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The Laboratory

Dec 12, 2023 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With thoge

The Laboratory... a show full of bubbling genre concoctions and explosive experiments

the first hour usually contains brews of different types and extensions of rock music

the second hour usually follows up with potions of exploratory jazz and/or otherwise atmospheric music

be sure to listen for the specific location/place/state of mind suited best for listening to the set :)


I've been getting into Japanese noise rock recently, which led me to a few other genres and avenues in Japanese music. This set is the result of that!

All songs are by Japanese artists and range from Japanoise to traditional bamboo flute music for meditation.

This set is best listened to in an airport lobby looking for songs to download while waiting for your flight to arrive.

The Laboratory
1:04 AM
POLYSICS - URGE ON!! - velocity 2
NEU Sony Music Labels Inc. 2000
1:07 AM
Ex-Girl - The Letter from Mr. Triscuits
Ex-Girl The Letter from Mr. Triscuits Ex-Girl
Endangered Species Alternative Tentacles 2004
1:16 AM
Gravitar - Real II
Gravitar Real II Gravitar
Now the Road of Knives Charnel Music 1997
1:17 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:31 AM
Boredoms - Super Are
Boredoms Super Are
Super æ WEA Japan 1998
1:32 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:41 AM
Pine am - Mackerel Sky
Pine am Mackerel Sky PINE*am
Pull The Rabbit Ears
1:44 AM
Shogu Tokumaru - Green Rain
Shogu Tokumaru Green Rain
1:50 AM
Chib - Chips
Chib Chips Chib
Moco FatCat 2004
1:56 AM
Angel’in Heavy Syrup - Voyage
Angel’in Heavy Syrup Voyage
1:56 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:04 AM
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Amphetamine a Go Go / Pink Lemonade
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Amphetamine a Go Go / Pink Lemonade Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Black Editions 2019
2:11 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:13 AM
OOIOO - Sizuku Ring Neng
OOIOO Sizuku Ring Neng OOIOO
Kila Kila Kila Thrill Jockey Records 2004
2:24 AM
Ground Zero - Paraiso 1
Ground Zero Paraiso 1 Ground Zero
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Version 1.28 RER Megacorp 2005
2:33 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:33 AM
Various Artists & Various Artists - Tsuru No Sugomori
Various Artists & Various Artists Tsuru No Sugomori
Shakuhachi - Japanese Flute Nonesuch 1977
2:39 AM
KODO - Zoku
KODO Zoku Kodo
Best of Kodo Tristar 1988
2:51 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:51 AM
Lucy Hamilton, Mlw, Alan Licht, Haino Keiji - III
Lucy Hamilton, Mlw, Alan Licht, Haino Keiji III Lucy Hamilton, Mlw, Alan Licht, Haino Keiji
Gerry Miles Atavistic 1996
Chat is archived.
Abe 1:07:32 AM
nvm found it
Abe 1:07:49 AM
DJ Slayer recommended me a great album by POLYSICS
DJ thoge (host) 1:08:57 AM
polysics is so cool
Roffle 1:11:27 AM
My son turned me on to Japanese music. I have always thought highly of the Nalories, but he showed me a nice electronic level of production that is amazing these days.
DJ thoge (host) 1:13:47 AM
yeah the use of electronic production in a lot of the songs is so wild i love it
Roffle 1:15:06 AM
Also, I would also let a Japanese girl Marching Band stroll right over me! Thay are genius. I would never get stepped on. Check them out.
DJ thoge (host) 1:17:34 AM
im saying
DJ thoge (host) 1:17:58 AM
ill have to check them out
Abe 1:22:27 AM
Roffle 1:22:40 AM
No disappointments man. Trust me. It's really good.
Roffle 1:23:53 AM
YouTube stuff is there, if you can handle YouYube.
Roffle 1:24:30 AM
I tend to hate YouTube lately.
Abe 1:24:47 AM
i've hated youtube since 2015
DJ thoge (host) 1:24:51 AM
why the youtube hate ??
Roffle 1:25:15 AM
Abe 1:26:33 AM
mr beast
Roffle 1:26:40 AM
Actually, commercials enforced now. Very much sucks.
DJ thoge (host) 1:27:20 AM
valid points
Roffle 1:27:36 AM
My ad blocker life was better.
Roffle 1:34:33 AM
"mr beast"
Roffle 1:34:49 AM
DJ thoge (host) 1:35:30 AM
mrbeast is like slowly becoming a deity
Roffle 1:35:35 AM
Stupid shit at any corner.
DJ thoge (host) 1:36:55 AM
that scream mmmmm
Roffle 1:37:00 AM
That dude makes serious doe, but I have honestly never even seen one of his videos.
Roffle 1:37:45 AM
Playing music and screaming is cool!
Roffle 1:39:55 AM
Play music and scream sounds like my next T-Shirt! Thank you for that DJ thoge!
Roffle 1:42:14 AM
I simply love inspiration!
DJ thoge (host) 1:42:25 AM
yesss be sure to credit me on the t shirt as well
Roffle 1:45:22 AM
Oh shit man, will do! I have a few beast T-shirt ideas. The one with every genre of music on WPRB. It's my master work, but I am slow.
DJ thoge (host) 1:47:21 AM
magnum opus
DJ thoge (host) 1:47:25 AM
that sounds sick
Roffle 1:47:46 AM
Roffle 1:49:11 AM
Big cool in my simple brain anyway.
Roffle 2:01:48 AM
How long are you obligated to put "DJ" up front? Like the newb thing. What a fucking haze! Whatever though. Sorta funny kinda.
DJ thoge (host) 2:02:56 AM
thats a good point, ive been considering getting rid of the DJ part for a while
Roffle 2:03:06 AM
Some folk keep the DJ thing though.
DJ thoge (host) 2:06:47 AM
you know I think ill change it
DJ thoge (host) 2:07:07 AM
just needed that push
Roffle 2:09:00 AM
It's yours to do. You might do anything from this platform. Who knows. You go on from here for sure. Or just hang in this cool zone. Princeton is not a communications major college destination. lol
DJ thoge (host) 2:16:29 AM
spinitron definitely is a cool zone to hang out in for a while
DJ thoge (host) 2:16:39 AM
oh my name didnt change hmm
Roffle 2:18:09 AM
And you have uber buttons! lol
Roffle 2:19:57 AM
Call Mike at 2AM! I will donate 10 bucks right now!
DJ thoge (host) 2:20:49 AM
im sure he would love that
Roffle 2:21:05 AM
Tell him I said high!
Roffle 2:22:00 AM
I offered! There it is! LOL
Roffle 2:23:49 AM
Tell him the tower is more over than the leaning tower of Piza!
Roffle 2:24:18 AM
And he needs to bring some duck tape quick!
DJ thoge (host) 2:25:35 AM
im seeing him soon, ill let him know all of these things then
Roffle 2:27:08 AM
Cool! He is our guy with the duck tape here.
Roffle 2:31:16 AM
I dropped my guitar music?
Roffle 2:37:00 AM
Gladly now...
Roffle 2:38:38 AM
The frills and notes with harmonics!.
DJ thoge (host) 2:39:19 AM
Roffle 2:42:29 AM
KODO! Ha! I owe you one!
Roffle 2:43:00 AM
This shit way smart!
DJ thoge (host) 2:44:31 AM
its too good