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Nov 20, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Methuselah Mouse

good morning, bros of all kinds, genders, tastes, and talents. let's get with the brogram.

10:00 AM
Swans - A Little God In My Hands
Swans A Little God In My Hands Swans
To Be Kind Mute 2014
10:08 AM
Short Fictions - Anymore (In Praise of Ann Elizabeth)
Short Fictions Anymore (In Praise of Ann Elizabeth) N
Oblivion Will Own Me and Death Alone Will Love Me (Void Filler) Lauren Records 2023
10:11 AM
Wire - I Am the Fly (2006 Remastered Version)
Wire I Am the Fly (2006 Remastered Version) Wire
Chairs Missing The state51 Conspiracy 1978
10:14 AM
Hop Along - What the Writer Meant
Hop Along What the Writer Meant Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog Barely Dressed Records 2018
10:18 AM
Feist - How My Heart Behaves
Feist How My Heart Behaves Feist
The Reminder Arts & Crafts 2007
10:24 AM
Tindersticks - Whiskey and Water
Tindersticks Whiskey and Water
Tindersticks UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1993
10:32 AM
Yo La Tengo - My Heart's Not In It
Yo La Tengo My Heart's Not In It Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There Matador 2015
10:34 AM
The Bats - North by North
The Bats North by North The Bats
Daddy's Highway Flying Nun Records 2000
10:38 AM
Bobbing - Shrugging Match
Bobbing Shrugging Match Bobbing
Thank You for Singing to Me - EP Brain Genius 2019
10:42 AM
Califone - Sunday Noises
Califone Sunday Noises Califone
Roots and Crowns Thrill Jockey Records 2006
10:45 AM
Beirut - The Tern
Beirut The Tern Beirut N
Hadsel Pompeii Records 2023
10:52 AM
Silver Jews - Random Rules
Silver Jews Random Rules Silver Jews
American Water Drag City Records 1998
10:56 AM
American Football - Honestly?
American Football Honestly? American Football
American Football Polyvinyl Records 1999
11:02 AM
Far Caspian - Choice
Far Caspian Choice Far Caspian
The Last Remaining Light Tiny Library Records Under Exclusive Licence To Dance To The Radio 2023
11:07 AM
Tomberlin - A Video Game
Tomberlin A Video Game Tomberlin
At Weddings Saddle Creek 2018
11:13 AM
Secret Machines - First Wave Intact
Secret Machines First Wave Intact Secret Machines
Now Here Is Nowhere Warner Records 2004
11:22 AM
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space Spiritualized
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Fat Possum 1997
11:26 AM
Vampire Weekend - Obvious Bicycle
Vampire Weekend Obvious Bicycle Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City XL Recordings 2013
11:30 AM
Animal Collective - Banshee Beat
Animal Collective Banshee Beat Animal Collective
Feels Domino Recording Co 2005
11:38 AM
Wild Nothing - Dial Tone
Wild Nothing Dial Tone N
Hold Captured Tracks 2023
11:44 AM
of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us
of Montreal The Party's Crashing Us of Montreal
The Sunlandic Twins Polyvinyl Records 2005
11:49 AM
Deerhoof - Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You (feat. Awkwafina)
Deerhoof Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You (feat. Awkwafina) Deerhoof
Mountain Moves Joyful Noise Recordings 2017
11:52 AM
Wolf Alice - Delicious Things
Wolf Alice Delicious Things Wolf Alice
Blue Weekend Liberator Music / Dirty Hit 2021
11:58 AM
Oxbow - The Night the Room Started Burning
Oxbow The Night the Room Started Burning Oxbow N
Love's Holiday Ipecac Recordings 2023
Chat is archived.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 9:59:48 AM
good morning bros (in any sense of the word)
DSM 10:01:36 AM
Dude Bro, nice song to start it off!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:01:47 AM
thanks DSM!
Roffle 10:06:13 AM
Hi MM! Nice!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:08:08 AM
thanks, roffle!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:13:32 AM
the short fictions album I just played is actually so wack I love it
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:13:47 AM
it's somehow so angry and so sickly sweet pop at the same time it's like a jawbreaker
Roffle 10:14:39 AM
Yea, like very defiant pop to my ears. I like!
Roffle 10:16:11 AM
Also, girls and pretty chords are just fine too.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:16:40 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:17:04 AM
I loveee frances quinlan - the hop along lead singer
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:17:19 AM
her voice is like so sharp and incisive and raspy at the same time
Roffle 10:18:35 AM
Nice ear MM, she does have a voice that cuts thru for sure.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:20:32 AM
and speaking of heartbreaking voices I mean
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:20:39 AM
Lauren fucking Feist.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:20:45 AM
[TAndy comes in running and screeching into the chatroom with toxic bro energy]
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:22:37 AM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:23:41 AM
There seems to be a complicated 23-second long handshake routine. Hand Signs +1
Roffle 10:24:53 AM
Oh man, I want that kind of girl raspy speaking voice at the end of this at the doors of the Bardo. Increases the E-Tickect value.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:25:27 AM
Roffle 10:25:32 AM
Like a modem TAndy?
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:26:27 AM
maybe this is just like a rasp themed episode
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:26:33 AM
and I didn't even realize
Roffle 10:26:49 AM
Love rasp music!
Roffle 10:27:27 AM
Hip hop is fine too, but...
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:27:29 AM
If you happen to play a Tom waits song then it'll truly be a raspy show
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:27:48 AM
Or DMX hahah
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:27:55 AM
we'lll seeee
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:28:08 AM
tbh it's not all raspy there's some real clicks beep electro stuff later
Roffle 10:28:35 AM
Spot on TAndy! Rasp King indeed!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:29:07 AM
I'm pretty sure that somebody found a way to give electronic sounds a rasp. Maybe a flanger would do the trick
Roffle 10:30:58 AM
I am sure there is a stop on my synth for that. Fuck me runnin' if I can find it though.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:31:11 AM
Ohhh, Wiiiire
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:31:59 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:32:05 AM
Tandy x Roffle band era???
Roffle 10:33:15 AM
That dude would be great to go spelunking with TAndy. Who needs batterys?
Roffle 10:33:53 AM
Era? What day is it?
Roffle 10:34:34 AM
My dad had 78 records. I know that much.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:34:56 AM
u crack me up
Roffle 10:35:08 AM
We had a huge record playing TV!
Roffle 10:36:50 AM
People and their music, right?
Roffle 10:37:07 AM
Even dads
Joppa Fallston 10:38:10 AM
I love The Bats so much thank you for playing this
Roffle 10:38:47 AM
And when your dad calls you a dunce for not knowing how to waltz is a thing of the past.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:39:16 AM
❤️❤️ happy to, joppa
Sebastian C 10:39:20 AM
Good morning everyone
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:39:26 AM
Joppa Fallston 10:39:55 AM
Roffle 10:40:20 AM
Hey y'all!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:41:49 AM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:42:14 AM
Adam I'm sorry but I had to miss Yo La Tengo because CVS played a Sade song
Joppa Fallston 10:42:51 AM
Which sade song
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:42:55 AM
Sebastian C 10:43:12 AM
Same to you TAndy!
Roffle 10:43:24 AM
CVS? You have more interesting musical influences that I ever imagined TAndy.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:43:38 AM
Sweetest Taboo
Joppa Fallston 10:43:47 AM
I kinda love like CVS/grocery store core music
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:43:57 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:44:01 AM
let's make it a thing
Joppa Fallston 10:44:05 AM
Ok thats a correct answer
Roffle 10:44:11 AM
Joppa Fallston 10:44:34 AM
I had a playlist of grocery core but I deleted it bc i never listened to it
Joppa Fallston 10:44:49 AM
Maroon 5, Plain White T’s, etc…
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:44:58 AM
plain white T's omg
Joppa Fallston 10:45:45 AM
“One way.. to say… three words… for-or-or you…”
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:45:46 AM
CVS has a very benign playlist. Wawa and Shop Rite have extremely malignant playlists
Roffle 10:46:18 AM
Thanks, I am still laughing at that one. Gezzz, I can apply grocerycore across the board, so many places.
Joppa Fallston 10:46:36 AM
Interesting I thought CVS and ShopRite would have similar vibes
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:46:53 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:46:59 AM
maybe we need a grocery core tier chart
Joppa Fallston 10:47:09 AM
Joppa Fallston 10:47:14 AM
Ill try to revive it
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:47:18 AM
The local Saker/World Class owned ShopRite has the same God Bless America song blasting at the entrance so they get points off for the repetition.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:47:27 AM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 10:48:08 AM
BEIRUT ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 new music?! BRB⚠️🚨🔔‼️
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:48:13 AM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 10:48:17 AM
Alright time to drive out to the car warsh, keeping it locked on FM SUP MR💀
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:48:19 AM
Such a cool album too
Roffle 10:50:08 AM
ShopRite by any other name is PathMark. If they still even exist in NJ.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:53:23 AM
when I was growing up on Long Island we had a path mark but it's long gone
Roffle 10:54:16 AM
It's a kid memory for me too for sure.
Joppa Fallston 10:54:58 AM
The debate when I was young was if Safeway, ACME, and Giant were all the same company or not
Roffle 10:55:42 AM
Point on Joppa!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:56:12 AM
is it more or less depressing if they are separate
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:56:19 AM
and just all amorphously the Same
Joppa Fallston 10:56:38 AM
I think ACME is like a PA thing, I’ve spotted Safeway in Delaware and washington (state)
Joppa Fallston 10:57:25 AM
I think it’s more depressing if its the same creature with a different face
Roffle 10:57:26 AM
Same source for radishes no doubt.
Joppa Fallston 10:58:35 AM
They should all be slain and replaced with outdoor markets
Roffle 10:59:30 AM
Those old ACME markets are a fine place for thrift stores to inherit these days. Magnificent buildings. Should be concert halls.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:00:02 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:00:20 AM
my hometown had a Waldbaum's that became a Best Market and is now empty
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:00:28 AM
A DIY show there would be awesome
Joppa Fallston 11:00:56 AM
LOL thats an awesome idea
Joppa Fallston 11:01:13 AM
Theres an abandoned movie theater around here that I thought would be a cool venue
Roffle 11:02:11 AM
Right on Joppa!
Roffle 11:03:43 AM
I remember small theater play stuff in old movie theaters on their way out.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:03:58 AM
There's an ACME in Hamilton but they're obscenely expensive for whatever reason.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:04:23 AM
A small local grocery chain took over an old Dollar General location down the street from me which makes me happy
Roffle 11:05:30 AM
Old ACME building looks like a dome thing TAndy?
Joppa Fallston 11:06:20 AM
ACME is crazy expensive
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:06:52 AM
I did not know acme was real outside of Wiley e. coyote
Roffle 11:08:12 AM
@MM, Right?!!
Roffle 11:08:57 AM
But these fuckers don't sell dynamite.
Joppa Fallston 11:09:43 AM
lol I was also confused by that as a kid
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:09:46 AM
Joppa Fallston 11:11:35 AM
I was certain that they sold food and explosives
Roffle 11:12:32 AM
At least a plunger for the dynamite, but no...
Brian 'D' for Donor 11:12:37 AM
Great set there
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:13:24 AM
thanks, Brian! means a lot
Roffle 11:13:41 AM
That was a good set! Brian knows thing!
Joppa Fallston 11:14:03 AM
Secret Machines???? let's gooo
Brian 'D' for Donor 11:17:23 AM
Wow haven't heard this in a while. Secret Machines. Ya loved that run of Silver Jews through Tomberlin especially. Had meeting before that
Roffle 11:20:09 AM
Just let them know we have important business here too Brian.
Bud Burroughs 11:21:13 AM
I remember buying this record as soon as it came out, still love the Secret Machines!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:21:33 AM
the tomberlin track is so good @brian
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:21:49 AM
also yes this record is just utterly mindblowng
Bud Burroughs 11:22:05 AM
(That was way back in the days when you had to actually buy CDs...)
Roffle 11:23:09 AM
Digital as they were.
Roffle 11:23:25 AM
Brian 'D' for Donor 11:24:29 AM
Oh wow... of course this goes perfectly after that Secret Machines
Joppa Fallston 11:24:38 AM
Back to back nice picks
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:24:38 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:24:55 AM
thank u ... wanted to feel like a spaceship taking off
Roffle 11:27:25 AM
Strap in
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:27:33 AM
Roffle 11:28:23 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:28:29 AM
to the moon
Roffle 11:28:48 AM
And beyond!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 11:29:17 AM
What a nice show, Bro 😎 Well done, DJ Methuselah Mouse!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:29:57 AM
thanks malcontent!
Roffle 11:40:47 AM
Should one turn up the PA and rattle the foundations, or respect the city building codes. Dunno...
Roffle 11:41:26 AM
Nice tune
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:41:43 AM
Yeah love this one
Sebastian C 11:43:09 AM
Y'all doing anything cool for thanksgiving?
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:45:39 AM
Not working 😎
Sebastian C 11:46:02 AM
Roffle 11:46:11 AM
Thanksgiving? Death by gravy
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:46:43 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:46:50 AM
I will be visiting my grandparents
Roffle 11:47:42 AM
Give them my plasma thanks...
Sebastian C 11:47:43 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:48:12 AM
I'm excited for sweet potatoes
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:48:16 AM
and turkey
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:48:25 AM
I actually love turkey which I feel is an unpopular opinon
Roffle 11:48:46 AM
And the tons of cholesterol.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:48:54 AM
Joppa Fallston 11:49:01 AM
turkey underrated as hell
Roffle 11:49:07 AM
Love that turkey!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:49:09 AM
I don't think anyone I know is cooking this year so I'll probably get an Italian sub the day before and let it sit in the fridge. Let that oil and vinegar soak in 😎
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:49:52 AM
Joppa Fallston 11:51:04 AM
Where's your go-to sub place
Roffle 11:52:25 AM
Still dying for that turkey dinner! Fuck me to death grandma with that dame good!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:52:28 AM
Chain: Jersey Mike's. Local: Little King in Hamilton if I'm feeling bougie; Lucky 7 Lawrence if I want an overdose; Sub Maria in Hamilton for a classic sub.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:52:32 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:52:57 AM
Hahahaha thanks tandy
Roffle 11:53:03 AM
Not really grandma..
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:53:09 AM
Eckskellent show today bro, thanks brah.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:53:17 AM
You're so welcome, broski
Bud Burroughs 11:54:07 AM
Oooh, Wolf Alice! They've never quite seemed to take off in this country.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:55:03 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:55:13 AM
they're so ethereally angry
Bud Burroughs 11:55:55 AM
Yeah, they've totally got their own sound. They seem to be pretty big in the UK.
Roffle 11:56:40 AM
Thanks MM, a bit of fun and great music. Perfect.
Joppa Fallston 11:57:53 AM
Excellent show bro
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:58:19 AM
thanks so much for listening everyone! have a wonderful Thanksgiving
Sebastian C 11:58:30 AM
Really great show today, helped me unlock my inner bro
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:58:51 AM
Bud Burroughs 11:59:09 AM
Happy Bros-giving
Roffle 12:01:04 PM
You went sooooo RED MM! Excellent!
Roffle 12:01:16 PM
See you!