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Habitat Enrichment

Apr 11, 2024 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Krista

Habitat Enrichment is the concept of introducing novelty to an animal's enclosure to keep it from getting bored or sad. Let me play you something fun. Genres span world and time, just like a cat with a box to play in.

Some specialties you can usually hear a little on my show: Luk Thuong, 60s crooners, cow punk, and synthwave. If you don't like the song currently playing, wait approximately 2 minutes for something else!

Deirdre + Krista Drive showwwwww

meeting radio friends irl

having a lil breakfast chat and playing music, feel free to join us

Habitat Enrichment
7:03 AM
TV on the Radio - Staring at the Sun (Demo)
TV on the Radio Staring at the Sun (Demo)
Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes Touch and Go Records 2004
7:11 AM
Brian Wilson - Your Imagination
Brian Wilson Your Imagination
Your Imagination / Your Imagination (A Cappella) [Digital 45] Rhino/Warner Records 1998
7:13 AM
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem - On Our Way
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem On Our Way N
The Muppets Mayhem (Original Soundtrack) Walt Disney Records 2023
7:16 AM
Unknown Artist - Good Morning
Unknown Artist Good Morning
Caribbean Voyage: Nevis & St. Kitts, "Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports, & The Moonlight Night" - The Alan Lomax Collection Rounder 2002
7:20 AM
Seto Leelo Choir - Musica
Seto Leelo Choir Musica
7:24 AM
Anum Iyapo - Ovahstanding
Anum Iyapo Ovahstanding
7:34 AM
Ferlin Husky - I Can't Go on This Way
Ferlin Husky I Can't Go on This Way
7:39 AM
G.RINA - Charm (Daydream Ver.)
G.RINA Charm (Daydream Ver.) N
Charm - EP plusGROUND 2023
8:03 AM
The Grandells - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
The Grandells Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get N
Best Of... E. N Digital 2023
8:16 AM
YIP YIP COYOTE - Pioneer Girl
Pioneer Girl I.R.S. Records, UK 1984
8:22 AM
Helen and the Horns - Freight Train (Live at the ICA 6/10/84)
Helen and the Horns Freight Train (Live at the ICA 6/10/84)
Footsteps At My Door - BBC Sessions & More Damaged Goods 2013
8:27 AM
Nabihah Iqbal - Sunflower
Nabihah Iqbal Sunflower N
Dreamer Ninja Tune 2023
8:29 AM
Leon Ashley - Mental Journey
Leon Ashley Mental Journey
Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got?) Gusto Records 2007
8:36 AM
Paul Evans - Blood Red Lips and Cold Black Hair
Paul Evans Blood Red Lips and Cold Black Hair
Bronco Records
8:38 AM
Johnny Young & Big Walter Horton - Sleeping with the Devil
Johnny Young & Big Walter Horton Sleeping with the Devil
Classic Delta and Deep South Blues from Smithsonian Folkways Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2018
8:50 AM
Gabi von Sulkowsky - Du Und Ich
Gabi von Sulkowsky Du Und Ich
9:06 AM
Büdi Siebert - Hmm... Tanz Der Körperlinge
Büdi Siebert Hmm... Tanz Der Körperlinge
Hmm.... Biber 1990
9:07 AM
Lazerpunk - Hope
Lazerpunk Hope
Covenant - EP LAZERPUNK 2020
9:10 AM
Jamie Jones - More Energy
Jamie Jones More Energy
More Energy/I Need It - EP Four Thirty Two 2021
9:12 AM
Negicco - Watashi Wo Negiii Ni Tsuretette 2
Negicco Watashi Wo Negiii Ni Tsuretette 2 N
Watashi Wo Negiii Ni Tsuretette 2 - Single Fall Wait Records 2023
9:35 AM
Pete And Royce - Passing Another Day
Pete And Royce Passing Another Day
9:44 AM
L'Ensemble Rayé - Course a Pied, Course a Patte
L'Ensemble Rayé Course a Pied, Course a Patte
Les contrepoints cardinaux Disques Rayés 2002
9:48 AM
Alec Mansion - En volant
Alec Mansion En volant
En volant Flarenasch, Belgium 1981
9:48 AM
POLISARIO - Untitled
Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 Sahel Sounds, Sahara 2011
9:52 AM
Daniel Bacalov - Ishii
Daniel Bacalov Ishii
1984/5 Il ladro di anime - diario segreto contraffatto Soave, Italy 2018
Chat is archived.
Krista (host) 7:00:28 AM
good morning!
Dale Hazelton 7:16:49 AM
good morning. re: the brian wilson, they sure were fascinated by barbershop and vaudville in the 60s...
Krista (host) 7:19:34 AM
you're right about that, Dale
Dale Hazelton 7:22:54 AM
without vaudville there would have been no sonny and cher show and all the abc spinoffs, too.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:30:17 AM
Ohi Krista and Deirdre and Dale
Amy Lee 7:31:26 AM
Good morning all!
Krista (host) 7:35:10 AM
good morning, all
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:37:03 AM
Mornin Amy
Amy Lee 7:37:35 AM
Twang makes my heart sing. Nice to hear Ferlin.
Jon "" Solomon 7:39:31 AM
What a delightful Thursday morning team-up!
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 7:39:44 AM
Mornin' Krista & deirdre ☕️ ☕️ dream team!
Krista (host) 7:41:50 AM
hey Christine and Jon! we are jordan and pippin or frodo and pippin
Krista (host) 7:41:57 AM
I'm always pippin
Jon "" Solomon 7:48:54 AM
The non-problematic Stockton and Malone?
Jon "" Solomon 7:49:33 AM
Thanks for making a school drive I wasn’t looking forward to fun!
Krista (host) 7:53:12 AM
deirdre dionysiac 8:05:51 AM
Morning Jon, Christina, Amy, TAndy, Dale! Just got myself dialed up on that good NJ internet
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 8:07:43 AM
Mornin' deirdre 🫖 you and Krista are sounding good!
Chris Reid 8:10:50 AM
I am very pumped for the song villain on air card game next week
Chris Reid 8:13:48 AM
As a fellow frustrated dungeon master, how much do I have to pledge for spot in your game? 😆
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 8:14:14 AM
I too am looking forward to the Asbury Park role-playing game next week. Will pork roll be among the rations that players could find, along with beer & spuds? We're gonna have to wait to find out...
Dale Hazelton 8:15:54 AM
we need more twee on the radio.
Krista (host) 8:20:09 AM
pork roll or taylor ham depending on the suit, I think a spade looks hamish
Krista (host) 8:21:15 AM
Chris, pledging along and playing in the chat will let you suggest a villain or a hero
Ossy 8:23:51 AM
Morning Kris and Dei
Krista (host) 8:24:11 AM
good morning, Ossy
Chris Reid 8:24:18 AM
Awesome - I'm already doing the sustaining thing, but the promise of a shirt that goes with fishnets OR cargo shorts? What an age of fashion wonders we live in - might have to kick in extra. At this rate I predict my entire wardrobe will consist of WPRB tshirts by 2027
Krista (host) 8:30:20 AM
that's the way we like it, Chris. I really like the windbreaker that came out last drive
Dale Hazelton 8:35:38 AM
love this kind of country. can the rubber room be far away?
Ossy 8:42:06 AM
I'll have a roommate that's an angel lol
Bryon Mollica 8:47:21 AM
Are you going to be on Monday with Stiching Pink?
Pup 8:47:35 AM
This Ashby song is killerr
Pup 8:48:51 AM
Happy Drive everyone!
Krista (host) 8:56:10 AM
yes, Bryon!
Monthly_Mok 8:56:41 AM
Monthly_Mok 8:57:18 AM
id like to supply 2 world tracks to the show
Monthly_Mok 8:58:42 AM
BAECHIGI (feat. ANGLEE) - Dduraeyo
Monthly_Mok 8:59:06 AM
Romeo Santos - Eres Mia
Monthly_Mok 8:59:27 AM
for future consideration :)
Krista (host) 9:00:12 AM
Thank you mok, I will listen and see how I can incorporate it into the game
Krista (host) 9:00:33 AM
Hey Pup!!
Ossy 9:02:57 AM
Hi Pup!
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:06:45 AM
🤖 ✨️🪩 👾 *robot dancing intensifies*
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:10:21 AM
More footwork! More footwork! More EN-ER-GY
Ossy 9:11:26 AM
Loce these kinds of sounds
Ossy 9:11:39 AM
More OVER 9000 energy
Monthly_Mok 9:12:11 AM
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:14:17 AM
Morning Ossy, Mok, Bryon, Chris
Ossy 9:15:13 AM
Moring Christine and Mok..Nappa got a humiliating L by Kakarot and Gohan, LOOOL
Monthly_Mok 9:16:17 AM
moring everyone
Monthly_Mok 9:16:39 AM
I was sooo into DBZ in college
Bryon Mollica 9:20:20 AM
In Midwest SJ is hamburger in a tomato sauce, lazy folks will use Manwhich in a can
Krista (host) 9:21:11 AM
that's how I measure masculinity
Mike Lupica 9:21:20 AM
Early 80s NJ school cafeteria Sloppy Joes were ground beef swimming in some kind of murky and sweet fluid somewhere between BBQ and Worcestershire sauce. The pastrami / coleslaw version was a total mystery to me until many years later. Nowadays, I could maybe do a seitan sloppy joe, but that's about it.
Mike Lupica 9:21:53 AM
Yes, what Bryon said. That's the sauce I was thinking of.
Krista (host) 9:22:31 AM
that fluid came right out of the transmission of the schoolbus
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:23:24 AM
Morning @Krista et al.
Newtown Bike Works 9:23:44 AM
We always thought the Sloppy Joe is the ground beef precursor to the Manwich. The deli sandwich, we believe, is called a Rachael (companion to the Reuben).
Krista (host) 9:24:15 AM
the rachel differs a little bit from the sloppy joe I had at a deli in NJ
Newtown Bike Works 9:24:30 AM
Roger that
Newtown Bike Works 9:25:43 AM
Ahhhh, Swiss cheese
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:26:04 AM
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:26:46 AM
Rachel is more like a Rueben no? Nothing like a Sloppy Joe
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:26:55 AM
I now crave a seitan sammich, thanks @Mike Lupica
Bryon Mollica 9:26:59 AM
Black Squirrels are prevalent in Toronto
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:27:14 AM
Newtown Bike Works in the chat!
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:27:35 AM
If any of you guys live in Bucks County you should give 'em a visit. Great shop with great people.
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:28:50 AM
Bucks County resident here 🚲 Morning, Newtown Bike Works
Dale Hazelton 9:29:49 AM
saw a blonde squirrel at the feeder last week, lighter brown and a light orangy tail. they are the edgar and johnny winters of the squirrel kingdom.
Jon "" Solomon 9:30:42 AM
I took a shower and returned to...sloppy joe talk? Time for a second shower!
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:31:42 AM
Lots of black squirrels in the Low East Side neighborhood where mom n law lives. Friendly as are the greys. Very tame, come right up to you. Wild activity in their "tree branch super highway system "
Amy Lee 9:31:49 AM
As a child accompanying Bubbe shopping at the deli was when I knew, meat would not be on my menu as an adult. In a weirdly related to show topic, my husband hunts for his food & loves squirrel pot pie.
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:31:58 AM
Motion to release wave after wave of black squirrels into the Barge.
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:33:28 AM
Saw them in the Morrisville/ Yardley area too in recent years
Jon "" Solomon 9:34:04 AM
1 pledge = one released squirrel.
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:34:50 AM
Stuy Town ya
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:36:28 AM
@Jon is, obviously, a marketing genius.
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:37:28 AM
💯 pledges = 💯 released squirrels. Good 💡, @Jon!
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:38:06 AM
The Black Squirrels would be a great name for a borderline-annoyingly-twee Black Angels cover band.
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:38:40 AM
Last time we were there to visit her mom, the tree branch army of squirrels was rapidly moving tree to tree, back and forth, chattering their squirrel "barks" and down below on the ground a few dogs on leashes sat in wait at the tree trunks while their owners rested on benches. Squirrels won out. No casualties
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:40:19 AM
Fiddle n Banjer alert
Christine, Pledger Allegiance 9:41:15 AM
🪕 🎻🎵 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:42:40 AM
The sound of the T Rex eating the intro band then spitting out the band to play the next section. All it needs is some cartoon gun ricochet sound effects
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:43:04 AM
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:43:29 AM
BTW that's a mandolin there
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:48:08 AM
Anybody got the inside scoop on the new Idaho album _Lapse_?
Krista (host) 9:49:17 AM
the Trex from the Tshirt, spittin out bolts
Ossy 9:53:29 AM
A time to drink tea or cocoa/hot chocolate
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:55:12 AM
Yup same. First heard Sahel Sounds Music from Saharan Cellphones vols on Jon's show
iamthe(donating)labhras 9:57:09 AM
"And you, dear listeners, are animals."
Brian 'D' for Donor 9:57:51 AM
Like a wild aminal it is
Krista (host) 10:00:15 AM
animals are noble
Brian 'D' for Donor 10:00:51 AM
Great show y'all