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Total Tobias

May 26, 2024 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With John Tobias

Total Tobias is mostly newish indie rock in many of its’ forms while genre hopping, decade hopping and language hopping sometimes all in one song

Mostly soft and cuddly

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Total Tobias
9:02 AM
Khruangbin - May Ninth
Khruangbin May Ninth N
A LA SALA Dead Oceans 2024
9:05 AM
Black Asteroid - Polyfusion
Black Asteroid Polyfusion N
Infinite Darkness Artoffact Records 2024
9:09 AM
Cigarettes After Sex - Dark Vacay
Cigarettes After Sex Dark Vacay N
X's Partisan Records 2024
9:13 AM
Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations
Quantic Atlantic Oscillations
Atlantic Oscillations Tru Thoughts 2019
9:18 AM
Cherry Glazerr - Dosed
Cherry Glazerr Dosed N
Dosed - Single ORG Music 2024


9:25 AM
Ritual Howls - Barely a Shadow
Ritual Howls Barely a Shadow
Virtue Falters felte 2023
9:29 AM
METZ - Light Your Way Home
METZ Light Your Way Home N
Up On Gravity Hill Sub Pop Records 2024
9:37 AM
Boy Harsher - Pain
Boy Harsher Pain
Lesser Man EP Nude Club 2014


9:44 AM
Rahill - Tell Me
Rahill Tell Me
Flowers At Your Feet Big Dada 2023


9:46 AM
Charlotte de Witte - Roar
Charlotte de Witte Roar N
Roar - Single KNTXT 2024
9:52 AM
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cascade
Siouxsie & The Banshees Cascade
A Kiss In The Dreamhouse (Remastered & Expanded) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1982


10:00 AM
Dean & Britta - Silver Factory Theme
Dean & Britta Silver Factory Theme
13 Most Beautiful: Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests Double Feature Records 2010


10:05 AM
Joanna Gruesome - Tugboat
Joanna Gruesome Tugboat
Sugarcrush - Single Fortuna POP! 2013
Galaxie 500 cover
10:10 AM
The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
The Beach Boys All I Wanna Do
Sunflower Capitol Records 1970
10:12 AM
Cocteau Twins - Orange Appled
Cocteau Twins Orange Appled
Love's Easy Tears - EP 4AD 1991
10:15 AM
Beach House - Space Song
Beach House Space Song
Depression Cherry Bella Union 2015
10:23 AM
Teezo Touchdown - Making Flippy Floppy
Teezo Touchdown Making Flippy Floppy N
Everyone's Getting Involved: A Tribute to the Talking Heads V/A A24 Music 2024
10:29 AM
Better Joy - Hard To Love
Better Joy Hard To Love
Hard To Love - Single Fader Amp Records 2023
10:31 AM
White Manna - Sweet Jesus
White Manna Sweet Jesus
White Manna Holy Mountain 2012


10:41 AM
Laufey - Dreamer
Laufey Dreamer N
Bewitched: The Goddess Edition Sony Music Labels Inc. 2024


10:45 AM
Vampire Weekend - Prep-School Gangsters
Vampire Weekend Prep-School Gangsters N
Only God Was Above Us Columbia 2024


10:48 AM
TV Girl - Lovers Rock
TV Girl Lovers Rock
French Exit TV Girl 2014
10:52 AM
Real Estate - Water Underground
Real Estate Water Underground N
Daniel Domino Recording Co 2024
10:55 AM
Yard Act - Dream Job
Yard Act Dream Job
Where’s My Utopia? Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2023


11:01 AM
Crumb - Side By Side
Crumb Side By Side N
AMAMA Crumb Records 2024
11:04 AM
Jelani Aryeh - Hang On
Jelani Aryeh Hang On N
The Sweater Club Ballona Record Company 2024
11:07 AM
Tasha - Michigan
Tasha Michigan N
Michigan - Single 2024


11:10 AM
Lido Pimienta - He Venido Al Mar
Lido Pimienta He Venido Al Mar N
He Venido Al Mar - Single 2024
11:16 AM
TANGK Liberator Music / Partisan Records 2024
11:19 AM
OtherFace - Darling
OtherFace Darling
First Lady OtherFace 2018
11:23 AM
Cloud Cult - I Am a Force Field
Cloud Cult I Am a Force Field N
I Am a Force Field - Single 2024
11:27 AM
Arooj Aftab - Raat Ki Rani
Arooj Aftab Raat Ki Rani N
Night Reign Arooj Aftab 2024


11:32 AM
Mdou Moctar - Ibitlan
Mdou Moctar Ibitlan
Ibitlan - Single Matador 2020

665343b1643a5.jpegPlaying Thursday, June 6th at the Anchor Rock Club in Atlantic City

11:39 AM
Tindersticks - Falling, the Light
Tindersticks Falling, the Light N
Soft Tissue 2024


11:43 AM
Being Dead - Daydream
Being Dead Daydream
When Horses Would Run Bayonet Records 2023
11:46 AM
Sheer Mag - Tea On The Kettle
Sheer Mag Tea On The Kettle N
Playing Favorites Third Man Records 2024


11:48 AM
The National - Tropic Morning News
The National Tropic Morning News
First Two Pages of Frankenstein 4AD 2023
11:55 AM
NewDad - Just Like Heaven (Live at BBC Maida Vale)
NewDad Just Like Heaven (Live at BBC Maida Vale) N
Just Like Heaven (Live at BBC Maida Vale) - Single 2024

66535ab392c3b.jpegThe Cure cover

11:58 AM
Mieko Suzuki - Catastrophe 凶
Mieko Suzuki Catastrophe 凶 N
Ödipus, Herrscher raster 2023
Chat is archived.
John Tobias (host) 9:03:34 AM
Glad to be here this morning with the listening masses
TAndy 9:06:52 AM
Heya! Glad to see you on for the summer :)
John Tobias (host) 9:09:05 AM
Thanks, me too
Richard of Rocky Hill 9:33:10 AM
@ John Tobias (host) I'm also glad you're here with that totally-outstanding Tobias mix.
John Tobias (host) 9:33:29 AM
Thanks Richard, just getting started
TAndy 9:43:49 AM
Boy Harsher!! Very good stuff my dude
John Tobias (host) 9:45:07 AM
thumbs up emoji
TAndy 9:46:56 AM
Richard of Rocky Hill 10:48:10 AM
Oh my! Laufey has totally mastered the technique & groove of Great American Songbook-style 1930-'40s-early '50s pop music. And what a backstory: An Icelandic father and Chinese mother! Another awesome artist I've learned about thanks to WPRB & Tobias.
John Tobias (host) 10:54:08 AM
Yes, I hope she has success
TAndy 11:01:28 AM
Aw dude, the new Crumb album was such a treat to listen to
John Tobias (host) 11:01:51 AM
I like what I've heard so far
TAndy 11:02:09 AM
The Bug was my favorite song of the bunch. That part near the end where the instrumentation comes in super clean is MINT.
John Tobias (host) 11:03:12 AM
fits the Sunday morning vibe
TAndy 11:55:53 AM
I sigh loudly as a other legendary show from Mr. Tobias finishes. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing more of you this summer :)
John Tobias (host) 11:56:59 AM
Thank you sir and the listening masses. Happy to be here.