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Flat Circle Radio Hour

Jun 16, 2024 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.


Flat Circle Radio Hour
3:01 PM
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)
Come to Daddy Warp Records 1997
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:11 PM
We All Together - Walking in the Rain
We All Together Walking in the Rain
We All Together Discos MAG 1972
3:14 PM
Ben Loomis - So Much
Ben Loomis So Much N
So Much - Single Self Release 2024
3:18 PM
Paul Ngozi - Anasoni
Paul Ngozi Anasoni
The Ghetto Now Again Records 1977
3:22 PM
Steve Beresford - Tendance
Steve Beresford Tendance
Dancing The Line We Want Sounds 1985
3:26 PM
Caroline K - Tracking With Close-Ups
Caroline K Tracking With Close-Ups
Now Wait For Last Year Earthly Delights 1987
3:30 PM
Steve Moore - Eye of Horus
Steve Moore Eye of Horus N
Eye of Horus L.I.E.S. Records 2024
3:37 PM
3:40 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:48 PM
Kenny Gabriel, Rafi Muhammad, Tauffan Wirzon, Dennis Junio and Zakari Danubrata - Lunchbreak Session
Kenny Gabriel, Rafi Muhammad, Tauffan Wirzon, Dennis Junio and Zakari Danubrata Lunchbreak Session N
Primasuara V/A La Munai Records 2024
3:51 PM
David Edren - Daarbuiten
David Edren Daarbuiten
Daarbuiten Muzan Editions 2024
3:54 PM
JERKIN AT RYOO HIGH 2024 #DELUXEEDITION Cheapskate Records 2024
3:56 PM
É. Motherway - Melancholy of Departure
É. Motherway Melancholy of Departure N
Dilapidation Between Fields 2024
4:00 PM
Ghetto Brothers - Girl from the Mountain
Ghetto Brothers Girl from the Mountain
Power Fuerza Vampisoul 1972
4:04 PM
K. Yoshimatsu - Violet
K. Yoshimatsu Violet N
Fossil Cocoon: The Music of K. Yoshimatsu Phantom Limb 2024
4:08 PM
Can - Aston 77 Zwei
Can Aston 77 Zwei N
LIVE IN ASTON 1977 Mute 2024
4:16 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:23 PM
Chappell Roan - Good Luck, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe
Chappell Roan Good Luck, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe
"Slown Roan" Edit DJ Pup Productions 2024
4:35 PM
Black Diamond - Zoetic
Black Diamond Zoetic N
Furniture of the Mind Rearranging We Jazz Records 2024
4:40 PM
Ben Seretan - New Air
Ben Seretan New Air N
Allora Tiny Engines 2024
4:47 PM
Maripool - Twist
Maripool Twist N
A Day That Feels Like Nothing at All - EP Smoking Room 2024
4:51 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:00 PM
El Khat - Zafa
El Khat Zafa N
mute Glitterbeat Records 2024
5:04 PM
Festa del Perdono - Pomeriggio Dorato
Festa del Perdono Pomeriggio Dorato N
Società Mentale - EP La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2024
5:07 PM
Cal Fish - I Will Never Make a Decision
Cal Fish I Will Never Make a Decision N
Indecision Songs Call Waitin 2024
5:14 PM
Seppuku - Lost My Smile
Seppuku Lost My Smile N
Times Howlin Banana Records 2024
5:18 PM
Tristwch & Fenywod - Ferch Gyda'r Llygaid Du
Tristwch & Fenywod Ferch Gyda'r Llygaid Du N
Tristwch Y Fenywod Night School 2024
5:22 PM
Shinji Wakasa - Minamo
Shinji Wakasa Minamo N
Dawn Inner Ocean Records 2024
5:27 PM
Otto Taimela - Overthink Everything
Otto Taimela Overthink Everything N
Inner Beauty Swims 2024
5:29 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:35 PM
Rail Band - Tidiani Koné
Rail Band Tidiani Koné
Rail Band Mississippi Records 2024
5:39 PM
Leong Lau - Deep In the Jungle
Leong Lau Deep In the Jungle
Dragon Man Sunscape Records 1976
5:48 PM
John Blum Quartet with Marshall Allen - Electromagnetism
John Blum Quartet with Marshall Allen Electromagnetism N
Deep Space Astral Spirits 2024
5:52 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
5:57 PM
Sean Curtis Patrick - Thea
Sean Curtis Patrick Thea
The Best Driving Music in the World Ever Past Inside the Present 2019
Chat is archived.
TAndy 3:02:27 PM
TAndy 3:02:38 PM
Also big love DJ Dana K I missed saying goodbye 3
DJ Pup (host) 3:04:00 PM
Heyyy TAndy
IncubusBroth 3:07:24 PM
I was not expecting to hear Aphex Twin 💀❤️
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:10 PM
Surrpprrrrrise IncubusBroth
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:30 PM
Speaking of surprises, I've never expected to see Incubus and Broth paired together as distinct nouns
TAndy 3:12:47 PM
Nice profile pic IB
TAndy 3:16:02 PM
We got cats and dawgz up in here
IncubusBroth 3:17:30 PM
@TAndy thanks and I love yours, night in the woods was great!
TAndy 3:19:00 PM
IncubusBroth 3:19:17 PM
Right, we jamming 🎊 🐶 😸 🎊
TAndy 3:29:24 PM
Jams for the frightening ride home from the shore with dad
TAndy 3:29:37 PM
(This chatter is not used to being a passenger anymore)
DJ Pup (host) 3:31:19 PM
Uh oh good luck with dad haha
TAndy 3:34:21 PM
Dude I swear the little dips in the road hit harder when you're not a driver LOL
DJ Pup (host) 3:35:00 PM
Passenger seats do tend to be slightly lower than driver (at least in my experience)
DJ Pup (host) 3:35:17 PM
Not a direct causation, but hey, ya never know
TAndy 3:36:14 PM
Not in this Honda™ Accord®! These seats are beyond comfy. I miss cloth seats :( no back sweat in the summer with these bad boys
DJ Pup (host) 3:36:39 PM
I haven't had a car that wasn't cloth haha can't say I can relate to the leather problems
TAndy 3:37:55 PM
Leather and fake leather are not worth it at all unless it's perforated and with ventilation. Otherwise it's just hard to maintain vinyl feeling ugh
TAndy 3:38:30 PM
The temptation to buy an old Park Avenue with the red fluffy bench seats
DJ Pup (host) 3:49:00 PM
I do miss bench seats
DJ Pup (host) 3:49:20 PM
Especially the old station wagons that would have a bench seat facing out the back
TAndy 3:55:38 PM
We didn't have one of those as a kid, instead had I think a Plymouth minivan with a third row. Minivans rule
DJ Pup (host) 3:57:45 PM
My parents also had a Plymouth Voyager in the mid 90s
DJ Pup (host) 3:57:56 PM
Red with the burgundy cloth seats
TAndy 4:00:04 PM
I loved that piece. And this LOVE AND PEAS
Space Cowboy 4:01:30 PM
Funky little I'd you wacky dj!
TAndy 4:02:15 PM
Dude same, my folks had an early 90s Voyager with the blue cloth seats. It was either that or the Dodge variant, I forgot.
Space Cowboy 4:02:27 PM
Zonking out on the beach and cranking the ear buds
DJ Pup (host) 4:02:51 PM
Hahaaa you bet! Enjoy the beach :)
Space Cowboy 4:03:19 PM
When will the girl mountain. Save me?
DJ Pup (host) 4:03:27 PM
Trying to get the Chappell Roan "ambientized" track in around 4:20, just fyi
TAndy 4:03:34 PM
Heck yeah Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 4:03:39 PM
This is a sweet jam I can get behind
David Martinez 4:13:12 PM
Great show brother! I can never tell where you're gonna go next, but it all somehow fits together and flows. Keep it up.
DJ Pup (host) 4:13:42 PM
Thanks David thats a wonderful compliment, much appreciated thanks for tuning in :)
TAndy 4:23:38 PM
Yessss more time stretching
DJ Pup (host) 4:24:00 PM
It's like sandblasting the insides of the brain
DJ Pup (host) 4:24:20 PM
Get em all cleaned out today
TAndy 4:25:50 PM
I love this
DJ Pup (host) 4:27:02 PM
I should probably be making more of these kinds of edits, huh
DJ Pup (host) 4:27:08 PM
Fun to make, fun to listen to
David Martinez 4:29:10 PM
This is great. Didn't understood how you achieved it- but great job. Love it.
David Martinez 4:31:06 PM
You got a new fan in me- I just followed you on IG.
DJ Pup (host) 4:32:47 PM
Aweesome! Welcome aboard :)
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:37:53 PM
Hey DJ Pup - I missed your description of how you created that ambient piece
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:38:08 PM
I thought it was excellent
DJ Pup (host) 4:38:23 PM
Thanks! The technique is "Paul Stretching"
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:39:34 PM
Ah, thank you! Do you use a specific software for that?
DJ Pup (host) 4:40:23 PM
It used to be open source software, I imagine it can still be found online for free! I hope at least
David Martinez 4:41:18 PM
Oh right- I've heard that done to some other things- it made something really mundane sound something like an orchestra warming up. Nice. Do more- it was really good.
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:41:23 PM
Cool, thanks for your response! I’ll have to try to track it down :)
DJ Pup (host) 4:41:45 PM
I am definitely thinking more will have to come soon, because its a delightful way to make sounds
DJ Pup (host) 4:42:45 PM
I aspire to do a speciality episode soon "ambientizing" popular 2000's nu-metal songs to see how much spacial harmony we could extract from things that did not originally intend it
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:43:07 PM
I look forward to hearing more :) it was super inspiring
DJ Pup (host) 4:43:27 PM
Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:44:57 PM
You’re welcome! I just recently began to explore granular synthesis. So this Paul stretching technique is super intriguing. I wonder what things they may have in common
DJ Pup (host) 4:46:05 PM
Granular synthesis can be a whole lot of fun, enjoy the explorations!
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:47:51 PM
Thanks! And you as well! I look forward to the 2000’s nu-metal Pupped up and ambientized :)
DJ Pup (host) 4:48:19 PM
"Pupped up" love it hahaha 🤣
Séraphitüs Séraphîta 4:49:05 PM
🐶 😆
TAndy 4:54:27 PM
To keep cool, go to the beach with your WPRB beach towel from last year:s Spring drive!!
TAndy 4:55:14 PM
Carry some nice drinks and a snack to the sand with your special WPRB BAGGU from the 2021 fall drive!
IncubusBroth 4:58:58 PM
TAndy 5:00:03 PM
TAndy 5:47:28 PM
Thanks for the show dude!
DJ Pup (host) 5:47:37 PM
Thanks for tuning in :)
Richard of Rocky Hill 5:56:29 PM
@ DJ Pup (host) Flat Circle Radio Hour rolls on in space & time! Thanks for another outstanding show for a summer Sunday afternoon.
DJ Pup (host) 5:58:16 PM
Thanks Richard! and thanks to everyone else who's joined the chat throughout the show :) be good out there ya'll, see you soon
IncubusBroth 6:00:37 PM
Bye everyone!! Had a good time listening and hanging out 🐾