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Desert Cruising

Nov 24, 2023 1:00 AM – 3:00 AM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 267: 11/24/23

Post Turkey-day food coma tunes

Desert Cruising
1:00 AM
Tortuga - Lilith
Tortuga Lilith N
Iterations Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2023
1:06 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:08 AM
Yawning Balch - A Moment Expanded (A Form Constant)
Yawning Balch A Moment Expanded (A Form Constant) N
Volume Two Heavy Psych Sounds 2023
1:27 AM
Stone Of Duna - Moonsplitter
Stone Of Duna Moonsplitter
Moonsplitter Fett Gung Studios 2023
1:38 AM
Khan - Follow
Khan Follow
Creatures Khan 2023
1:48 AM
Swamphead - Pine Box Blues
Swamphead Pine Box Blues N
Pine Box Blues 2023
1:57 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:02 AM
Kanaan - Enter the Astral Plane
Kanaan Enter the Astral Plane N
Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane Jansen Records 2023
2:19 AM
En la Niebla - Psico Monstruo
En la Niebla Psico Monstruo N
Cvlto & Hash - Single En la Niebla 2023
2:27 AM
Onionfuzz - Tinfang Warble
Onionfuzz Tinfang Warble N
Anthouse 2023
2:33 AM
Ritual King - Worlds Divide
Ritual King Worlds Divide N
The Infinite Mirror Ripple Music 2023
2:40 AM
Octonaut - Hypnotic Jungle
Octonaut Hypnotic Jungle N
Intergalactic Tales of a Wandering Cephalopod Kloaka Records 2023
2:48 AM
Rhino - Falcon
Rhino Falcon
Falcon - Single Rhino 2023
2:52 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:56 AM
Deathchant - Chariot
Deathchant Chariot N
Thrones RidingEasy Records 2023
Chat is archived.
Captain Ahab (host) 1:00:46 AM
Evening folks
TAndy 1:02:45 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 1:04:06 AM
how was your turkey day
TAndy 1:05:38 AM
Slept most of the day but I had some pie and coffee with the old man, watched the rest of the Dallas game
TAndy 1:05:50 AM
Hope you had a warm and comfy day
Roffle 1:06:22 AM
Well, if someone is gonna spike red lines... Fine then!
Roffle 1:07:16 AM
Hope you enjoyed "Football" in England today...
Captain Ahab (host) 1:08:58 AM
hey Roffle!
Captain Ahab (host) 1:09:04 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 1:09:20 AM
not much thanksgiving esque things going on on this side of the pond sadly
Roffle 1:09:38 AM
Ayh Ahab!
Captain Ahab (host) 1:10:08 AM
I have just woken up in case it wasn't painfull obvious from my creaky voice lol
Roffle 1:10:20 AM
Chips and gravy?
Roffle 1:10:53 AM
No worries 'round here. Who sleeps?
Roffle 1:11:17 AM
At a given time, that is...
Matty, Donor to the Stars 1:13:10 AM
Roffle 1:13:48 AM
Anyway, no Idea what an English Thanksgiving would be like. Like the White House probably has a whole stack of good riddance cards in the Lincoln bedroom.
Captain Ahab (host) 1:14:58 AM
As my grandpa said, English Thanksgiving = 4th of July
Roffle 1:15:21 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 1:15:24 AM
Sup Matt! No dopesmoker alas haha but I came pretty close with four tracks over the span of an hour
TAndy 1:16:35 AM
This is such a mood rn
Roffle 1:21:24 AM
So, did you get a call on the bat phone or was there a signal up in the London fog to do the show?
Roffle 1:23:31 AM
You're 3 hours ahead. I cut a deal with my phone service so shit does not ring at that hour.
Captain Ahab (host) 1:28:19 AM
lol, station just needed subs, i figured I'd help given I missed a couple shows myself
Captain Ahab (host) 1:28:31 AM
5 hours ahead of jersey!
Captain Ahab (host) 1:28:37 AM
is 6:30am here
Matty, Donor to the Stars 1:28:48 AM
TAndy 1:31:19 AM
I wanted a sub tonight, too. With extra long hots and spicy capicola
Matty, Donor to the Stars 1:31:41 AM
Roffle 1:36:37 AM
5 hours?!? I feel less cool knowing about GMT now... My presumptions are all now shattered.
Roffle 1:37:18 AM
By two hours of space-time
Roffle 1:38:15 AM
That kind of math would fuck with Eisenstein for sure.
Captain Ahab (host) 1:39:04 AM
Roffle 1:40:19 AM
Fortunately, I am pretty sure I can find a therapist on Craig's List to deal with that.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 1:41:39 AM
Khan do an excellent cover of Elder's Gemini
Captain Ahab (host) 1:43:52 AM
oh I'll have to check that out, one of my fave elder tracks
Roffle 1:53:04 AM
Just stones throw from Alice in Chains
Roffle 1:55:35 AM
Well the first few thousand bars at least...
Matty, Donor to the Stars 2:01:14 AM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 2:01:27 AM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 2:04:16 AM
Astral, man, astral
Roffle 2:05:22 AM
The Bardo, with a chance to turn back.
Roffle 2:21:27 AM
Dublin looks shit today! That sucks.
Roffle 2:26:12 AM
Anyway, have a great day Capt'n! Thanks for the Holiday fill at this crazy hour. See ya later Matt and TA.
Captain Ahab (host) 2:26:30 AM
cheers Roffle, thanks for stopping by
Captain Ahab (host) 2:26:36 AM
hope you had a fun time yesterday
Roffle 2:28:20 AM
Thanks. Sun and friends works pretty good. Take care, best to you and yours.
Captain Ahab (host) 2:28:51 AM
thank you!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 2:30:32 AM
Mike Tropiano 2:55:01 AM
Thank for AM vibes. Stay well Ahab and crew.
TAndy 2:55:16 AM
Aye, thanks for the show Captain. See you around!
Captain Ahab (host) 2:57:18 AM
cheers friends, i appreciate you keeping me company