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Apr 12, 2024 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Methuselah Mouse

good morning, bros of all kinds, genders, tastes, and talents. let's get with the brogram.


with Abe!

10:00 AM
Polvo - Thermal Treasure
Polvo Thermal Treasure Polvo
Today's Active Lifestyles Merge Records 1993
10:07 AM
Kitty Craft - Tokyo in the Spring
Kitty Craft Tokyo in the Spring Kitty Craft
Mew (1996-2004) Takotsubo Records 2022
10:10 AM
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near
Yo La Tengo Nowhere Near Yo La Tengo
Painful Matador 1993
10:16 AM
P.E.E. - Treed
P.E.E. Treed P.E.E.
Now, More Charm and More Tender March Records 2004
10:20 AM
The Wicked Farleys - My Office
The Wicked Farleys My Office The Wicked Farleys
Sentinel & Enterprise Big Top Records 1998
10:24 AM
Cornelius - Chapter 8 "Seashore and Horizon"
Cornelius Chapter 8 "Seashore and Horizon" Cornelius
FANTASMA WM Japan 2010
10:32 AM
American Football - Honestly?
American Football Honestly? American Football
American Football Polyvinyl Records 1999
10:37 AM
North of America - Rough Draft Korea
North of America Rough Draft Korea North of America
These Songs Are Cursed Rewika Records 1999
10:41 AM
The Sea and Cake - New Patterns
The Sea and Cake New Patterns The Sea and Cake
Runner Thrill Jockey / commmons 2012
10:47 AM
Vampire Weekend - pravda
Vampire Weekend pravda Vampire Weekend N
Only God Was Above Us Columbia 2024
10:51 AM
Pretend - Those Luminous Noises Are God
Pretend Those Luminous Noises Are God Pretend
Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil 674821 Records DK2 2020
11:04 AM
Pequeno Céu - Quatro
Pequeno Céu Quatro Pequeno Céu
Sargaço 2014
11:06 AM
Omni - INTL Waters
Omni INTL Waters Omni N
Souvenir Sub Pop Records 2024
11:09 AM
VIAL - Ur Dad
Burnout Get Better Records 2024
11:11 AM
Cap'n Jazz - Basil's Kite
Cap'n Jazz Basil's Kite Cap'n Jazz
Analphabetapolothology Epitaph 2016
11:14 AM
Carousels - Stay With Me
Carousels Stay With Me Carousels
Pop Carousels 2023
11:17 AM
Mount Kimbie - Shipwreck
Mount Kimbie Shipwreck Mount Kimbie N
The Sunset Violent Warp Records 2024
11:21 AM
Grimes - Circumambient
Grimes Circumambient Grimes
Visions 4AD 2012
11:25 AM
For Tracy Hyde - The Nearest Faraway Place
For Tracy Hyde The Nearest Faraway Place For Tracy Hyde
Ethernity P-VINE RECORDS 2021
11:31 AM
Seefeel - Plainsong
Seefeel Plainsong Seefeel
Quique (Redux Edition) Too Pure 2007
11:39 AM
Cindy Lee - Kingdom Come
Cindy Lee Kingdom Come Cindy Lee N
Diamond Jubilee 2024
11:44 AM
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Mature Themes Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Mature Themes 4AD 2012
11:47 AM
Faye Webster - A Dream With a Baseball Player
Faye Webster A Dream With a Baseball Player Faye Webster
I Know I'm Funny haha Secretly Canadian 2021
11:50 AM
Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying
Belle and Sebastian Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying Belle and Sebastian
If You're Feeling Sinister Matador 1998
11:58 AM
Animal Collective - Stride Rite
Animal Collective Stride Rite Animal Collective
Isn’t It Now? Domino Recording Co 2023
Chat is archived.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 9:59:18 AM
happy FIRST FRIDAY OF THE DRIVE to all who celebrate, broski
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:01:54 AM
Awwwwwright, powerhouse of a duo on the airwaves rn. Let's get the earth shaking again this Friday morning, but with music instead.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:02:19 AM
OHhhhhhhh yeaaaa tandy....
Jon "" Solomon 10:03:31 AM
Polvo will be my pledge databasing soundtrack this AM!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:07:08 AM
Ohhhhhh yeah!
ESO! 10:07:51 AM
excellent start! I am listening in the classroom
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:07:55 AM
g i v i n g t h e p e o p l e w h a t t h e y w a n t
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:08:14 AM
thanks @ESO! are you teaching or the student... either way, sick!
ESO! 10:09:06 AM
just finished teaching english! and i showed an amazing doc, what happened, miss simone? to the students:)
ESO! 10:09:26 AM
so it is music all the time for me!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:09:55 AM
sick!!! bet your students loved it
DubNP* 10:10:05 AM
ESO! 10:10:24 AM
hey abe and methuselah mouse! def giving the people what they want!
ESO! 10:10:51 AM
i have to go but wanted to check in! party on!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:11:04 AM
thanks so much ESO! go teach those kids
ESO! 10:11:13 AM
will listen in the car:)
Jon "" Solomon 10:12:31 AM
YLT = peak MM band.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:12:39 AM
thanks JS
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:14:26 AM
I feel such pride hearing one of NJ's best bands on NJ's ONLY radio station.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:14:53 AM
@TAndy means a lot from one of NJ's best listeners...
Jon "" Solomon 10:19:05 AM
Fun / slightly mortifying fact: There is a P.E.E. song about me.
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 10:19:14 AM
I heart PEE 💛
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:19:25 AM
Jon "" Solomon 10:20:08 AM
IT IS NOT FOR THE CHAT (though likely enough time has passed) BUT I'LL LET YOU KNOW PRIVATELY.
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 10:20:17 AM
Esp mortifying part...
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:20:32 AM
@jimbooooo so right
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 10:20:39 AM
Jon Solomon fan fiction
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:20:49 AM
let's make it happen
Nick Bartlett 10:21:58 AM
my friend told me yall were listening to pee and i had to come on here and say f yea
Nick Bartlett 10:22:09 AM
id like to know that story too jon
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:22:16 AM
@Nick <3 <3 Good to hear
Nick Bartlett 10:23:16 AM
my pee fact is that supposedly they were meanies to rob crow :(
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:23:54 AM
drama... we need fan fiction STAT
Nick Bartlett 10:24:34 AM
san diego indie erotica fanfic?
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:25:31 AM
I will not comment on some of these words... but you are a free operator
Nick Bartlett 10:26:14 AM
wow great playlist yall wicked farleys + pee? goated combo
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:26:51 AM
thank you thank you... i direct thee to if you love us soooo much
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 10:26:56 AM
PEE > pinback
Nick Bartlett 10:29:22 AM
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 10:32:38 AM
Rob's band that starts with "Goblin..." greater than all others, tho.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:33:00 AM
damn the discourse levels right now... surging...
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:35:22 AM
Howdy @Methuselah Mouse! Howdy fellow listeners!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:35:50 AM
hey labhras!!! hows it goin this morning
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:36:53 AM
Not bad @Methuselah Mouse. Not bad! Just finished filing my taxes for 2023. Ready to listen to some good tunes. Yourself?
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:37:30 AM
sounds like you're primed and ready to go to if you haven't yet... we have the perfect post-tax song up next...
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:37:51 AM
Anybody familiar with the story behind the American Football house? It's kind of wild.
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:38:33 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:39:15 AM
imagine raising a beautiful family in the american football house... they'd never know...
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:39:29 AM
Lol. You weren't kidding about the perfect post-tax song were you, @Methuselah Mouse?
DubNP* 10:39:53 AM
Have a good show guys. Gotta run...Where the Bro Splits.
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:40:08 AM
Slán @DubNP*.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:40:09 AM
thanks DubNP! >3
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:43:06 AM
Man ... when are The Sea & Cake going to put out another album?
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:43:37 AM
i think Sam Prekop has a new album out!!
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:45:10 AM
Is it more experimental stuff? Or is it more in the vein of his first two solo LPs? (Don't have a problem with either! But sometimes, you gotta scratch that old school Sea & Cake itch, you know?)
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:45:39 AM
I honestly think _Oui_ is their best album. Sooooo good.
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:46:34 AM
That said, Idaho has a new album coming out on May 31, 2024. Psyched about that.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:47:09 AM
i think ti's more experimental...
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:47:23 AM
Oooooh didn't hear about the idaho albu
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:49:00 AM
Rob F 10:50:49 AM
I enjoyed the 1st hour. Now almost meetings time
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:51:24 AM
@Rob F sad to see you go! enjoy your meeting
Rob F 10:52:50 AM
I don't think enjoyment goes along with meetings lol
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:54:19 AM
Godspeed then
iamthe(donating)labhras 10:54:29 AM
Down with meetings. Up with donations.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:54:58 AM
Literalllly labhras literally
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:01:24 AM
Don't forget to deduct your wprb donations on your taxes, and that includes thousands of of listening also can count towards service to a charitable org! I deducted $42,782...legit, right?
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:01:52 AM
(thousands of hours of listening)
iamthe(donating)labhras 11:02:15 AM
I have a feeling @jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO is based out of ... the Cayman Islands?
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:05:57 AM
Providing moral support to deejays and listeners is an essential service AND full time job, labhras!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:06:04 AM
we appreciate it so much
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:06:56 AM
...and if you listen in the car, you can claim 67 cents/mile!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:21:31 AM
good points all around
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:24:45 AM
I'm not a CPA, but I play one on TV!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:25:14 AM
isn't that what matters in the end anyway
Richard D. Smith 11:28:27 AM
"The Nearest Faraway Place" by For Tracy Hyde is just exquisite. Another talented music group I wouldn't know about without WPRB and shows like this. Thanks, my pledges are coming asap.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:33:29 AM
thansk so much Richard! that's the best thing a DJ can here
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:33:33 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:33:39 AM
and your pledge is deeply appreciated
iamthe(donating)labhras 11:41:22 AM
@jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO. The TV show ... was it Law & Order?
iamthe(donating)labhras 11:55:02 AM
No one ever gets what they want, DJs.
Guelo <3 La Donadora 11:56:41 AM
Great vibes!!
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:57:09 AM
Yes, I'm that CPA that always goes to jail on Law & Order. Thanks deejays!
jimbooomonthlydonorooooOoO 11:57:55 AM
Victoria = Legend