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DebbieWebby's Diabolical Delights

Jan 20, 2024 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With DebbieWebby


DebbieWebby's Diabolical Delights
11:05 PM
Pelican - Untitled
Pelican Untitled
Australasia Thrill Jockey Records 2021
11:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Happy DJ Day!

11:10 PM
At The Gates - Cold
At The Gates Cold
Slaughter of the Soul (Expanded Edition) Earache Records Ltd 1995
11:13 PM
Behemoth - Freezing Moon
Behemoth Freezing Moon
Grom (Reissue) Metal Blade Records 2023
11:19 PM
Alcest - Protection
Alcest Protection
Spiritual Instinct Nuclear Blast 2019
11:25 PM
Origin - The Aftermath
Origin The Aftermath
Antithesis Relapse Records 2008
11:29 PM
Coalesce - Harvest of Maturity
Coalesce Harvest of Maturity R
In Tongues We Speak - EP Earache Records Ltd 1997
11:33 PM
Reggie and the Full Effect - Apocolypse, Wow
Reggie and the Full Effect Apocolypse, Wow R
Under the Tray Vagrant Records 2003
11:38 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:40 PM
Purling Hiss - Baby
Purling Hiss Baby N
Drag on Girard Drag City 2023
11:46 PM
ISIS - Gentle Time
ISIS Gentle Time
Celestial Isis 2010
11:51 PM
Scar The Martyr - Soul Disintegration
Scar The Martyr Soul Disintegration
Scar the Martyr (Deluxe Version) Roadrunner Records 2013
11:57 PM
Alluvial - Death Is But A Door
Alluvial Death Is But A Door N
Death Is But A Door - EP Nuclear Blast 2024
12:01 AM
Decrepit Birth - Solar Impulse
Decrepit Birth Solar Impulse
Polarity Agonia Records 2019
12:07 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:09 AM
Arch Enemy - Heart of Darkness
Arch Enemy Heart of Darkness
Wages of Sin Trooper Entertaiment 2001
12:13 AM
The Red Chord - Antman
The Red Chord Antman
Clients Metal Blade Records 2005
12:18 AM
Stabbing - Visceral Liquid Terror
Stabbing Visceral Liquid Terror
Extirpated Mortal Process COMATOSE MUSIC 2022
12:21 AM
Cattle Decapitation - With All Disrespect
Cattle Decapitation With All Disrespect
Death Atlas Metal Blade Records 2019
12:25 AM
Necrophagist - Diminished to B
Necrophagist Diminished to B
Epitaph Relapse Records 2004
12:32 AM
Dark Tranquillity - White Noise / Black Silence
Dark Tranquillity White Noise / Black Silence
Damage Done Century Media 2002
12:34 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:36 AM
3 - Only Child
3 Only Child
The Ghost You Gave to Me Metal Blade Records 2011
12:44 AM
Hum - The Scientists
Hum The Scientists
Downward Is Heavenward RCA Records Label 1997
12:48 AM
Smirk - Symmetry
Smirk Symmetry N
Material Feel It Records 2022
12:51 AM
CKY - The Human Drive (in Hi-fi)
CKY The Human Drive (in Hi-fi)
Camp Kill Yourself, Vol.1 Distant 1999
12:55 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:56 AM
Pelican - Drought
Pelican Drought
Australasia Thrill Jockey Records 2021
Chat is archived.
TAndy 11:05:25 PM
DJ Hog 11:06:12 PM
omg that was awesome!!!
TAndy 11:06:28 PM
sup dj god
TAndy 11:06:31 PM
i mean dj hog
Brian F 11:06:59 PM
Hello DJ DebbieWebby! I loved that Pelican Untitled
DJ Hog 11:07:01 PM
TAndy 11:07:18 PM
Missed saying goodbye to DJ Dana K. Big love to DJ Dana K and DJ Dingo <3
TAndy 11:10:19 PM
My favorite metal is CPM Magnacut :^)
DebbieWebby (host) 11:13:30 PM
Hi everyone!! Welcome in!! Happy DJ Day!!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:13:48 PM
Hi Tandy!!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:14:07 PM
Hi DJ Hog! Thank you!! Happy DJ Day!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:14:26 PM
Hi Brian! Thanks! They are quality!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:15:05 PM
Hmm.... I will look into that, Tandy
TAndy 11:15:23 PM
I'm stepping into the pit right now
DebbieWebby (host) 11:15:55 PM
DebbieWebby (host) 11:21:55 PM
pit... with snow balls! perfect for black metal
TAndy 11:23:42 PM
the thrashing generating so much heat, it melts the snow and turns it into an ice pit
DebbieWebby (host) 11:25:41 PM
now its time for hockey!! brutal music for a brutal sport
DebbieWebby (host) 11:25:48 PM
... or figure skating
TAndy 11:30:04 PM
Figure moshing >:)
DebbieWebby (host) 11:30:23 PM
that sounds epic
TAndy 11:40:41 PM
Ooh, I still need to listen to this release.
DebbieWebby (host) 11:41:32 PM
its a quality jam
Ossy 12:00:13 AM
Surprise hot rough loud sludge desert wake up from peaceful relaxation metal on a cold frigid night
DebbieWebby (host) 12:00:37 AM
:D Welcome in, Ossy \m/
DebbieWebby (host) 12:01:09 AM
I did some cold related metal around 11 pm
Ossy 12:05:20 AM
Frigid nice
Ossy 12:06:07 AM
Was playing Mario Kart Double Dash in fitting of metal sounds
DebbieWebby (host) 12:10:15 AM
Oh perfect
DebbieWebby (host) 12:10:54 AM
You got some more metal backing tracks until 1 today :)
Brian F 12:13:30 AM
You should check out Windham. They have a female singer, Dorthia Cottrell.
DebbieWebby (host) 12:13:50 AM
Thanks, Brian. I will look into that
TAndy 12:19:47 AM
u know its going hard when the vocalist is making hog sounds
DebbieWebby (host) 12:20:12 AM
This is a female vocalist too
DebbieWebby (host) 12:20:20 AM
TAndy 12:21:44 AM
brutal >:)
TAndy 12:22:06 AM
fr that was badass
DebbieWebby (host) 12:22:37 AM
only the best on my radio program :D
TAndy 12:24:51 AM
Who knows, I might even wake up early enough to catch some of ur regular program tomorrow
DebbieWebby (host) 12:26:01 AM
That would be awesome! It's my second to last show of the season on Monday, too :)
TAndy 12:33:27 AM
I'll be sure to try and make the final episode too!
Alan Pasnyk 12:33:42 AM
Hi DebbieWebbie! Wasn't sure I'd last thru your entire show, but gotta say I Like U R Brand of Metal. That track by Alluvial is on my gotta get list for sure...
DebbieWebby (host) 12:37:16 AM
You're the best, Tandy! That would be really cool :)
DebbieWebby (host) 12:37:39 AM
Hi Alan! Thanks for stopping by and listening tonight!
DebbieWebby (host) 12:38:26 AM
I love hearing that :) Alluvial is my current fav. They just released their EP.
Alan Pasnyk 12:40:09 AM
@DebbieWebby: Sounds good, def. will look into them...
DebbieWebby (host) 12:40:44 AM
My favorite song from their EP is Fogbelt. Honestly all the songs on it are great.
Alan Pasnyk 12:42:34 AM
Thanks...because sometimes you just need some Metal
DebbieWebby (host) 12:43:07 AM
Absolutely. For me, EVERYDAY :)
Brian F 12:45:33 AM
The Scientists is my favorite track from Downward is Heavenward
DebbieWebby (host) 12:46:37 AM
I gotta play HUM for you.. and for them... and for me ;)
DebbieWebby (host) 12:46:45 AM
I really love that album
Alan Pasnyk 12:47:35 AM
I can see why...or hear why..
DebbieWebby (host) 12:48:26 AM
It's some good stuff
Brian F 12:55:00 AM
Hearing CKY makes me think of late 90s VHS skating videos.
TAndy 12:56:19 AM
The CKY tapes were the shit
TAndy 12:56:29 AM
Thank you so much for the show!!
DebbieWebby (host) 12:56:33 AM
bye everyone!!!
Alan Pasnyk 12:56:35 AM
@DebbyWebby: Honestly, this whole show has been better than I expected. Thanks, Appreciate it! Hope to make it to your show week after next..take care n bcnu!
DebbieWebby (host) 12:57:00 AM
Thank you all!!!
Ossy 12:57:36 AM
Hot blasting relentless brutal stuff tonight!
Colin 12:57:47 AM
i was listening og style on the stereo tonight. Great show!