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Not Your Mother's Dance Party ❀ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)♡

Jan 1, 2024 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With rosasolis dream

yes im still on air and yes we are going to dance for a little before taking the craziest sleeep.. join us <3 and happy new years lovelies



💋👠🍸♡🍷🍾💵🚬 ♡♡


Not Your Mother&#039;s Dance Party ❀ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)♡
11:03 PM
Opus III - It's a Fine Day
Opus III It's a Fine Day
Mind Fruit EastWest U.K. 1992


11:07 PM
Grimes - Art Angels (nightcore)
Grimes Art Angels (nightcore)


11:10 PM
YUC'e - Future Cαndy
YUC'e Future Cαndy
Future C​α​ke


11:14 PM
@pat_16120 - 2008 (Forever)
@pat_16120 2008 (Forever)
healing project 16120 ep 2020


11:19 PM
sienna sleep - live trance mix for N10..AS radio one winged angel (excerpt)
sienna sleep live trance mix for N10..AS radio one winged angel (excerpt)
live trance mix for N10..AS radio one winged angel 2023


11:24 PM
exodia - Mechafest Mix
exodia Mechafest Mix
Mechafest Mix 2021


11:39 PM
Dan Efex - Plixxx (excerpt)
Dan Efex Plixxx (excerpt)
Plixxx 1995


11:46 PM
Ron D Core & Louis Love - Lovecore 2 (Ron D Core Side) excerpt
Ron D Core & Louis Love Lovecore 2 (Ron D Core Side) excerpt
Lovecore 2 (Ron D Core Side) 1993


11:51 PM
Artificial Red - The Deep One
Artificial Red The Deep One
Diamond Life 14 2023


11:54 PM
Acetantina - Microsleep
Acetantina Microsleep
Microsleep 2020


11:59 PM
Hazard Duty Pay! PEGGY 2022


12:01 AM
Limp Pumpo 2021


12:03 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


12:10 AM
Shelly Shapiro - Disco Romance
Shelly Shapiro Disco Romance
I'll Be by Your Side


12:15 AM
SHE MALE - I Wanna Discover You
SHE MALE I Wanna Discover You


12:22 AM
Love Joys - All I Can Say
Love Joys All I Can Say
Lovers Rock Reggae Style


12:26 AM
Monolake - Cubicle
Monolake Cubicle
Cinemascope monolake / imbalance computer music [ml/i] 2001


12:29 AM
kiryano - distant
kiryano distant


12:32 AM
Winter Sleep - Night in Dream City
Winter Sleep Night in Dream City


12:36 AM
森田童子 [Douji Morita] - 早春にて
森田童子 [Douji Morita] 早春にて
Good Bye グッドバイ


12:40 AM
Ana Roxanne - Suite pour l'invisible
Ana Roxanne Suite pour l'invisible
Because of a Flower


12:46 AM
Chubby Wolf - Phantasmagoria of Nothingness (Prey to Our Emotions)
Chubby Wolf Phantasmagoria of Nothingness (Prey to Our Emotions)


12:53 AM
Max Corbacho - Mirabilis Structura
Max Corbacho Mirabilis Structura
Ars Lucis ad21music 2009


12:57 AM
青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - Meringue Doll
青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] Meringue Doll N
Meringue Doll 2023


Chat is archived.
DSM 11:05:01 PM
rosasolis (host) 11:05:39 PM
2024 lets gooo 🥂
Ossy 11:05:44 PM
Roffle 11:05:57 PM
And there is. lol
Ossy 11:07:24 PM
rosasolis (host) 11:08:11 PM
omg i love soccerrr i need to play
Jiano Briggs (1) 11:08:33 PM
Grimy waifu 💗
rosasolis (host) 11:09:40 PM
her best albummm
Ossy 11:12:39 PM
Saw a youtube playthrough of boys vs girls in that Mario Battle Strikers league and looks pretty badass to play, think will get that game. Their hyper moves are radass too and Rosalina is a godly monster on the field
Jiano Briggs (1) 11:12:50 PM
Frr 🦋 @rosa
Ossy 11:13:33 PM
I love volleyball more, but like playing some soccer, came from a paternal family of soccer players
Jiano Briggs (1) 11:14:02 PM
DSM 11:16:42 PM
Here we goooo
rosasolis (host) 11:19:32 PM
we need these hours to flyyy
Ossy 11:20:18 PM
and to shine bright like Rihanna diamonds 💎
DSM 11:23:22 PM
I will likely pass out randomly and soon, got like 3 hours of sleep this morning. But this is energizing
rosasolis (host) 11:24:59 PM
that makes sense.. i can see myself doing that at 1am almost immediately
Roffle 11:25:45 PM
I slept about six hours last night maybe, but I woke up at 2pm. :)
Ossy 11:27:10 PM
Being sleep deprived in the morning is torture
rosasolis (host) 11:27:23 PM
i also maxed out at 6hrs! agreed ossy.. they should give us the whole week off
Roffle 11:27:35 PM
So true Ossy!
Roffle 11:29:28 PM
And lets not forget the hangovers. lol
Roffle 11:29:58 PM
I don't miss those so much.
rosasolis (host) 11:34:00 PM
thats why i try to stay away from that stufff lately :)
Roffle 11:42:59 PM
Yea, I hear that. I am good with pot, but the hard poisons just let you know that you've been poisoned in a very cruel way.
Roffle 11:43:52 PM
And then, I love beer with friends. It's all nutz!
Roffle 11:47:14 PM
Beer nuts
rosasolis (host) 11:48:11 PM
pot just induces paranoia sadlyy must be the ocd
rosasolis (host) 11:48:18 PM
(for meee)
Ossy 11:49:03 PM
Oh yeah, especially in work
Roffle 11:49:06 PM
Understood. I like to stay in when that is happening. lol
Roffle 11:49:28 PM
Have you prepped you sub show, or are you just gonna wing it?
Roffle 11:50:04 PM
rosasolis (host) 11:50:16 PM
i am definitely winging ittt (its a secret) and omg in work ossy?
Roffle 11:51:54 PM
I got high at a job in California once, and as funny as it was, I would not do that again.
Roffle 11:53:31 PM
Case by case perhaps, but still.
Ossy 11:54:08 PM
Rosa - Not for coming in midday between the 10am - 12pm, unless not enough sleep. Some associates come in at 6am or earlier depending on what there assigned to
Ossy 11:54:47 PM
Roffle - Damn, surprising they let you continue that job
Roffle 11:56:54 PM
Oh it was cool Ossy. I was doing design and spitballing crazy shit about using the waste products from our aircraft composites to make RC airplanes. lol
Ossy 11:57:18 PM
Sparkling cover of Kp and Envi "Shawty Swing My Way" 💜💜💜💜 . Great throwback times in the 2000s
Roffle 11:58:52 PM
Hobby planes, small ones, but the tech was not gonna go to hobbyist back then.lol
Abe 12:03:55 AM
im back luv this
Abe 12:04:22 AM
omg i missed hazard duty pay
Abe 12:05:04 AM
n exodia
Abe 12:06:59 AM
initial d is the car driving anime I think
Roffle 12:07:09 AM
@Abe, not me. It was fine at the moment, but... I like TDY pay much better.
Ossy 12:07:13 AM
Roffle - Awesome position and company lol. An airplane flight company
Roffle 12:08:08 AM
We just made parts Ossy, we did not fly them. lol
rosasolis (host) 12:10:32 AM
hii abe!! yes thank you i was thinking of initial d
Ossy 12:10:35 AM
Oh, I was all over the place in and out the chat lol, but still cool though
rosasolis (host) 12:11:06 AM
and i love the original song shawty swing my way ill have to listen to it again..
Ossy 12:11:30 AM
Speaking of cars, was playing Mario Kart Double Dash to the rave and first time ever during 2023
Roffle 12:13:01 AM
I just wanted my hands on very expensive composite materials to do some cool stuff with that really was not available to the average guy, but that we could make a lot of cash with from stuff that wound up in a dumpster.
Ossy 12:13:30 AM
Shawty Swing My Way can be a theme for girlflop and yeah, rnb and hip hop in the 2000s was a explosive year, I can say many like Amerie, Ashanti, Aaliyah, Brandy,, Ciara, Cassie, Missy Elliot, Mya, Tweet etc
Ossy 12:17:51 AM
Rosa - Out of random blue, you seen that new Super Mario Wonder game?
Abe 12:18:31 AM
I'm happy you got to hear it Roffle lol
Abe 12:18:37 AM
this is so good
rosasolis (host) 12:20:13 AM
this song is making me sad.. and yes ossy i have!! it seems difficult.. and @roffle i get that urge
Gautham Kalva 12:21:35 AM
Hi @ Rosasolis, can you please let me know the movie name of the picture/photos of the woman in train and other woman sitting on chair? Thanks for the tunes..
rosasolis (host) 12:23:16 AM
hii gautham, happy new years! so glad to hear that.. and the photo of the woman sitting on the chair is from the film moonlight whispers!
rosasolis (host) 12:23:37 AM
as for the train i think its from a magazine
Roffle 12:24:35 AM
@Gautham, She ain't going to Busan,with the windows open. lol
Roffle 12:24:46 AM
Gautham Kalva 12:25:20 AM
@roffle, train to busan is one of my fave films :)
Ossy 12:25:29 AM
Rosa- Friends recommend me to get Wonder, which I should. Played a demo of it and looks fun and they did say it gets harder, especially those one blue bull rhino monsters that charge at you
Roffle 12:26:30 AM
@Gautham, IKR? Crazy film, but real cool.
rosasolis (host) 12:26:43 AM
great film!!
rosasolis (host) 12:27:00 AM
and i think you should try it then ossy! i think youd enjoy it
Gautham Kalva 12:27:02 AM
@rosasilis, if you have it handy can you please let me know the magazine name? It looks like a picture from a Wong Kar wai film..
Roffle 12:29:17 AM
Isn't there a site that you can upload a picture to and some form of AI or another tells you everything you don't even care about?
Roffle 12:30:25 AM
But it answers your fundamental question?
Abe 12:30:59 AM
i believe thats chatgpt
rosasolis (host) 12:31:22 AM
it does look like a wong kar wai film! but i cant find the magazine.. hmm it was an image i found online
Abe 12:31:25 AM
might as well try it I think they'll make you pay for the version that'll tell you where your photos from.
Roffle 12:33:28 AM
I really still need to check those AI sites out Abe.I know they already know my name, but I don't want to be familiar to that. Like some people I know.
Ossy 12:34:30 AM
It's fun, adding Daisy is playable in a Mario adventure game for the first time in a long while! In 1989 she was a gloomy damsel on the GBC Supee Mario Land, due to limited colors lol
Abe 12:34:36 AM
yeah they're silly and dystopian and the same time. wouldn't recommend for someone with mood swings
Roffle 12:35:43 AM
I totally suffer from mood swings. Good point.
Roffle 12:37:59 AM
Which is why I love rosasolis' show. Generally calm time with a bit of reflecting pond mostly.
Abe 12:40:56 AM
5 hours is rlly a feat.
rosasolis (host) 12:41:06 AM
i try to use my show for reflection too :) the days and weeks are so fast.. chatgpt is indeed scary sometimes
rosasolis (host) 12:41:59 AM
(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) i think the last few hours flew by! 9-10pm were the hardest
Roffle 12:42:02 AM
LOL, missed the first two hours and still got my 3 hour quota in. :)
rosasolis (host) 12:42:46 AM
yay! now for a deep rest after this
Ossy 12:48:36 AM
Same, can't wait for sleepy socks comfortable blanket land
Roffle 12:52:16 AM
Tis' the season to be marathoning I guess. Tanks for the extended show. This landed well with me and my kooky moods. Thanks rosasolis!
Roffle 12:52:31 AM
Have good sleeps everyone!
Roffle 12:53:23 AM
Roffle 12:53:42 AM
There are more shows
Roffle 12:54:03 AM
But that's on you
rosasolis (host) 12:54:04 AM
ooh maybe with sara that would be possible one day..
rosasolis (host) 12:54:07 AM
and same ossy!!
Abe 12:55:10 AM
thank u sm for the marathon rosasolis u deserve a trophy, sleep well.
Roffle 12:55:20 AM
Oh, do a thing with sara. That would be wonderful!
Roffle 12:55:59 AM
The last one was nice
Roffle 12:56:24 AM
Good night
rosasolis (host) 12:58:18 AM
thanks so much for listening everyone, stay blessed and sweet dreams ♡ 🤍 ♡
Ossy 12:58:37 AM
Great slumber night, stay luma warm against this mean cold. Bundling in socks, blanket and gloves ❄❄❄