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Not Your Mother's Dance Party ❀ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)♡

Mar 12, 2024 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With rosasolis dream

subbing for andi on this warm(ish) spring?! evening.. but im sick ugh ofc iam.. but pls enjoy these tunes as we welcome wednesday <3





Not Your Mother&#039;s Dance Party ❀ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)♡
11:01 PM
goreshit - we came to gangbang
goreshit we came to gangbang
goretrance 9 Kitty on Fire Records 2019


11:04 PM
Five Star Hotel - Came From
Five Star Hotel Came From


11:06 PM
Jensen Interceptor & DJ Fuckoff - Boy U Nasty
Jensen Interceptor & DJ Fuckoff Boy U Nasty
Club Angels EP


11:12 PM
24HR Experience - Not Gonna Let Ya
24HR Experience Not Gonna Let Ya
The Test Press - EP Digital Tape Recordings 2021


11:18 PM
Naked Flames - Relief Rinse
Naked Flames Relief Rinse
Binc Rinse Repeat - Single Dismiss Yourself 2021


11:24 PM
寺田創一 [Soichi Terada] - Dark Ruins
寺田創一 [Soichi Terada] Dark Ruins
Ape Escape OST (PlayStation)


11:28 PM
薄荷水晶 [babyMINT] - 2023: BBMeme ODYSSEY
薄荷水晶 [babyMINT] 2023: BBMeme ODYSSEY
越來越好玩 (Loading... FUN!) 2023


11:31 PM
Club Casualties - 4 Sum Reason:Reverse The Curse
Club Casualties 4 Sum Reason:Reverse The Curse
4 Sum Reason:Reverse The Curse


11:34 PM
The Pharcyde - 4 Better or 4 Worse
The Pharcyde 4 Better or 4 Worse
Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde


11:40 PM
Yabujin - 。✰302?ionwan2go✰。
Yabujin 。✰302?ionwan2go✰。
。✰302?ionwan2go✰。 2020


11:42 PM
Lucy Bedroque - triplet .*★ ##b4sisters
Lucy Bedroque triplet .*★ ##b4sisters
triplet .*★ ##b4sisters 2022


11:44 PM
Bootychaaain - Number 9
Bootychaaain Number 9


11:46 PM
Rodeoglo - . ADDY TALK
Rodeoglo . ADDY TALK


11:48 PM
BBY GOYARD - Loss of Words
BBY GOYARD Loss of Words
Loss of Words


11:51 PM
Hi-C - Skins222
Hi-C Skins222


11:53 PM
Domd & Hi-c - Ohh Yeaaa Juiced Up Pop Punk Emo Swag
Domd & Hi-c Ohh Yeaaa Juiced Up Pop Punk Emo Swag
Ohh Yeaaa Juiced Up Pop Punk Emo Swag


11:56 PM
454 - One in a Million
454 One in a Million
One in a Million


11:58 PM
Cr1s1s - balance
Cr1s1s balance
El fin de un mundo en común 2023


12:05 AM
Brisk & Ham - Gettin Down
Brisk & Ham Gettin Down
Angel Eyes / Gettin Down


b-side from yesterdayy
12:17 AM
adore - halo
adore halo
halo 2023


12:20 AM
Ecco2k - Sugar & Diese
Ecco2k Sugar & Diese


12:23 AM
f(x) - Glitter
f(x) Glitter
4 Walls


12:27 AM
Banjaxed - Chrysalis (Original Mix)
Banjaxed Chrysalis (Original Mix) N
Chrysalis 2024


12:32 AM
Princess Nokia - Dragons
Princess Nokia Dragons
Dragons 2014


12:36 AM
Tim Reaper - Off the Top Rope
Tim Reaper Off the Top Rope N
MYORFR001 2024


12:42 AM
Dream Techno (드림 테크노) - Dreamy Future
Dream Techno (드림 테크노) Dreamy Future


12:47 AM
Charles.A.D - Sea turtle migration
Charles.A.D Sea turtle migration N
Sea turtle migration 2024


12:53 AM
Charles.A.D - Colonial
Charles.A.D Colonial N


12:58 AM
MUNZi - u•used-to ft kairo/datealyfe (rxi/wintfye)
MUNZi u•used-to ft kairo/datealyfe (rxi/wintfye)
u•used-to ft kairo/datealyfe (rxi/wintfye)


Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:01:15 PM
TAndy 11:01:36 PM
oh my godddd these subs today are killing me <333333
rosasolis (host) 11:02:22 PM
omg tandy!! glad u appreciate the lake music ^^
TAndy 11:05:55 PM
shmovin to this rn
rosasolis (host) 11:09:39 PM
Ossy 11:14:38 PM
Hi Rosalina again! Herstory Power! https://www.deviantart.com/princessdaisy2000/art/Girl-Power-477355597
rosasolis (host) 11:15:32 PM
good evening ossy!! thats lovely to see~
Ossy 11:16:06 PM
Cause Mar10 Day and Women History Month!!
Ossy 11:17:04 PM
I think the Warioware girls are far more interesting LOL
TAndy 11:18:25 PM
Silly Spinitron... This is a 1995 cut, not 2021.
rosasolis (host) 11:20:02 PM
happy belated international womens day ofc!! and @tandy youre right! idk why spinitron puts the date of the reissue
Ossy 11:22:42 PM
Starlight naked flames has the sparkling rave sounds! Speaking of post Mario Day, I think the Mario Movie sequel is in the making. I also hear they have a Zelda movie
rosasolis (host) 11:25:47 PM
i did not hear about the zelda movie!
Ossy 11:30:26 PM
It's still debatable whether it's genuinely legit or no https://www.google.com/search?q=zelda+movie&oq=zelda+m&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUqBwgEEAAYjwIyBggAEEUYOTIGCAEQRRhBMgYIAhBFGEEyBggDEEUYQTIHCAQQABiPAtIBCDI1MTVqMGo3qAIAsAIA&client=ms-android-tmus-us-revc&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
Ossy 11:31:22 PM
I'll like to see a movie of Kirby, Mega Man and Earthbound !
rosasolis (host) 11:34:12 PM
a earthbound animated film would be lovely! ive never played the game
Ossy 11:35:25 PM
Me neither at all, but know very little chars like Paula and Giygas, aside from Ness and Lucas
Ossy 11:36:17 PM
I saw some fan idea on deviantart of a possible Earthbound film, a week ago on Am I The Drama?
William Lehman IV 11:36:20 PM
Really enjoyed hearing Ape Escape ost!
rosasolis (host) 11:38:20 PM
hii william!! so glad to hear, i always love soichi terada's music :)
TAndy 11:38:27 PM
crazy genre hopping tonight dj <3
rosasolis (host) 11:39:17 PM
ty tandy!! 😊! and @ossy oh i would definitely watch an earthbound film!
TAndy 11:40:25 PM
yesssss love this track
Ossy 11:41:21 PM
Rosa - Even greater, a Warioware anime!!! It'll be like Jotaro and Bobobo LOOL
rosasolis (host) 11:43:57 PM
yabujin lives in such an ethereally unique place im jealous.. and i need to play more warioware ossy!
Jiano Briggs (1) 11:46:53 PM
All the hits tn :0
Ossy 11:47:01 PM
Officially playing an older 2000s Warioware game, called Warioware Touch. They have a latest one last year called Move It. Overall Warioware seems more challenging exciting than Mario Party series, Roaa!
Ossy 11:47:05 PM
DJ Hog 11:49:58 PM
so good
DJ Hog 11:50:17 PM
im busy during regular notebook time this season so very happy to be listening tonight :D
rosasolis (host) 11:50:59 PM
omg hii dj hog!!! so glad that you can tune in tn 😊
rosasolis (host) 11:51:30 PM
@ossy i think it is harder than mario party!! and @jiano you already knooo 😾
TAndy 11:52:55 PM
sup dj hog
DJ Hog 11:53:48 PM
hi tandy!
Ossy 11:55:34 PM
Rosa - Playing during Notebook and Sara's glossy rubber squeaky show since last night, it is, especially in Speed Up mode!
Ossy 11:56:56 PM
And hi Hog!
rosasolis (host) 11:59:36 PM
yess! sara and i both love 454
loam 12:20:08 AM
putting off writing my speech for class tmrw
loam 12:20:20 AM
this is so chilling
Jiano Briggs (1) 12:20:59 AM
It’s my boy
rosasolis (host) 12:22:03 AM
hii loam!! omg yes we all need a little break! (but hope the speech goes well~)
rosasolis (host) 12:22:13 AM
@jiano omg ℮
Jiano Briggs (1) 12:23:41 AM
TAndy 12:24:39 AM
yall ready for that ecco2k yung lean album
rosasolis (host) 12:24:59 AM
i neeeed when is it coming out
TAndy 12:26:32 AM
I'm dumb sorry it's bladee not ecco2k
TAndy 12:26:34 AM
rosasolis (host) 12:27:16 AM
omg it literally just dropped...
TAndy 12:30:22 AM
Better stop the show and let the doom funk take over for the next half hour
rosasolis (host) 12:33:52 AM
that funky drummer gives me ptsd
TAndy 12:37:01 AM
I swear to God Robo DJ actually played that song in rotation during automation hour last week
rosasolis (host) 12:39:48 AM
that sounds like nightmare stufff
TAndy 12:40:06 AM
omfg this melody synth is going crazy
rosasolis (host) 12:41:09 AM
tim reaper is sooo good
TAndy 12:44:06 AM
So true
TAndy 12:53:53 AM
Delicious show tonight, so many yummy and decadent tracks. Thank you so much!
TAndy 12:56:07 AM
omg DJ Ratsasolis 🥹
rosasolis (host) 12:57:04 AM
soo glad to have subbed!! expect all different types of tracks on friday morning~ ♡
Jiano Briggs (1) 12:57:04 AM
loam 12:58:02 AM
this was so cool
loam 12:58:07 AM
thank you
Jiano Briggs (1) 12:58:26 AM
Omg I luh this song
rosasolis (host) 12:59:41 AM