people who provide artwork for records
jimbeaux 7:42:20 PM
So true.
jimbeaux 7:46:01 PM
Really the reverse of "I'm gonna buy a painting, but can only hear a loosely related sound snippet instead of actually seeing said painting before purchase". Wait...that's all of advertising.
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:46:46 PM
Lol the whole recording industry is a racket to sell prints
jimbeaux 7:47:42 PM
uno clay 7:48:05 PM
sick show, writing down all kinds of bands for future listening
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:48:42 PM
Thank you!
jimbeaux 7:51:39 PM
Appreciate the bandcamp & vinyl links...makes bankruptcy ever so convenient!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:52:23 PM
Always one of the things I liked about of Spinitron over our old playlists
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:53:59 PM
This one you can get for free I promise
jimbeaux 7:54:15 PM
jimbeaux 7:55:18 PM
Commie really sold me on Rata Negra!
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:55:41 PM
They may have reawakened my love of surf rock
party if yer down (Casey) (host) 7:56:03 PM
A lot of this label's releases are PWYW avtually