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Lost in Time and Sludge

Nov 9, 2023 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With DJ Flex Luthor

Come vibe and groove to metal, doom, and fuzz. Open your soul to the void and embrace the sludge inside.


Lost in Time and Sludge
11:00 PM
Green Lung - One for Sorrow
Green Lung One for Sorrow Green Lung N
This Heathen Land Nuclear Blast 2023
11:08 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:10 PM
Domkraft - Whispers
Domkraft Whispers Domkraft N
Sonic Moons Magnetic Eye Records 2023
11:19 PM
Kal-El - Moon People
Kal-El Moon People Kal-El N
Moon People - Single Majestic Mountain Records 2023
11:26 PM
Haurun - Flying Low
Haurun Flying Low Haurun N
Wilting Within Small Stone Records Co. 2023
11:32 PM
Daevar - Leila
Daevar Leila Daevar N
Delirious Rites The Lasting Dose Records 2023
11:37 PM
Cryptic Witch - Summoning
Cryptic Witch Summoning Cryptic Witch N
Summoning Cryptic Witch LLC 2023
11:42 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:45 PM
Chrome Ghost - Where Black Dogs Dream
Chrome Ghost Where Black Dogs Dream Chrome Ghost
House of Falling Ash Seeing Red Records 2022
11:57 PM
Mastodon - More Than I Could Chew
Mastodon More Than I Could Chew Mastodon
Hushed and Grim Reprise 2021
12:04 AM
Baroness - Magnolia
Baroness Magnolia Baroness N
Stone Sony Music Labels Inc. 2023
12:11 AM
Chelsea Wolfe - Whispers In The Echo Chamber
Chelsea Wolfe Whispers In The Echo Chamber N
She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She Loma Vista Recordings 2023
12:16 AM
REZN - Reversal
REZN Reversal REZN N
Solace REZN 2023
12:23 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:29 AM
Dopelord - Reality Dagger
Dopelord Reality Dagger Dopelord
Reality Dagger - EP Green Plague Records 2021
12:39 AM
1782 - She Was a Witch (feat. Gabriele Fiori)
1782 She Was a Witch (feat. Gabriele Fiori) 1782
1782 Heavy Psych Sounds 2019
12:44 AM
FLOODING. Run Flooding N
Silhouette Machine Flooding 2023
12:50 AM
Beastwars - The Day I Tried to Live
Beastwars The Day I Tried to Live N
Superunknown (Redux) Magnetic Eye Records 2023
12:57 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
12:57 AM
Fury - Birds of Paradise
Fury Birds of Paradise Fury
Failed Entertainment Run For Cover Records 2019
Chat is archived.
stevie m. p 11:00:49 PM
Matty Samhain 11:00:51 PM
This heathen Jersey land
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:00:56 PM
oh BOY
Flex Luthor (host) 11:01:01 PM
hello! jersey is indeed a heathen land
stevie m. p 11:01:19 PM
makes ya sneeze, to say the least
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:01:29 PM
dat stanky riff
Matty Samhain 11:01:46 PM
Iron masters and hessian lords of the pine barrens
Matty Samhain 11:02:12 PM
Excellent stank, Tandy!!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 11:02:17 PM
stevie m. p 11:02:19 PM
TAndy, you need to work smarter, not harder :-)
Matty Samhain 11:02:35 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:02:47 PM
green lung got those stanky riffs
Matty Samhain 11:03:20 PM
Stank waltz
Flex Luthor (host) 11:05:56 PM
john carpenter vibes on that synth too
Matty Samhain 11:06:30 PM
Our dark lord Carpenter
Matty Samhain 11:07:06 PM
Matty Samhain 11:08:34 PM
Flex Luthor (host) 11:10:18 PM
bob the ghost
Flex Luthor (host) 11:10:24 PM
great costume
Matty Samhain 11:11:58 PM
Domkraft album art is madballs-esque (80s toy)
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:14 PM
I am unfamiliar
Flex Luthor (host) 11:16:21 PM
pls enlighten
Matty Samhain 11:18:06 PM goofy lite-horror 1980s foam ball, kinda fun
Matty Samhain 11:18:38 PM
Also Madball, venerated hardcore band as I understand
Flex Luthor (host) 11:19:58 PM
wild never heard of them before
Matty Samhain 11:20:24 PM
Kal-el 😍👍
Flex Luthor (host) 11:21:17 PM
superman music
Matty Samhain 11:21:34 PM
Witches of Mars is such a good album (and Carpenter-esque). Singer does Ozzy O so well
Matty Samhain 11:22:11 PM
Ghost witches of Mars
Flex Luthor (host) 11:23:35 PM
theyre such a jam
Matty Samhain 11:33:26 PM
Daevar! New chunes 🗡️
Matty Samhain 11:34:54 PM
That riff is greazy good
Flex Luthor (host) 11:37:03 PM
Yeah just found this the other day and liked it
Flex Luthor (host) 11:37:10 PM
Will listen to more and report back
Ossy 11:38:09 PM
Whatup Darknuts
Matty Samhain 11:38:25 PM
We are sludging
Matty Samhain 11:38:33 PM
Ossy 11:38:50 PM
This is a badass scary costume
Matty Samhain 11:39:29 PM
Ossy 11:40:12 PM
Timmy looks like he's gonna fudge someone up, LOOOOOL
Matty Samhain 11:42:27 PM,1000_QL80_.jpg
Flex Luthor (host) 11:45:16 PM
we are indeed sludging
Matty Samhain 11:45:50 PM
Black dog, a harbinger of dooooooom
Ossy 11:46:37 PM
Like Hades's three headed monster dog!!!!
Ossy 11:47:12 PM
It's teeth are a sharp ass broken glass with acid
Matty Samhain 11:47:15 PM
Cerberus !!
Ossy 11:47:21 PM
Matty Samhain 11:47:41 PM
Was just thinkin about that hound (or 3)
Ossy 11:48:15 PM
Also Hydra with infinite heads, who almost got Prince Hercules, til he prevailed with his mighty strength to cause a rock slide!!
Ossy 11:49:05 PM
Matt - Was also thinking tye pokemon Houndoom and Houndour, who they're kinda based from, but with no extra heads
Matty Samhain 11:49:47 PM
Ossy 11:49:49 PM
Their Japanese names are even denomic
Ossy 11:51:22 PM
Matt - Fave canine pokemon like Ninetales, Lycanroc(midnight) and Lucario!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:51:31 PM
I just think of the Cerberus from the game Hades
Matty Samhain 11:51:31 PM
Sludge interlude
Matty Samhain 11:51:51 PM
You know yer stuff Ozzy!
Ossy 11:53:05 PM
Funny in Kingdom Hearts you do fight Cerberus with Hercules, Sora, Donald and Goofy
Flex Luthor (host) 11:53:56 PM
yeah I loved that fight in kh2!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:54:06 PM
he's annoying on crit
Matty Samhain 11:54:20 PM
There's a really greasy grindhouse film, The NY Ripper, w/ a killer who talks like Donald Duck. A real wtf
Ossy 11:54:59 PM
And fighting that leopard from Tarzan named Sabor, like 4 times in KH
Ossy 11:55:29 PM
Ah forgot, that Saw X movie is heavy bloody insane and a scary plot twist, beyond May
Matty Samhain 11:56:35 PM
Matty Samhain 11:56:57 PM
May is gangsta 💯
Flex Luthor (host) 11:57:09 PM
I really liked saw x!
Flex Luthor (host) 11:57:31 PM
I actually didn't find it overly gory although there were some rough parts
Matty Samhain 11:57:34 PM
I'll put it in me queue
Ossy 11:57:53 PM
She will be that horror elder guy named John in Saw X number 1 fangirl!
Matty Samhain 11:58:52 PM
Ten movies?! Wow
Flex Luthor (host) 11:59:00 PM
dont spoil!
Matty Samhain 11:59:46 PM
I am a relative Saw virgin but know the basics
Flex Luthor (host) 11:59:51 PM
sorry ossy had to get rid of the spoiler
Ossy 12:00:45 AM
Totally understandable Flex, I thought I wrote it carefully so nobody can get spoiled for sure
Ossy 12:00:54 AM
It's cool
Matty Samhain 12:01:09 AM
Rewatched a Spanish sci-fi/horror film called Timecrimes, super simple but compelling. Los Cronoscrimenes by Nacho Vigalando
Flex Luthor (host) 12:02:39 AM
I've heard good things!
Flex Luthor (host) 12:02:55 AM
Ossy 12:03:58 AM
Never heard of that, but sounds nice
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:05:06 AM
fucks sake jujutsu kaisen was so good this week. fight choreography and animation was ON POINT
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:05:08 AM
Matty Samhain 12:07:12 AM
Was just listening to Cockroach en Fleur by Baroness
Ossy 12:10:30 AM
That's some fire animation and action like Gurren Lagann
Ossy 12:11:15 AM
And that anime named Baki
Flex Luthor (host) 12:11:17 AM
def gotta watch jujutsu kaisen
Flex Luthor (host) 12:11:23 AM
I love gurren lagann
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:11:25 AM
do itttttttt
Flex Luthor (host) 12:11:31 AM
this week I decided to start reading one piece
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:11:37 AM
oi good luck
Flex Luthor (host) 12:11:40 AM
I'm already on chapter 72
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:11:52 AM
This week's chapter was brutally sad
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:12:37 AM
Oh fuck yeah new Chelsea Wolfe?
Ossy 12:12:56 AM
A cousin of mine didn't want to like Gurren at first for its style, til Academia and One Punch Man inspired him to see it and likes it lot!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:13:45 AM
jjk and chainsaw man are peak manga for this current generation
Flex Luthor (host) 12:15:40 AM
hell yeah new chelsea wolfe upcoming album
Flex Luthor (host) 12:15:43 AM
new tour too
Ossy 12:15:53 AM
Not from the modern, but hear of this old anime named Devilman that seems quite interesting. Looks like the Pokemon Salamence fused with Goliath from Gargoyles
Flex Luthor (host) 12:16:03 AM
tengen toppa gurren lagann
Matty Samhain 12:16:16 AM
Cool song, kinda industrial
Ossy 12:17:08 AM
And Kill La Kill
Matty Samhain 12:24:21 AM
Matty Samhain 12:25:46 AM
Fryday innit
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:25:52 AM
Matty Samhain 12:29:10 AM
This Dopelord song is a banga
Flex Luthor (host) 12:29:18 AM
it rips
Matty Samhain 12:30:00 AM
See Tandy's earlier stankmeme
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:32:01 AM
i was just about to
Matty Samhain 12:34:34 AM
Matty Samhain 12:35:00 AM
Love how stripped down this song gets, primal
Flex Luthor (host) 12:36:02 AM
it's so fuzzzzzzzzzy
Matty Samhain 12:38:15 AM
Matty Samhain 12:38:59 AM
Hesher march song to battle orcs
Matty Samhain 12:40:56 AM
Heavy Psych Sounds, good label
Ossy 12:41:08 AM
Matty Samhain 12:42:18 AM
Flex, dj Ahab did some Tolkien stuff on Desert Cruising, was fun analogue to yer show(s)
Flex Luthor (host) 12:42:33 AM
ooo did the wizards come out
Flex Luthor (host) 12:42:34 AM
the ents
Matty Samhain 12:43:07 AM
The wizards came out like gangbusters 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️
Matty Samhain 12:44:01 AM
Love how wprb has multiple shows to feed my heavy fuzz sludge needs 👍👍
Matty Samhain 12:45:04 AM
It's like how Moon Duo has a male/female double album, Occult Architecture. You and Ahab are like that 👍
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:47:47 AM
I missed the Sabbath special this week :(
Flex Luthor (host) 12:49:10 AM
ahab gets the vibe
Matty Samhain 12:49:42 AM
It'll rebroadcast I imagine, Tandy :)
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:50:12 AM
I don't think Captain's shows are rebroadcast this season. Gonna keep an eye on her mixcloud though if that' still a thing
Matty Samhain 12:50:38 AM
Oh yeah good point
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 12:51:46 AM
Super sick show, Flex! Signing off chat now but keeping it locked till the end
Matty Samhain 12:52:18 AM
Thanx fer meme Tandy! 👃
Matty Samhain 12:52:36 AM
Thanx fer show Flex! Stanktastic
Matty Samhain 12:54:32 AM
Wprb da best
Flex Luthor (host) 12:57:50 AM
thanks for tuning in!!!
Flex Luthor (host) 12:58:06 AM
it was a blast as always
Ossy 1:04:25 AM