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the living ritual

Nov 30, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With deirdre dionysiac

a distant constellation of sounds beguile the wandering hours, allaying the arc of our Fall .



the living ritual
8:00 PM
BOREDOMS - Noise Ramones
BOREDOMS Noise Ramones
Pop Tatari WEA Japan, Osaka 1992


8:01 PM
EYƎ - Recone
EYƎ Recone
Recone self-released, HARUKAITO by island 2020


8:04 PM
DJ 光光光 - Sul-E-Stomp (Ceilidh Mix) / Emplir
DJ 光光光 Sul-E-Stomp (Ceilidh Mix) / Emplir
Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999 Comma, Osaka 1999


8:14 PM
ヘンリー川原 [HENRY KAWAHARA] - Neptune
ヘンリー川原 [HENRY KAWAHARA] Neptune
enDOLPHIN - Altered State of Consciousness Green Energy, Japan 1995


8:19 PM
SUSI HERMANN - Ich steh' auf seifenblasen
SUSI HERMANN Ich steh' auf seifenblasen
Ich steh' auf seifenblasen Rams Horn Records, Germany 1984


8:23 PM
BELBURY POLY - The Willows
The Willows Ghost Box, UK 2005


( ( ( under mic ) ) )

8:28 PM
ANDREAS HOFER - B6 (Untitled)
Tonträger Second Thoughts Records, Switzerland 2020


8:31 PM
MIKI YOSHIDA - いとしあの星 ~ My Unchanged Heart
MIKI YOSHIDA いとしあの星 ~ My Unchanged Heart
China Baby in My Arms ......Ryoichi Hattori Songs Columbia, Japan 1984


8:34 PM
SOFT COVERS - Every Week
Soft Serve Little Lunch Records, Melbourne 2023
8:37 PM
Migration Magic Perennial/K Records, Montréal 2023
8:39 PM
Oh No! Stress Test Records, Montréal 2023
8:41 PM
KRAAN - Far West
KRAAN Far West
Flyday Harvest/EMI Electrola, Germany 1978


8:44 PM
The Disguises Album Laissez-Faire Records, NYC 1975


8:47 PM
赤い鳥 [AKAI TORI] - Shí
赤い鳥 [AKAI TORI] Shí
祈り ~ Prayer Liberty, Japan 1973


8:50 PM
高妮妮 [GĀO NĪ NĪ] - 一剪梅 ~ A Plum Blossom
高妮妮 [GĀO NĪ NĪ] 一剪梅 ~ A Plum Blossom
红蜻蜓 (電子琴與樂隊) ~ Red Dragonfly (Electronic Keyboard and Band) 琴台, China 1984


8:53 PM
HAKU - King Kal. & Mr. Emp.
HAKU King Kal. & Mr. Emp.
Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music of Haku) EM Records, Hawaii 1975


8:59 PM
GRACE SIMON & JOPIE ITEM COMBO - Kau Dan Aku /\/\/ you and me
GRACE SIMON & JOPIE ITEM COMBO Kau Dan Aku /\/\/ you and me
Remaja /\/\/ teenagers Nova Recordings, Indonesia 1977


9:02 PM
KENJI KAWAI - II - Ghost City
Ghost in the Shell (OST) RCA, Japan 1995


( ( ( under mic ) ) )

9:09 PM
ABDULLAH SAMI - Song for My Friends
ABDULLAH SAMI Song for My Friends
Peace of Time Spiritmuse Records, NYC 1978


9:15 PM
The Advancement Philips, Hollywood 1970


9:17 PM
THE STARK REALITY - Shooting Stars
Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop AJP, Boston 1970


9:24 PM
Studio Romantic Dear Heart, Japan 1987


9:29 PM
Evolution's Blend Radio Canada International, Canada 1972


9:36 PM
HENRYK DEBICH, ORKIESTRA POLSKIEGO RADIA I TELEWIZJI W ŁODZI - Wewnątrz i na zewnątrz /\/\/ inside and outside
HENRYK DEBICH, ORKIESTRA POLSKIEGO RADIA I TELEWIZJI W ŁODZI Wewnątrz i na zewnątrz /\/\/ inside and outside
Zbliżenie Astigmatic Records, Poland 2021


9:42 PM
JIM LANG - Stompin'
JIM LANG Stompin'
Hey Arnold! The Music Vol. 1 Enjoy the Toons Records, Hillwood (WA) 1996


( ( ( under mic ) ) )

9:48 PM
ORIGAMIBIRO - Unravelled in Wreathes
ORIGAMIBIRO Unravelled in Wreathes
Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks Expanding Records, UK 2007


9:50 PM
ARVID BURMAN SMITH JR. - Untitled 1974
Contemporary Slide Guitar Sunny Mountain Records, Pacific (MS) 1976


9:54 PM
HENRI TEXIER - Luce d'alba
HENRI TEXIER Luce d'alba
A cordes et a cris Disques JMS, France 1979


9:57 PM
WOJCIECH RUSIN - Celestial Twins / Procession
WOJCIECH RUSIN Celestial Twins / Procession
The Funnel Akashic Records, Poland 2019


10:05 PM
ᠬᠦᠭᠵᠢᠯᠲᠦ [HUGJILTU] - 漫步 ~ Wandering
ᠬᠦᠭᠵᠢᠯᠲᠦ [HUGJILTU] 漫步 ~ Wandering
循环 ~ Cycle Dusty Ballz, China 2022


10:09 PM
COLIN POTTER - Nine Months
Recent History Volume 1 ICR, UK 1989


10:17 PM
ORIOR - Tutankhamen
ORIOR Tutankhamen
Elevation Crystal Groove Records, UK 1979


( ( ( under mic ) ) )

10:18 PM
ROSSO POLARE - Albanella
Bocca d'ombra Sagome, Milan 2023
10:25 PM
Windshift Infinite Expanse, Australia 2023
10:28 PM
Salterio MA Recordings, Spain 1994


10:31 PM
JOHANNES BJÖRK - Tornseglare
Johannes Björk Infinite Expanse, Sweden 2023
10:34 PM
Searchlight Moonbeam Efficient Space, Australia 2023
10:40 PM
. - Untitled
. Untitled
Uranai Seikatsu Nintendo DS, Japan 2009


10:42 PM
トベタ・バジュン [BAJUNE TOBETA] - Air Flow
トベタ・バジュン [BAJUNE TOBETA] Air Flow
空気のおんがく ~ Music of the Air Della, Japan 2010


10:50 PM
YOKO KANNO - トライフルソング ~ Trifle Song
YOKO KANNO トライフルソング ~ Trifle Song
Tokyo.Sora - Original Soundtrack Red Alert Records, Japan 2022
10:51 PM
Mother Tree [mju:], Japan 1988


( ( ( under mic ) ) )

10:57 PM
THE POGUES - Fairytale of New York
THE POGUES Fairytale of New York
Fairytale of New York Pogue Mahone Records, Ireland 1987


( ( ( RIP Shane McGowan ) ) )

Chat is archived.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:05:53 PM
Greetings. Come galaxy-hopping with me as we blindly grope our way home!
Alan Pasnyk 8:06:09 PM
Hi DJ Deirdre!!!
TAndy 8:06:52 PM
what the danish fox doin
Roffle 8:07:15 PM
Galaxy-hopping? Glad Alan is here then.
Roffle 8:07:59 PM
X3 coming at us and I have yet to ask about that!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:08:01 PM
He's making the current percussion you're hearing. One tin can! Nice!
Alan Pasnyk 8:08:25 PM
deirdre:Your last show on Native American music prompted me to get 2 CD's on Flute player R. Carlos Nakai ...
Roffle 8:09:02 PM
A tin can and a degree from Duke university?
TAndy 8:09:04 PM
You talkin bout the solar flare, Roffle? I wanna take off of work and drive up to Upstate NY to see the aurora borealis (At this time of year)
Roffle 8:09:16 PM
Power tools
TAndy 8:09:34 PM
The sun truly is the greatest power tool
Roffle 8:09:57 PM
Oh shit, Take pics if you go man TAndy, That sounds cool.
TAndy 8:10:17 PM
I can't go but I wanna
Alan Pasnyk 8:10:52 PM
Tandy: Make sure you go when there Isn't a full moon, and check this website:
Roffle 8:10:54 PM
I hear ya
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:12:03 PM
glad to hear it Alan! by all accounts it seems it couldn't benefit a better human
Alan Pasnyk 8:12:05 PM
Tandy: I've seen the Aurora from a few miles north of Doylestown, PA..
TAndy 8:12:08 PM
The moon appears to be in the waning phases, but some further north may be able to see them otherwise given how bright they are.
TAndy 8:12:39 PM
TAndy 8:12:43 PM
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:12:54 PM
lunar activity tonight?? i am in the dark. when's all this?
Alan Pasnyk 8:13:13 PM
Spring and Fall are the best times. tilt of Earth etc. etc..
Alan Pasnyk 8:13:49 PM
deirdre: No Lunar activity that i know of..
Roffle 8:13:51 PM
I've seen it as a green glow in Oregon, but I lived in Alaska for 5 years and harly noticed.
Alan Pasnyk 8:14:22 PM
Roffle: It has a 11 year cycle of hi's and lo's
Alan Pasnyk 8:14:57 PM
...We're on our way up to solar max next few years..
Roffle 8:15:06 PM
That makes sense, definitely years apart.
Alan Pasnyk 8:16:51 PM
Alan Pasnyk 8:20:16 PM
I've seen Aurora Columns, Glows, Ripples, and a nearly overhead Red Aurora back around 2000 or so...
Alan Pasnyk 8:20:59 PM
...maybe 2001, def. in the spring though
Roffle 8:22:22 PM
Sounds cool, I've never seen the "curtains" Just glows.
Alan Pasnyk 8:24:08 PM
Roffle: Kinda like a dispersed spotlight slowly going off and on, yeah, cool!
Roffle 8:27:44 PM
I would so love to go check out Iceland with a Volcano and the Northern lights going on. I might try to get lucky though. Still might happen.
Roffle 8:32:28 PM
Love that Tonträger cover art deirdre!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:34:13 PM
If you search the album, there is an animated video segment to the album with that character/situation
Roffle 8:35:35 PM
Oh, nice! Thank you!
Alan Pasnyk 8:38:30 PM
<3 Soft Covers
TAndy 8:43:53 PM
Love this one
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:44:45 PM
who knew krautrock could be so bright?
TAndy 8:54:44 PM
Let's goooooo
deirdre dionysiac (host) 8:55:14 PM
lol. get ready for some copper history
Roffle 8:56:34 PM
Bronze age... Good times!
TAndy 8:57:13 PM
Life gives u problems? BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM
Roffle 8:59:04 PM
Agreed TAndy! Because they will certainly beat the hell out of us given half a chance.
TAndy 8:59:56 PM
Big stick diplomacy walk with swagger etc etc
TAndy 9:00:06 PM
Dat transition tho
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:01:40 PM
wanted to christen this day with a track from 1970s Indonesia in light of recent news
TAndy 9:03:45 PM
Oh wow the ORIGINAL sample from Ghost in the Shell
Roffle 9:04:03 PM
Indonesia made my Squire guitar! What happened there? I am concerned. I also want to move into that part of the world someday.
stevie p 9:05:22 PM
hi deidre d. and my prb pals!
Roffle 9:05:56 PM
Hi stevie!
stevie p 9:07:05 PM
hi Roffle, TAndy & Alan
Roffle 9:07:22 PM
One of my very good friends was one of the kids that were a part of the caning thing back in the day. He did not get cained though.
Roffle 9:08:00 PM
In Indonesia that is.
TAndy 9:09:59 PM
Heya Stevie
TAndy 9:10:29 PM
Fuck Kissinger, he couldn't go soon enough. Piece of shit is idolized by some "people" still to this day.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:12:08 PM
My reading rabbit hole today wound up focusing on Alexander Haig, in which I learned that he was born 10 mins from my house. He, Netanyahu, Jack Posobiec and perhaps countless other cherubs! The Main line of Philadelphia is a colorful place.
Roffle 9:13:28 PM
War criminal even? 100 years old. Wonder where he is headed if anyone is accountable after their heart stops.
Guelo<3 9:13:52 PM
Hi. This track is epic
TAndy 9:13:56 PM
Sup G
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:14:44 PM
You must be a friend then!
darin pa 9:15:29 PM
my girlfriend and i are enamored by yer tunes, deej ❤️
stevie p 9:16:33 PM
Kissinger, Nixon, Watergate goons, War on Drugs, Haig, Vietnam, assassination of MLK, RFK, JFK... what an awful time in history.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:17:02 PM
My eyes are a-glistening with this news, darin! Enjoy yerselves
Alan Pasnyk 9:20:53 PM
Hi stevie! Yeah the 60's would've been great except for "Kissinger, Nixon, Watergate goons, War on Drugs, Haig, Vietnam, assassination of MLK, RFK, JFK..." etc...
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:21:04 PM
6 minutes of instrumental buildup to one punchy verse is a fun way to construct a song
Guelo<3 9:21:31 PM
Darin! When we going sailing… 0.0 ;)
TAndy 9:22:26 PM
Yo Guelo u said another 2 weeks of sunshine themed shows yeah?
stevie p 9:23:22 PM
back to the 60s... i grew up in a small central PA town. parents and grandparents were very right wingish. i still laugh about when my older sister came home for the holidays from her freshman year at Northwestern... carrying (and quoting from) Chairman Mao's Little Red Book. complications ensued. :-)
darin pa 9:23:47 PM
LUKE LMAO i was like “how does this person know i like to sail wtf.”
TAndy 9:24:08 PM
@Stevie that must have been a hell of a Thanksgiving dinner
stevie p 9:26:49 PM
yeah, thoughts of Chairman Mao were not well received over our Thanksgiving dinner in 1969.
Guelo<3 9:27:17 PM
Guelo<3 9:27:47 PM
Yes indeed TAndy… Thru winter is the plan
Alan Pasnyk 9:27:55 PM
Where Extreme east meets Extreme west LOL
Guelo<3 9:28:18 PM
Tunes so fire I don’t even need a jacket🔥
stevie p 9:29:12 PM
@Guelo... good to know. i'm about to pop in my airpods and gather the trash and recycling and take it out.
TAndy 9:29:26 PM
This is GOING
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:29:34 PM
the freak drive is in the laptop.
TAndy 9:29:36 PM
I may or may not have a request I may or may not DM to u Guelo
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:30:57 PM
Guelo, do you have a mixcloud or any place you upload shows? I typically can't listen due to work and was bummed to miss some of the specialty stuff earlier the month
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:32:14 PM
(particularly the earth's orchestra show)
TAndy 9:32:55 PM
Ossy 9:39:27 PM
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:39:55 PM
Ossy 9:40:35 PM
And playing N64 Mario Party to these
TAndy 9:43:13 PM
Hell yeah love this jam
Matthew Robinson 9:43:36 PM
Matthew Robinson 9:43:45 PM
thanks for adding this jaaam
Ossy 9:43:58 PM
Roffle 9:47:52 PM
Hey Arnold! LOL Ossy!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:49:02 PM
Classic handshake, Ossy. We all wish to be as cool one day
deirdre dionysiac (host) 9:49:24 PM
I knew it'd hit the spot for someone, Matthew!
Ossy 9:49:54 PM
Anyone seen the latest movie about Arnold's parents in the South American jungle and the evil Lasombra?
Ossy 9:50:32 PM
Roffle - Big Bob Pataki is a beeper menace LOOOOOL
Roffle 9:51:34 PM
LOL, menace is one of my favorite words that I use freely.
TAndy 9:52:48 PM
BIG BOB'S [censor beep]ERS
Roffle 9:53:03 PM
I used to wear a beeper in the 90's
TAndy 9:54:44 PM
If hey Arnold would have happened around 8 years later he would have been solding chirp phones instead of beepers
TAndy 9:55:09 PM
We could have had a commercial where him and Kanye and Ludacris were all in on it
Ossy 9:55:13 PM
I recall Bob had an epiphany and turned a new leaf, after he was scary vicious towards a little orphan kid, his employee, and 60s peace guy lmao
Alan Pasnyk 9:56:03 PM
Roffle: Beeper was a big status symbol once, but then ya get to hate it when it goes off at 3AM!!!
TAndy 9:56:09 PM
I think my favorite Bob scene was in that one camping episode when he opened the fridge smelled the rotten food and then just toss the whole fucking thing off a cliff with no effort
Ossy 9:56:19 PM
And don't forget Miriam Pataki and her so called smoothies
Roffle 9:56:46 PM
I have only watched a few episodes of the Burger show. I am saving myself for a binge.
Ossy 9:57:45 PM
And in the 1st movie, he turned into Hulk like Homer, but still got a pitiful L from his former friend, when he tried cutting him off of some deal to lesser percentage of money
TAndy 9:58:13 PM
You know what the B in Bob stands for right
Ossy 9:58:17 PM
The first Hey Arnold movie
TAndy 9:58:28 PM
I don't think I can answer that or else the FCC will execute me
Guelo<3 9:58:36 PM
I wish I recorded that specialty show 😵‍💫
Guelo<3 9:59:09 PM
I’m going to start uploading them evensh… although I do like how a radio show (can be) live and free and dies
Roffle 9:59:12 PM
@Alan, spot on! Fortunately for me my boss was back home at night. It was a day thing thankfully.
Ossy 9:59:42 PM
I don't too want to face the humiliating wrath of FCC
Alan Pasnyk 10:00:30 PM
Roffle: For me it was a 24hr. on call for logging oil wells in Kansas..
Roffle 10:02:17 PM
Oh wow Alan. I almost got a gig doing communications for rigs in Wyoming.
Roffle 10:03:43 PM
And sample drilling. Geez, it's was wide open out there.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:03:43 PM
I feel the same tension there, Guelo. But can say from experience that you'll get to a point in the future where it'd be super fun to go back and listen to what was important to younger you if you do record a few of them. Also a way to archive music that you may well forget exists. But radio speaks to the present better, it's what makes this medium unique
Alan Pasnyk 10:04:07 PM
Kansas was fine, but the hours got to me eventually.....
TAndy 10:05:16 PM
I gotchu G
Roffle 10:06:17 PM
@deirdre, gosh, I am always glad that frigging YouTube wound up being Napster. I really thought all was lost after the shit bands like Metallica fucked that up.
Roffle 10:07:10 PM
Archive wise, that is..
Roffle 10:08:59 PM
This is really nice btw.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:09:04 PM
Yep. Our site's better than it was but it was a sad day for me when the station switched over because there were 20 years of musical history hidden in the searchbars for old setlists. It was fun to interact with DJs no longer with us and their collections, and now I have to rack my brain super hard for anything that I played on the airwaves pre-2020
TAndy 10:09:44 PM
Why wasn't the older stuff archived? Lack of space, or time?
TAndy 10:09:54 PM
Archiving is such an important thing for me
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:12:29 PM
Lack of both, and tech, and funds. Others at the station could speak more precisely to the issues there, and archiving efforts at the station have been rightly more concerned with digitization of the records, CDs, cassettes, reels etc. that are deteriorating over time in the library. More important to save the music itself than lists if one is to choose
Alan Pasnyk 10:13:40 PM
deirdre: Wow, sorry to hear, but I'm always taking notes on my favorite tracks from WPRB and cut and paste to MS Word..
TAndy 10:14:03 PM
That's so very true. Ideally it would be most righteous to be able to save everything. I've been asked if I would ever have time to listen to All of the many shows that I record in my spare time. But I don't record just for future listening but for preservation
Roffle 10:14:52 PM
Wow deirdre, I had no idea! It exists though at whatever level of degradation and should definitely be preserved ASAP!
TAndy 10:14:55 PM
Imagine my joy when a long time user of a music forum I'm in rejoined and on a whim shared hundreds of gigabytes worth of old lost DJ mixes from radio shows and other various events. Complete with tracklist text files
Roffle 10:18:41 PM
Seriously, a modern SSD could easily hold a life's work. It's a no brainer.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:23:39 PM
I have almost all of mine recorded, think I'm nearing 365 shows. About 50 or so of them lost due to failed recording equipment or my last computer conking out before I'd backed everything up. A few of those shows haunt me
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:25:20 PM
If I had a free web space to do so, I'd upload them all in a "show a day keeps the reaper at bay" package worth one year.
Guelo<3 10:25:41 PM
In TAndy we trust.
Guelo<3 10:26:22 PM
How do u record them Deirdre?
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:33:41 PM
Originally, a studio computer in the back room of Bloomberg Hall. It'd record everything and you'd slap in a USB and take whatever you'd like. During home recording days (like tonight), everything is recorded by virtue of the software I use. More tricky at the Barge but my show is rebroadcast this season early Tuesday a.m., so Mike is sending me recordings as a favor.
TAndy 10:34:04 PM
The M in Mike stands for MVP
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:34:11 PM
There are programs to do it if you record from the Barge, but I suppose you'd need a second computer running at home while you're there
Roffle 10:34:13 PM
Marvin used to post all his shows on his site using an mp3 format in a couple of hour blocks that I used to download a lot. That was a while ago.
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:35:17 PM
I remember. I believe his wife would record them for him from home.
Guelo<3 10:35:50 PM
Yeah… man that sounds nice wish we could use all the Bloomberg perks. I’ll figure it out
TAndy 10:36:00 PM
I think Marvin still does, but they're only available for a few days. Jon Solomon still seems to have a near complete archive of his shows post-remote.
TAndy 10:36:36 PM
Jon had an OLD Dr. Dog show on his site under some obscure real media or quicktime format, took me hell to convert it to a useable format lol
Roffle 10:36:59 PM
She is awesome! I met them over 12 years ago and Jennifer. Funny nice folks!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:36:59 PM
He's probably an excellent person to ask
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:37:34 PM
Don't think I've met her, but once I heard that tidbit I knew it to be true!
Guelo<3 10:38:32 PM
Yeah I’ll shoot the our local illuminates an email. Hitting the sack y’all. Enjoy <3
Guelo<3 10:39:05 PM
And ty:)
Roffle 10:39:14 PM
Sleep well Guelo<3
TAndy 10:39:58 PM
have a good night duder
Alan Pasnyk 10:46:27 PM
This Bajune track would be great to listen to during Aurora...
Roffle 10:48:59 PM
Alan, Why do I get the impression you have a comfy reclining lawn chair to go with your telescope?
TAndy 10:50:01 PM
What I would give to be watching auroras in a lawn recliner with a hot toddy by my side
TAndy 10:52:26 PM
Thanks so much for the show, Deirdre!!
Alan Pasnyk 10:52:52 PM
Roffle: I lost count of how many recliners i have...!! :)
Alan Pasnyk 10:53:35 PM
Good 'ole Naked eye Astronomy, No complications!
Alan Pasnyk 10:54:39 PM
Of course one night it was Stargazing with DJ Luthor one fine summer night..
Alan Pasnyk 10:55:05 PM
(on the air that is)
Roffle 10:56:30 PM
Sky's the limit maybe, I always say.
Ossy 10:56:39 PM
Relaxing showcase Dei!
Alan Pasnyk 10:57:45 PM
Thanks deirdre for the show! Always something new. Nice night & bcnu!
TAndy 10:58:03 PM
Have a good Thursday off, see ya!
stevie p 10:58:22 PM
deirdre dionysiac, this show has been so nice. thanks!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 10:58:48 PM
I will be seeing Eric Andre, so I expect I will!
Roffle 10:59:19 PM
Good stuff dierdre, thanks for sharing.
TAndy 10:59:29 PM
Oh sick. My sister kept trying to get me to go, but work is preventing me from having fun as usual
Alan Pasnyk 10:59:57 PM
Wow! This Track!!!
deirdre dionysiac (host) 11:00:42 PM
Curses, I didn't start it early enough!! Well, Alan, do listen to the whole thing
deirdre dionysiac (host) 11:00:57 PM
Work is for jerks
deirdre dionysiac (host) 11:01:15 PM
gnight, soddy lads!