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The New Abnormal

Feb 9, 2024 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ

Exploring multiple facets of jazz-adjacent prog-rock, edgy fusion, Canterbury, Zeuhl, Rock-In-Opposition, avant-prog, Rock Progressivo Italiano, world music, ambient, anything virtuosic.

🐕‍🦺 x 🐒 = ᔺᖾᗴ ᘯᘿᙎ ᕕᗾᑜ𐤏ᖆᘻᗩᒸ


A Houndkey

The New Abnormal
7:02 AM
Rachika Nayar - Death & Limerence
Rachika Nayar Death & Limerence
Heaven Come Crashing NNA Tapes 2022

Brooklyn based musician https://rachika.bandcamp.com/



7:06 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:09 AM
Monobody - Echophrasia
Monobody Echophrasia
Raytracing Sooper Records 2018

Math rock / fusion band from Chicago. https://monobody.bandcamp.com/album/raytracing



7:19 AM
Dungen - Sova
Dungen Sova
Allas Sak calentito 2015

Dungen ("the grove") is a Swedish band based in Stockholm, fronted by singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes. Their music blends psychedelic rock with alternative rock and Swedish folk music.




7:26 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:30 AM
Andrea Chimenti - Ti ho aspettato
Andrea Chimenti Ti ho aspettato
L’albero pazzo Soffici Dischi 2004

Andrea Chimenti is an Italian singer/songwriter. "Ti ho aspettato" (I Have Waited For You) was cowritten with guest vocalist David Sylvian.


7:35 AM
Alifair - Heavy dream
Alifair Heavy dream
Mélanfolie Autoproduction 2002

Formed in 2001 by guitarist and producer Jean Pascal Boffo, they make songs with surreal texts and pop, folk and electro atmospheres. https://alifair.bandcamp.com/



7:39 AM
Léa Sen - (No)
Léa Sen (No) N
You of Now, Pt. 2 - EP Partisan Records 2023

Songwriter and vocalist from Paris, living in London. (This song was heavily edited for airplay.) https://leasen.bandcamp.com/



7:43 AM
David Torn - Each Prince, to His Kingdom, Must Labor to Go
David Torn Each Prince, to His Kingdom, Must Labor to Go
What Means Solid, Traveller? CMP Records 1996

Born 26 May 1953 in Amityville NY.



7:47 AM
Djam Karet - Chimera Moon
Djam Karet Chimera Moon
A Night for Baku Cuneiform Records 2003

Instrumental eclectic progressive rock band founded in California in 1984. So far, they have released 19 full-length albums. https://djamkaret.bandcamp.com/



7:53 AM
Laurent De Schepper Trio - Bäääm
Laurent De Schepper Trio Bäääm
Action at a Distance Major Label 2020

German jazz and electronic trio.



7:57 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:03 AM
Kollektiv - Mollzitter
Kollektiv Mollzitter
SWF Sessions Vol. 5 Long Hair 2001

Band from Germany, at the jazz fusion end of the Krautrock spectrum. around from 1970-1978.



Recorded at the Südwestfunkstudio in Baden-Baden in 1973.

8:17 AM
Causa Sui - Eugenie
Causa Sui Eugenie
Summer Sessions, Vol. 3 El Paraiso 2016

Causa Sui is a Danish psych-rock/stoner rock band, starting in 2005.



8:25 AM
Troot - Venice of the Sky
Troot Venice of the Sky
Constance and the Waiting Troot 2018

The core of "TROOT" is pianist Tim Root, from Seattle. Along with other musicians, TROOT presents avant-prog music. https://troot.bandcamp.com/album/constance-and-the-waiting



8:33 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:36 AM
Gary Burton & Steve Swallow - Inside In
Gary Burton & Steve Swallow Inside In
Hotel Hello ECM Records 1975

Gary Burton (vibraphonist born in 1943 in Anderson, Indiana), and Steve Swallow (bassist born in 1940 in Fairlawn NJ).



8:38 AM
L'Rain - What's That Song?
L'Rain What's That Song? N
I Killed Your Dog Mexican Summer 2023

Taja Cheek, known professionally as L'Rain, is an experimentalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and songwriter. Born in Brooklyn, she attended Yale and worked as music director of radio station WYBC.



8:39 AM
Miles Davis - Pinocchio
Miles Davis Pinocchio
Nefertiti Columbia/Legacy 1968


8:44 AM
Rhésus O - Crier pour donner
Rhésus O Crier pour donner
Rhésus o Musea 1996

The French band Rhesus O was formed in 1971 by future Magma keyboarder Jean-Pol Asseline with musicians from the jazz and jazz-rock field and released one self titled record. Soft Machine is the main influence to be found on the record and to a lesser extent Magma, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa.


8:50 AM
Zao - Atart
Zao Atart
Z=7L Vertigo 1973

A French fusion super-group, formed in 1971 by two early members of Magma: François "Faton" Cahen and Jeff "Yochk'o" Seffer, and featuring many other talents of the 1970's prog and fusion fields. Zao took the Magma "Zeuhl" brand of fusion and jazzed it up a bit.This is their debut LP.



8:53 AM
Pop Workshop - High Priest
Pop Workshop High Priest
Song Of The Pterodactyl Universal Music AB 1974

Multi-national jazz fusion group based in Sweden, around from 1973-1974 and released two LPs.



9:00 AM
Set Break: ᴰᶦᶠᶠᶦᶜᵘˡᵗ ᴸᶦˢᵗᵉⁿᶦⁿᵍ ᴴᵒᵘʳ


9:04 AM
We Used to Cut the Grass - Shep's Anxiety
We Used to Cut the Grass Shep's Anxiety
We Used to Cut the Grass #1 WKRM The Kream 2022

Experimental band from New Jersey, with major inspiration from Zappa.




9:09 AM
Akinetón Retard - Levitando
Akinetón Retard Levitando
Cadencia Urmana Mapa Records 2014

Chilean experimental free jazz rock psychedelic band from Santiago, active since nineties.



9:15 AM
The Wrong Object - Spanish Fly
The Wrong Object Spanish Fly
After the Exhibition Moonjune Records 2013

The Wrong Object (from Belgium) s influenced by a vast array of artists ranging from Canterbury Scene prog rock à la Soft Machine and Gong to Béla Bartok, Squarepusher, Aka Moon, Charlie Mingus, Sonic Youth and Frank Zappa.https://thewrongobject.bandcamp.com/album/after-the-exhibition



9:20 AM
Blituri - Riddoch
Blituri Riddoch
Blituri Independent 2014
Based in Montréal (Québec, Canada). Blituri are an avantgarde instrumental chamber rock six-piece founded in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Vincent Lachambre, who is also the main composer.




9:32 AM
Tigran Hamasyan - Vardavar (Remastered)
Tigran Hamasyan Vardavar (Remastered)
The Poet - EP Sunnyside / Confluences 2014
Tigran Hamasyan is an Armenian jazz pianist, born in 1987. He often incorporates Armenian melodies into his music.


When he was young, he wanted to be a thrash metal guitarist.
9:37 AM
Alamaailman Vasarat - Hamarapuolella
Alamaailman Vasarat Hamarapuolella
Käärmelautakunta Laskeuma Records 2003

"Fictional world music" band from Helsinki, Finland, founded in 1997 and active until 2014.



9:43 AM
Town Portal - Yes Golem
Town Portal Yes Golem
The Occident Small Pond 2015

Town Portal is an instrumental experimental post/math rock/metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in 2009





9:47 AM
WYXZ - W0004: Hez
WYXZ W0004: Hez
Wickman Mogul Intermissions 2017
Wyxz is a project that plays demanding, through-composed math rock combined with avant-garde progressive rock, sound collage, and free improvisation, with self-taught composer/drummer/guitarist Ben Coniguliaro and his brother Quinn and the virtuosic guitarist Matt Hollenberg. https://wyxz.bandcamp.com/



9:51 AM
Upsilon Acrux - Pitch Mountain: Maps
Upsilon Acrux Pitch Mountain: Maps
Sun Square Dialect New Atlantis Records 2022

Upsilon Acrux was founded in San Diego in 1997. Their music can be described as brutal-prog, noise-rock, nervous avant-rock, splatter prog.. Some consider their music "a distinctly unpleasant experience".



9:56 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
Chat is archived.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:00:20 AM
𓁝 We begin our broadcast day. 𓁜 😶‍🌫️
TAndy 7:00:25 AM
Good morning, Sir.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:00:34 AM
hello TAndy
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:00:38 AM
Hello, DJ DaveTheObscure 💟
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:04:49 AM
Oh what in the MunkDawg?! 🐕‍🦺🐒🐒🐕‍🦺⁉️
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:05:02 AM
💜 Oh hello, Mister Malcontent
Dale Hazelton 7:05:04 AM
good morning. dog breeders have just gone too far.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:05:17 AM
good morning, Dale
Dale Hazelton 7:06:43 AM
a neighbor had a chimpandoodle. liked to hurl his poo around the yard.
TAndy 7:08:14 AM
oo oo aa aa
TAndy 7:11:03 AM
Lovely start right here
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:11:29 AM
smoooooth mathrock
iamthelabhras 7:21:53 AM
A very caliginous morning to you, @Dave the Obscure, and to you, fellow listeners.
TAndy 7:22:06 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:22:21 AM
hello, iamthelabhras
iamthelabhras 7:22:44 AM
Haven't heard Dungen in ages! Really liked their self-titled debut. Swedes just seem to do it better, no?
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:24:09 AM
The Swedes do have a surprising amount of good music, for sure. And they excel at dark music
Space Cowboy 7:30:23 AM
Cool space prog
Space Cowboy 7:31:02 AM
The smooth math rock is great for the morning
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:31:51 AM
Hey, Space Cowboy. Were you ready for that?
Space Cowboy 7:34:25 AM
I know you know where it's at...
Space Cowboy 7:34:44 AM
It was a nice surprise this morning
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:36:11 AM
WPRB is always full of surprises. Sometimes good ones
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 7:46:03 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:46:17 AM
Hey, Chef!
Dale Hazelton 7:53:58 AM
this djam is the bomb.
Space Cowboy 7:56:09 AM
Woooozaaa how am I going to function at work now with my mind blown
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:56:23 AM
Djam Karet is another band with a large catalog of releases
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 7:56:43 AM
I find I function better with my mind blown
Space Cowboy 7:58:00 AM
Space Cowboy 7:58:33 AM
Thanks for providing info on these bands I have to find out more
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:03:41 AM
Hour One: TopShelf
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:04:09 AM
How did you know that's where I keep my entire music collection?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:04:37 AM
I chortle 🤭
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:06:40 AM
I'm glad I can turn you on to music that you enjoy. That is WPRB's core mission
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:07:56 AM
@Mister Malcontent, did you fare alright during the atmospheric river?
TAndy 8:08:44 AM
This is gonna make a groovy drive home from work
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:09:02 AM
TAndy, this is a nice long track, too
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:12:23 AM
Yes, everything was good here during the persistent rain. Thanks for checking in. How are you and yours?? @DJ DaveTheObscure 💟
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:13:25 AM
all fine here, thanks 💜
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:20:58 AM
WestSiiidddeee! on the Playlist! 🆒 Cheers! 🎸
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:22:28 AM
a couple more West Side artists coming up later
Brian D 8:23:00 AM
Loving the Causa Sui & others. Good deep dives today
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:23:27 AM
Aces! Enjoying all these swell selections!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:23:35 AM
Good morning, Brian D. Glad you are able to catch the show
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:24:17 AM
@MrM, the next artist is from Seattle. That counts as West Side, no?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:25:02 AM
Oh fer sure totally
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:28:37 AM
T•ROOT! Are ya sure u don’t want to give it more time to pick a name?!?
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:29:40 AM
"MrM" was already taken
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:31:57 AM
“Dave” is too Obscure.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:32:40 AM
“We” are too much “fun”
iamthelabhras 8:32:45 AM
Headed out to work! Will be listening on the way in, but wanted to tip my hat to you @Dave The Obscure for another great show before I left. Have a good Friday everybody.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:33:22 AM
Cheers, iamthelabhras!
Dale Hazelton 8:34:22 AM
that was a great set.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:37:21 AM
Thanks, iamthelabhras. See you next time. Have a good day
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:37:31 AM
Thank you, Dale
Dale Hazelton 8:37:52 AM
burton and swallow sounds like a vaudeville team. this is kinda maneige-esque.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:40:49 AM
Yeah, Dale. I never thought about it, but they do have a similar vibe to Maneige
Rob F 8:41:20 AM
Brian D 8:41:34 AM
Tony Williams in this era wow
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:41:37 AM
Correct, Rob F
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:41:45 AM
correct, Brian D
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:42:23 AM
Oh, MILES DAVIS ❤️ Correct!
Brian D 8:44:10 AM
Herbie Hancock and the surviving members are doing a Headhunters reunion gig. Marcus Miller will fill in for the late Paul Jackson on bass
Brian D 8:45:12 AM
50th Anniv for Headhunters lp was recent
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:45:34 AM
sounds like a blast
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:46:43 AM
reads as sarcasm
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:47:23 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:47:52 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:48:26 AM
How about "OMG that's AMAAAAZING!!!!" ?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:48:46 AM
calm down bro
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:49:13 AM
trying to express the proper emotion through the chat
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:49:54 AM
keep up the good work
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:53:26 AM
ZaowieWowie! jazZeuhl?!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:54:23 AM
the best sort of Zeuhl
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:54:40 AM
Album cover! 🎸🦖
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 8:55:58 AM
and it's not even a pterodactyl
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:57:53 AM
is it on the inside?!?
the_ dude 8:57:58 AM
What a seamless transition between tracks!
the_ dude 8:58:12 AM
Good morn' everyone
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:58:36 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 8:58:53 AM
the_ dude 8:59:32 AM
That's what they call me
the_ dude 8:59:58 AM
Glad to see you here Mr. M, how've you been?
Rob F 9:00:41 AM
That Pop was great
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:00:48 AM
I’m good enough, thanks! how’s the_dad_of_the_little_one?!
Mok On Water 9:00:48 AM
ahoy! loved the Causa Sui. I have a record theirs somewhere.
TAndy 9:02:35 AM
Sup dude, been a while. New profile pic too, fancy!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:02:50 AM
*the_new_dad_dude? Or did I dream that info?! 🙊
the_ dude 9:03:19 AM
Ah the little dude is here listening with me and we're both good thanks! Lolol I like that, new dad dude
TAndy 9:03:31 AM
Brian D 9:03:41 AM
... as if there was any reasonable alternative
the_ dude 9:03:47 AM
Haha thanks TAndy!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:04:01 AM
UhOh 👉💀👈
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:04:35 AM
Cheers to you, the_new_dad_dude!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:05:16 AM
Good morning, dude
Brian D 9:05:20 AM
Was reading back on old chats from 2020-2021 to find songs/ artists etc... oh yeah! The Dude was in there all over . Welcome & congrats
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:05:27 AM
good morning, Mok
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:06:13 AM
Now someone tell us where is @Mark and @kentman!?!
the_ dude 9:06:40 AM
Thanks Bri! Yeah, the ebb and flow of free time to chat, glad to join when I can and see you all here!
Brian D 9:06:55 AM
Yep they were all over then too...
the_ dude 9:07:04 AM
Dave I got an extra ticket to sleepy time gorilla museum for you
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:07:24 AM
I’m busy that day @ the_new_dad_dude
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:07:28 AM
that's too kind, dude
the_ dude 9:07:33 AM
I'll live steam it for you
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:07:44 AM
the_ dude 9:12:00 AM
I'm not kidding as much as you may think Dave.. but I imagine you're busy like Mr M is. Maybe you already have plans together
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:13:19 AM
I thought we were the same person
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:13:25 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:17:31 AM
*of America (South) 🇨🇱
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:17:44 AM
that counts
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:18:13 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:19:12 AM
We're listening to The Wrong Object rn. forgot to post the song to the playlist
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:21:44 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:22:46 AM
Hour Two: TopNotch
the_ dude 9:22:52 AM
Another amazing transition between songs, it's like you've done this whole DJ thing before
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:23:01 AM
thanks, dude
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:34:05 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:34:37 AM
where did you first hear Tigran Hamasyan?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:35:03 AM
In my ears
TAndy 9:38:24 AM
By telegraph
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:39:18 AM
probably TheNewAbnormal™️ right here on WPRB®️
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:41:23 AM
Kudos to DJ DaveTheObscure 💟 who obviously craves the attention 🃏
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:41:47 AM
the ONLY reason I do this show
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:42:35 AM
for the accolades
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:42:48 AM
and the Grammys
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:42:59 AM
Skatervans91 9:43:08 AM
I win.
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:43:59 AM
Hello and welcome Skatervans91
Skatervans91 9:44:06 AM
Ello old friend
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:44:07 AM
This is FightClub
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:44:33 AM
remember the first rule
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:44:57 AM
@Skatervans91, how long have you been listening to WPRB?
Skatervans91 9:45:42 AM
This is the first
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:45:53 AM
I don't believe you
Skatervans91 9:46:29 AM
It reminds me of another college radio station
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:46:36 AM
That’s a terrible welcome
Brian D 9:48:10 AM
Reminds me of a man with the power of hoodoo. The power of hoodoo? You do. What? Remind me of a....
Skatervans91 9:48:15 AM
But I have to same, this place is #1🏆
Skatervans91 9:48:40 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:49:03 AM
which one, University of Phoenix online?
Skatervans91 9:49:13 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:49:17 AM
You got it!
Brian D 9:49:45 AM
Devry Radio!
Skatervans91 9:50:11 AM
I can't wait to see that movie again back in theaters!
Skatervans91 9:51:16 AM
Hahaha devry nice one
Skatervans91 9:52:36 AM
Mrm do you know where it's at?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:54:11 AM
DJ DaveTheObscure 💟 the entire show was TopTier! Many thanks! Big cheers! Kind regards to you! 🖤💀
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 9:54:37 AM
Cheers Dears!
Skatervans91 9:55:00 AM
This is #1
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 9:55:03 AM
thanks, folks, for listening and keeping me company in the chat
Skatervans91 9:56:14 AM
Well, it's time for me to travel back in time!
Brian D 9:57:09 AM
Got a good deal on flux capacitors.. wait 1 minute...
Skatervans91 9:57:34 AM
Hahaha boom!
Brian D 9:58:01 AM
They're only calibrated to metric time tho but you'll get the hang of it...
Brian D 9:58:32 AM
Hi-de-hi we go. Grab a piece of the sky
Skatervans91 9:58:32 AM
I'll let someone else get the last word in the chat
Skatervans91 9:59:14 AM
See yous in the future!
Brian D 9:59:45 AM
Great show Dave!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:00:15 AM
TAndy 10:00:44 AM
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ (host) 10:01:12 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:01:14 AM