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Apr 3, 2024 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Number 6

A potpourri of different genres with an emphasis on EDM, space and trance music.

In a pentode, no one can hear you screen.

V 215.0

12:01 PM
MICADO - Walking between SculptureS
MICADO Walking between SculptureS N
SculptureS 2024
12:12 PM
Daymé Arocena - Suave y Pegao
Daymé Arocena Suave y Pegao N
Alkemi Brownswood Recordings 2024
12:16 PM
Dorothy Carter - Summer Rhapsody
Dorothy Carter Summer Rhapsody N
Waillee Waillee Palto Flats 2023
12:23 PM
Scott Lawlor - Part 6
Scott Lawlor Part 6 N
Nocturnes Vol 20
12:31 PM
Midi Bitch - This Is The Way
Midi Bitch This Is The Way N
Droidika Drangsal
12:39 PM
Caught in Joy - Healing Plasma
Caught in Joy Healing Plasma N
Analog Cosmos Live
12:45 PM
Solipsism - These Clouds Will Pass
Solipsism These Clouds Will Pass N
Glimmering Shimmering
12:51 PM
The Adventures Of Ruby - S2, E13
The Adventures Of Ruby S2, E13
Ruby 2 ZBS.ORG
12:55 PM
Chelsea Wolfe - House Of Self-Undoing
Chelsea Wolfe House Of Self-Undoing N
She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She Loma Vista Recordings 2023
1:01 PM
Bob Dylan - Lenny Bruce
Bob Dylan Lenny Bruce
Shot of Love Columbia 1981
1:06 PM
distance prefix - Nine Fingered Fist
distance prefix Nine Fingered Fist N
The Twilight Interlude x;x/x9z/// 2024
1:12 PM
Aglaia - An Inner Crown
Aglaia An Inner Crown N
Inner Enchantments 2024
1:21 PM
Kauan - Fohn
Kauan Fohn
ATM Revised Artoffact Records 2023
1:32 PM
WINGTIPS - Deaf Pursuit (Kris Baha Remix)
WINGTIPS Deaf Pursuit (Kris Baha Remix) N
REMIXES Artoffact Records 2023
1:38 PM
cEvin Key - Sonic Interlude
cEvin Key Sonic Interlude
bRap and fOrth, vol. 9 Artoffact Records 2023
1:45 PM
Christian Fiesel - Poem Of Endless Drowning
Christian Fiesel Poem Of Endless Drowning N
On Water
1:53 PM
Leathers - Runaway
Leathers Runaway
Runaway - Single Artoffact Records 2022
2:01 PM
Steve Roach - Kairos Zone
Steve Roach Kairos Zone N
Kairos Zone
2:56 PM
ESG - Moody
ESG Moody
Dance to the Best of ESG Fire Records 2010
Chat is archived.
Number 6 (host) 12:00:16 PM
Welcome once again!
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:23:23 PM
@ Number 6 (host) Really loving Dorothy Carter's "Summer Rhapsody."
Number 6 (host) 12:24:25 PM
Hi Richard! I wonder if she is related to the famous Carter family?
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:24:26 PM
Even on a decidedly UN-summery day like this in the Princeton area.
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:24:50 PM
Or maybe especially today ... !
Number 6 (host) 12:25:56 PM
April showers bring May flowers, or so they say.
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:26:18 PM
Hmmmm ... well she shows a real virtuosity on the hammered dulcimer, which isn't an instrument exclusive to the Near South regions of the Carter Family but one especially played and enjoyed there ...
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:38:27 PM
According to her Wiki entry, Dorothy Carter was born in NYC in 1935m died in New Orelans in 2003. Don't see any mention in Wiki nor in reference #5 (an excellent remembrance) oif any Carter Family connection. But she seems to have been a remarkable person, especially influential in bringing medieval sounds to folk music (as a member of Mediæval Bæbes) -- and even as a figure in the "psychedelic folk" genre! The recently reissued album Waillee Waillee was originally released in 1978.
Number 6 (host) 12:40:57 PM
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:51:56 PM
Ruby us now!!!
Brian D 12:52:43 PM
Ruby prediction on AI heh
Number 6 (host) 12:53:18 PM
Hi Brian!
Brian D 12:55:15 PM
Sesame Street / Electric Co etc: "buh - book" "book" face profile bit memories heh
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:55:46 PM
Tennessee O'Neill on Oscillator Theatre working in the Minimalist Zen Opera tradition ... with only 16 words ... ?!!! :-))
Number 6 (host) 12:56:29 PM
Richard from Rocky Hill 12:58:37 PM
@ Brian D Ha! Spot on!
Brian D 1:03:27 PM
The Shot of Love lp circa 1981. Bob exiting the gospel period
Brian D 1:06:29 PM
Every Grain of Sand on here is a classic. Local NJ long time rocker Chris Harford does a great version of that
Number 6 (host) 1:07:07 PM
Yup, your classic non hits!
Rob F 1:11:14 PM
This Nine Fingered Fist is really cool!
Number 6 (host) 1:12:16 PM
Hi Rob! Guaran damn teed to wake you up!
Rob F 1:28:54 PM
Hi Number 6, also like this Kauan
Number 6 (host) 1:30:04 PM
I only play the best!:)
iamthelabhras 2:08:29 PM
Afternoon @Number 6, @Rob F, @Brian D, @Richard From Rocky Hill, and anyone else who may be lurking.
Number 6 (host) 2:10:13 PM
Hi iamthelabhras!
Number 6 (host) 2:11:25 PM
I hope that no one falls asleep during this, although it is good sleeping music!
Number 6 (host) 2:52:17 PM
Don't forget, the pledge drive starts next week on April 9 until the 21st!
Number 6 (host) 2:52:49 PM !
Number 6 (host) 2:53:25 PM
All you pre pledgeaholics get ready!
Guelo 2:53:28 PM
Number 6 (host) 2:55:22 PM
Hi Guelo!
iamthelabhras 2:56:08 PM
Great show as always, @Number 6! GRMA for a great rainy day soundtrack. Have a great week!
Number 6 (host) 2:57:05 PM
Thanks, BCNU!