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Desert Cruising

Mar 4, 2024 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Mondays 10am–12pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 278: 3/4/24

Desert Cruising
10:00 AM
Patriarchs in Black - Destroyer
Patriarchs in Black Destroyer N
Destroyer - Single Patriarchs in Black 2024
10:04 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:07 AM
Tidal Wave - Manuscript 512
Tidal Wave Manuscript 512 N
Manuscript 512 - Single Ripple Music 2024
10:14 AM
Skraeckoedlan - Mysteria
Skraeckoedlan Mysteria N
Mysteria - Single 2024
10:19 AM
Mote It Be - Demini
Mote It Be Demini N
Demini - Single Alex Achilles Studios 2024
10:23 AM
Misleading - Tutte Le Nove Vite
Misleading Tutte Le Nove Vite N
Tutte Le Nove Vite - Single Default 2024
10:31 AM
Tigers on Opium - Separation of the Mind
Tigers on Opium Separation of the Mind N
Psychodrama Heavy Psych Sounds 2024
10:38 AM
The Cosmic Dead - Space Mountain (Part II: High Country)
The Cosmic Dead Space Mountain (Part II: High Country) N
Infinite Peaks Heavy Psych Sounds 2024
10:47 AM
The Quill - Elephant Head
The Quill Elephant Head N
Elephant Head - Single 2024
10:51 AM
Grave Speaker - Blood of Old
Grave Speaker Blood of Old N
Grave Speaker Grave Speaker 2023
10:57 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:04 AM
Clouds Taste Satanic - Collision
Clouds Taste Satanic Collision N
79 A.E. 2024
11:25 AM
Haunted - Malevolent
Haunted Malevolent N
Malevolent - Single Ripple Music 2024
11:33 AM
Psychic Lemon - Trepanning For Gold
Psychic Lemon Trepanning For Gold N
Trepanning For Gold - Single Lemon Records 2024
11:41 AM
Zukunft - Trip to the Moon
Zukunft Trip to the Moon N
San Düsseldorf - EP 2024
11:48 AM
New Fallen Empire - Siren of the Ruins
New Fallen Empire Siren of the Ruins N
Wastelander 2024
11:53 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:57 AM
Robots of the Ancient World - Hindu Kush
Robots of the Ancient World Hindu Kush N
3737 Small Stone Records Co. 2023
Chat is archived.
Jason 10:05:11 AM
haha..."he's in town and he's gonna kick your ass".
TAndy 10:05:28 AM
That was awesome lmao
Captain Ahab (host) 10:07:48 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:07:58 AM
I hear you have the fuzzy licks & desert riffs.
Captain Ahab (host) 10:08:02 AM
so long as nothing is going in or out of the ass, ass is allowed on the radio
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:08:20 AM
Jason 10:08:28 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 10:08:45 AM
Matt where you been man
Jason 10:09:19 AM
Hey @Matt ...good to "see" you
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:10:33 AM
Got a lil lost in the desert for a minute there
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:12:25 AM
Now I'm at the combo Pizza Hut/Taco Bell
Rob F 10:14:00 AM
and Blizzard for desert
Rob F 10:14:28 AM
Blizzard of Ozz
Captain Ahab (host) 10:19:28 AM
I would like to try the giant Cheezit crunchwrap thing taco bell announced a couple weeks ago
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:20:42 AM
Fuzzy Monday to all!
Jason 10:21:46 AM
mmmm Cheezit.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:22:16 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 10:23:18 AM
Matt you missed some spicy news that I only announced after the switch to Monday mornings
Captain Ahab (host) 10:23:31 AM
I got a tenure track job!
Captain Ahab (host) 10:23:40 AM
at Wesleyan University
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:25:09 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:25:30 AM
Did I not tell you? 😉
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:26:00 AM
You'll be great.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:29:14 AM
Does Wesleyan still have a strong ethnomusicology department? Maybe your Anatolian Rock research can find some cross discipline home
Jason 10:29:26 AM
organ solo
Captain Ahab (host) 10:29:34 AM
they do! and I intend do propose that very thing
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 10:34:33 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:36:05 AM
Tigers on Opium changed their name to Cocaine Bear
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:37:35 AM
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:38:31 AM
Congrats again Captain! Will this move affect your show time?
Dale Hazelton 10:38:56 AM
hey now. that was very electric funeral by sabbath.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:39:31 AM
Good point Dale!
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:39:37 AM
Ha, someone just walked by my office and made a Sabbath comparison
Captain Ahab (host) 10:40:52 AM
hey Travis, the sad truth is I suspect my time with WPRB will conclude soon, as more new DJs join WPRB I think remote djs like myself with other options for shows (WESU at Wesleyan) should probably step back and make room
Dale Hazelton 10:41:06 AM
...or was it faeries wear boots. long time since i listened to that. the jazz freakout sounded similar.
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:42:10 AM
Aww, we will have to tune in to WESU then.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:42:19 AM
Either one Dale, I heard it too
Captain Ahab (host) 10:42:20 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 10:43:13 AM
I haven't actually written to WESU yet lol so maye I should double check it's possible to join as a prof before I throw in the towel at wprb
Captain Ahab (host) 10:43:19 AM
Dale Hazelton 10:44:17 AM
exciting new adventures captain ahab. congrats.
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:44:25 AM
No towels thrown
TAndy 10:44:27 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:44:42 AM
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:45:51 AM
Ha, I even read that in my head with an Ozzy voice
TAndy 10:46:20 AM
I read my last message out loud and for some reason my pirate voice has a slight Scarface accent to it
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:46:31 AM
No towels thrown indeed. Black flag flies. We shall never surrendah. (Aces High plays)
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:47:58 AM
A Cuban Pirate!
Captain Ahab (host) 10:48:39 AM
Doctorrrr Ahab (knock on wood, I still gotta finish this damn dissertation)
TAndy 10:48:54 AM
U mean Desertation
Captain Ahab (host) 10:49:04 AM
lololol i stand corrected
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:49:41 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 10:50:49 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:51:17 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:52:02 AM
I love yelling in the desert
Jason 10:54:00 AM
haha. classic.
Jason 10:55:00 AM
I think DC should be broadcast on WPRB and WESU simultaneously. Make it happen, Captain.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:55:07 AM
PhD? I have a PhD in Geezer Butler Studies.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:55:43 AM
Jason that'd be rad 🌵🏜️DOUBLE DESERT
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:57:00 AM
I did my dissertation in BOOGIE VAN STUDIES
Jason 10:58:13 AM
East coast takeover
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:59:01 AM
Desert Cruising down the Appalachian pirate radio network
Travis in TechniColor ado 10:59:11 AM
Well enjoyed here
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 10:59:44 AM
Mutoid Man w/ the High on Fire bassist!
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:02:02 AM
I thought a mote was a speck of dust suspended
Captain Ahab (host) 11:04:30 AM
it is indeed, but i think the phrase as a whole has more to it
Captain Ahab (host) 11:04:33 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 11:05:04 AM
lol Jason I cant say I wouldn't be happy by that prospect lol
Captain Ahab (host) 11:05:13 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:06:17 AM
Left channel: wprb DC. Right channel: other station DC
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:08:43 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 11:08:45 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:09:09 AM
Jam is gettin STANKY
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:11:11 AM
This one is a swayer
TAndy 11:11:23 AM
Swangin to this rn
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:11:47 AM
Patrick Swayze
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:12:29 AM
Ahab did you know Josh Homme ran a Patrick Swayze fan club? It checks out & is so bizarre
TAndy 11:12:32 AM
TAndy 11:12:50 AM
Matt you rode the Swayzie Express in to chat?
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:13:16 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:15:03 AM
Tandy I got a ride w/ these jokers
TAndy 11:15:27 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 11:15:50 AM
lol I did not know that about Homme
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:16:03 AM
Homme is an odd dude
Captain Ahab (host) 11:16:22 AM
gotta be at those levels
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:16:32 AM
Desert eccentric like bloke
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:20:01 AM
CTS make some epic songs
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:22:21 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:22:52 AM
So pretty
Captain Ahab (host) 11:23:53 AM
that's me in my office now
TAndy 11:25:23 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:25:25 AM
Ahab I been watchin this Turkish barber on youtube, Münün I think, he's a gotdamn ninja
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:26:02 AM
TAndy 11:26:38 AM
We're about 9 hours early to go goblin mode but fuggit
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:27:18 AM
Tandy I was just listenin to Crom, san diegbro powerviolence, who were playing that couch incident gig
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:27:58 AM
Tandy you can go goblin on Rosasolis' show
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:29:09 AM
There needs to be a documentary about the convo that preceded said couch tossing into the pit
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:31:27 AM
Haunted! Reminds me of Made Out of Babies a lil
g jackson 11:31:46 AM
That Quill song you played a while back. Had to check the playlist to see if it was a Hellacopters tune I'd never heard before. Then I heard you say they were Swedish and had been around since '92. Don't know how I didn't know of them but I didn't. I absolutely love the Hellacopters. They have to at least from the same scene.
TAndy 11:33:30 AM
There needs to be a documentary on Xyloprawn.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:33:53 AM
G jackson the Gothenburg scene maybe? G'burg seems like stoner rock incubator
Captain Ahab (host) 11:34:24 AM
g jackson nice! I was not familiar with the hellacopters, new band to check out
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:34:25 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 11:34:52 AM
matt those barbers man, do not mess with them
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:35:22 AM
G jackson, Ahab is yer source for swede stoner rock. She is an honorary swede.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:36:59 AM
Ahab the Turk barbers dont play. Brusque like N J if ya get outta line. But then they do an awesome massage.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:38:09 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:38:59 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:40:14 AM
It's fukn rad 👍🏜️🧠💥
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:43:58 AM
Tandy have you been to San Düsseldorf
TAndy 11:46:25 AM
Uhhhh I ride a cable car last year and went in a broat
TAndy 11:46:47 AM
Had some dumpster seafood but didn't see Captain Gary
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:47:07 AM
Dumpster seafrood is just fine. For your health.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:47:49 AM
I didnt like Brule at first but it grew on me.
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:48:49 AM
It's okay to say ass on air as long as nothing goes into or out of the rangus.
TAndy 11:49:09 AM
I always liked him. I remember in high school we watched Gangs of New York. John's character showed up and the guy next to me immediately said "Oh shit Steve Brule"
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:50:05 AM
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:50:35 AM
He is so good in Boogie Nights 🕺
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:52:14 AM
Ahab that was fun! Glad I found my way back to the tribe. 🏜️🌵Wuz way dafuq out there for a bit 🤪
TAndy 11:52:44 AM
Aye. Great show as always, nicely subdued moments such as THIS
TAndy 11:52:51 AM
Gonna be a sick changeover to Dan's show
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:54:03 AM
Tandy I'll see yas in the Notebook
TAndy 11:54:23 AM
Jason 11:54:26 AM
Epic show, Captain.
Travis in TechniColor ado 11:54:50 AM
Great show Cap'n ! Tanks!
Dan Ruccia 11:55:31 AM
Trepanning, I'm pretty sure has something to do with putting holes in your skull to relieve pressure on the brain
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:55:32 AM
Trepanation is gnarly as Spicoli says
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:56:16 AM
Jesus Lizard has a song about trepanation, naturally
g jackson 11:56:53 AM
Lord, I'm terrible in the chat I can't check back to reply to my original question but thank you for that. I'm better off not even logging in when I'm at work but I'm listening great show.
Captain Ahab (host) 11:57:33 AM
oooh nice learned a new word today, trepanning
Captain Ahab (host) 11:57:42 AM
thanks team!
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:58:13 AM
Monday AMs are interesting for fuzzy warbles. 🏜️🌵🤘I like
Matt Psychic Lemon Sabbath 11:59:20 AM
Have a desert-riff-ic day yall
Travis in TechniColor ado 11:59:34 AM
@matt "did you hear that? That's my skull" -Spicoli