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Jon Solomon

Mar 27, 2024 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Jon Solomon

For those of you keeping score at home, it is me Jon Solomon, heard every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB...including this one! Requests? Please email me or chime in through the listener chat, champ.



Not only am I back on WPRB tonight, I've brought New Zealand's Young Moon and Chicago's Advance Base with me for a pair of wonderful live performances!

Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
The Rub - The Death of Pop
The Rub The Death of Pop
Bikini Gospel Happy Squid
5:04 PM
Set Break
5:09 PM
Mary Timony - No Thirds
Mary Timony No Thirds N
Untame the Tiger Merge 2024


5:15 PM
Ziad Rahbani - Final - Al Adala
Ziad Rahbani Final - Al Adala
Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah WeWantSounds 2024


Reissue of a 1987 Lebanese album.

5:18 PM
75 Dollar Bill - Southeaster
75 Dollar Bill Southeaster
Southeaster b​/​w Like Like Laundry (2023 Reissue)


5:51 PM
Monde UFO - Lowered Shelf
Monde UFO Lowered Shelf
7171 (Expanded Edition) Fire 2023
5:55 PM
Isaac Turner - Song for Darin (Lil' Bit)
Isaac Turner Song for Darin (Lil' Bit)
Grand Prairie Michigan Independents Network 2024
He of OUT, Minutes, Wowza In Kalamazoo, New Standards Men and (many) more...
5:57 PM
Manzanita - Paga La Cuenta Sinverguenza
Manzanita Paga La Cuenta Sinverguenza
Saturno 2000: La Rebajada De Los Sonideros 1962 - 1983 V/A Analog Africa 2022
6:02 PM
Meatbodies - Move
Meatbodies Move N
Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom In The Red 2024
6:09 PM
Set Break
6:22 PM
Young Moon - 20:32
Young Moon 20:32
Live on WPRB
6:42 PM
Set Break
6:45 PM
Advance Base - 20:40
Advance Base 20:40
Live on WPRB
7:05 PM
Set Break
7:08 PM
Red Eyed Legends - Monsters
Red Eyed Legends Monsters
Wake Up, Legend File Thirteen 2008
7:11 PM
xpoemsx - IV
xpoemsx IV
At The Mod​.​Whitall Mansion, Philadelphia october 2023


7:17 PM
Damaged Bug - Microminiature Love
Damaged Bug Microminiature Love
Bug On Yonkers Castle Face 2020
Michael Yonkers cover.
7:19 PM
Omar El Shariyi - Gafnoho
Omar El Shariyi Gafnoho
Oriental Music WeWantSounds 2020


Originally released in 1976.

7:25 PM
Tangled Shoelaces - Political Jokes
Tangled Shoelaces Political Jokes
Turn My Dial - M Squared Recordings and more, 1981-84 Chapter Music 2021
7:27 PM
Mountain Goats - Snow Song
Mountain Goats Snow Song
Dog So Large I Can Not See Past It V/A 1995


7:29 PM
Weird Nightmare - Darkroom
Weird Nightmare Darkroom
Weird Nightmare Sub Pop 2022
Solo record by Alex Edkins of METZ.
7:31 PM
Set Break
7:39 PM
Winged Wheel - Smudged Textile
Winged Wheel Smudged Textile N
Big Hotel 12XU 2024


Out in May. Members of Spray Paint, Tyvek, Water Damage, Sonic Youth, Matchess and more!

7:46 PM
Pelydron - (Hands, Palms Facing Outwards, Move Downwards with a Swaying Motion and with All Fingers Wiggling)
Pelydron (Hands, Palms Facing Outwards, Move Downwards with a Swaying Motion and with All Fingers Wiggling)
Snö V/A Where It's At Is Where You Are 2023
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:58:20 PM
We made it!
Andrew Chalfen 5:03:28 PM
Should we take our shoes off and leave them by the door?
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:34 PM
If you would be so kind.
Bryan Mccatyy 5:03:35 PM
My favorite guy
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:43 PM
Andrew! Bryan! Hello!
Bryan Mccatyy 5:03:58 PM
Bryan Mccatyy 5:04:12 PM
When I hear that intro ik it’s gonna be a good set
Jon Solomon (host) 5:04:14 PM
Welcome on in, team.
GW Carbo 5:04:27 PM
Be forewarned...I'm not wearing socks.
TAndy 5:04:54 PM
I'm wearing Crocs.
Bryan Mccatyy 5:07:16 PM
And what’s your favorite sandwich?
Dan Wade 5:07:34 PM
Hello everybody!
Andrew Chalfen 5:08:46 PM
If homemade, I have to go with 2 fried eggs, avocado, kosher salt, on sour dough whole grain bread.
Bryan Mccatyy 5:09:26 PM
You guys gotta try the chicken fried Diablo with American from carollos
Jon Solomon (host) 5:10:19 PM
Bryan, the best sandwich I had during Spring Break was a yuba verde sandwich from Superiority Burger. The second-best sandwich was a vegan bagel with cream cheese and lox.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:11:00 PM
Here is a photograph of me thinking lovingly about the former sandwich while holding it in my hands. -
Jon Solomon (host) 5:11:25 PM
Dan! GW! TAndy!
Roffle 5:11:33 PM
Love this song. Only caught the last half of the show at that place that Friday.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:11:55 PM
Roffle, I thought the sound at the show was terrific. So many sweet tones.
Rob from Maryland 🦅 5:11:56 PM
Hello everyone!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:13 PM
Rob! Was thinking about you, hope you're OK.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:26 PM
That bridge collapse near you was terrifying.
Roffle 5:12:37 PM
Yea, mix was good, and they are just so good.
TAndy 5:13:04 PM
Heya everyone
Jon Solomon (host) 5:13:48 PM
Hope everyone has been well. Dan did great filling in last week and having someone already scheduled to cover meant I got to come out of basketball writing retirement and cover Princeton's NIT game.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:16:13 PM
For those just tuning in, I've got a pair of new live performances tonight and to mix things up we're going to hear them in hour TWO.
TAndy 5:16:35 PM
Michael McCool 5:24:17 PM
Jon you are my hero for wearing WPRB gear to F;$$&&@ ?X##%%.
Michael McCool 5:24:44 PM
Yawn at noon
Jon Solomon (host) 5:25:05 PM
I ran into at least one other listener doing the same. Gotta rep when you can!
Rob from Maryland 🦅 5:25:05 PM
I'm ok, Jon, thanks! I live about a 40 mile drive from The Bridge, which was indeed very terrifying to read about (and watch the video of it happening) first thing in the morning.
Andrew Chalfen 5:25:35 PM
That said, I've caught some decent Yawns at Noon.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:26:27 PM
100%, Andrew. It was a nice coincidence that Spring Break started Thursday so we were both free for it.
Roffle 5:26:57 PM
I happened to don a windbreaker that day, but spoke to no one. :)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:27:36 PM
If I'd seen ya, I'd have complimented it for sure.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:27:51 PM
Other listener was wearing his red WPRB cat shirt.
Andrew Chalfen 5:29:01 PM
This is a 12-string guitar. Took me a minute.
Rob from Maryland 🦅 5:29:47 PM
Loving this 75 Dollar Bill piece
Jon Solomon (host) 5:30:44 PM
Thanks, Rob. I know I played the other side of this tape last fall but I've been sitting on this one a while.
jimbooooooo 5:31:22 PM
Or, 37 two-dollar bills plus one Sacajawea dollar coin all glued together
Jon Solomon (host) 5:31:53 PM
jimbooooooo 5:33:35 PM
jon and Co. 🌈💥🎹🪩💕🥞
Jon Solomon (host) 5:35:41 PM
I'm not a fan of The Dead, but I'm near-certain the 2024 Women's Final Four logo is trying to steal my face...
Jon Solomon (host) 5:35:43 PM
jimbooooooo 5:38:10 PM
Stole it, and did a flashy lay-up on yo face 🏀🗑️
Bud Burroughs 5:38:34 PM
Hey, that design would make a great guitar pick!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:39:52 PM
Bud, since it is in Cleveland I imagine the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has had similar ideas...
Roffle 5:41:56 PM
This has more drones than a hobby shop.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:47:20 PM
Brian D 5:50:40 PM
Brian D 5:51:01 PM
Just heard this ... great bouzouki, percussion. Kurdish artist been around
Jon Solomon (host) 5:51:25 PM
Nice. Thank you, Brian.
Brian D 5:52:05 PM
Always love hearing the 75 $ Beee-yillll
Rob from Maryland 🦅 5:52:08 PM
Still loving this 75 Minute Song, I mean, 75 Dollar Bill piece!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:52:48 PM
WPRB, where a 33 minute song is "the short one."
Brian D 5:53:30 PM
Brian D 5:53:36 PM
Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès - this is great too
Jon Solomon (host) 5:54:08 PM
Wow, that looks very cool. Remind me of it when I'm not on the radio and I'll preview ASAP.
Brian D 5:59:19 PM
Brian D 5:59:24 PM
Oh and for funky organ latin groove
Brian D 6:07:28 PM
Paga La Cuenta Sinverguenza = pretty much "pay the bill you [expletive that literally translates as 'shameless one' so "you rascal", "you scoundrel" etc....]
Jon Solomon (host) 6:07:53 PM
Translate gave me "shameless."
Brian D 6:08:45 PM
Ya... the adjective would be shameless yup. Often used as a noun for m or f.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:09:10 PM
Andrew Chalfen 6:09:57 PM
Who needs Duolingo when I have Playlist chat.
jimbooooooo 6:10:26 PM
I like the taste of meatbodies
Brian D 6:10:54 PM
So ya the song could be saying "pay the damn bill" etc... as you could insert an angry adjective in translation that does not have to be the exact definition. Often times the movies/tv are translating sub titles to the best emotional match of word. The oomph factor. Rather than a direct exactly equal dictionary definition etcv
Patrick Rapa 6:10:56 PM
meatbodies y manzanas
Roffle 6:12:10 PM
I would've guessed Jane's Addiction for that last one.
Patrick Rapa 6:14:31 PM
75 Dollar Bill keeping it under 40 mins!
Patrick Rapa 6:16:22 PM
Dan Wade 6:16:51 PM
Meatbodies was on Scharpling last night I think
jimbooooooo 6:17:29 PM
That was not wistful, 'twas pure carnal sandwich lust.
Patrick Rapa 6:19:01 PM
you and your popcorn bucket can have a whole theater to yourself
Patrick Rapa 6:19:43 PM
i agree @jimb. it was lascivious
Roffle 6:21:16 PM
I love how Timony leans into single coil pickups myself. Tones
Jon Solomon (host) 6:22:36 PM
I like sandwiches, what can I say. Waiting for texts about sandwiches I forgot...
Jon Solomon (host) 6:23:27 PM
Dan, I listened to the new Meatbodies before I heard they would be on Best Show but that was a nice surprise. They closed their set with the song I played tonight.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:23:59 PM
Young Moon reminds me a bunch of Crooked Fingers. Your ears may disagree.
Patrick Rapa 6:24:22 PM
first i'm hearing them but i dig it
Jon Solomon (host) 6:25:22 PM
A quality surprise, his music was.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:26:14 PM
I know it is linked in the playlist tonight but so you have it here as well -
Patrick Rapa 6:28:10 PM
much appreciated
Jon Solomon (host) 6:28:41 PM
Their prior two records are on a different Bandcamp, (perhaps because that platform lacks a "merge" button).
Jon Solomon (host) 6:29:29 PM
Richard Lyons 6:31:53 PM
Loving the show!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:32:49 PM
Hey, Richard! For those of you keeping score at home I believe these are performances #257 and #258.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:38:13 PM
Advance Base is up next!
Richard Lyons 6:42:35 PM
I am soooo looking forward to that!!!!!!!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:46:26 PM, tell 'em WPRB sent you.
Dan Wade 6:48:02 PM
This is the Christmas Steve people, right?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:35 PM
One and the same.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:48:45 PM
Also Cold White Christmas.
torn hawk 6:49:43 PM
Wow I was so excited to see advanced base on the radio casio tone for the painfully alone was a lot to me at a time I love that Toby take a bow song and he's got so many jams. The duck tales got covered a casio tone for the painfully long song too
torn hawk 6:50:00 PM
oh, he's here?
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:13 PM
Yes, this was recorded live at WPRB. Session is premiering presently (this is the second song of the set).
Jon Solomon (host) 6:53:22 PM
I fell asleep thinking about this song, had a dream about the song. Might have been *in* the song in my dream? Not sure that's ever happened to me before.
Gautham Kalva 6:53:29 PM
Excellent live shows Jon. It feels like you are making history..
Jon Solomon (host) 6:53:42 PM
Hey, Gautham!
torn hawk 6:54:53 PM
oh man...i'm silly. this is really cool
Jon Solomon (host) 6:55:22 PM
Great to have you with us tonight, Torn Hawk.
Patrick Rapa 6:59:30 PM
i don't know why but advance base gives me like instant frisson
Jon Solomon (host) 7:00:07 PM
Same. So economical.
torn hawk 7:01:01 PM
giving me feels, so glad i tuned in
Richard Lyons 7:01:06 PM
love this song!
Richard Lyons 7:03:15 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:03:39 PM
Memories of New Jersey are forever.
Carlos Ramone. 7:05:22 PM
Greetings from a dry and sunny Portland Ore
Jon Solomon (host) 7:05:38 PM
Pleasant evening (or afternoon), Carlos.
Carlos Ramone. 7:06:33 PM
Very different listening to show at this time
Jon Solomon (host) 7:11:28 PM
Can imagine. Hope you're having a nice time.
Carlos Ramone. 7:17:30 PM
Great time ..spending with grand kid as schools are off for spring break
Jon Solomon (host) 7:17:37 PM
Andy Wing 7:29:02 PM
Just tuning in. Wasn't this Goats track used in an old station break?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:29 PM
This is off the WPRB compilation CD, story related to it in the next break!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:04 PM
Welcome, Andy!
Andy Wing 7:30:41 PM
Hi all, memories of when Archer of Loaf ruled the playlists?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:54 PM
Same era indeed.
Rob F 7:43:10 PM
Hi Jon, I am usually busy on Wed and don't really catch much of the show. But, got to hear most of it tonight. It's been a good one
Jon Solomon (host) 7:43:18 PM
This one cleared the "fun" bar with ease.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:43:28 PM
Oh, glad you could get in Rob!
Rob F 7:44:55 PM
Also, my daughter is visting from San Diego and she reallly want DeLorenzo's Robbinsville which we got last night.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:45:13 PM
Heck yes. Tell us about your pie(s).
Rob F 7:46:13 PM
Ha - my daugher got tomato pie with pepperoni, onions, basil, garlic and extra tomatoes
Rob F 7:46:44 PM
My son got pepperoni, sausage, onion
Jon Solomon (host) 7:47:21 PM
Sounds good! We tried (and failed) to go to a spot in Brooklyn I've wanted to try for ages on Friday. Turns out you need to put your name in at 4 pm sharp to have a chance. We got there before 5 and the next pie time was at 9.
Marcus Haupt 7:48:44 PM
thanks for the righteous tunes my brother
Rob F 7:48:58 PM
wow, busy place
Jon Solomon (host) 7:48:58 PM
You're rather welcome, Marcus.
Richard Lyons 7:54:40 PM
Great show! Thanks Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:55:35 PM
This was tops, and I'm delighted so many familiar names (plus some new ones) were in the chat for it.
Rob from Maryland 🦅 7:58:19 PM
Thanks for all this great music, Jon! Bye everyone!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:58:33 PM
Bye Rob! DJ Hog is up next! Unless he isn't!