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DebbieWebby's Diabolical Delights

Jan 6, 2024 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With DebbieWebby

Subbing on a Saturday night! Let's listen to metal :D

DebbieWebby's Diabolical Delights
11:00 PM
ISIS - Deconstructing Towers
ISIS Deconstructing Towers
Celestial Isis 2010
11:02 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:06 PM
Kruelty - Unknown Nightmare
Kruelty Unknown Nightmare N
Untopia Profound Lore 2023
11:12 PM
Hate Eternal - Behold Judas
Hate Eternal Behold Judas
I Monarch Earache Records Ltd 2005
11:17 PM
Witching - Prowling Oblivion
Witching Prowling Oblivion N
Incendium Translation Loss Records 2023
11:25 PM
Baroness - Magnolia
Baroness Magnolia N
Stone Abraxan Hymns 2023
11:30 PM
Alluvial - 40 Stories
Alluvial 40 Stories
Sarcoma Nuclear Blast 2021
11:35 PM
Necrophagist - Extreme Unction
Necrophagist Extreme Unction
Onset of Putrefaction Relapse Records 2004
11:40 PM
Hannes Grossmann - Retrospective Monolog
Hannes Grossmann Retrospective Monolog N
Retrospective Monolog - Single Mordor Sounds 2023
11:42 PM
Cattle Decapitation - Bring Back the Plague
Cattle Decapitation Bring Back the Plague
Death Atlas Metal Blade Records 2019
11:47 PM
Rivers of Nihil - The Sub-Orbital Blues
Rivers of Nihil The Sub-Orbital Blues N
The Sub-Orbital Blues - Single Metal Blade Records 2023
11:51 PM
Heavy Mother - He's Waitin'
Heavy Mother He's Waitin' N
This Time Around Feel It Records 2022
11:54 PM
AFI - The Despair Factor
AFI The Despair Factor
The Art of Drowning Nitro Records (Concord) 2000
11:57 PM
Jeff Rosenstock - Head
Jeff Rosenstock Head N
Hellmode Polyvinyl Records 2023
11:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:03 AM
The Contortionist - Flourish - Set 1 (Live from Atlanta)
The Contortionist Flourish - Set 1 (Live from Atlanta) N
Retrospective: Live from Atlanta (Box Set) MNRK Music 2023
12:10 AM
Lorna Shore - Of the Abyss
Lorna Shore Of the Abyss
...And I Return To Nothingness - EP Century Media 2021
12:17 AM
Zimmers Hole - Re-Anaconda
Zimmers Hole Re-Anaconda
Legion of Flames Century Media 2008
12:17 AM
Unrest - Quit
Unrest Quit
Grindcore Unrest 2023
12:20 AM
Nervosa - Seed Of Death
Nervosa Seed Of Death N
Jailbreak Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2023
12:24 AM
Entheos - Suspended Animation
Entheos Suspended Animation
Dark Future Spinefarm 2017
12:31 AM
Job for a Cowboy - The Forever Rot
Job for a Cowboy The Forever Rot N
Moon Healer Metal Blade Records 2024
12:38 AM
Cryptopsy - Praise The Filth
Cryptopsy Praise The Filth
As Gomorrah Burns Nuclear Blast 2023
12:43 AM
200 Stab Wounds - Itty Bitty Pieces
200 Stab Wounds Itty Bitty Pieces
Slave to the Scalpel Metal Blade Records 2021
12:47 AM
Heriot - Soul Chasm
Heriot Soul Chasm N
Soul Chasm - Single Century Media 2023
12:50 AM
Smirk - Total Reality
Smirk Total Reality N
Material Feel It Records 2022
12:53 AM
Ween - The Grobe
Ween The Grobe
White Pepper Elektra Records 2000
12:57 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:00 AM
Pelican - Drought
Pelican Drought
Australasia Thrill Jockey Records 2021
Chat is archived.
DebbieWebby (host) 11:01:24 PM
Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!
Colin 11:03:03 PM
holiday sub season continues!!
Commie Francis ☭ 11:03:46 PM
Omg surprise!
Commie Francis ☭ 11:06:26 PM
When I was in highschool members of the band Debbie just played with the name of an Egyptian goddess got mad at me because of something I wrote in my zine
DebbieWebby (host) 11:07:29 PM
Hi Colin! Yes, the subbing continues \m/
DebbieWebby (host) 11:07:58 PM
Hi Commie! I thought I was going to be seeing you tonight! Surprise! ;)
Commie Francis ☭ 11:09:26 PM
Yeah I wussed out due to my car having terrible tires
DebbieWebby (host) 11:09:41 PM
Wait? Am I reading this right? You went to school with that band?
Colin 11:09:50 PM
commie francis, not only saturday night dj, literary outlaw!!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:10:09 PM
It was good you stayed home. It was blah out :(
Commie Francis ☭ 11:10:16 PM
Well they were in my local punk scene but not my same school. It was the band they were in before is called cable
DebbieWebby (host) 11:10:32 PM
O wow. Small world
Commie Francis ☭ 11:10:32 PM
Yellow journalist!
Commie Francis ☭ 11:10:59 PM
My friend dated 2 of them haha
DebbieWebby (host) 11:11:38 PM
What did you write? We need to know lol
Commie Francis ☭ 11:11:59 PM
That's not what the zine was about. I said they were greedies for doing a benefit show for themselves. Honestly I was joking but it wasn't very nice of me
DebbieWebby (host) 11:12:04 PM
Oh boy! You knew the inside scoop LOL
DebbieWebby (host) 11:12:23 PM
That isn't nice! I side with you
Commie Francis ☭ 11:12:36 PM
Their singer yelled about it on stage hahaha. He was mad!
Commie Francis ☭ 11:12:58 PM
We eventually made amends
Commie Francis ☭ 11:13:26 PM
Commie Francis bringing the mid 90s emo scene gossip
Colin 11:13:32 PM
i had a bunch of good coffee earlier so all these elevated tempos and dBs are right on time!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:13:36 PM
Thank god. I would of never played that band again! How dare they!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:14:06 PM
For real! I am ALL for this! :D
DebbieWebby (host) 11:14:19 PM
Colin 11:16:19 PM
there was also a trip to the pub in between the coffee and now.😜
Commie Francis ☭ 11:19:08 PM
Oh also we made up at a jawbox show making this officially the most 90s story ever
aiffrig 11:20:37 PM
colin excellent
Brian F 11:20:40 PM
Live from Princeton New Jersey it’s Saturday Night Metal! …and your host DJ DebbieWebby featuring musical guest various metal bands!
Colin 11:20:48 PM
commie, the whole thing would make a great movie. i can see the independent film festival award already.
Commie Francis ☭ 11:20:59 PM
Oh wait I did go to high school with one of the members of isis but he wasn't in the band very long.n just at the beginning
Commie Francis ☭ 11:21:25 PM
Yes Colin it's a gripping tale full of twists and turns
Colin 11:21:25 PM
witching rules btw
TAndy 11:23:44 PM
DebbieWebby (host) 11:24:09 PM
Pub is a good outing for a Saturday. Rain and beer, cheers!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:25:09 PM
The 90s were the best so i really enjoy this lovely tale <3
DebbieWebby (host) 11:27:45 PM
Welcome in, Brian! LOL :D \m/ Saturday night has just turned up a notch \m/
DebbieWebby (host) 11:29:11 PM
Yes, Colin! It will be like the movie Singles except it doesn't feature Pearl Jam, AIC, or Soundgarden.... and it will actually be good LOL
Sean Monaghan 11:29:36 PM
Happy Saturday evening everyone!! Loving the beauty and br00tality of this set so far 🤘
DebbieWebby (host) 11:29:55 PM
It still counts, Commie. That's so funny, that song sparked that memory
DebbieWebby (host) 11:30:55 PM
Hi Tandy! Welcome in!
TAndy 11:31:31 PM
i love the kitty in the corner there
DebbieWebby (host) 11:32:05 PM
Hey Sean! \m/ Ver' br00tual tonight! Gotta match the weather ;)
DebbieWebby (host) 11:32:52 PM
Thanks Tandy! That is my my cat, Samoth. Sleeping on the record player
Colin 11:33:04 PM
most metal kitty in the corner ever!
Colin 11:33:31 PM
happy heavy saturday sean!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:34:10 PM
My cat is a tuxedo cat so he is a black metal looking kitty. I named him after the guitarist in the black metal band, Emperor.
DebbieWebby (host) 11:35:02 PM
I made an Instagram for him, it is Samothcat
aiffrig 11:38:05 PM
texted my son now he's a fan
Colin 11:38:25 PM
these guitars! this chunk!
Colin 11:38:59 PM
DebbieWebby (host) 11:40:17 PM
TAndy 11:40:20 PM
hi samoth :)
Ossy 11:40:56 PM
Sludge Saturday Night
DebbieWebby (host) 11:41:21 PM
and now the drummer from Necrophagist... sounding like Necrophagist :D
DebbieWebby (host) 11:41:39 PM
Hi ossy! \m/
Colin 11:41:49 PM
samoth sludge saturday!
DebbieWebby (host) 11:43:06 PM
aiffrig 12:00:08 AM
red light green light , goes back awhile
Colin 12:06:20 AM
gonna be digging deeper on the contortionist for sure! new to me.
DebbieWebby (host) 12:07:18 AM
same here. I will need to include more of them on future programs.
aiffrig 12:09:06 AM
sorry i b older then dirt
DebbieWebby (host) 12:10:06 AM
LOL i am not far from that age either ;)
Ossy 12:11:08 AM
Sounds metal with Hunchback of Notre Dame themed music at the beginning
Colin 12:11:17 AM
aiffrig, i can say decades ago and still be referring to my adult life.📠
DebbieWebby (host) 12:11:42 AM
LOL! It is pretty epic, Ossy. I know what you mean :D
Colin 12:11:43 AM
DebbieWebby (host) 12:12:55 AM
....only on WPRB!
Colin 12:13:25 AM
DebbieWebby (host) 12:14:10 AM
Oh! I love this chatroom <3
Colin 12:14:56 AM
a night or two ago tandy, said wake him when it's goblin mode, well tandy?
aiffrig 12:15:04 AM
florida's alright if you luv saxahopes , that's how long ago
DebbieWebby (host) 12:15:48 AM
It's goblin mode enough HA!
aiffrig 12:16:04 AM
DebbieWebby (host) 12:16:21 AM
saxahopes? I am not that old. what is that? :D
Colin 12:16:50 AM
DebbieWebby (host) 12:17:10 AM
Oh! Well.. sadly I have no metal with sax in it tonight. But I have before!
Ossy 12:18:10 AM
Colin - Hunchback Frollocore, yeah
Ossy 12:18:43 AM
So much wild rough loud fiery sounds on this mean cold weather freezing night
DebbieWebby (host) 12:19:47 AM
Yes, it's weather appropriate metal tonight for you kind folks
aiffrig 12:20:36 AM
left urself open ureself open to that one
TAndy 12:20:38 AM
sorry i've been busy doing goblin stuff, you know
DebbieWebby (host) 12:23:59 AM
perfectly fine excuse
Colin 12:25:28 AM
*gets out of tandy's way.
DebbieWebby (host) 12:32:57 AM
Hopefully everyone had an okay Saturday despite the weather. It snowed for a couple hours around my way and then just rain. It looked pretty for a little bit.
aiffrig 12:36:44 AM
yes, playlist is great
DebbieWebby (host) 12:37:19 AM
Thank you, aiffrig! Glad you are enjoying it!
Colin 12:47:07 AM
absolutely love that this is what the new jersey FM airwaves are broadcasting.
DebbieWebby (host) 12:47:52 AM
:D :D :D
Colin 12:48:41 AM
TAndy 12:49:06 AM
Sick as hell show, these last two sets were all I needed instead of getting some coffee. Thank you for the music!
DebbieWebby (host) 12:50:04 AM
Thank you both for the kinds word <3
Ossy 12:50:16 AM
Colin - And the sole radio station to play nearly anything, that most commercial stations otherwise won't/don't air
TAndy 12:50:54 AM
the PRB KDU FMU is the #1 radio trifecta in the nation
DebbieWebby (host) 12:51:14 AM
Gotta love WPRB! It's the best
Ossy 12:52:05 AM
Especially when playing video game and anime music!
Ossy 12:52:27 AM
And Disney music!
Colin 12:52:47 AM
lol ossy
Colin 12:53:23 AM
smirk is great. i got to catch them live about a year ago.
Colin 12:54:26 AM
omg. sound the bells! ween!!!
Ossy 12:55:38 AM
Ring the alarm like reggae artist Tenor Saw
Colin 12:58:35 AM
cheers all!!👽
DebbieWebby (host) 12:59:33 AM
bye everyone!! Thank you!!
DebbieWebby (host) 12:59:56 AM
it was awesome \m/