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will there even be water?

Jan 18, 2024 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With Abe

Hey Good Lookin


dedicated to the record label! drum n bass. they made a documentary named "Hey Good Lookin" I didn't come up with that.

will there even be water?
1:01 AM
Makoto - Skyward
Makoto Skyward Makoto
Situations EP goodlooking Records 2000
1:09 AM
LTJ Bukem - Twilight Voyage
LTJ Bukem Twilight Voyage LTJ Bukem
Producer 01 goodlooking Records
1:20 AM
The Chameleon - Links
The Chameleon Links The Chameleon
Links / Just Close Your Eyes & Listen Good Looking Records 1995

Secondary, 4 of 5

1:30 AM
Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn
Doc Scott Tokyo Dawn Scott Mcllroy
Tokyo Dawn / Cosmic Interlude Earth Records 1996


1:37 AM
Artemis - Elysian Fields
Artemis Elysian Fields
Elysian Fields / Desideradi Good Looking Records 1997

Secondary, 2 of 3

1:46 AM
Aquarius & Tayla - Soul Searching
Aquarius & Tayla Soul Searching
Bringing Me Down / Soul Searching Good Looking Records 1995

Good Looking Records 12" Vinyl Singles : Various Artists : Free Download,  Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

1:52 AM
Blu Mar Ten - Voidfield
Blu Mar Ten Voidfield
Everglades EP Good Looking Records 1999

Secondary, 5 of 7

2:00 AM
Blame - Altered State
Blame Altered State
Between Worlds EP Good Looking Records 1998

primary image for blame-between_worlds_ep-vinyl-1998

2:08 AM
PHD - Duality
PHD Duality
Beneath The Surface / Duality Ascendant Grooves 1998


2:17 AM
Makoto - Music Has Never Let Me Down
Makoto Music Has Never Let Me Down Makoto
Musical Message EP Good Looking Records 2002

Secondary, 3 of 7

2:26 AM
Nookie - Continental Drift
Nookie Continental Drift
Oceanic EP Good Looking Records 2001

Secondary, 2 of 5

2:35 AM
Voyager - Apollo
Voyager Apollo
Beatnik / Apollo Good Looking Records 1998

Secondary, 4 of 4

2:42 AM
Aural Imbalance - Astral Forest
Aural Imbalance Astral Forest
Proximity Alert / Astral Forest Ascendant Grooves 1999


2:52 AM
PFM - Inertia
PFM Inertia
Val Sinestra EP Good Looking Records 2001


Chat is archived.
Thomas Verrill 1:03:05 AM
TAndy 1:03:14 AM
hell yeah finally some different dnb
dj Abe (host) 1:06:02 AM
so much good stuff
DJ Hog 1:06:26 AM
this sound has aged so so well
TAndy 1:07:40 AM
i miss the old sound so much when it wasnt just about making the dirtiest filthiest grimiest "drop" that's just another recycled amen jump up beat cycle
Thomas Verrill 1:08:34 AM
hey now
dj Abe (host) 1:08:38 AM
it sounds really ahead of its time to me.
Thomas Verrill 1:08:44 AM
nothing wrong with dirt and filth and grime
dj Abe (host) 1:09:04 AM
like if I just heard this I would be skeptical it was made in 2000
TAndy 1:09:05 AM
nothing wrong with it but when it oversaturates the scene it becomes boring
Thomas Verrill 1:09:28 AM
for sure
TAndy 1:10:00 AM
same thing happened with house music/big room, dubstep/brostep, and is happening now with hardstyle/rawstyle. that kind of thing does have its place tho and can work well
dj Abe (host) 1:14:29 AM
wait i just clicked the song note thing on spinitron
Ossy 1:14:30 AM
Awesome follow sounds of TB What
dj Abe (host) 1:15:13 AM
thank yew
Tb 1:27:30 AM
Sounds great
Tb 1:27:39 AM
Omg ur abe
dj Abe (host) 1:28:06 AM
yea hahaha
TAndy 1:37:02 AM
love this one
dj Abe (host) 1:59:19 AM
yeah even the cover arts match the music. All the singles good looking records released had the same grey sleeve but these EPs have like perfectly fitting covers
dj Abe (host) 2:00:54 AM
finger slipped
dj Abe (host) 2:01:30 AM
i miss actual faders
TAndy 2:07:50 AM
just pretend you're twisting like 4 knobs at once and lean back then throw your body forward while yanking your fingers from the imaginary knobs as quickly as possibly to simulate dj style mixing ;)
rosasolis 2:09:06 AM
these tracks omg
TAndy 2:09:40 AM
dj Abe (host) 2:11:38 AM
hey! and ikr
TAndy 2:50:41 AM
sick show tn, tysm
dj Abe (host) 2:52:09 AM
thank u fr listenin