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Lost in Time and Sludge

Dec 28, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With DJ Flex Luthor

Come vibe and groove to metal, doom, and fuzz. Open your soul to the void and embrace the sludge inside.


Best of 2023


Lost in Time and Sludge
11:00 PM
Green Lung - One for Sorrow
Green Lung One for Sorrow Green Lung N
This Heathen Land Nuclear Blast 2023
11:07 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:08 PM
Dopelord - The Chosen One
Dopelord The Chosen One Dopelord N
11:16 PM
REZN - Reversal
REZN Reversal REZN
Solace REZN 2023
11:23 PM
REZN & Vinnum Sabbathi - Hypersurreal
REZN & Vinnum Sabbathi Hypersurreal N
11:28 PM
Domkraft - Slowburner
Domkraft Slowburner Domkraft
Sonic Moons Magnetic Eye Records 2023
11:34 PM
High Reeper - Cold World
High Reeper Cold World High Reeper
Cold World - Single Heavy Psych Sounds 2023
11:39 PM
Monolord - Glaive (It's All The Same)
Monolord Glaive (It's All The Same) Monolord
It's All The Same - Single Relapse Records 2023
11:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:48 PM
Spirit Adrift - Barn Burner
Spirit Adrift Barn Burner Spirit Adrift N
Ghost At The Gallows Century Media 2023
11:52 PM
Daevar - Leila
Daevar Leila Daevar N
Delirious Rites The Lasting Dose Records 2023
11:58 PM
Haurun - Lunar
Haurun Lunar Haurun N
Wilting Within Small Stone Records Co. 2023
12:04 AM
Harms Way - Undertow ft. King Woman
Harms Way Undertow ft. King Woman N
Common Suffering Metal Blade Records 2023
12:08 AM
Code Orange - A Drone Opting Out Of The Hive
Code Orange A Drone Opting Out Of The Hive Code Orange N
The Above Blue Grape Music Inc. 2023
12:11 AM
Incendiary - Bite The Hook
Incendiary Bite The Hook Incendiary N
Change The Way You Think About Pain Closed Casket Activities 2023
12:14 AM
HEALTH - SICKO (feat. Godflesh)
HEALTH SICKO (feat. Godflesh) N
RAT WARS Loma Vista Recordings 2023
12:17 AM
KEN mode - The Shrike
KEN mode The Shrike KEN mode N
VOID Artoffact Records 2023
12:20 AM
Ringworm - No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy
Ringworm No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy Ringworm N
Seeing Through Fire Nuclear Blast 2023
12:24 AM
Swollen Teeth - SWOLLENTEETH
Swollen Teeth SWOLLENTEETH Swollen Teeth
Swollen Teeth - EP Blowed Out Records 2023
12:27 AM
Voice of Baceprot - Age Oriented
Voice of Baceprot Age Oriented Voice of Baceprot N
Retas 12WIRED 2023
12:31 AM
Lovebites - Judgement Day
Lovebites Judgement Day
Judgement Day JPU Records Ltd. 2023
12:37 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:40 AM
Baroness - Last Word
Baroness Last Word Baroness N
Stone Abraxan Hymns 2023
12:46 AM
Blackbraid - The Spirit Returns
Blackbraid The Spirit Returns Blackbraid N
Blackbraid II Blackbraid 2023
12:51 AM
Night Verses - Arrival
Night Verses Arrival Night Verses N
Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 1 Equal Vision Records 2023
12:56 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:56 AM
Aesop Rock - Mindful Solutionism
Aesop Rock Mindful Solutionism Aesop Rock N
Integrated Tech Solutions Rhymesayers 2023
Chat is archived.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:00:32 PM
Matt Sabbath 11:01:21 PM
TAndy 11:03:16 PM
first a show with green toads now a show with green weed
Flex Luthor (host) 11:04:04 PM
howdy yall
TAndy 11:04:16 PM
hey flex
Matt Sabbath 11:05:13 PM
TAndy 11:05:53 PM
my face when stank riff
Matt Sabbath 11:06:24 PM
DSM 11:07:42 PM
TAndy's stank face is largely contempt lol
DSM 11:08:38 PM
Hey Flex TAndy Matt and future Ossy
TAndy 11:09:22 PM
hey dsm
Matt Sabbath 11:09:29 PM
Riffs of contempt & stank
Flex Luthor (host) 11:09:59 PM
slight issues on my end here tonight!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:10:03 PM
am working through it
Flex Luthor (host) 11:10:14 PM
but listen to these sweet tunes of 2023
DSM 11:10:52 PM
the dopest lord, The Dopelord
Rudolf Rocker 11:15:09 PM
Rudolf Rocker 11:15:27 PM
Do you happen to remember what you were playing in the back of that set break?
Flex Luthor (host) 11:15:54 PM
joseph merrick
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:00 PM
I play it under all my set breaks
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:36 PM
it's an instrumental track by mastodon
Matt Sabbath 11:17:00 PM
about ye olde Elephant Man
DSM 11:19:38 PM
I've still never seen Lynch's Elephant Man
Rudolf Rocker 11:19:43 PM
I loaf you <3 ty
Rudolf Rocker 11:20:37 PM
Neat! Also loaf mr lynch
DSM 11:21:51 PM
TAndy 11:22:19 PM
Gonna be hard to top this song tonight
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:30 PM
rezn delivered big this year
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:40 PM
this next track is from their collab with vinnum sabbathi
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:48 PM
also came out this year
TAndy 11:24:07 PM
Speaking of big delivery. Time for my weekly JJK/Sludge watch & listen. Final episode for the season :(
Flex Luthor (host) 11:25:31 PM
last of the year!
TAndy 11:26:41 PM
mucho talko for this episode, but 6 straight episodes of pure action was enough to whet my appetite for prime shonen
TAndy 11:28:11 PM
The official OST has yet to be released, only some people doing slightly off-sounding covers on youtube. But the fighting this season has been accompanied by some CRAZY GOOD Metal music
Flex Luthor (host) 11:29:11 PM
ooo should i check out the ost?
TAndy 11:30:00 PM
Yeah, the official season 1 soundtrack is available on youtube/music. Season 2 hopefully soon, the most chaotic fight of the season had the best soundtrack too.
Flex Luthor (host) 11:39:34 PM
I shall explore!
TAndy 11:40:05 PM
Here's the whole playlist for S1, I'd hold off on listening to any S2 covers since they embellish or reduce certain aspects of whatever track they're covering.
TAndy 11:40:56 PM
This Monolord single is one of my favorite overall releases of this year btw. Was blasting this one at work last week
Flex Luthor (host) 11:42:24 PM
yes! it's a mammoth single
Ossy 11:43:42 PM
Sup Darknuts, Garos, Zoras, Kokiris and Gerudos
Matt Sabbath 11:44:22 PM
Ossy 11:48:03 PM
Matt Sabbath 11:49:56 PM
Ossy 11:50:55 PM
Fresh meat for the grinder!!! - Lumalee (Super Mario Movie)
Matt Sabbath 11:50:59 PM
These guys love their Krokus & Maiden
Flex Luthor (host) 11:52:52 PM
as they should
Matt Sabbath 11:53:47 PM
Matt Sabbath 11:54:34 PM
Grind me a pound of stank
Ossy 11:55:10 PM
With Ed's gravy and buttered toast!!!!
Matt Sabbath 11:56:30 PM
Flex have you seen Viral (2016)? It's a Blum House-r and kind intriguing
Matt Sabbath 11:56:41 PM
Matt Sabbath 11:57:05 PM
Lead actress is from ye olde Clifton NJ
TAndy 11:57:38 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 12:01:40 AM
nah I haven't heard of it
Flex Luthor (host) 12:01:44 AM
is it good?
Matt Sabbath 12:03:29 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:03:48 AM
Cool take on zombie genre
TAndy 12:05:17 AM
What song was that in that ID? It's such a rare one to hear.
Flex Luthor (host) 12:06:04 AM
I'm not sure unfortunately
Flex Luthor (host) 12:06:11 AM
it's labelled as EPIC so unhelpful
Matt Sabbath 12:06:14 AM
yes love a good overdriven bass galloper
TAndy 12:10:40 AM
yeesh this is aggressive. love it
Matt Sabbath 12:12:45 AM
Flex Luthor (host) 12:13:22 AM
incendiary rules
Matt Sabbath 12:13:31 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:14:37 AM
TAndy 12:14:41 AM
stapling a wig to my scalp and doing windmills to this rn
Matt Sabbath 12:15:05 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:15:16 AM
Brother Tandy caught the spirit
TAndy 12:15:31 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:16:00 AM
TAndy 12:16:09 AM
TAndy 12:16:36 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:16:53 AM
Registering to vote rn WIGSTAPLER WINDMILLER party
Matt Sabbath 12:17:31 AM
Ha Tandy those northern knucklehead creepers
TAndy 12:18:07 AM
I envy the lads who get to frolic in the snow with their corpse paint as much as the underpass cybergoths
Matt Sabbath 12:18:27 AM
Fuck this set takes no excuses
TAndy 12:18:44 AM
no prisoners. no mercy. NO FREE REFILLS
Matt Sabbath 12:19:10 AM
Ossy 12:19:23 AM
Strike first, strike hard, no mercy like Cobra Kai
Matt Sabbath 12:19:59 AM
I wanna take a Norwegian cruise w/ elite boomers and start a pit at the literary reading
Matt Sabbath 12:20:13 AM
in corpsepaint
TAndy 12:20:56 AM
go in the pool and incite a riot with the little ones.
Matt Sabbath 12:21:26 AM
Haaaaaaa! That's what killed Socrates
Matt Sabbath 12:22:18 AM
Flex ate his Cap'n Crunch tonight!
TAndy 12:23:12 AM
Anyone else catch Jen's fill-in last night? It was damn epic I tells ya
Ossy 12:23:54 AM
TAndy 12:25:13 AM
that was fuckin brutal my god
Matt Sabbath 12:25:28 AM
Missed it but Jen has been on fire of late
Matt Sabbath 12:25:53 AM
Love when DJs go rogue and unpredictable
Matt Sabbath 12:26:13 AM
Ossy 12:26:30 AM
I don't regularly tune in but she is and the other one named Debby
Ossy 12:26:43 AM
Rouge like Selecta Jerry, Sabbath
Flex Luthor (host) 12:26:54 AM
if marvin ever plays this stuff i will cry
Matt Sabbath 12:27:20 AM
Lol Ozzy
TAndy 12:27:23 AM
i really really wish i were awake for her regular show, she always goes all out with finding new music and deep cuts to mix in
Matt Sabbath 12:28:00 AM
her shows are a wondrous blur of energy
TAndy 12:28:03 AM
It may be possible to get Marvin to air some symphonic metal ;)
Ossy 12:28:04 AM
Let's Get It On Marvin
Matt Sabbath 12:28:54 AM
Tandy genius idea. So ripe! So much symphonic metals
Ossy 12:29:33 AM
And btw lend me the metal power to defeat the darknuts and moblins in the sunken hyrule castle Wind Waker in playing rn
Matt Sabbath 12:29:45 AM
This song is dope! Numetaly in a good way
Matt Sabbath 12:30:01 AM
Ossy 12:30:31 AM
I got punched hard by one LOOOL harder than Will Smith slapping Chris Rock!!!!!
Matt Sabbath 12:30:44 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:31:40 AM
Slapped hard as by a dame in a 1940s film noir
TAndy 12:32:16 AM
christ this one GOES
Flex Luthor (host) 12:32:32 AM
j power metal!
Ossy 12:32:47 AM
Don't let wind waker moblins teethy goofy appearance fool you, they're punched are scary powerful, Sabbath lmao. Sent me flying across the hall
Matt Sabbath 12:32:48 AM
I'm gonna do a line of pistachio jell-o powder and leap thru the window screen
Matt Sabbath 12:33:51 AM
As the grid fails, Flex provides the power of metal ⚡
TAndy 12:33:53 AM
replacing the coffee in my brewer with kratom and preworkout
Matt Sabbath 12:34:19 AM
Tandy!! Be careful w/ that preworkout
Matt Sabbath 12:34:43 AM
TAndy 12:34:54 AM
replacing the water in my brewer with raze energy
TAndy 12:35:20 AM
and to rehydrate afterwards, a 128oz panera lmaonade
Matt Sabbath 12:35:23 AM
Back in my day it was hard cider & aspirin 👴
Matt Sabbath 12:36:46 AM
(electric violin solo)
Ossy 12:38:10 AM
As I'm getting ambushed by moblins and a darknut
Matt Sabbath 12:38:22 AM
Tandy I am reminded of Legend of Fall of Kash musics
Matt Sabbath 12:39:48 AM
The punishment will be spread o'er a fortnight
Matt Sabbath 12:47:45 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:49:14 AM
Native met'lers
TAndy 12:50:12 AM
Final 10 minutes :( Thanks for the show, Flex!!
TAndy 12:50:37 AM
Officially my favorite show of yours for the year. Nonstop brutality
Matt Sabbath 12:51:21 AM
Tandy you tink dis is a fukn costume?! I got corpsepaint under the skin, and metal is 24/7!
Flex Luthor (host) 12:51:39 AM
best of the year as it is made of the best
Matt Sabbath 12:51:43 AM
Well said Tandy. The best kind of brutality.
TAndy 12:51:52 AM
i've got pure mercury seething through my veins
Matt Sabbath 12:52:33 AM
My strontium spine has gone into warpncore melt
Ossy 12:53:39 AM
Fiery star like Sailor Mars 🔥🔥🔥
Matt Sabbath 12:54:57 AM
Great show Flex, really gained momentum
Matt Sabbath 12:55:26 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:56:14 AM
Yesssss this Aesop Rock song rocks
Flex Luthor (host) 12:56:21 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:56:33 AM
TAndy 12:56:35 AM
Hell yeah man
Ossy 12:57:07 AM
Hip hop and metal is a set it off thing
Flex Luthor (host) 12:57:23 AM
thanks for tuning in yall
Ossy 12:58:18 AM
Matt Sabbath 12:59:28 AM
Matt Sabbath 1:00:01 AM
Happy New Year!