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Desert Cruising

Dec 13, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 269: 12/13/23

Only a few more weeks left in 2023, we can do this, we can make it.

Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Guenna - Weedwacker
Guenna Weedwacker N
Weedwacker - Single The Sign Records 2023
3:07 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:10 PM
Chief of Smoke - Burnt Cloth and Rancid Gardenias
Chief of Smoke Burnt Cloth and Rancid Gardenias N
Short Cuts 1096853 Records DK 2023
3:18 PM
Dream Behemoth DOOM GONG 2023
3:24 PM
Fomies - Lakeside Fever
Fomies Lakeside Fever N
Ominous Prominence Independent 2023
3:28 PM
Nomestomper - Bongshitter
Nomestomper Bongshitter N
Mossy Cobblestone Candlelight Pagan Nomestomper Florida Man Records 2023
3:34 PM
Kosmodrom - Dazed In Space
Kosmodrom Dazed In Space N
Welcome To Reality Housemaster Records 2023
3:42 PM
Wet Cactus - Solar Prominence
Wet Cactus Solar Prominence N
Magma Tres Wet Cactus 2023
3:51 PM
Tuber - Chain of Signs
Tuber Chain of Signs N
Joyful Science Neda Records 2023
3:57 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:03 PM
The Wizard - Kodama
The Wizard Kodama N
Silva Fuzzy Cat Records 2023
4:10 PM
Mountain Caller - Dead Language
Mountain Caller Dead Language
March of the Göll Church Road Records 2023
4:17 PM
The Company Corvette - Little Blue Guy
The Company Corvette Little Blue Guy N
Little Blue Guy Strange Mono 2023
4:26 PM
Josiah - By My Left Hand
Josiah By My Left Hand N
rehctaW - EP Interstellar Smoke Records 2023
4:33 PM
Cosmic Garden Project - Fields Of Fungus
Cosmic Garden Project Fields Of Fungus N
The Green Reverb Kommun 2 2023
4:43 PM
Iron Blanket - Mystic Goddess
Iron Blanket Mystic Goddess N
Mystic Goddess - Single Iron Blanket 2023
4:44 PM
AAWKS - The Figure
AAWKS The Figure N
The Figure - Single Black Throne Productions 2023
4:50 PM
Kara Delik - Gece
Kara Delik Gece N
Singularities IV - EP 2023
4:53 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:57 PM
Golden Sunbird - Ultra Venus Ray
Golden Sunbird Ultra Venus Ray N
Ultra Venus Ray - Single 2023
Chat is archived.
Matty Bongpooper 3:00:57 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:55 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:04:58 PM
Jäsön 3:05:00 PM
"weedwacker" ...i don't think he's talking about lawn care here.
Matty Bongpooper 3:05:36 PM
Matty Bongpooper 3:06:36 PM
Black Sab werent talkin about PG Tips tea in Sweet Leaf either?!
Jon Solomon 3:07:05 PM
Have a headache *and* I'm on hold with the IRS. How is your Wednesday, Cap?
Matty Bongpooper 3:07:38 PM
Jäsön 3:08:01 PM
I feel you Jon. Last time i had to talk to the IRS, I was on hold for 45 min.
Matty Bongpooper 3:08:25 PM
Ahab I think Jon Solomon needs that QOTSA Headache song...
Matty Bongpooper 3:09:02 PM
Jon dont let em take you alive
Jon Solomon 3:09:12 PM
They have told me now they'll call me back in exactly 28 minutes. Set your timers.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:10:32 PM
Ooof Jon that is a truly awful
Matty Bongpooper 3:10:35 PM
Guenna is referring to weedwhackers at Ikea.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:10:45 PM
Sending you patience and strength
Jäsön 3:11:35 PM
we shall measure IRS hold times in "dopesmokers"
Matty Bongpooper 3:11:53 PM
I dont think Chief of Smoke is referring to fire smoke
Matty Bongpooper 3:12:03 PM
Lol Jason
Matty Bongpooper 3:14:18 PM
Jon needs the Speedsmoker Sleep hold time
Jäsön 3:14:26 PM
lol @Matt, just saw the Ikea joke
Matty Bongpooper 3:15:10 PM
Didnt Old Man Biden tout hiring a shitload of new IRS agents? 🤔 Just sayin
Matty Bongpooper 3:15:49 PM
Jason I know how to think like a Swede 😉🇸🇪
Matty Bongpooper 3:20:02 PM
Doom Gong!
Brian D 3:20:33 PM
Very nice.
Jon Solomon 3:20:41 PM
Being able to call, not wait on hold for too long and be told when you'll get a call back (and pick what number they call you at) is a better system than most!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:23:02 PM
yeah that's not too bad
Rob F 3:23:21 PM
crisp apple strudels
Travis in Color ado 3:24:28 PM
Doom GOng is pretty interesting. Parts of that sounded like they lifted it from King Gizzard though
Matty Bongpooper 3:24:30 PM
Matty Bongpooper 3:25:19 PM
KGLW is being sued for monopolizing music
Matty Bongpooper 3:25:25 PM
Brian D 3:25:28 PM
This Fomies sounding good too
Travis in Color ado 3:25:37 PM
Matty Bongpooper 3:26:15 PM
KGLW got hit with an antitrust lawsuit LOL
Travis in Color ado 3:26:45 PM
I don't trust their work/life balance schedule.
Matty Bongpooper 3:26:45 PM
I concur Brian D
Matty Bongpooper 3:27:38 PM
Too much lockdown free time in Australia/NZ
Jäsön 3:28:33 PM
digging the Fomies
Travis in Color ado 3:28:36 PM
I think they just use Ai. 121 more albums in 2024
Matty Bongpooper 3:28:49 PM
Does one get Lakeside Fever at Lakeside Park of Rush lore?
Matty Bongpooper 3:29:05 PM
Lol Travis
Matty Bongpooper 3:30:16 PM
Cant wait for the playlist recap Ahab #bongshitter
Captain Ahab (host) 3:31:12 PM
Matty Bongpooper 3:32:44 PM
Florida Man Records!
Brian D 3:32:48 PM
Doom. Fom. Nom. All good
Matty Bongpooper 3:33:57 PM
Crisp apple strudel nom nom nom
Rob F 3:35:03 PM
There was a short My Favorite things part in the DOOM GONG
Jäsön 3:35:19 PM
lol @Travis. Interesting to think about how well/poorly AI could create music in a given genre (Stoner/doom)
Matty Bongpooper 3:35:49 PM
Rob F I caught that too
Travis in Color ado 3:35:58 PM
Rob, I did catch that too.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:36:04 PM
same, didn't know the name though!
Matty Bongpooper 3:36:26 PM
Jason, all we know is that Matt Pike is fighting the automaton
Matty Bongpooper 3:38:47 PM
Ahab where are you physically (general location)? You move about the globe
Captain Ahab (host) 3:38:59 PM
I've been in UK for the past couple months
Captain Ahab (host) 3:39:28 PM
Back in Boston in a month-ish
Matty Bongpooper 3:39:44 PM
Oi now we're talking, love. Ruby ale and the best scran in the world.
Jon Solomon 3:40:27 PM
Update: IRS called me as promised but they need to talk to someone higher up than I. Good to confirm, at least I tried (and WPRB made for perfect "hold music.").
Rob F 3:42:31 PM
Love the fuzz on this one
Matty Bongpooper 3:47:29 PM
Fuzzier than an answer from the IRS
Francis 3:49:52 PM
Been listening to REZN - I'd describe them as if My BloodyValentine decided to do a DOOM album
Matty Bongpooper 3:50:44 PM
Francis, Flex plays Rezn a lot on his show
Jäsön 3:51:44 PM
YouTube just suggested REZN to me this afternoon. Good stuff.
Francis 3:51:58 PM
ahh -Good to know. I don't get achance to catch it much. Thanks
Captain Ahab (host) 3:52:06 PM
REZN are great, caught them live earlier this year, bought the ticket off Flex actually when he couldn't make it
Matty Bongpooper 3:53:31 PM
That reminds me to clean my bong
Francis 3:54:01 PM
Rob F 3:54:26 PM
Did I just hear I Ran (So Far Away)?
Matty Bongpooper 3:54:36 PM
The poor man's hashish!
Matty Bongpooper 3:55:03 PM
Holy Flock Rob F I fink so
Matty Bongpooper 3:57:31 PM
Rob F gets Golden Ears award today!
Matty Bongpooper 3:59:01 PM
Matty Bongpooper 3:59:57 PM
Jäsön 4:00:53 PM
Travis in Color ado 4:00:59 PM
Francis 4:01:03 PM
YES! - exactly what I would have said
Matty Bongpooper 4:01:10 PM
Travis in Color ado 4:01:49 PM
I like the name Lakeside Fever though
Matty Bongpooper 4:01:53 PM
Travis brilliant!!
Jäsön 4:02:07 PM
lol @Matt
Travis in Color ado 4:02:23 PM
I can't wait for Dg-2!
Matty Bongpooper 4:02:50 PM
LOWVILLE, Kentucky, love
Matty Bongpooper 4:03:56 PM
Dg-2 is R2D2's bro
Francis 4:03:58 PM
Travis in Color ado 4:04:12 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:04:24 PM
dang Travis I shoulda gone with that
Matty Bongpooper 4:04:27 PM
Brian D, Ahab is laughing more than Ween on The Pod 😂🤣
Matty Bongpooper 4:04:43 PM
Lol Francis
Jäsön 4:05:01 PM
lol @Francis
Matty Bongpooper 4:05:28 PM
Brian D 4:05:42 PM
Bong Wizard. Doomsmoker. Hash Goblin. Fuzz Truck (careful w that FCC alert name there...)
Travis in Color ado 4:05:46 PM
Travis in Color ado 4:05:57 PM
Jäsön 4:06:06 PM
Matty Bongpooper 4:06:06 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:06:24 PM
Matty Bongpooper 4:06:35 PM
Jäsön 4:06:39 PM
endless fun
Brian D 4:06:47 PM
Got my 30th Anniv Chocolate and Cheese show tickets for the Mann Center! Sept 27 , 2024
Francis 4:07:05 PM
My wife and I play a game on the highway. We add the word Anal to the name of all the campers, and Mobile homes. So the Winnebago Adventurer becomes the Anal Adventurer
Matty Bongpooper 4:07:18 PM
Brian I wuz JUST scoping that
Matty Bongpooper 4:07:59 PM
Francis LOL I wanna go w/ yall
Francis 4:08:42 PM
Watch just do that on your way from home, and your commute turns fun!
Matty Bongpooper 4:09:36 PM
Brian I remember buying C & C on cassette in October of 1994 in northern CA
Matty Bongpooper 4:12:33 PM
Some nice fuzzy/overdriven basses today
Matty Bongpooper 4:13:32 PM
Mountain Caller has been listening to their early Failure
Francis 4:46:16 PM
This song is OK
Jon Solomon 4:46:57 PM
Is AAWKS an acronym?
Captain Ahab (host) 4:47:27 PM
We had this discussion before I think
Captain Ahab (host) 4:47:31 PM
Not that I'm aware of
Captain Ahab (host) 4:47:36 PM
Suggestions welcome
Jon Solomon 4:50:32 PM
I completely forgot.
Jon Solomon 4:50:40 PM
How does one *say* AAWKS?
Matty Bongpooper 4:51:27 PM
Jon, with a strong Bergen County accent, natch
Jon Solomon 4:52:04 PM
Like if I was talking about Monmouth's mascot? GO 'AAWKS!
Matty Bongpooper 4:52:18 PM
Matty Bongpooper 4:52:39 PM
Matty Bongpooper 4:53:59 PM
Patrick Rapa 4:54:29 PM
good show, Cap
Travis in Color ado 4:54:34 PM
Matty Bongpooper 4:55:29 PM
As per Francis: Anal Adventurer Winnebago Kilometer Speed, AAWKS.
Brian D 4:56:26 PM
Watcher backwards Ahab
Brian D 4:56:49 PM
Jon Solomon 4:57:07 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:20 PM
Ooff! I knew I was off
Travis in Color ado 4:57:23 PM
rehctaW, nearly killedW
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:35 PM
lol Brian I see now!!!
Jäsön 4:57:38 PM
Great show, Captain.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:43 PM
is late here
Jon Solomon 4:57:46 PM
I heard someone else say that number out loud recently and I thought they were mistaken.
Brian D 4:57:48 PM
And after we know something (AAWKS)
Captain Ahab (host) 4:58:06 PM
I do declare it so, even if it is not
Matty Bongpooper 4:58:17 PM
Fanks den love, fun show!
Brian D 4:58:57 PM
Missing a letter... ASAWKS (AS SOON AS WE...) or AIWKS (AS IF WE...) stretch to
Captain Ahab (host) 4:58:58 PM
Thanks everyone!
Brian D 4:59:05 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:01:37 PM
Good evening Jon Solomon! Good evening listeners! Very excited about this evening's festivities! Happy Hanukkah!