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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Nov 20, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With rosasolis dream

˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ✩




⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚♡₊˚ 🦢🥀🍂ෆ〰️⋆。°✩☕️🧸⋆ ˚。⋆୨♡୧⋆ ˚。⋆


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:02 PM
high rise - popsicle
high rise popsicle
live durophet


8:12 PM
Charles Tolliver & Music Inc. - Impact
Charles Tolliver & Music Inc. Impact
Impact: Live at the Domicile Strata-East 1975


8:19 PM
The Max Roach Trio featuring the Legendary Hasaan - Three-Four vs. Six-Eight Four-Four Ways
The Max Roach Trio featuring the Legendary Hasaan Three-Four vs. Six-Eight Four-Four Ways
The Max Roach Trio Featuring the Legendary Hasaan


8:24 PM
Carlos Garnett - Banks of the Nile
Carlos Garnett Banks of the Nile
Black Love Soul Brother Records 1974


8:29 PM
Ruins - Ffilhizabmn (Live)
Ruins Ffilhizabmn (Live)
Mandala 2000 - Live At Kichijoji Mandala II Tzadik 2001


8:32 PM
Carlos Paredes - Cancao  Verdes Anos
Carlos Paredes Cancao Verdes Anos
Guitarra Portuguesa Rhino/Warner Records 1998


8:36 PM
森田童子 [Douji Morita] - "Green Taisa kotaete kudasai グリーン大佐答えて下さい
森田童子 [Douji Morita] "Green Taisa kotaete kudasai グリーン大佐答えて下さい
ラスト・ワルツ Un, deux, trois


8:42 PM
أم كلثوم [Om Kalsoum] - ألف ليلة وليلة (Alf leila wa leila)
أم كلثوم [Om Kalsoum] ألف ليلة وليلة (Alf leila wa leila)
ألف ليلة وليلة (Alf leila wa leila)


8:55 PM
Ground-Zero - Consume Red (excerpt)
Ground-Zero Consume Red (excerpt)
Consume Red


9:11 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:21 PM
Carissa's Wierd - Die
Carissa's Wierd Die
They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 Hardly Art 2010


9:26 PM
Titanic - Cielo Falso (feat. I la Católica & Mabe Fratti)
Titanic Cielo Falso (feat. I la Católica & Mabe Fratti) N
Vidrio (feat. I la Católica & Mabe Fratti) Unheard Of Hope 2023


9:33 PM
Paulinho da Viola - Pra Não Contrariar Você
Paulinho da Viola Pra Não Contrariar Você
Foi um rio que passou em minha vida


9:36 PM
ᑐᒪᓯ ᑯᕐᐃᓴ [Tumasi Quissa] - Immutta Aiyaiya
ᑐᒪᓯ ᑯᕐᐃᓴ [Tumasi Quissa] Immutta Aiyaiya
ᐊᐅᓪᓚᔨᒡᒋᓚᑎᑦ ᓱᒃᑯᐊᑉᐱᐅᕙᓪᓚᐅᒐᓄᒃ (Better Times) 1981


9:39 PM
Tanya Tagaq - Retribution
Tanya Tagaq Retribution
Retribution Six Shooter Records Inc. 2016


9:46 PM
Failure - Undone
Failure Undone
Magnified [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue 1994


9:51 PM
Harrison Bergergon - Darkness Washed Over the Dude
Harrison Bergergon Darkness Washed Over the Dude
Dead Bergeron 2008


9:56 PM
Gorguts - Nostalgia
Gorguts Nostalgia
Obscura Phonofile.dk 1999


10:02 PM
Biosphere - Poa Alpina
Biosphere Poa Alpina
Substrata Biophon Records (Norway) 2017


10:06 PM
Rebekah Del Rio - Llorando
Rebekah Del Rio Llorando


10:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:20 PM
岡田有希子 [Yukiko Okada] - リトル プリンセス
岡田有希子 [Yukiko Okada] リトル プリンセス
シンデレラ (Cinderella) 1984


10:23 PM
Chuquimamani-Condori - Breathing
Chuquimamani-Condori Breathing N
DJ E 2023


10:27 PM
Dwarde - Piper
Dwarde Piper N
FR025 2023


10:32 PM
DJ Sofa - So Soft
DJ Sofa So Soft
So Soft / Crush on U 2022


10:38 PM
Bizzy B + Equinox - 7 Minutes of Maddness
Bizzy B + Equinox 7 Minutes of Maddness
The Brain Crew E.P


10:44 PM
Dub-Liner - A Rougher Version
Dub-Liner A Rougher Version
A Rougher Version / The Kill 2021


10:48 PM
Lone - Waterfall Reverse
Lone Waterfall Reverse N
Waterfall Reverse Greco-Roman 2023


10:55 PM
Foans - Heavy Traffic
Foans Heavy Traffic
Frontier 100% Silk 2016


10:57 PM
Vektroid - Motions Feel (edit)
Vektroid Motions Feel (edit)
Telnet Erotika 2010


Chat is archived.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 8:01:31 PM
DSM 8:01:59 PM
stevie p 8:02:23 PM
stevie p 8:02:42 PM
hay rosasolis dream! so nice to be here. i missed last week!
Andrew WestCoast 8:02:47 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:03:24 PM
hii tandy, dsm, stevie and andrew!! nice to have you all here :)
Rob from Maryland 8:04:50 PM
Pop cycle
Andrew WestCoast 8:04:51 PM
Do u know if your BBFL Necko Chic will be joining us.
Rob from Maryland 8:04:59 PM
And good evening everyone!
rosasolis (host) 8:05:38 PM
hii rob!! and not tonight but sometime soon surely~
Andrew WestCoast 8:06:12 PM
Well tell her she needs to watch Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix if she hasn't already.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 8:06:27 PM
kickoff in just 9 minutes GO EAGLES
rosasolis (host) 8:06:51 PM
oooh she def did lemme see if she said anything aboutit
Andrew WestCoast 8:07:30 PM
R U ready for some fooooooosssbaaaallll?!?!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 8:08:35 PM
*tiny voice* FOOBAW
Andrew WestCoast 8:09:23 PM
Are all your rowdy friends coming over?
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 8:10:07 PM
yeah we;'re playing drink the beer
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 8:10:16 PM
I won last round, got another beer!!
Andrew WestCoast 8:11:15 PM
That's some classic Family Guy. :D
Roffle 8:15:17 PM
Colors and depth photos tonight! Nice.
rosasolis (host) 8:16:37 PM
hi roffle! yes ive been in a contemplative mood as everr
Roffle 8:17:45 PM
Water me silly colors, but I like it.
Roffle 8:18:32 PM
I know, them ain't no watercolors!
Andrew WestCoast 8:20:41 PM
@Rosasolis the opening theme to Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is called Bloom by Necry Talkie and it's so rockin' I never hit the skip intro button.
rosasolis (host) 8:21:34 PM
@roffle i particularly like the teddybear in the first image! and @andrew ooh i cant wait to hear it, i always loved the music from the movie
Roffle 8:23:41 PM
You just throw art dear. I want to drown sometimes in it. Thanks!
rosasolis (host) 8:28:29 PM
(◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
DSM 8:28:31 PM
The first one with the teddybear and duck look like they have arrived in a Dirty Three album cover
DSM 8:28:59 PM
These horns honking wild, love it
rosasolis (host) 8:29:20 PM
omg!! i knew it looked familiar.. all its missing are the stars.. and i agree its a lovely jam
Roffle 8:33:18 PM
OMG, I don't know how to say I love this without seeming OBSCENE. This is cool!
rosasolis (host) 8:34:36 PM
ruins!! led by one of my fav drummers Tatsuya Yoshida~
DSM 8:34:59 PM
Yeah that was great, never heard Ruins before
DSM 8:35:25 PM
Almost thought it was Zach Hill drumming
rosasolis (host) 8:37:09 PM
ooh good comp, i really recommend that group and Koenji Hyakkei! i should play em more
DSM 8:39:43 PM
I'll check em out, I love that really intense, technical drumming that was going on in the early 2000's
Roffle 8:41:11 PM
Japanese drummers! They don't just go note time, they move like a tsunami. I love Kodō Drummers.
Ira Te Mix 8:43:50 PM
Oh! One of my favorite Folk Musicians, Morita Doji! Thanks so much for being one of the rare DJs that play her great works. The song title is "Green Taisa kotaete kudasai".. From the album "Last Waltz....Un, deux, trois...."
DSM 8:45:05 PM
Yes! Kodo drummers are so rad Roffle
rosasolis (host) 8:45:42 PM
hii ira!! i am so glad you were able to tune in, i love her albums and am grateful to hear that, ive just updated the english translation to the song title~
rosasolis (host) 8:46:12 PM
@roffle i need to look them up!! and @dsm i still love that zach hill double album from the 2000s
Roffle 8:50:25 PM
@DSM, Oh yea man. I want to marry one! lol byoo͞′tə-f!
Roffle 8:58:35 PM
Oh yea!
Roffle 8:59:08 PM
My woofer says hi
DSM 8:59:20 PM
Rosasolis solo Zach Hill or w/ Hella? Not sure why but trying to remember their albums made me remember that band Orthrelm, gonna have to revisit now
DSM 8:59:46 PM
wow this is sick
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:00:05 PM
im consuming a red jalapeno in honor of this track
DSM 9:00:29 PM
Roffle I want a timpani too
rosasolis (host) 9:01:00 PM
hi back to the woofer! and @dsm it was Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard i was thinking about.. but orthreim is great too!
rosasolis (host) 9:01:07 PM
@tandy dont get acid reflux!
DSM 9:01:16 PM
hmmm, I think I have half a bag of Takis I could consume some red
DSM 9:02:19 PM
I gotta re-listen to Church/Chirpin! Really gotta re-listen to a lot of my cds from that era
Roffle 9:02:30 PM
DSM, we need to have that talk talk about being delicate with timpani pedals.
DSM 9:03:32 PM
Roffle 9:06:09 PM
Who gets that joke DSM? Percussionist in gonna show up in your DNA test.
rosasolis (host) 9:08:21 PM
i remember always liking church but not so much the other but its also been a while!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:20:22 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:21:51 PM
hi matt!! thanksgiving really is around the corner..
Roffle 9:23:25 PM
Forgot about that thanksgiving bullshit. Thanks Matt.
Roffle 9:24:04 PM
Better now?
Roffle 9:24:31 PM
Workin' on it.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:25:33 PM
sup matt
Roffle 9:25:39 PM
We agree it's still Monday sorta?
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:25:58 PM
Roff I was born to please, Ridgewood, NJ, 1973. Actually for my first 45 years I was a "fuck you"er but now am an accommodator and far happier.
Roffle 9:26:01 PM
Just askin'
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:26:10 PM
roffle r u ok
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:26:37 PM
PRAY FOR ROFF YALL 🙏 Get on them knees people
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:26:49 PM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:28:01 PM
This Titanic is TACO BELL DIABLO
Roffle 9:28:28 PM
@ Matty 👍
Roffle 9:29:40 PM
Matt I have also a ver high volume here!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:30:12 PM
I fell asleep and had a dream a dog kept licking my arm. Thank you dream dog for making me catch Dj Rosas on the best radio station!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:30:51 PM
Dog alarm clock
rosasolis (host) 9:30:57 PM
yay!! you were dreaming of nipper
Roffle 9:30:59 PM
Sound definition and smart folks makinking sure this trin runs on trime
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:31:40 PM
Roff I see your high volume and raise you my Pringles can volume. ♦️♥️♣️♠️
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:32:06 PM
Nipper!! Exactly! 🧠🤯
Roffle 9:33:01 PM
Lets not bust Iceland to eruption.
Roffle 9:35:39 PM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:36:37 PM
Haaaaaaaa!! Icelanders. Funny peoples.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:38:43 PM
This song is straight Herzog documentary! 👍
DSM 9:39:09 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:39:45 PM
inuit country music!! :)
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:40:12 PM
Haaaaaaaa! DSM. Big Pimpin.
DSM 9:40:18 PM
loved that!
DSM 9:42:14 PM
cordyceps got that woofer
DSM 9:42:41 PM
yo Matty!
rosasolis (host) 9:42:48 PM
omg it does look like that 😭
Richard Jefferson 9:43:08 PM
I started to listen to WPRB in 1982
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:43:13 PM
Cordyceps!! 🍄
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:43:38 PM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:44:09 PM
Nice Richard J!!
rosasolis (host) 9:45:01 PM
hii richard! wow.. thats so much wprb history!
Roffle 9:45:08 PM
Inuit seal clubbing?
Richard Jefferson 9:45:34 PM
I am the O.G. of the PRB! Back when the "Community" did not support it, only the University.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:45:48 PM
Roff goin' DARK tonight. Love it.
Roffle 9:46:18 PM
DSM 9:46:39 PM
@Richard, Wow I'd love to hear a day of broadcasting from back then, would be so cool
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:46:49 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:46:53 PM
i love that! i forget that was the case.. there are some great records in the stacks from back then :)
Roffle 9:47:20 PM
Love you 2 Matt.
rosasolis (host) 9:47:28 PM
no harming seals theyre so cute..
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:47:29 PM
Pure analog in '82!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:47:51 PM
What!! Second Failure album!! 😍
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:48:35 PM
Magnified is a great Failure album. Dark, dark, dark, but full of bangers.
rosasolis (host) 9:49:02 PM
it does has this dark undercurrent! i just cant tell if i like the album cover or hate it..
Roffle 9:49:11 PM
Seals taste good in a overparticular situation.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:49:48 PM
Lol Rosas. The head of Slash Records chose it.
Andrew G/ 9:50:07 PM
hey all
DSM 9:50:14 PM
LOL this album cover! I kinda love it
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:50:15 PM
Sup AndrewG
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:50:18 PM
"Lick your wounds and dream of home."
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:50:19 PM
what the frog doin
rosasolis (host) 9:50:28 PM
hii andrewg! welcome~
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:50:34 PM
Lolololololol Tandy
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:51:00 PM
Supposed to be leaping off a brainstem Tandy (in SoCal)
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:51:42 PM
Richard J noice!! Gotta tell Jon Solomon
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:52:17 PM
Hell yeah Richard! Always some crazy variety over herre
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:53:42 PM
Rap goes back to 1973, and griot in Africa is ancient, but it took vanilla America awhile to embrace/accept rap. Wprb led the charge! ✊
Richard Jefferson 9:53:51 PM
Back when my late older brother went to "Peddie" prep school, he would come home on weekends and tell me to listen to this station. It might be the new genre of "Rap" or "Punk" or "New Wave", but I had found a source of music outside of what I was used to, and I discovered new musical horizons.
rosasolis (host) 9:54:18 PM
whenever i have time i love going down the rabbit hole of old wprb shows because theres so many gems!! and pushes me to explore more~
Richard Jefferson 9:55:20 PM
Whatever happened to "Cosmo"???? Now there was a great radio extravaganza !
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:56:53 PM
Dr. Cosmo sadly passed away in 2011. His show was well before my time as a listener, but I understand he had a very eclectic show.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:57:09 PM
I used to get smacked with a rolled up Cosmo magazine 🤣😂Those things were THICC
Richard Jefferson 9:57:50 PM
I appreciate the update. Imma thankin' ya
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:58:02 PM
My mom was a staunch feminist...who bought Cosmo magazine.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 9:58:20 PM
I think the closest matches to his style of radio show are Readie Righteous and/or Lizbot on Thursday and friday evenings.
rosasolis (host) 9:58:25 PM
ive seen some of cosmos playlists on the wprb archive, really great
DSM 9:59:01 PM
Is that Rick Rubin on the Gorguts cover?
Matty, Donor to the Stars 9:59:37 PM
Holy crap Gorguts. That snare is banned in 17 countries.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:00:36 PM
Rosas has the spirit of prb tonight! Amen
DubNP 10:00:38 PM
Tuned to almost falling off.
Richard Jefferson 10:00:38 PM
Sometimes it is hard to separate myself from current formerly favorite DJ's on PRB from their political banners. I may be able to get beyond it tho.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:01:07 PM
DSM it does look like him
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:01:58 PM
Richard J go beyond brother, it's worth it
DSM 10:02:03 PM
could also be Santa
rosasolis (host) 10:02:13 PM
hii dub!!
rosasolis (host) 10:02:31 PM
i dont like how hes levitating..
DSM 10:03:24 PM
I imagine he's just gonna levitate like that BURST thru my front door at me like the Kool-aid man
Richard Jefferson 10:03:42 PM
Matty, you may have just put me over the edge to do just so.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:04:33 PM
Richard J, I hearya, but wprb keeps it fairly neutral. All about the music, emotion, humanity as a whole.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:04:54 PM
i love this piece right here sm
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:05:52 PM
Tandy has probably seen the Kool-Aid Man just took a dump in my pool meme 😂
Richard Jefferson 10:06:27 PM
"Fairly" has a wide definition.. But again, I may just dive back in again as I was before. Thanks for your guidance.
Roffle 10:07:27 PM
Gamma ray?
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:07:52 PM
True, Richard J. Hang in there! I always get rewarded in surprising ways. Beauty of community radio.
DSM 10:08:52 PM
DSM 10:10:43 PM
twas lovely
rosasolis (host) 10:11:02 PM
yes! it was in muholland drive too.. during the climactic dream scene..
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:11:42 PM
That singer is 🔥
Roffle 10:11:59 PM
Sounded like a Chinese commercial too..
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:12:03 PM
She has some pipes
Roffle 10:12:58 PM
Muholland! lol.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:13:40 PM
In David Lynch's book on meditation & ideas he says he has no idea what Mulholland Drive is about. Lol
Roffle 10:13:47 PM
Been there.
Roffle 10:14:51 PM
It''s a place to just go home.
DSM 10:15:06 PM
Matty, is that in Catching the Big Fish? I love the audio book version of that
DSM 10:15:55 PM
There's a track or chapter that is literally just him saying "The box and the key... I have no idea what that is"
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:16:20 PM
That's the one DSM. You nailed it verbatim.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:16:49 PM
"I love the texture of small rotting animals." - David Lynch in same book
DSM 10:17:44 PM
lol it's been stuck in my head for years in that very peculiar/particular David Lynch voice
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:17:55 PM
I bought that Failure tape at a Tower Records!
Jiano Briggs (1) 10:18:06 PM
Coming undone 🌽🤨
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:18:30 PM
DSM ah yes, Lynch's Montana twang.
Roffle 10:18:56 PM
I was at a Twin Peaks thing. Lynch was late. LOL
Jiano Briggs (1) 10:19:03 PM
Ain’t that a book
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:19:12 PM
Jiano, Failure pre-date Korn! Same place they're from tho.
Jiano Briggs (1) 10:19:27 PM
I’m harrison burgerson
Jiano Briggs (1) 10:19:45 PM
Damn korn was fake this whole time
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:19:59 PM
Roff, David probably needed to reup on American Spirits and coffee.
Roffle 10:20:39 PM
BTW, that was Movie.\
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:20:43 PM
Korn was great at first but I cant listen to em now.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:21:04 PM
DSM 10:22:10 PM
the beach boys influence here is fantastic
Roffle 10:22:19 PM
I really was there, I lived in Seattle at that time.
rosasolis (host) 10:22:31 PM
hi jiano~ and omg i love lynch's country twang.. and @roffle was it still enjoyable?
rosasolis (host) 10:22:49 PM
@dsm right?! it sounds so sweet
DSM 10:23:21 PM
I'd love to drive the coast to this
Roffle 10:24:14 PM
My bar tender was an extra. lol]\
Roffle 10:24:56 PM
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:25:25 PM
You mean mixologist 🤣🍹🍺
Roffle 10:25:52 PM
Gosh film companys! I love tose guys!
rosasolis (host) 10:29:01 PM
i need a mix right now...
Larry Birder 10:30:00 PM
this is just the kinda music i needed rn...
Roffle 10:30:14 PM
rosasolis (host) 10:31:52 PM
hi larry! i agree its that time of the night already..
rosasolis (host) 10:31:57 PM
and hmm maybe something with gin
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:37:02 PM
I wonder if there is a gin drink made called the "Greg Gin(n)" after Black Flag's guitarist
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:38:03 PM
Or did I just invent it? NJ invention, baby! 💡
Elise Cube 10:38:05 PM
Elise Cube 10:38:09 PM
the third hour
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:38:39 PM
1 part gin, 1 part sweat of Rollins
rosasolis (host) 10:39:45 PM
elise!!<3 yesss welcome :)
rosasolis (host) 10:40:04 PM
and oh nooo thats too much sweat
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:46:33 PM
Rosas great show! Thanks for the Failure. They would appreciate. They are nice dudes. Intellectual and have a sense of humor despite dark lyrics.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:47:43 PM
Ken of Failure (singer) is actually a huge goth fan.
rosasolis (host) 10:47:58 PM
they sound cool! i need to listen to their next album after failuree
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:49:49 PM
When they made a recent album they kept David Byrne's How Music Works book around studio instead of usual stuff (drugs).
rosasolis (host) 10:52:59 PM
maybe thats what we all need instead of drugs hmm
DSM 10:53:03 PM
thanks rosasolis super show tonight :)
rosasolis (host) 10:53:27 PM
ig its already that time!!
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:53:47 PM
Well, drugs AND David Byrne's mind
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:53:48 PM
such a great show as always, thank u so much
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:54:41 PM
Failure had a heroin problem in early days so reading is better in their case. Demon heroin broke up the band for awhile. Now they are better.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:56:38 PM
Happy Turkey day yall! Thanx wprb! I give thanks for the jewel of Jersey.
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:57:37 PM
or vegan/veg foods
Matty, Donor to the Stars 10:58:47 PM
Roff MUSCLES. You can do this. I believe in you. 🍠🍳🥧🌽🍗
rosasolis (host) 10:59:21 PM
thanks for listening everyone 🤍 stay blessed and see you soon!!