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Running Redlights

Jan 12, 2024 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Jen

Bringing some high energy to close out your week, Fridays at 3pm ET. Refresh the playlist page to see updated song info, and please do say hi in the chat! Let's boogie.

Happy New Year!

Running Redlights
3:00 PM
John Zorn - Seduction (From "She Must Be Seeing Things")
John Zorn Seduction (From "She Must Be Seeing Things")
Filmworks 1986-1990 Tzadik 1997
3:05 PM
Set Break
3:05 PM
The Damned - I Feel Alright
The Damned I Feel Alright
Damned Damned Damned Stiff Records 1997
3:10 PM
The Deviators - Falling Away
The Deviators Falling Away
Falling Away 7" Empty Records 1993


3:12 PM
Accidente - Colgado de ti (Alarma)
Accidente Colgado de ti (Alarma) N
split LP with Nightwatchers V/A Stonehenge Records 2023


3:15 PM
Cub - Main and Broadway
Cub Main and Broadway
Box of Hair Mint Records 1996
3:18 PM
Film School - Capitalized
Film School Capitalized
Hideout Beggars Banquet 2007
3:23 PM
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Medieval Wall
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Medieval Wall
All In Good Time Castle Face 2019
3:30 PM
Set Break
3:30 PM
Gustaf - Starting and Staring
Gustaf Starting and Staring N
Package, Pt. 2 Royal Mountain Records 2024
3:32 PM
The Detroit Cobras - You Don't Knock
The Detroit Cobras You Don't Knock
Baby Bloodshot Records 2005
3:35 PM
The Dogs - Shakin' All Over
The Dogs Shakin' All Over
Fed Up Bacchus Archives 2000
3:39 PM
Cyanide - I'm a Boy
Cyanide I'm a Boy
7" Pye Records 1978


3:41 PM
Controlling the Famous - Maybe We're Dead
Controlling the Famous Maybe We're Dead
Automatic City The Militia Group 2008
3:44 PM
Feeling Figures - Across the Line
Feeling Figures Across the Line N
Migration Magic Perennial / K Records 2023
3:44 PM
Set Break
3:44 PM
The Andretti - SuperEgoTeleDigiCyberParanoia
The Andretti SuperEgoTeleDigiCyberParanoia N
The Silent Goodbye Sorento Publishing 2024
3:54 PM
Wild Kingdom - The Way To Love
Wild Kingdom The Way To Love
Nobody Gets On The Guest List! V/A Throbbing Lobster 1984


3:57 PM
Joe Jackson - Got the Time
Joe Jackson Got the Time
Look Sharp! (Bonus Track Version) A&M 2001
4:00 PM
Solar Haze - Fortress Will Fall
Solar Haze Fortress Will Fall
The Solar Age Metal Assault 2021
4:04 PM
Eater - Lock It Up
Eater Lock It Up
All of Eater Creativeman 1995


4:05 PM
Micah P. Hinson - Diggin a Grave
Micah P. Hinson Diggin a Grave
Micah P. Hinson and the Opera Circuit Jade Tree 2006
4:08 PM
Barbara Manning - A Mountain
Barbara Manning A Mountain N
Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow Ba Da Bing! 2023
4:14 PM
Set Break
4:14 PM
SPRINTS - Shadow of a Doubt
SPRINTS Shadow of a Doubt N
Letter to Self City Slang 2024
4:18 PM
The Gits - Absynthe
The Gits Absynthe
Frenching the Bully C/Z Records 1992
4:21 PM
GoGoGo Airheart - Perfect / Recent Rivals
GoGoGo Airheart Perfect / Recent Rivals
Gogogo Airheart (3rd) Gold Standard Laboratories 2000
4:25 PM
Rites Of Spring - All There Is
Rites Of Spring All There Is
Rites of Spring Dischord 1985
4:28 PM
Cherry Cheeks - Pure Power
Cherry Cheeks Pure Power N
CCLPII Total Punk 2023


4:31 PM
The Grand Island - Shakes
The Grand Island Shakes
Naughty French Spot Super 8 Records 1997
4:38 PM
Set Break
4:38 PM
Piss Shivers - Aren't Ever
Piss Shivers Aren't Ever N
S / T Gimmie Records 2023
4:40 PM
Honeymoon Killers - Bringin' Me Down
Honeymoon Killers Bringin' Me Down
Sing Sing (1984-1994) Sympathy For The Record Industry 1997
4:42 PM
Lifeguard - Typecast
Lifeguard Typecast
Crowd Can Talk - EP Matador 2022
4:49 PM
Marnie Stern - Believing Is Seeing
Marnie Stern Believing Is Seeing N
The Comeback Kid Joyful Noise Recordings 2023
4:51 PM
Hartle Road - Catch the Cradle
Hartle Road Catch the Cradle N
Maxx II Perennial / K Records 2023
4:56 PM
Set Break
4:56 PM
Greenhorn - Shell
Greenhorn Shell
Cowtown Vol. 1 7" EP V/A Anyway 1992


Chat is archived.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:02:13 PM
DJ JenRedlights! Happy New Year! Happy to be Running Redlights with you!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:02:34 PM
hellooooo , Mr M! happy new year!
Matt Sabbath 3:02:41 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 3:02:58 PM
that made for a nice handoff from Jerry! welcome, friends
Ambrose Hughes (1) 3:05:18 PM
Howdy Jen!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:05:55 PM
hello there! I feel alright!
Colin 3:06:24 PM
I feel alright too
Matt Sabbath 3:06:33 PM
Captain Sensible!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:06:39 PM
then this is going to be a fun show!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:06:49 PM
like i had any doubt
Jen Redlights (host) 3:06:57 PM
how was New Year's?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:07:47 PM
HawtDamn! It’s THE DAMNED❣️
Colin 3:07:56 PM
So far since the new year i've been doing ok. It only took me till today to catch up on the work back log since the holidays.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:08:55 PM
Did you have big fun for New Year celebrations, DJ JenRedlights??
Jen Redlights (host) 3:09:30 PM
@colin same on catching up! thankfully others were starting slow as well...and now looking forward to 3-day weekend
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:09:45 PM
Job well done, Colin! 🏆
Jen Redlights (host) 3:10:02 PM
@mr m - yes! went to bed early so i could hop on a flight to a beach! hence my absence. :D
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:10:36 PM
Aces! 🏖️
Colin 3:10:51 PM
lets go beach!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:11:04 PM
Did you enjoy Ibiza?!?
Jen Redlights (host) 3:11:54 PM
Puerta Vallarta, but yes 🌊 🌴
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:12:15 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 3:12:42 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:13:17 PM
Endless tacos! 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
Matt Sabbath 3:13:41 PM
Colin 3:18:30 PM
had a whole plan in place for dinner tonight but now - 🌮 on the brain
Brian D 3:18:33 PM
Tacos for lunch today... mmmmmemories. Ready for round 2
Jen Redlights (host) 3:19:21 PM
every night is a great taco night!
Colin 3:19:54 PM
that tom yum soup that was the original plan may have to become tom-tomorrow.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:20:09 PM
potato tacos are life
Matt Sabbath 3:20:33 PM
Brian did you start off w/ a basket of ships
Jen Redlights (host) 3:20:53 PM
tom-tomorrow hahah
Jon Solomon 3:21:12 PM
Oh thank goodness.
Brian D 3:21:29 PM
Ooo Tom Yum soup! That is on our list for stuff we haven't made in a while
Jon Solomon 3:22:06 PM
Wish I had a recording of the Cub session I engineered in college. I remember it being really fun.
Jen Redlights (host) 3:22:46 PM
oh wow , i bet it was! i'd love to hear that. they were great.
Jen Redlights (host) 3:23:04 PM
hi, Jon
Brian D 3:23:17 PM
Come on, it's a beautiful night for a walk on the beach, wouldn't you say? Yes. I would say that. I would say that. Let me start off with a basket of cheeps....
Colin 3:24:16 PM
Then move on to the pollo asado taco
Matt Sabbath 3:25:08 PM
good on th' bun
Brian D 3:25:36 PM
Could you put some hot sauce on that for me? No, inside the taco, not on the side.
Matt Sabbath 3:26:02 PM
fr1dayafternoon 3:26:06 PM
Tastes good tastes good tastes good tastes good
Matt Sabbath 3:26:30 PM
Poor Jen has Ween brownies in her chat
Matt Sabbath 3:26:52 PM
fr1dayafternoon yessssss
Matt Sabbath 3:27:40 PM
we're like a plague
fr1dayafternoon 3:28:05 PM
Well timed Eddie Current today. This album is underrated, at least amongst their catalog. Wish they toured for it though
Matt Sabbath 3:28:23 PM
Jen's mom boo hoo
Matt Sabbath 3:28:56 PM
Jen I'm taking yer mom to Otoboke Beaver.
Colin 3:29:03 PM
my mom "why are they always yelling and when they sing it's out of tune?"
Matt Sabbath 3:29:37 PM
I had a CoC Animosity shirt and the neighbor: "that's ugly"
Matt Sabbath 3:30:46 PM
Colin yer mom needs some Porkroll Egg & Cheese and Gener's lovely voice
Jen Redlights (host) 3:30:47 PM
hahaha my mom always asked, Why are they screaming like that? too. Fondly, of course.
fr1dayafternoon 3:31:16 PM
And some gravy fries
Jen Redlights (host) 3:31:22 PM
she was more of a Celine Dion kind of gal but very proud of my proclivities nonetheless.
Matt Sabbath 3:31:45 PM
Jen I just got yer mom two shirts: Stuck Pigs, and Xylitol (female hc band)
Jen Redlights (host) 3:32:08 PM
perfect gifts for the lady in your life!
Bud Burroughs 3:32:10 PM
Where's that WPRB promo about "a bunch of people standing around screaming?"
Jen Redlights (host) 3:32:20 PM
oh hahahaha that's what i need!
Matt Sabbath 3:32:27 PM
Looking at a Negative Scanner t for her too
David Shortell 3:32:40 PM
I saw Gustaf at the Whitechapel Projects in Long Branch. A shame they don't have shows anymore.
Matt Sabbath 3:33:23 PM
"All my favorite singers couldnt sing" - David Berman
Jen Redlights (host) 3:33:39 PM
oof sorry about that :/ but great you remember it with Gustaf!
Dan Ruccia 3:33:43 PM
Doesn't the screaming ID feature the one and only Freeform Pathogen himself?
Dan Ruccia 3:33:49 PM
Also, hi everyone!
Ambrose Hughes (1) 3:33:58 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 3:34:29 PM
hi, Dan! I need to find that ID!
Matt Sabbath 3:34:48 PM
I agree Ambrose. Remember that shitkickin 90s band MULE?! Michigan punk.
Dan Ruccia 3:35:07 PM
I have it - I'll send it to you!
Bud Burroughs 3:35:26 PM
Dan, I am kind of hearing the Pathogen's voice in my head along with that id...
Jen Redlights (host) 3:35:40 PM
@Dan ❤️
Matt Sabbath 3:35:58 PM
Jen see how many I know besides Phleg Camp (drops mic)
Matt Sabbath 3:36:20 PM
Ambrose Hughes (1) 3:36:47 PM
@Matt Hi! Not ringing any bells.
Matt Sabbath 3:36:49 PM
I miss Gas Huffer
Jen Redlights (host) 3:37:03 PM
hahahaha @matt
Brian D 3:37:10 PM
Oh yeah that's ML on that id. Gotta be
Jon Solomon 3:37:25 PM
"As my mom says, it's just a bunch of people standing around screaming?" That ID is totally ML.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:37:46 PM
all of these tracks are SO CHOICE! Thanks, DJ JenRedlights!
Matt Sabbath 3:37:55 PM
Back in my day punk wasnt used to accompany exercise videos grumble grumble 👴
Dan Ruccia 3:37:58 PM
@Jen: Sent!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:38:03 PM
thank you!!
Brian D 3:38:33 PM
And once in a while i hear the track that's playing on that ID. Heard it a few times on wprb in last 4 years
Colin 3:38:38 PM
jon, still on eof my favorite station ids
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:38:48 PM
Hi, DJ DanRuccia! Get back on the radio real soon!
Matt Sabbath 3:38:50 PM
I saw the Blink 182 foolio drumming while a woman did powerboxing and my soul kinda died
Matt Sabbath 3:39:24 PM
(Making that into a bumper sticker)
Dan Ruccia 3:39:24 PM
@Matt the other day a few of us DJs were laughing about an underwear ad that featured a song from The Fall
Brian D 3:39:41 PM
Nice covers here! JKidd & Pirates Shakin All Over and now The Who "I'm a Boy "
Matt Sabbath 3:40:11 PM
Dan NOOOOOOOOO lol. I saw The Fall at a Reno NV rib fest. THAT is punk roke.
Jon Solomon 3:40:12 PM
I happen to have that ad handy...
Dan Ruccia 3:40:17 PM
(Or that maybe someone had overdubbed with a Fall song. I realize I'm not actually sure)
Jon Solomon 3:40:18 PM
Bud Burroughs 3:40:37 PM
Another favorite ID I haven't heard in a while: A group of kids recite the station ID in unison, a woman asks "What's your favorite radio station?" and one of the kids says "NPR!"
Matt Sabbath 3:40:59 PM
Lol Bud
Bud Burroughs 3:41:20 PM
And there it is!
Jen Redlights (host) 3:41:24 PM
Colin 3:41:27 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 3:41:29 PM
thanks to Dan!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:41:32 PM
Jon Solomon 3:42:00 PM
Bud, I think (but can't confirm from home) that the ID you're taking about was from when my wife used to take one of her classes to WPRB each year and they would record a station ID or two...
Dan Ruccia 3:42:17 PM
Matt Sabbath 3:42:18 PM
Militia Group Records! 2008!
Jon Solomon 3:42:21 PM
It is no "Free Mandela!"
Bud Burroughs 3:42:36 PM
Jon, that makes it even better!
Brian D 3:42:54 PM
The Moody Blues Threshold of a Dream intro swell, "I know I am... etc" then maybe that's the one where they cut to "now that we've got your attention... shhh... listen"
Matt Sabbath 3:43:34 PM
Good one Brian
Brian D 3:43:39 PM
And Mickey Sprawl's "light the incense and give yourself a hard time etc"
Jon Solomon 3:44:41 PM
I may be with Ted. I may be with Ted...
Matt Sabbath 3:45:44 PM
That Cyanide font is dope
Matt Sabbath 3:46:08 PM
Gonna publish a book all in the Cyanide font
Jen Redlights (host) 3:46:17 PM
maybe a pamphlet
Dan Ruccia 3:46:45 PM
Hard agree, Matt
Jon Solomon 3:47:54 PM
Looks like the Peavey logo went to Danceteria.
Matt Sabbath 3:48:49 PM
Lolz Jon
Brian D 3:49:08 PM
Cyanide Font is opening up for Peavey Logo. Doors at 7
Jen Redlights (host) 3:49:53 PM
Matt Sabbath 3:50:23 PM
w/ support from Sunn O)))) logo
Dan Ruccia 3:50:30 PM
Kinda strangely disappointed this one isn't a Sly Stone song
Brian D 3:52:15 PM
My friend had a Peavey Bandit amp. Other friend had a Peavey Backstage. I had a Peavey Studio Pro 40. Ahhh the first amps... now the eBay, fbook mkt, craigs hunters want the Bandits. I think there's some Josh H desert rock secret sound sauce connection to that amp allegedly
Matt Sabbath 3:52:56 PM
Queens of the Peavey Age
Ambrose Hughes (1) 3:54:16 PM
This is mad stuff!😲
Colin 3:54:21 PM
last time I saw jon spencer he was rocking a bandit. It may have been a vocal amp tho
Matt Sabbath 3:54:36 PM
wild, man, wild
Jen Redlights (host) 3:54:44 PM
@Ambrose RIGHT???? it's nuts
Dan Ruccia 3:54:54 PM
(disappointment has dissipated)
Jen Redlights (host) 3:55:07 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 3:55:20 PM
i'm stoked on this new album. such a movie soundtrack.
Matt Sabbath 3:55:57 PM
Throb Lobster
Brian D 3:56:34 PM
Cheap guitar related cover art... Black Sabbath "Shattering Sounds" sheet music book. Broken Glass! Heavy!
Brian D 3:56:38 PM
Matt Sabbath 3:57:25 PM
Looks like maybe Never Say Die! era, Brian
Matt Sabbath 3:57:53 PM
Jen we demand the Anthrax cover
Colin 3:58:13 PM
Ambrose Hughes (1) 3:58:53 PM
Francis 3:59:46 PM
still love the old JJ - one of the first punk artists I listened to, when it came out in 79/80
Brian D 3:59:49 PM
Old band had one of those tiny Peavey 12" to 14" square amps as an auxiliary guest amp / harmonica amp etc. It had 4 1inch folded up pieces of white paper towels crammed into all corners of the speaker edges to keep it from rattling.
fr1dayafternoon 4:00:03 PM
Why did this make me think of Graham Parker?
Jen Redlights (host) 4:00:34 PM
That song is amazing
Matt Sabbath 4:01:26 PM
classic punk beats
Jon Solomon 4:01:44 PM
Easily the best Joe Jackson -> Solar Haze segue I've heard all day.
Brian D 4:02:18 PM
The Shattering Sounds Sabbath sheet music book was only 1st 4 lps. Self titled to Vol 4. It had some funny lyrical substitutions. "Smoking and tramping... " and "see the pipe at the end of a rope" heh. Keep it censored for the kids
Jen Redlights (host) 4:02:43 PM
sometimes i question my life choices, @jon. Not this time.
Matt Sabbath 4:04:02 PM
Brian I bought the Sold Our Souls compilation sheet music to learn National Acrobat
DubNP 4:04:28 PM
Sudden urge to buy an old camero. T tops.
Matt Sabbath 4:04:54 PM
DubNP yessssssssssss bitchin Camaro
DubNP 4:05:43 PM
Gotta listen to that now!
Matt Sabbath 4:05:52 PM
I got in a fight w/ a Dead Milkman about bad brains LOL #punksquabbles
Brian D 4:06:28 PM
Black pocket t shirt. But don't use the pocket. Roll up the pack of Marlboros in yer sleeve. Rev Camaro engine while cruising past the school
Matt Sabbath 4:06:47 PM
DubNP there is also the Trans Am/Fucking Champs collab, The Fucking Am
Matt Sabbath 4:07:17 PM
Brian D you might summon Guy Heller w/ that talk
Francis 4:08:30 PM
There's also a seminal NJ hardcore/punk band Adrenalin OD, and their song Rock and roll Gas station
Francis 4:09:13 PM
richard lyons:) 4:09:40 PM
💕Barbara Manning🖤
Jon Solomon 4:11:13 PM
Barbara Manning opened for Codeine in Philly a few weeks ago and they teamed up for a terrific version of "Scissors" at the closer of her set.
richard lyons:) 4:11:28 PM
Matt Sabbath 4:12:11 PM
Francis I did not know Adrenaline OD was NJ ✊
Jon Solomon 4:13:51 PM
Basic Kindness are terrific. Have re-distributed a few of their bags I've picked up at area shows.
Dan Ruccia 4:14:23 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 4:14:40 PM
I know I'm not supposed to comment on PSAs, but i love that basic kindness org already! terrific!!
Matt Sabbath 4:14:42 PM
Nice Jon! Good lookin out, babe
Jen Redlights (host) 4:14:46 PM
This record kind of rules.
Jon Solomon 4:15:14 PM
I believe a sibling of a Dead Milkmen member is the main Basic Kindness person.
Matt Sabbath 4:15:31 PM
Jen I discovered Nazca Plates 👍
richard lyons:) 4:15:42 PM
This Sprints release is great! Also was a Bandcamp version up for a while with acoustic versions of a few songs.
Jen Redlights (host) 4:16:14 PM
@matt oh? tell me more
Jen Redlights (host) 4:16:42 PM
@richard i skipped that, having already mistakenly bought 2 copies of the album. but now regret my choice!
Matt Sabbath 4:16:44 PM
Cool punk adjacent band. They put two songs in one, with a slash @jen
Jen Redlights (host) 4:16:58 PM
i'll look into this! cool!
Jon Solomon 4:17:25 PM
Jen, if you're looking to sell a spare SPRINTS record...I know a guy!
Matt Sabbath 4:17:29 PM
You will dig Nazca Plates, mefinx, Jen
Jen Redlights (host) 4:19:01 PM
@matt awesome! @jon damn, i already bequeathed it to a friend! we are trading for a couple of beers + the last Superchunk record, which she accidentally bought twice . #oldpeoplebuyingrecords
Matt Sabbath 4:19:12 PM
& Jen I thought of you:
Jon Solomon 4:19:35 PM
No problem at all. Glad it found a good home!
Jen Redlights (host) 4:19:39 PM
hahahaha love it, @matt!
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:20:11 PM
Happy New Year Jen!
Matt Sabbath 4:20:32 PM
Jen w/ the punkanomics! I'll see yer Sprints album and raise you a rare Schlong album, plus two brews
Jen Redlights (host) 4:20:56 PM
hahahaah aren't all Schlong records rare?
Jen Redlights (host) 4:21:01 PM
happy new year, @rob!
Matt Sabbath 4:21:19 PM
I'll trade DK Bedtime for Democracy for 4 tacos
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:22:39 PM
I'll trade an original pressing Fountain of Youth Government Issue record for ... nothing, sorry. I'm keeping it!
Matt Sabbath 4:22:50 PM
Rob MD lolz! Gotta set boundaries
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:23:34 PM
Matt Sabbath 4:24:00 PM
Jen I gave my old Oakland buddy a bad brains shirt, he had his dog wear it, now he is wearing it LOL. The journey it's on.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:24:25 PM
woah and whoa!! THE GITS 💝
Matt Sabbath 4:24:36 PM
Hyper dog in a bad brains Banned in DC shirt? Classic.
Jen Redlights (host) 4:24:52 PM
his dog was wearing his bad brains shirt??
Jen Redlights (host) 4:25:06 PM
what the hell kind of dog does he have? :}
Matt Sabbath 4:25:17 PM
Lol yeah, Oakland was my wild time
Matt Sabbath 4:25:49 PM
That dog loved the grassy park by Eli's Mile High punk dive shithole. Punk dog.
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:26:10 PM
Rites of Spring!!!!!
Matt Sabbath 4:26:41 PM
I saw last Sublime show before he OD'd and his dalmations were in audience, runnin all over Petaluma, Ca Lol
Francis 4:26:53 PM
NIce - saw them in DC at old 930 club
Jen Redlights (host) 4:27:07 PM
oooh i never did see them!!
Jen Redlights (host) 4:27:30 PM
sublime dalmations isn't the worst song title
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:27:56 PM
I saw them once, possibly twice. Maybe at a hall, maybe at 930
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:28:22 PM
*Rites of Spring that is, not Sublime
Jon Solomon 4:28:45 PM
If you wake up with a piece of past caught in your throat, consult your doctor immediately!
Matt Sabbath 4:28:49 PM
Brad of Sublime's dogs were dicks LOL
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:29:12 PM
Dischord ❤️
Matt Sabbath 4:29:35 PM
Every morning Jon. I thought it was congestion from bongrips!
Matt Sabbath 4:30:50 PM
Cherry Cheeks!! 👍
Matt Sabbath 4:31:11 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:31:27 PM
Guud Stuffs
Matt Sabbath 4:34:27 PM
Jen's shows are always solid 💪
Jen Redlights (host) 4:35:06 PM
doing my best! thanks for the kind words!
Jen Redlights (host) 4:35:15 PM
This Grand Island record is so much better than I remember
Matt Sabbath 4:35:41 PM
It has that sound
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:36:58 PM
DJ JenRedlights🥇🏆 Running Redlights 🥇🏆
Mike Rand 4:37:31 PM
Sounds like the first Far lp. Tin Cans with Strings to You
Matt Sabbath 4:38:11 PM
Mike nice!! I saw Far open for 7 Seconds.
Matt Sabbath 4:38:36 PM
Mike that's a good one.
Jen Redlights (host) 4:38:50 PM
@mike oh nice, good tip!
Matt Sabbath 4:38:57 PM
You-rine Shivers!!
Jen Redlights (host) 4:39:41 PM
i wish they didn't have such a stupid name, as this record is pretty fantastic. Sounds much like Civic here?!
Jon Solomon 4:39:48 PM
Imagine someone asking you what your band is called is when you're in a band with this name.
Jon Solomon 4:40:05 PM
There's a group with a record out on Skin Graft today with an even worse name!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:40:40 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 4:40:53 PM
seriously, like going out with the kids at work and admitting you're in a band...
Matt Sabbath 4:40:58 PM
All started w/ them miscreants Butthole Surfers
Jon Solomon 4:41:04 PM
I must stress that I AM BUT THE MESSENGER HERE.
Jen Redlights (host) 4:41:23 PM
oh dear, i just found it
Jon Solomon 4:41:23 PM
Matt Sabbath 4:41:30 PM
Jon you're teasin us here, champ
Jen Redlights (host) 4:41:51 PM
oh and here i thought it was Squid Pisser
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:42:04 PM
see you next Tuesday roaches !?!
Carlos Ramone. 4:42:37 PM
@ Matt..I remember the city gardens in Trenton wouldn’t even print the buttholes name on their concert cards you got in the mail
Jon Solomon 4:42:42 PM
Future split single, perhaps.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:42:43 PM
You coulda classed it up. I mean…
Matt Sabbath 4:43:23 PM
Haaaaaaa Carlos. Wild, man
Jen Redlights (host) 4:44:04 PM
i just feel sad that if someone liked that record, i can't even tell them how to find it. alas.
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:44:10 PM
Matt Sabbath 4:46:18 PM
Jen, true punks find the goods, no worries
Matt Sabbath 4:47:17 PM
I remember a friend in NJ in mid 1980s asking a record store if they carried The Crucifucks 😂🤣
Carlos Ramone. 4:47:52 PM
And the answer was NO
Matt Sabbath 4:47:52 PM
Ah, punk band names.
Francis 4:47:56 PM
LOL - I remember them
Carlos Ramone. 4:49:53 PM
@matt. On alternative tentacles
Matt Sabbath 4:50:35 PM
AT 🦇 ✊
Francis 4:51:10 PM
Oh wow, forgot about the whole experience of having to blindly order records from various labels, like SST, because no one had them, and you hoped it was good
Matt Sabbath 4:51:50 PM
Good point Francis
Ambrose Hughes (1) 4:51:55 PM
Jen Redlights (host) 4:52:17 PM
hahah but the artwork in the paper catalog inserts made them LOOK GREAT
Matt Sabbath 4:52:19 PM
Francis then a blind-buy would be an awesome record
Carlos Ramone. 4:52:25 PM
@francis..that is why you always went for the sampler from the label first
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:52:26 PM
DJ JenRedlights! Another OUTSTANDING Show! Big cheers to you! Stay Awesome!
Jen Redlights (host) 4:52:50 PM
thank you, Mr M! Glad you were all here to hang out today! Until next week...
Ambrose Hughes (1) 4:54:08 PM
Top show, thanks Jen#
Matt Sabbath 4:55:35 PM
Whiskey time Jen
Readie 4:55:40 PM
OMG the Crucifucks - I hope I can stop laughing before my set starts...😂
Francis 4:55:56 PM
@Carlos - yeah those compilation records were always a god send.
Carlos Ramone. 4:56:52 PM
I remember Philly police dept tried to sue AT for using a pic of a Philly cop car for a album cover
Rob from Merryland 🦅 4:56:53 PM
Great show, Jen!
Colin 4:56:53 PM
you have a great weekend as well!
Readie 4:57:04 PM
Thx Jen!!!
Matt Sabbath 4:57:31 PM
Carlos, Jello B was so harassed by cops
Jen Redlights (host) 4:57:40 PM
@readie, high five!!
Matt Sabbath 4:58:01 PM
High priest of harmful matter
Jen Redlights (host) 4:58:10 PM
@ambrose, I'm going as Jen HashTag from now on. @matt oh yes! @rob thank you!
Matt Sabbath 4:58:27 PM
Readie lol ✊
Matt Sabbath 4:58:53 PM
Thanks Jen. Always a pleasure.
Jen Redlights (host) 4:59:04 PM
all mine! see you next time.
Readie 4:59:16 PM
Jen 🤚!
Ambrose Hughes (1) 4:59:38 PM
@Jen haha! Was meant to !
richard lyons:) 5:00:20 PM
Thanks Jen!
Jen Redlights (host) 5:00:53 PM
love it###