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Don't Back the Front

Apr 7, 2024 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Dana K

filling in for mcsweden!

Don't Back the Front
12:02 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Skill
The Desperate Bicycles Skill
7" Refill Records 1978
12:05 PM
Split System - The Wheel
Split System The Wheel N
Vol.2 Goner 2024
12:12 PM
Marcel Wave - Barrow Boys
Marcel Wave Barrow Boys N
Something Looming Feel It 2024
12:13 PM
Marbled Eye - In the Static
Marbled Eye In the Static N
Read the Air Summer Shade 2024
12:17 PM
Public Eye - Hot White
Public Eye Hot White
Relaxing Favorites Public Eye 2017
12:19 PM
Heat Dust - The Desire of Language
Heat Dust The Desire of Language
Heat Dust The Flenser 2015
12:22 PM
Slaughterhäus Surf Cult - Means Nothing
Slaughterhäus Surf Cult Means Nothing
It's Just Violence - EP 2023
12:25 PM
Kneeling In Piss - Usa Will Start Another War
Kneeling In Piss Usa Will Start Another War
Tour De Force The Fah Q Catalog 2019
12:28 PM
Alien Nosejob - West Side Story
Alien Nosejob West Side Story N
Cold Bare Facts - Single Anti Fade Records 2024
12:30 PM
Łysol - Padded Cell
Łysol Padded Cell N
Down the Street - EP Feel It Records 2024
12:32 PM
Mononegatives - Reality Is
Mononegatives Reality Is
Apparatus Division Big Neck Records 2021
12:34 PM
Borzoi - The South Is Risen
Borzoi The South Is Risen
A Prayer for War 12XU 2018
12:43 PM
Drill - Within Reason
Drill Within Reason N
Permanent Abandon Everything 2024
12:45 PM
Gee Tee - Bad Egg
Gee Tee Bad Egg
Goodnight Neanderthal Goner Records 2023
12:47 PM
paulo vicious - flores ramona
paulo vicious flores ramona N
ansiedade e guerra tat karka 2024
12:50 PM
C.C.T.V. - Paranoia
C.C.T.V. Paranoia
EP Lumpy Records 2015
12:53 PM
KNOWSO - Do the Work
KNOWSO Do the Work N
Pulsating Gore Sorry State Records 2024
12:55 PM
Shark Toys - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Shark Toys That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Labyrinths In The Red 2018
12:57 PM
The Celebrities - Crackin Under Pressure
The Celebrities Crackin Under Pressure N
Redd Karpet Total Punk 2024
12:58 PM
Smirk - Bad Behavior
Smirk Bad Behavior N
Bad Behavior - Single Smirk Records 2024
1:09 PM
The Scaners - No Return
The Scaners No Return N
The Scaners III Adrenalin Fix Music 2024
1:13 PM
Order of Operation Anti Fade Records 2014
1:17 PM
Added Dimensions - Wound Up
Added Dimensions Wound Up N
Time Suck/Hellbent Domestic Departure 2024
1:19 PM
Sarcasm - Digital Colony
Sarcasm Digital Colony
Creeping Life - EP Static Shock 2021
1:21 PM
KAPÜTT - Parsonage Square
KAPÜTT Parsonage Square
Carnage Hall Upset The Rhythm 2019
1:24 PM
French Vanilla - Thru the Earth
French Vanilla Thru the Earth
French Vanilla Danger Collective Records 2017
1:27 PM
Geo - You Are All Strange
Geo You Are All Strange N
Out of Body Erste Theke Tontraeger 2024
1:31 PM
The World - Ghost Town
The World Ghost Town
First World Record Upset The Rhythm 2017
1:39 PM
Lemongrab - Politics
Lemongrab Politics N
I Spy with My Little Eye U-Bac 2024
1:42 PM
Es - Severed
Es Severed
Less of Everything Upset The Rhythm 2020
1:45 PM
City Yelps - Psych on the Cheap
City Yelps Psych on the Cheap
Cheap Psych Horsey Music 2014
1:47 PM
Skiftande Enheter - Statsepidemiolog
Skiftande Enheter Statsepidemiolog
Öppna Landskap - EP Happiest Place Records 2022
1:50 PM
I.L.L.O. - yellow shell
I.L.L.O. yellow shell N
10 ILL Songs U-Bac 2024
1:52 PM
Liquid Images - Drag Me Down With U
Liquid Images Drag Me Down With U
Liquid Images Tetryon Tapes 2024
1:55 PM
Nick and the Nod - My Career
Nick and the Nod My Career
Land of Nod Chicken Shack 2020
1:57 PM
The Worms - Psycle Paths
The Worms Psycle Paths
Everything in Order Negative Space 2016
1:58 PM
Vital Idles - Dream Baby Dream
Vital Idles Dream Baby Dream
Typical Girls, Vol. 5 V/A Emotional Response 2020
2:07 PM
Bonies - Disruptor
Bonies Disruptor
Disruptor - Single Leisure World Tapes 2023
2:09 PM
Straw Man Army - Option Despair
Straw Man Army Option Despair
Age of Exile La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2021
2:12 PM
Gauche - Copper Woman
Gauche Copper Woman
Get Away with Gauche! Sister Polygon Records 2015
2:15 PM
Roxy Girls - Dirtier
Roxy Girls Dirtier
A Wealth of Information Moshi Moshi Records 2020
2:17 PM
Royal Headache - Garbage
Royal Headache Garbage
High What's Your Rupture? 2015
2:21 PM
Tube Alloys - Magnetic Point
Tube Alloys Magnetic Point
Magnetic Point La Vida Es Un Mus Discos 2023
2:30 PM
The Drin - Tigers Cage
The Drin Tigers Cage N
Elude the Torch Feel It Records 2024
2:34 PM
DIÄT - Blue Skies Over the Ocean
DIÄT Blue Skies Over the Ocean
Positive Energy Iron Lung Records 2015
2:37 PM
Nots - Cold Line
Nots Cold Line
Cosmetic Goner 2016
2:41 PM
Beige Banquet - Mind Lapse
Beige Banquet Mind Lapse N
Ornamental Hermit Swish Swash Records 2024
2:47 PM
Fly Ashtray - Zagreb
Fly Ashtray Zagreb N
Doggerel Fuzzy Warbles 2024
2:51 PM
Yard Act - Petroleum
Yard Act Petroleum N
Where’s My Utopia? Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2023
Chat is archived.
Richard Lyons 12:04:37 PM
crumb crisp coating.
Richard Lyons 12:05:14 PM
hurray for subbin'! hello :)
Dana K (host) 12:05:22 PM
hi richard!
yoni from kdu 12:11:48 PM
Being on the radio when the sun is out should be illegal
TAndy 12:11:58 PM
DJ Dana K!! Hey!
Dana K (host) 12:12:24 PM
Hi TAndy, Yoni
Dana K (host) 12:12:36 PM
It's WAY TOO EARLY to be on the radio
yoni from kdu 12:20:22 PM
yoni from kdu 12:20:33 PM
This album is perfect
Dana K (host) 12:20:46 PM
I probably heard this from you then
yoni from kdu 12:22:02 PM
Been a little obsessed since it came out, yes
yoni from kdu 12:32:12 PM
Lysol! Fun band
Alan Pasnyk 12:48:46 PM
Helloooo Dana! Overslept a bit here but was glad to hear on the FM that U R auto crisisis is all ok....
Dana K (host) 12:49:14 PM
hi alan! yes, the auto is back on the road and got me up here to princeton today
Alan Pasnyk 12:51:06 PM
Glad to hear, and I'm sooo lucky to be within PRB FM broadcast range here in Doylestown..
Alan Pasnyk 12:52:29 PM
....because I just had a "computer crisis" a few days ago, and sure was nice to have 3 FM radio's as backup LOL
Dana K (host) 12:52:57 PM
I don't think I knew you were in Doylestown! Just visited for the first time recently
Alan Pasnyk 12:54:42 PM
Dana: If you're into birding, Peace Valley nature center has birdwalks, but verrry early Sat. mornings...otherwise, nice trails and lake etc..
Richard Lyons 12:55:17 PM
hell of a great first hour! lot of new bookmarks.
Dana K (host) 12:55:40 PM
I went somewhere near Doylestown that had a bird blind...or bird box...I forget what they're called
Alan Pasnyk 12:57:47 PM
Funny, i just saw 3 Turkey Vultures out the back window, they hang around, Three Stooges, magically glide on the wind, awesome..
Dana K (host) 12:59:32 PM
turkey vultures are pretty stunning
Alan Pasnyk 1:01:38 PM
Finally warming up outside, listener Roffle once said he saw "Birds with an Agenda" LOL Spring is here fer sure..
Alan Pasnyk 1:03:00 PM
...also Hi to Richard!!
Richard Lyons 1:04:20 PM
hi Alan!
Richard Lyons 1:06:01 PM
Ramona Flowers?
Johanna Keck 1:06:43 PM
Dana K (host) 1:06:58 PM
Yes! Thank you Johanna!
Christine 1:08:34 PM
Christine 1:09:23 PM
Sounding good, Dana K! Thanks for subbing for McSweden.
Dana K (host) 1:10:05 PM
Hi Christine! Thank you!
Christine 1:10:24 PM
Hi TAndy, Richard, yoni from kdu, Alan, Johanna & al
Alan Pasnyk 1:10:49 PM
Hi Christine! Weather looking a bit cloudy for tomorow's Eclipse, but I'll be at the Franklin institute for the event, gonna get real dark either way...
Christine 1:13:08 PM
I hope you get some great viewing despite the cloudy forecast @Alan. ☀️🌚 🔭 😎 I'll be in Bucks County with a bunch of other people at our library.
Christine 1:13:43 PM
What does one wear to an eclipse party? 🤔
Dana K (host) 1:14:08 PM
I haven't made eclipse plans yet. I can't sleep through it like I did the earthquake.
Alan Pasnyk 1:14:25 PM
...Eclipse Glasses!
Alan Pasnyk 1:14:50 PM
Max Eclipse at 3:23 PM @ Dana
Dana K (host) 1:15:23 PM
I often nap in the afternoon
Dana K (host) 1:15:30 PM
I will make sure I get enough sleep
Alan Pasnyk 1:15:54 PM
...also yes I was in bed for the quake, I thought it was some stupid construction outside here LOL
Andrew G 1:16:56 PM
hey dana! sunday brunch DBTF is a pleasant surprise!
Dana K (host) 1:17:25 PM
hi andrew! thanks for listening!
Christine 1:21:56 PM
Sleep is very important. But we can't sleep during a special Sunday edition DBTF 🚲
Dana K (host) 1:22:59 PM
true that, christine. i should have gotten a coffee...
yoni from kdu 1:24:51 PM
This is wild
Dana K (host) 1:26:13 PM
Didn't we see this band? French Vanilla? I interviewed them in 2017
Dana K (host) 1:26:26 PM
I thought they opened for Shopping but I can't remember
yoni from kdu 1:26:44 PM
Yes. They played the batting cages, I believe.
the fsb 1:27:55 PM
Hi, tom from Spinitron testing Google login
yoni from kdu 1:28:35 PM
I had to clear the Spinitron cookies to be able to log in via Google
yoni from kdu 1:28:49 PM
Oh, of course this is on ETT
Richard Lyons 1:41:06 PM
yoni from kdu 1:41:09 PM
This is super fun
Richard D. Smith 1:41:19 PM
@Dana K (host) Enjoying today's show, as always. "You Are All Strange" shows that Geo songwrites not for a limited era but for all time! ;-))
Dana K (host) 1:41:56 PM
Hi Richard! And I agree. Timeless sentiment.
Christine 1:44:01 PM
Lemongrab 💛
the fsb 1:44:14 PM
yoni, yeah. google changed their login system, we updated spinitron sw, login broke (sry) now fixed it.
Dana K (host) 1:44:27 PM
thanks, Tom!
the fsb 1:44:42 PM
that's a fun playlist! French Vanilla FTW
Mok 1:54:16 PM
oi oi
yoni from kdu 1:56:50 PM
My career?
Dana K (host) 1:57:05 PM
My career.
Mok 1:57:16 PM
Koffin Kats and The Queers rocked Kung Fu Necktie last night
Alan Pasnyk (1) 1:57:29 PM
Whoa!! Nick and the Nod !! yes!
Richard Lyons 1:59:17 PM
Name your price on the Nick and the Nod!
Dana K (host) 2:00:10 PM
Buy the tape! I have it!https://chickenshack.bandcamp.com/album/land-of-nod
Christine 2:03:10 PM
I love that PURE MOODS station ID 🥰
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:03:52 PM
Typical girls was a big YES!
Rob from Maryland🦅 2:05:18 PM
Rob from Maryland🦅 2:07:12 PM
Test 2
Dana K (host) 2:07:31 PM
Is the chat acting screwy?
Mok 2:07:52 PM
I see u Rob
Dana K (host) 2:07:53 PM
@Christine, making the Pure Moods ID was my greatest accomplishment
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:11:32 PM
Screwy chat made me Alan 1
Dana K (host) 2:11:42 PM
Alan the First
Christine 2:14:34 PM
ONE of your greatest accomplishments, Dana K. You have many, like that New Year's show (2021?) with Pure MOODS, Enya, and ALL THOSE AIR HORNS 📢 📢 📢
Christine 2:15:23 PM
*New Year's Eve
Dana K (host) 2:15:39 PM
I love that people still remember that specific show
Dana K (host) 2:15:44 PM
It was going into 2021
Dana K (host) 2:16:41 PM
I think I was just so stir crazy from the pandemic that it manifested itself into...that show
Christine 2:16:43 PM
Unforgettable ridiculousness! LOL
yoni from kdu 2:18:51 PM
One of the greatest diss tracks in punk
Dana K (host) 2:19:23 PM
you're gah-bage
Dana K (host) 2:19:40 PM
what's the band they're in now?
yoni from kdu 2:20:29 PM
Dana K (host) 2:20:35 PM
right! that's the one
Rob from Maryland🦅 2:24:14 PM
Mok & Dana, I now have to choose an account to log in to this WPRB playlist. So I was testing to see how my name appeared when I posted something
Dana K (host) 2:24:55 PM
No worries Rob. Seems like there's something up with Google and Spinitron that they're working on
yoni from kdu 2:30:31 PM
Mok 2:30:37 PM
the google login def changed
Dana K (host) 2:34:49 PM
Diat covering Cannanes
yoni from kdu 2:35:05 PM
Real recognizes real
Mok 2:37:22 PM
oooo new Wine Lips album.
john from FlorhamPark 2:38:59 PM
afternoon fellow music lovers
Mok 2:40:19 PM
Dana K (host) 2:40:44 PM
hi john!
john from FlorhamPark 2:41:04 PM
ahoy mok and diane k
john from FlorhamPark 2:41:43 PM
hi dana sorry i messed your name up
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:42:03 PM
It's Dana K on Fridays and subbing on Sunday...I could get used to this, but we Must Not wear out our valuable DJ's :)
Dana K (host) 2:42:13 PM
haha it's okay! i can be diane
Dana K (host) 2:42:38 PM
well, the drive is coming up, so I'll be on multiple days (but not picking the music)
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:42:56 PM
Beige = Devoesque!!
john from FlorhamPark 2:43:48 PM
@alan i agree, nobody likes an over worked dj @dana as long as i don’t call you late for dinner:)
Dana K (host) 2:45:12 PM
that is a devoesque synth line there
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:45:47 PM
<3 !!!
yoni from kdu 2:52:50 PM
Sounds kinda Beck-y, but not in a bad way
Dana K (host) 2:53:16 PM
I was thinking that. But I love Beck. It's not bad to sound like Beck.
yoni from kdu 2:54:31 PM
John Sumner (1) 2:54:33 PM
@Dana have never been a big beck fan
Christine 2:54:43 PM
Nice, Yard Act
Christine 2:55:16 PM
Done? Sadness. 😭
john from FlorhamPark 2:55:59 PM
jthink i will stick with facebook
yoni from kdu 2:56:04 PM
Boris Beck-er
Richard Lyons 2:56:41 PM
super show, DK! thanks!
Alan Pasnyk (1) 2:57:54 PM
Dana: Thanks for the Tunes! Enjoy the Eclipse everyone,🌞⚫️ be safe, even if it's cloudy it'll be very dark...bcnu!
Dana K (host) 2:58:05 PM
see ya! have a great sunday!
Christine 2:58:59 PM
Cheers, Dana K. See ya on the radio for the drive! 💸 Pleez bring the air horns 📢 📢 📢