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Don't Back the Front

Dec 15, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Dana K

Don't Back the Front
8:01 PM
The Desperate Bicycles - Don't Back the Front
The Desperate Bicycles Don't Back the Front
7" 1977
8:03 PM
The Three Johns - Do the Square Thing
The Three Johns Do the Square Thing
Single Abstract Records 1984
8:12 PM
Juicebumps - Monosodium Glutamate
Juicebumps Monosodium Glutamate N
Jumbo Rocks in Your Head, Time Room 2023
8:15 PM
Berliner Doom - Alte weisse Frau
Berliner Doom Alte weisse Frau
Wer das hört ist Doom doom 2023
8:16 PM
UJ3RK5 - Eisenhower & The Hippies
UJ3RK5 Eisenhower & The Hippies
UJ3RK5 Quintessence Records 1980
8:19 PM
Sweepers - No Sleep, Yes Sweep
Sweepers No Sleep, Yes Sweep
Demo 2023
8:23 PM
Glorious Strangers - Media, Media
Glorious Strangers Media, Media
Why Don't You Join The Army? Theoretical Records 2022
8:23 PM
Kizza Ping - Männen
Kizza Ping Männen
Männen Dåvhjort Records ‎ 1981
8:28 PM
Devo - Nutty Buddy (Live at JB's 76)
Devo Nutty Buddy (Live at JB's 76)
Art Devo 1973 - 1977 Futurismo 2023
8:32 PM
Spllit - Time Passing Dirge
Spllit Time Passing Dirge N
Infinite Hatch Feel It Records 2023
8:44 PM
Carnivorous Bells - A Frigid Mass
Carnivorous Bells A Frigid Mass
Room Above All Human Headstone 2023
8:47 PM
X - Present
X Present
X-Aspirations X Records 1980
8:48 PM
Luminous Bodies - Hey! You!
Luminous Bodies Hey! You!
Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh Box Records 2020
8:51 PM
Arab On Radar - 7.2
Arab On Radar 7.2
Stolen Singles Three One G 2003
8:53 PM
Uzi Rash - A Rat Above
Uzi Rash A Rat Above
I Was 30 in 2012 Volar Records 2011
8:57 PM
Xerobot - I Forced Him
Xerobot I Forced Him
Xerobot Chunklet Industries 2021
Originally released on "Control Panel" in 1996
8:58 PM
Wire - Former Airline
Wire Former Airline
A Question of Degree - Single pinkflag 1979
9:02 PM
Shut Up - Thalidomide
Shut Up Thalidomide
Hell in a Handbasket Brasch Music 1985
9:06 PM
Non Band - Dance Song
Non Band Dance Song
Non Band - EP Telegraph Records 1982
9:20 PM
Primitive Calculators - Do That Dance
Primitive Calculators Do That Dance
Primitive Calculators Chapter Music 2004
Originally released in 1979
9:28 PM
Tools You Can Trust - The Work Ahead of Us
Tools You Can Trust The Work Ahead of Us
Sharpen the Tools Red Energy Dynamo 1986
9:30 PM
Coffin Prick - Laughing
Coffin Prick Laughing
Laughing Laughing Records 2023
9:34 PM
Crawling Chaos - Berlin
Crawling Chaos Berlin
Sex Machine Factory 1980
9:41 PM
L. Voag - According to Freud (Bonus Track)
L. Voag According to Freud (Bonus Track)
The Way Out (Bonus Track Version) Superior Viaduct 2015
Released on 1979 EP
9:44 PM
BPeople - Give It Up
BPeople Give It Up
Petrified Conditions 1979-1981 Restless Records 1986
9:44 PM
The Wirtschaftswunder - Metall
The Wirtschaftswunder Metall
Allein Warning Records 1980
9:48 PM
Rubber Blanket - Gandy Dancer
Rubber Blanket Gandy Dancer
Our Fault Mt.St.Mtn. 2023
9:51 PM
The Storm Bugs - Pigeon in my Pocket
The Storm Bugs Pigeon in my Pocket
Best Before 2027 Snatch Tapes 2023
9:57 PM
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
Cabaret Voltaire Nag Nag Nag
Nag Nag Nag Rough Trade 1979
10:10 PM
Limbo District - Encased
Limbo District Encased
Rhythm Forward +2 - Single Chunklet Industries 2023
10:14 PM
The Door and the Window - Dads
The Door and the Window Dads
Detailed Twang NB Records 1980
10:19 PM
Smersh - Special Branch Agent
Smersh Special Branch Agent
Ordinary People Atlas King 1985
10:25 PM
Nigel Simpkins - Scattered Strategies/Oblique References
Nigel Simpkins Scattered Strategies/Oblique References
X. ENC Waldo's Records 1978
10:30 PM
This Heat - Paper Hats
This Heat Paper Hats
Deceit This Heat 1981
10:38 PM
Al Karpenter - Poison Sun (w/ Triple Negative & Dominic Coles)
Al Karpenter Poison Sun (w/ Triple Negative & Dominic Coles)
The Forthcoming ever/never 2023
10:42 PM
Metabolist - Glory
Metabolist Glory
Stagmanaut Cassette King 1981
10:55 PM
Nurse With Wound - Strain, Crack, Break
Nurse With Wound Strain, Crack, Break
Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table
Chat is archived.
Dana K (host) 8:04:22 PM
good evening folks
TAndy🥔 8:04:54 PM
It's time for crumb bum radio!
TAndy🥔 8:05:12 PM
Real music for the crumb creeps at night
Alan Pasnyk 8:06:32 PM
Hi Dana! ...and one more crum bum creeps in...
yoni from kdu 8:11:23 PM
Love those Johns
Dana K (host) 8:14:24 PM
you could be a john
yoni from kdu 8:16:06 PM
Go look at that Ruin poster I just sent you
yoni from kdu 8:16:28 PM
yoni from kdu 8:20:15 PM
Dana K (host) 8:20:27 PM
No Sleep Yes Sleeve
Ossy 8:24:08 PM
No Sleep! - Janet Jackson 💎
Dana K (host) 8:30:17 PM
hope you are all well tonight. i am annoyed because my phone died on my way up here and my charger broke and there isn't a spare at the studio! someone needs to fix this problem for me
yoni from kdu 8:32:22 PM
I'm sure one of the local DJs will drop one off if you SOS'd
Dana K (host) 8:33:08 PM
oh, i should be okay until i get home. just a nuisance
Ossy 8:34:17 PM
Sure real, especially if there's a Dollar Tree nearby to get a charger and plug it in via monitor, as well a car charger
Dana K (host) 8:35:26 PM
I do have a car charger and plenty of cables at home, but no time to get to a dollar tree while DJing lol
Ossy 8:35:53 PM
Meanwhile I was annoyed earlier of someone using all the antifreeze I needed the most, Target didn't have any and don't feel like running around town to find one, at the moment
Ossy 8:36:50 PM
Dana - LOL, obviously you can't leave the studio at the moment. Hopefully an SOS DJ may come through
Dana K (host) 8:43:18 PM
My phone magically woke up
Dana K (host) 8:43:30 PM
I don't think it'll stick around long
yoni from kdu 8:43:49 PM
He is risen
Ossy 8:45:17 PM
That happens sometimes for my phone, it miraculously goes to around 16% - 20% percent, despite completely dead
DSM 🥔 8:51:27 PM
Yo Dana K. Lovin' this Luminous Bodies.
Dana K (host) 8:52:25 PM
yo! yeah, it's great! haven't revisited since it came out
DSM 🥔 8:53:12 PM
That's my first time hearing them, gonna visit that whole album pretty soon
DubNP 8:53:32 PM
Maximillian Colby fake out.
DSM 🥔 9:02:46 PM
one of my fave ID's
TAndy🥔 9:03:07 PM
I missed DSM's favorite ID :(
Dana K (host) 9:03:18 PM
it's one of my proudest achievements
DSM 🥔 9:04:01 PM
TAndy, the "return to innocence" ID if that rings a bell.
DSM 🥔 9:04:16 PM
Dana, is that the old Pure Moods commercial?
TAndy🥔 9:04:23 PM
Dana K (host) 9:04:29 PM
yeah, I grabbed it off of YouTube
TAndy🥔 9:04:35 PM
Oh pure moods, a STAPLE of DBTF
Dana K (host) 9:04:51 PM
it's the only station ID i've ever made! i can't improve on perfection
DSM 🥔 9:05:35 PM
It is indeed perfect
Scooter France 9:08:59 PM
oh wow, Shut Up! That record was constantly in dollar bins around Boston for the first 10-15 years I lived here. I haven't seen it in awhile, but mostly because a lot of the used record stores I would see it in have closed, or don't really have dollar bins anymore. Good record. post-Girls, pre Cul-De-Sac people.
DSM 🥔 9:17:34 PM
I'm Awake!
TAndy🥔 9:17:40 PM
I'm always going to look forward to your New Year shows
Sugar Sidious 9:18:23 PM
Air h0rn!!! Yesss!!!!
Sugar Sidious 9:18:38 PM
We want Brian to sing death of pop!
Dana K (host) 9:21:03 PM
I do too!
Dana K (host) 9:21:38 PM
next act is indeed from new zealand, lol
David Shortell 9:27:43 PM
I know a modern Jersey Shore trio called SHUT UP.
Colin🥔 9:28:21 PM
the heightened technology of the barge allows us to hear the party within the airhorn.
Dana K (host) 9:29:09 PM
oh, the NYE show is being broadcast from my home, so brian can use the same awful mic that he uses every year
Dana K (host) 9:29:23 PM
(i also don't feel like driving to and from Philly that night)
Colin🥔 9:32:52 PM
at home mics contain all the party juju. it's gonna be a good year.
TAndy🥔 9:34:08 PM
Dana K if you don't want him to feel alone I may have a tutorial on how to make your microphone sound like a potato
Dana K (host) 9:36:21 PM
I just want him to sound like he's broadcasting from our underground bomb shelter (weird because we live in a 2nd floor apartment)
yoni from kdu 9:37:23 PM
Big SR vibes here. Though I guess it would make more sense to think that SR was ripping them off.
TAndy🥔 9:37:38 PM
Anything can be a bomb shelter. But that doesn't mean that every bomb shelter is going to be quite as effective as the other
DSM 🥔 9:37:39 PM
I'm curious to make a microphone sound like a potato now so that I can know what a potato sounds like
Colin🥔 9:40:05 PM
i'm on a top floor and this is the most bomb shelteresk apt i've ever lived in.
Dana K (host) 9:40:20 PM
oh yeah, this was well before them, though it was on Factory so it's possible they heard it
Colin🥔 9:40:21 PM
potatoes sound like delicious
Dana K (host) 9:42:46 PM
i've heard phone cameras described as potatoes, it must hold true for mics as well
yoni from kdu 9:45:35 PM
I think they started in 81 so it's not actually a big stretch to see a direct influence
yoni from kdu 9:45:56 PM
😻big stretch😼
TAndy🥔 9:46:34 PM
loved the buzz saw on that
TAndy🥔 9:46:40 PM
Dana K (host) 9:47:14 PM
just not sure if crawling chaos records made it to LA in 1981
DSM 🥔 9:47:26 PM
Liam is always calling Noel a potato, which gives me a chuckle
DSM 🥔 9:49:19 PM
ever hear of a potato dancer?
Colin🥔 9:49:28 PM
🤣 dsm, i actually had the thought today, i should drink too much beer and annoy my neighbors with too loud oasis.
DSM 🥔 9:50:49 PM
Lol Colin, then when they complain you can call them potatoes!
Colin🥔 9:51:40 PM
potatoes power clocks, so if i ever see one dancing, i wouldn't blink an eye
Dana K (host) 9:51:57 PM
i approve of spuds
TAndy🥔 9:54:04 PM
whats your favorite potato variety and why is it new potatoes
Dana K (host) 9:55:23 PM
here's the big hit of the night
Dana K (host) 9:56:45 PM
man i could go for some roasted new potatoes right the hell now
Dana K (host) 9:56:59 PM
SOS i need a phone charger and some potatoes
Colin🥔 9:58:10 PM
very yes to the big potatoes jams rn
DSM 🥔 9:58:22 PM
omg I'd love a bucket of roasted new potatoes and a cold beer rn
yoni from kdu 9:58:36 PM
yoni from kdu 9:58:48 PM
(save our spuds)
Colin🥔 9:59:52 PM
amazon currently does not have any potato phone chargers listed. we got any inventors in the room?
Colin🥔 10:00:07 PM
lol, never gonna see sos the same again
Colin🥔 10:00:48 PM
🤣 "ok my spuds"
DSM 🥔 10:03:53 PM
gonna try plugging my phone straight into a potato, but probably need a converter
stevie p 10:07:16 PM
Hi Dana K & PRB Pals
TAndy🥔 10:07:36 PM
sup stevie
Colin🥔 10:08:13 PM
sup stevie "🥔"
Dana K (host) 10:09:30 PM
wow look at all the spuds
Colin🥔 10:09:41 PM
sadly my deep internet research has led to the conclusion that spuds ain't got the juice to charge our phones.
stevie p 10:09:42 PM
ten after ten... when i was a little kid, my mom told worse-than-dad jokes
stevie p 10:10:10 PM
what time is it when two jalopies are racing? tin after tin.
Dana K (host) 10:10:49 PM
saying "tin after tin" sounds like i'm speaking in a bad new zealand accent
stevie p 10:11:35 PM
the thing i notice first about NZ accents is that the say a long E in places we don't
stevie p 10:12:03 PM
i'm now trying to remember an example. processing... processing...
Colin🥔 10:15:45 PM
can't wait to talk to my NZ friend and be all tin after tin and long e's
DSM 🥔 10:22:19 PM
Colin🥔 10:22:23 PM
friggin smersh for the win!🏆🥔🏆
Dana K (host) 10:22:29 PM
NJ's finest
Ossy 10:24:41 PM
Funny I ate cheeaw fries earlier tonight LOOOL
Ossy 10:24:51 PM
Colin🥔 10:26:46 PM
cheesey tatters are what dreams are made of
stevie p 10:28:14 PM
cheesy eggs too
Colin🥔 10:28:36 PM
note to future self, look away from those wawa chargers, they ain't nothin but heartbreak
Dana K (host) 10:28:43 PM
all three please
DSM 🥔 10:28:57 PM
Dana K pulling out some hot potatoes tonight! This rules
Dana K (host) 10:29:16 PM
yeah, i gotta shell out for one nice charger instead of buying cheap ones over and over again
Dana K (host) 10:29:23 PM
wish wawa sold hash browns right now though
stevie p 10:29:31 PM
Colin, tell you NZ friend you'll be their friend for eeever and eeever
stevie p 10:29:53 PM
Say "oi" too. I think they like that
stevie p 10:31:13 PM
correction: I'll be your freeeend for eeever.
stevie p 10:32:28 PM
trust me
Colin🥔 10:32:45 PM
i just about always have a cheap charger wire in my amazon cart. the struggle is reel
Colin🥔 10:33:21 PM
also, goodness, this third hour rips!
Ossy 10:41:11 PM
yoni from kdu 10:48:33 PM
This is so sick
yoni from kdu 10:52:48 PM
NJ's only band on NJ's only radio station! Amazing
DSM 🥔 10:52:56 PM
This show was super fantastic, thanks Dana K! Later all you taters!
TAndy🥔 10:53:49 PM
TYSM for the show, DJ Dana K!!
stevie p 10:54:42 PM
Thanks for a great show Dana K!
Dana K (host) 10:55:10 PM
goodnight folks!
Dana K (host) 10:55:21 PM
duty now, spuds
Colin🥔 10:56:56 PM
DBTF, as good as cheesy tatters? absolutely.