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The Sonic Bloom

Nov 16, 2023 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Esoterica

folky, punky, poppy, jangly, post-punky, and psychedelic goodness of the musical variety coming out of your speakers courtesy of moi. oh yeah, and occasional show tunes.

Electronica, new wave, minimal wave and new music!

Hi... should we call this spooky synth 3? i'm not sure. expect to be wowed. haha.

The Sonic Bloom
12:01 PM
Lalo Schifrin - Main Title
Lalo Schifrin Main Title Lalo Schifrin
Dirty Harry (The Original Score) Aleph Records 1971
12:06 PM
Steve Moore - 30,000 Feet Deep
Steve Moore 30,000 Feet Deep Steve Moore
Fever Dream B / W 30,000 Feet Deep - Single Mexican Summer 2009
Moore is not italo-electronica, so be ready to bounce around genre-vibe-wise today. but! he is part of the cool band Zombi, out of Pittsburgh, giving us multi-layered synth compositions.
12:12 PM
2+2=5 - Jacho's Story
2+2=5 Jacho's Story 2+2=5
Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 V/A Strut
On cold autumn evenings of Milan in 1981 met for the first time Nino La Loggia and Giacomo Spazio. Both were regulars of the Bar Concordia, one of the few meeting places for the post punk generation. Nino with Mark Philopat (now established writer) had given birth to the HCN, one of the pioneering punk bands of the peninsula. Giacomo instead was a performance artist, interested in graphics and was looking for a new form of painting that was innovative and provocative. When the two met sparked. The two had the same passion for music: Kraftwerk, Joy Division, DAF and the whole new scene of proto-electronic wave and together they decided to start the musical project called 2 + 2 = 5, a tribute to Orwellian dystopia. (From Discogs)
12:17 PM
A.T.R.O.X. - Against The Odds
A.T.R.O.X. Against The Odds A.T.R.O.X.
Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 V/A Strut
Check these guys on bandcamp, ahead of their time for sure. See The Night Remains. Good record. I think they were from Florence.
12:22 PM
Kirlian Camera - Edges
Kirlian Camera Edges Kirlian Camera
Not of This World Out of Line Music 2010
Originally from the 80s. The project was founded in Parma in 1979 by Angelo Bergamini and was a pioneering act of the Italian synthpop scene. By 1980, Bergamini had recruited singer Simona Buja, keyboardist Fabrizio Chiari and bassist Mauro Montacchini to form Kirlian Camera. This band is also on that comp I have been playing, Mutazione.
12:24 PM
Optic Sink - Modelesque
Optic Sink Modelesque Optic Sink N
Glass Blocks Feel It Records 2023
From Memphis. Optic Sink is the post-punk project from Natalie Hoffmann (NOTS), Ben Bauermeister, and Keith Cooper. Dovetails nicely with the Italo-electronica and new wave i have been playing;)
12:28 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:40 PM
La Maison - Critical Situation
La Maison Critical Situation La Maison
Milano new wave 1980-83 Spittle 2008
12:41 PM
The Tapes - Nervous Breakdown
The Tapes Nervous Breakdown
Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988 (Compiled by Walls) V/A Strut 2013
12:45 PM
ADULT. - Tonight, We Fall
ADULT. Tonight, We Fall ADULT.
The Way Things Fall Ghostly International 2013
From Dertoit, a couple named Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee started this amazing musical outfit in 1998. They are both artists, too!
12:50 PM
Vive la Fête - Christine
Vive la Fête Christine Vive la Fête N
Christine - Single Cleopatra Records 2023
Vive la Fête are a Belgian music duo from Ghent, East Flanders, formed in 1997 by Danny Mommens and Els Pynoo.
12:54 PM
my head is empty - Novocaine
my head is empty Novocaine my head is empty N
Novocaine - Single my head is empty 2023
12:55 PM
Cold Cave - Confetti
Cold Cave Confetti Cold Cave
Cherish the Light Years Matador 2010
1:01 PM
London After Midnight - Demon
London After Midnight Demon London After Midnight
Selected Scenes from the End of the World THiNGMAKER 2005
Written by Sean Brennan. From L.A.
1:06 PM
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Niños del Parque
Liaisons Dangereuses Los Niños del Parque Liaisons Dangereuses
Liaisons dangereuses Soulsheriff Records 2013
Liaisons Dangereuses was founded by Beate Bartel and Chrislo Haas together with vocalist Krishna Goineau in Düsseldorf, West Germany in 1981. Before the Liaisons Dangereuses trio, Chrislo Haas and Beate Bartel were in duo named CHBB.
1:15 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:15 PM
Martin Dupont - Your Passion (2023)
Martin Dupont Your Passion (2023) Martin Dupont N
Kintsugi (2023) Minimal Wave 2023
1:18 PM
Crime of Passing - Vision Talk
Crime of Passing Vision Talk Crime of Passing N
Crime of Passing Feel It Records 2022
1:23 PM
Nagamatzu - Deliberation
Nagamatzu Deliberation Nagamatzu
Shatter Days Dark Entries Records 2013
Nagamatzu is from Norwich UK. From J.G. Ballard's The Impossible Room: 'A perfect cube, its walls and ceiling were formed by what seemed to be a series of cinema screens. Projected onto them in close-up was the face of Nurse Nagamatzu, her mouth three feet across.'
1:27 PM
Perfect Mother - Dark-Disco-da-da-da-da-Run
Perfect Mother Dark-Disco-da-da-da-da-Run
The Bedroom Tapes: A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World 1980-1991 V/A Minimal Wave 2018
1:29 PM
Son of Elita - Minimal Wave
Son of Elita Minimal Wave Son of Elita
Minimal Wave - Single Undeliving Recordings 2018
1:36 PM
Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
Nine Circles Twinkling Stars
Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics, Vol. 1 V/A Angular Recording Corporation 2010
Nine Circles is a Dutch-German minimal electronic band. The name originates from the "Nine Circles of Hell" from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
1:40 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
1:47 PM
Killing Joke - Eighties
Killing Joke Eighties Killing Joke
Night Time Virgin Catalogue 1985
1:50 PM
Twilight Ritual - Closed Circuit
Twilight Ritual Closed Circuit Twilight Ritual
Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics, Vol. 1 V/A Angular Recording Corporation 2010
1:56 PM
Psychic TV - Godstar
Psychic TV Godstar Psychic TV
Allegory & Self Sacred Bones Records / Dais Records 2017
R.I.P. Genesis P-Orridge. From wiki about this song: Godstar is the name of a song and several releases by Psychic TV in 1985. The releases feature the band The Angels of Light. Two compilations, Godstar: Thee Director's Cut and Godstar: The Singles - Pt. 2, were later released. The song was about the life of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. The song was covered by Television Personalities on their album Don't Cry Baby, It's Only A Movie.
2:00 PM
Sweet Exorcist - Testone
Sweet Exorcist Testone Sweet Exorcist
RetroActivity Warp Records 2011
2:07 PM
Pesteg Dred & SS-Say - Care (feat. Martin Hall)
Pesteg Dred & SS-Say Care (feat. Martin Hall) Pestreg Dred & SS-Say
I Have Seen You Through the Years, Worn by Different Faces (1981-85) [feat. Martin Hall] Panoptikon/VME 1985
From the Dark Entries website: Pesteg Dred, a trio of teenagers from Denmark made up of Martin Hall (Ballet Mécanique, Under For, Before), Per Hendrichsen (Dialogue, Uté-Va) and vocalist Inge Shannon, who later starred in Hall’s project SS-Say. Their first and only album, ‘Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice’ was written, recorded and produced during a weekend in December 1981.
2:11 PM
Joy Division - Dead Souls
Joy Division Dead Souls Joy Division
+- Singles 1978-80 (Remastered) WM UK 2010
2:17 PM
New Model Army - White Coats
New Model Army White Coats New Model Army
Thunder and Consolation Parlophone UK 1989
NMA from Bradford, Yorkshire UK. Founded in 1980.
2:23 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
2:26 PM
ACTORS - Like U Want 2
Reanimated Artoffact Records 2022
“Vancouver’s brilliant post-punk and new-wave quartet ACTORS continue their flair for sonic cinematics in the video for their latest track ‘Face Meets Glass’... The atmosphere quivers with singer Jason Corbett’s crooning reverb augmented by shivering guitars and stark synths.” — POST-PUNK.COM
2:29 PM
Tangerine Dream - Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)
Tangerine Dream Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) R
Sorcerer (Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Geffen* 1977
2:33 PM
Marie Davidson - So Right
Marie Davidson So Right Marie Davidson
Working Class Woman Ninja Tune 2018
2:37 PM
Oppenheimer Analysis - The Devil's Dancers
Oppenheimer Analysis The Devil's Dancers Oppenheimer Analysis
New Mexico Minimal Wave 2015
Oppenheimer Analysis is Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd. They met at the 1979 World Science Fiction Convention in Brighton, England. In 1982, they began writing music, performing and releasing cassettes.
2:41 PM
Split System - End of the Night
Split System End of the Night Split System N
2023 2023
Released on Nov. 9th. From Melbourne. https://splitsystem.bandcamp.com/track/end-of-the-night
2:43 PM
Cybotron - Clear
Cybotron Clear Cybotron
Clear Fantasy 1990
2:48 PM
Gesaffelstein - Opr
Gesaffelstein Opr Gesaffelstein
Conspiracy, Pt. 2 - Single Turbo Recordings 2011
2:52 PM
Liars - Boyzone
Liars Boyzone Liars
MESS Mute 2014
3:00 PM
Stereolab - New Orthophony
Stereolab New Orthophony Stereolab
Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition) Duophonic / Warp Records 1994
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-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 12:02:00 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 12:02:20 PM
Spooky Synth 3❣️
Esoterica (host) 12:02:24 PM
Esoterica (host) 12:02:38 PM
and italo-electronica and new wave and rando stuff
Russell 12:02:44 PM
woo happy 2 be here
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 12:02:54 PM
Esoterica (host) 12:03:07 PM
howdy, russell! and mr. m!
Esoterica (host) 12:03:20 PM
happy to have you here!
Esoterica (host) 12:03:43 PM
hey russell, what time do AIS kick off at the kyhber this friday?
West Siiiiide Kim 12:05:34 PM
Howdy Everyone!
Esoterica (host) 12:05:55 PM
howdy, kim!
stevie p 12:06:48 PM
Hodwy DJE and PRB Pals
stevie p 12:06:54 PM
* howdy
West Siiiiide Kim 12:07:02 PM
I LOVE the Dirty Harry Intro
Esoterica (host) 12:08:48 PM
howdy stevie p!
Esoterica (host) 12:09:04 PM
i do too, kim. full of that bongo goodness
West Siiiiide Kim 12:09:40 PM
I get mad when I get on too late.
stevie p 12:10:36 PM
bongo goodness. hehe
Esoterica (host) 12:13:31 PM
tee hee stevie
Esoterica (host) 12:13:41 PM
kim, don't be mad, get glad lol
Esoterica (host) 12:13:57 PM
hey kim will i see you at calrton oaks for our reunion?
Esoterica (host) 12:14:01 PM
Race109 12:21:23 PM
Hey all!
Esoterica (host) 12:22:14 PM
hey race!
Tom S 12:22:30 PM
hello !
Esoterica (host) 12:22:41 PM
howdy tom!
Russell 12:26:45 PM
Things are kickin off at 8pm tomorrow DJ esoterica! not sure if that is doors or show yet.
Esoterica (host) 12:28:03 PM
sweet! i didn't realize i am also slated to go to the feelies; got the tix early summer before i knew about your gig. do you have openers? trying to see if i can traverse philly lol
Esoterica (host) 12:28:23 PM
break a leg nonetheless!
West Siiiiide Kim 12:30:25 PM
Probably Erica. I haven't seen the note, but It's right around the corner from where I live!
Travis in Pledgarado 12:30:33 PM
Here to spread brite light!
Russell 12:30:37 PM
Amanda X, Goshupon, Snowhore (mems of Greg Mendez, Provide, Superweaks) ◡̈ heavy hitters
Race109 12:31:19 PM
Wish i could make it to kybe tomorrow, it's our saxophonist's birthday so I'm heading to his party
Race109 12:31:40 PM
Banana sugar fire is really grand
West Siiiiide Kim 12:32:02 PM
Travis 😎
Travis in Pledgarado 12:36:34 PM
Sunny on the west side Kim?
Travis in Pledgarado 12:37:31 PM
Sunny California? I'm in Sunny Colorado!
Colin 12:38:42 PM
it's always sunny in philadelphia (suburbs) I had too 😜
Esoterica (host) 12:38:49 PM
hi colin!
Esoterica (host) 12:38:54 PM
true true
Colin 12:39:48 PM
nothing pairs better with a sunny day like darkish synth tunes.
Esoterica (host) 12:39:51 PM
wow sweet, russell!
Esoterica (host) 12:39:57 PM
thx for the deets
West Siiiiide Kim 12:41:43 PM
It was very dark yesterday, but it's sunny now with a sprinkle of clouds. Supposed to rain again Saturday.
West Siiiiide Kim 12:42:12 PM
I love it! Had to turn the light on in my office yesterday it was so dark.
Esoterica (host) 12:42:47 PM
it never rains in california, boy don't they warn ya, it pours...
Esoterica (host) 12:42:57 PM
man-an it pours
Esoterica (host) 12:43:20 PM
cool, colin! glad you like the synth-y sunny vibe
Race109 12:47:03 PM
This is sick
Esoterica (host) 12:48:00 PM
totally agree:)
West Siiiiide Kim 12:48:37 PM
It rained A LOT this past year.
Esoterica (host) 12:51:13 PM
it did?
Esoterica (host) 12:51:35 PM
i recall in january you got slammed
Colin 12:51:56 PM
fantastic version of one of my favorite SS n B songs!!
Esoterica (host) 12:52:46 PM
cool, colin!
Francis 1:01:09 PM
Sunny up here in the Redwoods and Wino country
Esoterica (host) 1:02:17 PM
nice, francis! jealous! i was actually in napa and bodega in october.
Esoterica (host) 1:02:40 PM
very quick trip but i did taste lots of good wine.
stevie p 1:02:43 PM
gotta be careful of birds in bodega
Esoterica (host) 1:02:51 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:03:04 PM
i visited all the spots where it was filmed.
Esoterica (host) 1:03:15 PM
the schoolhouse
stevie p 1:03:36 PM
i hope you were wearing your mint green suit and driving your convertible aston martin
Esoterica (host) 1:03:59 PM
oh how i wish lol
Esoterica (host) 1:04:22 PM
as long as the birds steered clear
West Siiiiide Kim 1:07:15 PM
I am trying to plan a trip to Napa. I have a lot of plans...
stevie p 1:07:23 PM
is rod taylor still visiting his mom and little sister up there?
stevie p 1:08:15 PM
point reyes lighthouse is a fun stop
Esoterica (host) 1:08:29 PM
ha! mel gibson looks a little like him, no? a young mel
stevie p 1:08:51 PM
stevie p 1:08:54 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:09:11 PM
i don't think i have been tho i took many a trip up and down PCH with my parents. car trips. that was our bag.
Esoterica (host) 1:09:25 PM
and classic 60s motels
Esoterica (host) 1:09:42 PM
low budg but high fun:)
stevie p 1:12:18 PM
during the 90s, it seemed like i was always in SF for business, with a rental car and lots of time on my hands
stevie p 1:12:38 PM
also, an ol' navy buddy who lived in sunnyvale. lots of trips up and down PCH
Esoterica (host) 1:17:56 PM
lots of good side trips for sure around sf
stevie p 1:20:46 PM
my friend tom spoke in hushed, serious tones about what went on up in humboldt county when i suggested a jaunt up there
Esoterica (host) 1:21:02 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:21:15 PM
you mean crops, lol?
stevie p 1:22:33 PM
crops and rather gruff farmers who aren't welcoming to visitors
David Shortell 1:24:24 PM
Robin Williams resembled Rod Taylor more than Mel Gibson did.
Esoterica (host) 1:24:53 PM
yeah i can see that, david and hiiii
stevie p 1:25:20 PM
now that you mention it...
Francis 1:29:17 PM
Yeah - you hear about weird hiking interactions. The illegal pot growers can get quite protective from what I've heard. Haven't experienced it myself
Esoterica (host) 1:30:22 PM
i can def see thta franics
Esoterica (host) 1:30:30 PM
jeeeez typos sorry
stevie p 1:31:00 PM
i would imagine that now, with legalization, the growers would be more like napa valley wineries, with tastings, etc
Esoterica (host) 1:31:08 PM
David Shortell 1:33:12 PM
The only J.G. Ballard work I ever read was the RE/Search edition of “The Atrocity Exhibition” illustrated by Phoebe Gloeckner, author of “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” (She makes a cameo appearance in the film version).
David Shortell 1:33:17 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:35:26 PM
cool, david. i was fascinated by the RE/SEARCH mags and books. i had modern primitives and angry women. haha
Esoterica (host) 1:35:52 PM
you stylized it correctly RE/Search
stevie p 1:36:23 PM
thanks for the link!
Esoterica (host) 1:36:36 PM
yes thx:)
Francis 1:36:49 PM
I think I had all of those books - back in the 90's. Modern Primitives was one of the ultimate shock coffee table books around
Francis 1:37:27 PM
although my fav was the Pranks one - lots of entertaining stories
Brian McCormack 1:40:15 PM
Has a Sugar Cubes kinda feel
Esoterica (host) 1:40:31 PM
yeah i can see that, brian! hi
Esoterica (host) 1:40:37 PM
ha francis!
Francis 1:41:28 PM
I love all this Darkwave stuff that's been released the last bunch of years
Brian McCormack 1:41:51 PM
The closest I got to synth with my band was a drum machine and a toy organ.
West Siiiiide Kim 1:45:31 PM
You had a dog named Trippy!
Brian McCormack 1:45:56 PM
J G Ballard science fiction writer
Brian McCormack 1:47:57 PM
The movie Empire of the Sun is a biography of his life.
West Siiiiide Kim 1:49:00 PM
Whoa I looked up Modern Primitives. I would have been all over that if I knew it existed.
Esoterica (host) 1:49:28 PM
yeah it is fascinating, kim
stevie p 1:49:30 PM
i love that movie
West Siiiiide Kim 1:49:55 PM
GREAT movie.
Esoterica (host) 1:50:06 PM
oh i need to see it!
Esoterica (host) 1:52:45 PM
kim, the reunion is not until june, plenty of time fyi
Shane Dacey 1:53:35 PM
Waddup Esoteric - thanks for more darkwaves
Shane Dacey 1:54:12 PM
Esoterica (host) 1:54:20 PM
yo shane! you are more than welcome:)
David Shortell 2:03:54 PM
I wish I heard that Killing Joke song at the 80’s themed business expo my former employer held at a Dallas hotel over a decade ago–but no, it was strictly for the squares. Nary a rap nor punk track was to be heard in its ignorant, deluded recollection of that decade.
Esoterica (host) 2:05:05 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:05:08 PM
David Shortell 2:07:47 PM
David Cronenberg made J. G. Ballard’s “Crash” into a 1996 film. The unrelated 2004 movie “Crash” eclipsed it in fame and popularity though.
Esoterica (host) 2:11:00 PM
i thought the 2004 movie was not so good
Esoterica (host) 2:11:20 PM
i'll have to see the cronenberg one
stevie p 2:11:28 PM
Cronenberg's Crash was epic Cronenberg
Esoterica (host) 2:11:37 PM
love him
stevie p 2:12:30 PM
probably the only filmaker to tackle symphorophilia cinematically
stevie p 2:12:47 PM
yes, i just learned that word when i googled Crash
Esoterica (host) 2:13:31 PM
ha! now i DON"T want to see it haha
stevie p 2:14:08 PM
like all Cronenberg, it's an "acquired taste"
stevie p 2:14:34 PM
as my mom would tell me when she got me to try something new and i upchucked it
Esoterica (host) 2:15:04 PM
true true, but i do like the brood, the flyvideodrome
stevie p 2:15:46 PM
the brood! i just rewatched that recently. oliver reed and his creepy "institute" is worth the price of admission
Esoterica (host) 2:15:54 PM
look wat i just found https://www.thewrap.com/freuds-last-session-review-anthony-hopkins/
stevie p 2:16:11 PM
the fly ... also a favorite. and videodrome
Brian McCormack 2:16:47 PM
Oliver Reed was in that Move "the Devils"
Brian McCormack 2:16:55 PM
stevie p 2:16:58 PM
nice link!
Esoterica (host) 2:17:40 PM
what is the film, cronenberg about the politician
stevie p 2:18:46 PM
stevie p 2:19:30 PM
i think i need to have a cronenberg festival
Brian McCormack 2:19:30 PM
Hopkins was C.S. Lewis in a film about he and his wife.
Esoterica (host) 2:19:43 PM
oh yes!!! thx stevie p
Brian McCormack 2:20:42 PM
What would they serve at a Cronenberg movie fest.?
stevie p 2:21:14 PM
rare calves liver in a cup
David Shortell 2:21:26 PM
“The Dead Zone”(1983), based on the Stephen King novel. Martin Sheen played the evil politician.
Brian McCormack 2:23:21 PM
stieve - cold/raw or sauted in garlic
Russell 2:24:58 PM
I got something to say. The Sonic Bloom rocks!
Esoterica (host) 2:25:16 PM
yo! tanks, russell:)
stevie p 2:25:31 PM
it's EsotericaCore
Esoterica (host) 2:25:36 PM
thanks, i was NOT trying to be cutesy haha
Esoterica (host) 2:25:41 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:25:50 PM
yeah baby stevie p!
stevie p 2:26:16 PM
* EsoteriCore not EsotericaCore
stevie p 2:26:28 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:26:50 PM
yeah i get it and i like it stevie p
Esoterica (host) 2:26:54 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:27:05 PM
who requested tangerine dream? brian m?
Esoterica (host) 2:27:09 PM
coming up!
Francis 2:27:10 PM
Whoa - thought this was Ultravox at first.. Nice sound
Esoterica (host) 2:27:22 PM
agreed francis
Esoterica (host) 2:27:52 PM
David Shortell 2:34:46 PM
I’ve seen Henri-Georges Clouzot’s “The Wages of Fear”. Is it worth seeing the American remake “Sorcerer”?
Esoterica (host) 2:36:07 PM
i haven't seen it david
Esoterica (host) 2:36:19 PM
how is the wages of fear?
David Shortell 2:39:05 PM
I just looked up “symphorophilia”. I think it was also tackled cinematically by Kurt Russell’s character in “Death Proof”.
stevie p 2:40:26 PM
David, you're right
Shane Dacey 2:42:06 PM
Sorcerer is amazing! Def worth seeing
Esoterica (host) 2:42:28 PM
sweet, shane!
Esoterica (host) 2:42:39 PM
so much to see...
Shane Dacey 2:42:50 PM
Plus a Tangerine Dream soundtrack on top of it. Highly recommend
Esoterica (host) 2:43:57 PM
totally. i am sold.
Shane Dacey 2:46:11 PM
…as I see you already played it haha
Esoterica (host) 2:46:56 PM
haha i thought you knew that when you said it. great minds...
Esoterica (host) 2:47:41 PM
this sounds like what the jersey shore show sampled
Shane Dacey 2:50:51 PM
Was your arm slowing starting to raise for a fist pump?
Esoterica (host) 2:52:20 PM
Guelo<3 2:54:56 PM
Russell 2:54:58 PM
Esoterica (host) 2:55:29 PM
hey guelo and yes, russell!
stevie p 2:55:47 PM
superduper noice show today DJE. (as per usual)
stevie p 2:55:51 PM
David Shortell 2:56:04 PM
Good song by Split System there, but it sure ain’t the same as the Doors’ “End of the Night”, which was based on the 1932 novel “Journey to the End of the Night” written by Louis-Ferdinand Céline before he became a crazed Nazi sympathizer. (I read an English language version, but I understand the profane slang doesn’t translate well.)
Esoterica (host) 2:56:06 PM
thanks, stevie p and thx to you all!
Brian McCormack 2:57:13 PM
West Siiiiide Kim 2:57:37 PM
Nice times! Have a good evening!
stevie p 2:58:36 PM
Cronenberg heard "blood" and his ears perked up
Brian McCormack 2:59:04 PM
My art Gallery is working on an underwriter for WPRB
David Shortell 2:59:17 PM
Lyres' leader Jeff "Mono Man" Connolly disapproved of the New York group using that name.
Esoterica (host) 2:59:53 PM
so cool brian:)
Esoterica (host) 3:00:02 PM
wow, david
Esoterica (host) 3:00:49 PM
thanks everyone! pledge.wprb.com
Esoterica (host) 3:01:02 PM
happy thanksgiving.