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Desert Cruising

Nov 8, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 265: 11/8/23



Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Cream - Crossroads
Cream Crossroads
Wheels of Fire Polydor Records 1968
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:11 PM
The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil
The Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil
Beggars Banquet Universal Music Group International 1968
3:17 PM
Donovan - Season of the Witch
Donovan Season of the Witch
Sunshine Superman Epic 1966
3:22 PM
Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam
Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn Pink Floyd Records 1967
3:25 PM
Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore
Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore
Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered) Rhino Atlantic 1971
3:31 PM
Marc Bolan - The Wizard
Marc Bolan The Wizard
The Wizard - Single Decca 1965
3:33 PM
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Rhino/Warner Records 1970
3:39 PM
Coven - Pact With Lucifer
Coven Pact With Lucifer
Witchcraft Destroyes Minds and Reaps Souls Nevoc Musick Company 1969
3:43 PM
Uriah Heep - The Wizard
Uriah Heep The Wizard
Demons and Wizards Castle Communications 1972
3:46 PM
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Black Sabbath The Wizard
Black Sabbath Rhino/Warner Records 1970
3:50 PM
Wizard - Freedom
Wizard Freedom
The Original Wizard Peon Productions 1971


3:55 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:11 PM
Cirith Ungol - Cirith Ungol (Bonus Track)
Cirith Ungol Cirith Ungol (Bonus Track)
Frost and Fire Metal Blade Records 1999
Originally issued in 1981, but without the eponymous track Cirith Ungol
4:19 PM
Sleep - The Druid
Sleep The Druid
Sleep's Holy Mountain Earache Records 1992
4:24 PM
Electric Wizard - Mountains of Mars
Electric Wizard Mountains of Mars
Electric Wizard Rise Above Limited 2006
4:28 PM
Orchid - Wizard of War
Orchid Wizard of War
The Mouths of Madness Nuclear Blast 2013
4:31 PM
Dopelord - Addicted to Black Magick
Dopelord Addicted to Black Magick
Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult Green Plague Records 2014
4:36 PM
Howling Giant - Mothership
Howling Giant Mothership
Black Hole Space Wizard, Pt. 1 - EP theDIYteam 2017
4:41 PM
Cleõphüzz - Sandstorm
Cleõphüzz Sandstorm
Wizard of Phuzz - EP 851841 Records DK 2018
4:48 PM
Belzebong - Names of the Devil
Belzebong Names of the Devil
Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves Belzebong 2016
4:52 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
Chat is archived.
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:01:20 PM
Here we go!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:01:59 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:02:45 PM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:02:59 PM
The Time Historian returns!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:03:34 PM
I commend you again on living an actual waking DJ anxiety dream.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:03:42 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:03:59 PM
thank goodness I am just a boring homebody
Rob F 3:04:04 PM
Chronos and kairos
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:04:23 PM
Here go! Go, go, go!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:05:10 PM
Old lady's get left at the cross walk
Francis 3:06:53 PM
is her voice quiet?
Francis 3:08:04 PM
Can barely hear the Capt'n on the internet
Jäsön 3:08:39 PM
volume is ok for me on the internet
Rob F 3:09:30 PM
volume ok for me too
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:10:12 PM
Levels good over here.
Francis 3:10:44 PM
weird - only her voice is quiet. other internet radio and youtube is normal volume for me
Captain Ahab (host) 3:11:46 PM
huh, hey Francis, everthing looks alright on my end
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:12:52 PM
Levels are go in Philly!
Matty Samhain 3:13:38 PM
Hurt me wrist so cant type much but will be ruminating like Ghoel on Tatooine
Captain Ahab (host) 3:13:56 PM
sorry to hear that Matt, wishing you a swift recovery!
Francis 3:14:19 PM
music is fine. . Must be browser weirdness. Restarting
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:15:08 PM
Fear and Loathing in Tatooine is one of the best gift pictures I have ever got!
Rob F 3:15:42 PM
Ah Matt's here
Matty Samhain 3:15:53 PM
Lol Roff
Matty Samhain 3:16:17 PM
Rob F nice kairos reference! Fancy!
Ryan Naulty 3:16:25 PM
I'm so ready for more historical analysis. I've always felt that contemporary bands singing about the occult are kind of cheesy and have missed the point of Sabbath's lyrics being anti-evil and more an extension of the 'peace and love' 60s
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:17:10 PM
Figures the smartest person I know gave it to me Matt.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:17:59 PM
And I know lots of smart idiots!
Matty Samhain 3:18:00 PM
Great point Ryan! Sabbath could not relate to Summer of Love at all in depressing Birmingham, but hoped for a better world
Matty Samhain 3:19:02 PM
Sounds rad Roff! Hunter & Dr Gonzo at the Mos Eisley Cantina?
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:20:46 PM
Ya know I binged 3 seasons of Britannia and this was two seasons of theme song.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:21:25 PM
Everything is Gonzo Matt! It's just life.
Matty Samhain 3:21:58 PM
Matty Samhain 3:23:58 PM
I was just readin about Floyd Pepper of the Muppets band LOL
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:24:56 PM
Electric Mayhem
Matty Samhain 3:25:53 PM
Ahab, my friend went to Abu Dhabi and said the airline changed movie Cocaine Bear to Crazy Bear. Thought of you & yer international travels. 🐻
Captain Ahab (host) 3:26:13 PM
lol, yeah I'm not suprised, Turkish airlines censors that kind of stuff a lot too
Matty Samhain 3:26:52 PM
That crazy bear! (slaps knee)
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:27:44 PM
Did they put a hijab on the fucking bear?
Matty Samhain 3:28:09 PM
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:28:27 PM
Questions need be asked!
Adamgoget 3:28:32 PM
Hi everyone. Great show as always .
Matty Samhain 3:28:35 PM
That'd be surreal
Captain Ahab (host) 3:28:40 PM
wouldn't want the bear to be a bad influence
Adamgoget 3:28:57 PM
I got a question for the captain.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:28:58 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:29:08 PM
I will try to answer
Adamgoget 3:29:34 PM
What's the name of the artist know as the James brown of Anatoli rock
Adamgoget 3:30:07 PM
U played him before and I miss his music but I lost it in my list
Teresa Please Pledge Peacock 3:30:31 PM
Hey Cap'n & fellow Cruisers! @Ahab -- I have a wizard/occult-adjacent recommendation for you: I just received a couple of new installments of Italian graphic novels (graphic novel authors) that I follow from the amazon.it and one of the 2 titles I think you'd really love; specifically, Vanna Vinci's "Viaggio Notturno". Vinci has written a few series that follow a female philosoper/occult authority who investigates supernatural phenomena in and around (usually) Bologna.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:30:36 PM
Make it an one easy why don'tcha?
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:30:38 PM
Great show once again! Francis, I have had so many experiences where I can barely hear the wprb DJ voices but all other volume is fine just like you explained. Weirdest thing. Not today on the home stereo regular fm. It usually happens when I stream on laptop or phone and go to Bluetooth speaker. Can't quite figure it out.. maybe the voice is getting canceled out by the inner mic not sure.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:31:33 PM
This is a good remix btw.
Teresa Please Pledge Peacock 3:32:01 PM
@Roffle -- Weren't you just chatting with Scratchy Vinyl Tim about Sandy Denny's cameo on 'The Battle of Evermore'?
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:32:36 PM
Bluetooth is a fuck nob sometimes.
Matty Samhain 3:32:37 PM
Awesome Teresa!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:33:16 PM
@Teresa - Yuppers!
Matty Samhain 3:33:39 PM
Haunted bologna @Teresa
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:33:44 PM
We had a friend visit from overseas and she kept us entertained by talking about recently viewing Cocaine Bear. And we just wanted to keep hearing her say the title with her beautiful accent. And she really bought into the "No! No! It's real! " angle (yes based on but not quite real yknow)
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:33:52 PM
I really had a thing for Fairport.
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:34:22 PM
To the mill we go. .... cue the red tinted lens....
Matty Samhain 3:34:35 PM
Brian awesome! I liked the movie. Gory fun.
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:35:09 PM
I still have a thing for Fairport especially Mr Thompson
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:35:36 PM
Just drip the blood, and don't forget to run.
Matty Samhain 3:35:40 PM
"a witch in a fukn burnt out electric forest" as Glenn Danzig once described the cover in admiration
Bud Burroughs 3:35:59 PM
Groovy tunes today! I assume the playlist is already full, but Jethro Tull's "Witch's Promise" would fit right in.
Bud Burroughs 3:36:17 PM
(And I too have a thing for Fairport)
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:36:28 PM
I get that Brian.
Matty Samhain 3:36:37 PM
Good one Bud!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:36:45 PM
Adam I'm not sure! if you shoot me an email reminder I'll check my notes because it's not coming to me right away, and it doesn't seem to be a known comparison judging by quick search results
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:36:52 PM
Richard Thompson sings his long lost band mate Sandy's praises at every show. Keeps her memory alive.
Teresa Please Pledge Peacock 3:38:05 PM
@Roffle -- I do too! <3 Sandy Denny is my favorite folk-rock vocalist -- I love her own work too, solo & with Fotheringay. I love the first Sabbath album too -- my neighborhood in November specifically, resembles the album cover too (sans witch, bien sur).
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:38:07 PM
She was that lovey crease in the sheets. Just fit so nicely.
Matty Samhain 3:38:08 PM
Dark shape at foot of bed, leave Geezer alone
Captain Ahab (host) 3:38:56 PM
email is desertcruising@gmail.com btw
Teresa Please Pledge Peacock 3:39:01 PM
@Roffle -- well put!
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:39:51 PM
Just thought of that Leslie Nielsen Naked Gun scene where he's at the romantic dinner date and asks the cocktail piano player to "play our song".. . And... they immediately start into a lively "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! WHICH OL WITCH? THE WICKED WITCH! " HA HA HA
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:39:54 PM
OMG November! Yup! That's the sound to make leaves fall to fucking ground!.
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:41:53 PM
Jäsön 3:42:34 PM
LOL @brian. Love that.
Teresa Please Pledge Peacock 3:42:38 PM
@Ahab -- I'll send you an email about the Vanna Vinci graphic novels. They're so beautifully drawn and moodily autumnal. The supernatural phenomena angle is often hard to follow (at least, for me) but Vinci references a lot of history of Western (
Captain Ahab (host) 3:43:03 PM
please do!
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:44:19 PM
Matty Samhain 3:44:36 PM
Uriah Heep!
Matty Samhain 3:44:59 PM
I think Rush opened for them
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:45:08 PM
Nielsen unglued and became a total riot! Love the things he left. Fuck me, but Forbidden Planet? Yup!
Jäsön 3:45:15 PM
I'll take "Bands i did not expect on Desert Cruising" for 100 please.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:45:20 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:45:34 PM
i feel like I've played uriah heep before
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:46:20 PM
Uriah Heep! This is the song I love from these guys! Well done Ahab!
Adamgoget 3:46:51 PM
I got it I got it
Adamgoget 3:47:03 PM
Travis in Pledgarado 3:47:08 PM
'I recognize that harmonica"
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:47:17 PM
Just beat the shit out of this album like it owes you money.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:47:26 PM
hmm not an Anatolian Rock artist I am familiar with?
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:47:29 PM
One o their best. Friend's bro back in the day had the typical older bro smoke filled room and tons of records. I only knew "Easy Livin" and he played one of Uriah Heep's lps with The Wizard on it. Good stuff.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:47:39 PM
lol travis
Matty Samhain 3:47:52 PM
Lol Roff!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:48:15 PM
did I play this last week? yes.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:48:18 PM
eat me.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:48:30 PM
double timing
Matty Samhain 3:48:35 PM
Travis in Pledgarado 3:48:36 PM
Mike Tropiano 3:48:53 PM
You're the captain of this ship.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:48:55 PM
Maybe later. Just turn it up for now.
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:48:56 PM
Cowbell restraint
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:49:10 PM
When one note will do
Travis in Pledgarado 3:49:18 PM
You can go ahead and play this every week!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:49:32 PM
that's what we get to do here at WPRB thanks to youse guys' pledges
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:49:36 PM
Cowbell is an ingredient!
Captain Ahab (host) 3:49:37 PM
The Wizard every Wednesday
Mike Tropiano 3:49:50 PM
and Sweetleaf.
Travis in Pledgarado 3:50:20 PM
The Wednesday Wizard Block!
Brian 'D' for Donor 3:50:24 PM
Jäsön 3:50:47 PM
tasteful cowbell
Matty Samhain 3:51:54 PM
Lol Brian D
Travis in Pledgarado 3:52:23 PM
Sweetbreads loaf
Matty Samhain 3:53:09 PM
Lol Trav
Matty Samhain 3:53:37 PM
We are cruising deep in wizard country 🧙‍♂️
Adamgoget 3:53:59 PM
You played fadoul in late spring
Travis in Pledgarado 3:53:59 PM
Taylorporkhamroll loaf
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:54:21 PM
Travis in Pledgarado 3:54:27 PM
egg and cheese, if you please
Captain Ahab (host) 3:54:45 PM
that mighta been Jon?? He plays a bunch of habibi funk
Matty Samhain 3:54:46 PM
Lol 🐷
Matty Samhain 3:55:26 PM
Wizard freak out
Francis 3:55:47 PM
Aggghh - homesick for some Taylor hameggncheese. None of that out here in NorCal.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 3:56:06 PM
A Forrest of spells and rather cool omelets? I can work with that.
Matty Samhain 3:56:26 PM
I hearya Francis
Matty Samhain 3:57:58 PM
Goat Head Soup -- Rolling Stones
Francis 4:01:54 PM
Hah - crappy headphone jack. All is well.
Travis in Pledgarado 4:02:12 PM
Fish head, Fish head soup!
Francis 4:02:25 PM
No Dr. Demento
Matty Samhain 4:02:33 PM
Good soup.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:03:52 PM
My super Jew uncle will have none that Tetragrammaton devil stuff. But it's funny.
Matty Samhain 4:04:19 PM
Lol Roff
Matty Samhain 4:06:38 PM
Just rewatched Evil Dead 1 & 2, love its blend of serious horror and vaudeville tongue in cheek. Probably a small influence on occult rock.
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:07:06 PM
Ya that was Jon Solomon show the Fadoul. He's on after Capt A
Travis in Pledgarado 4:07:40 PM
I have an Evil Dead video game for Sega Dreamcast and it's associated player's guide book
Matty Samhain 4:08:04 PM
I never knew how to say "discogs" til John Geek/John No/John Mink of Fleshies & Triclops! said it
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:08:17 PM
I like this line up Brain.
Matty Samhain 4:08:27 PM
Trav nice!! 😍
Matty Samhain 4:09:29 PM
Trav is guidebook bound in skin & written in blood?
Travis in Pledgarado 4:09:56 PM
Unfortunately, it is just inkjet
Matty Samhain 4:10:16 PM
Travis in Pledgarado 4:10:17 PM
But it will still swallow your soul!
Matty Samhain 4:10:50 PM
Matty Samhain 4:11:17 PM
JRR Toking
Jäsön 4:11:52 PM
Lol @Matt
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:12:23 PM
Blood. We need it, but we hardly think about it until we bleed. Just sayin'
Matty Samhain 4:12:43 PM
Lol Roff
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:13:13 PM
Battle of was a Tolkien ride.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:14:15 PM
Zeppelin was rather Tolkien.
Jäsön 4:14:23 PM
this Cirith Ungol is great - sounds like old Judas Priest with Halford's outrageous vocals
Matty Samhain 4:14:38 PM
Lord of Rings/Hobbit was big in 1980s. Early rotoscoping, which is a lotta work esp. pre digital. Standard issue VHS tape to hessians along with Judas Priest & boogie vans.
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:14:43 PM
J.R.R. Ewing
Matty Samhain 4:14:57 PM
Lol Brian
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:15:08 PM
J.R.R. West Trenton
Matty Samhain 4:15:27 PM
Jason I agree-- those metal minor chords
Travis in Pledgarado 4:15:33 PM
JRR Puff N Stuff show JRR Ewing
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:15:38 PM
My ex was the princess of Cirith Ungol!
Francis 4:15:39 PM
Pretty sure Cirith Ungol is from LOTR - One of the mountains that Frodo and Sam climbed up trying to get to Mordor. Yeah I'm a nerd
Matty Samhain 4:15:51 PM
JRR Toll Bridge
Matty Samhain 4:16:20 PM
Francis nice!!
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:16:48 PM
Matty Samhain 4:17:07 PM
Jäsön 4:17:16 PM
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:17:33 PM
Was it in the let's say, darkest depths of Mordor?
Travis in Pledgarado 4:17:43 PM
I didn't learn my AA BB CCs
Captain Ahab (host) 4:17:46 PM
that's correct Francis
Captain Ahab (host) 4:17:54 PM
it means spider's pass
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:18:05 PM
*unfolds map....
Matty Samhain 4:18:25 PM
Good luck refolding it Brian
Francis 4:18:30 PM
WOOT! ah Shelob!!!!
Jäsön 4:19:04 PM
love the big ending
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:19:06 PM
Spider's will fucking kill you given half a chance.
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:19:06 PM
Matty Samhain 4:19:42 PM
Early Rush brought in a lotta Tolkien too -- Rivendell; Necromancer. That and Toronto weed.
Francis 4:20:22 PM
Oh yeah - Rush 3rd album deep into the weed
Matty Samhain 4:20:55 PM
Enter the mutant Matt Pike and chalice bongs. 3 ounces of weed apiece.
Matty Samhain 4:21:14 PM
Francis yeah! Caress of Steel is murky.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:21:24 PM
Toronto weed! I Used to to live close to Vancouver, B.C. Weed, weed,weed!
Matty Samhain 4:21:46 PM
Ah Roff the legendary BC bud!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:22:08 PM
Yes sir!
Francis 4:22:25 PM
I F'ing love Sleep. But I guess that's why we're all here too
Francis 4:23:50 PM
I remember the bartender at Max Fisch - bar on Ludlow street on L.E.S. talking about them in the early 90's, and being amazed at them
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:24:43 PM
Good pinball at Max Fish!
Matty Samhain 4:25:26 PM
Francis 4:25:37 PM
YES! - My band used to practice right next door to HELMET in NoLiTa, and we'd head over and play pinball there. A Lot!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:26:13 PM
Damn Frances! I have lived a gifted life, but not south Manhattan. LOL
Matty Samhain 4:26:50 PM
Nice Francis! I think Sabbath should give Helmet Symptom of the Universe
Matty Samhain 4:28:00 PM
Mars has the biggest mountain around!
Francis 4:28:21 PM
Olympus Mons?
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:28:21 PM
Lots of deep shit too
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:29:38 PM
I wanna fall for days though.
Francis 4:29:52 PM
LOL - My cases cancelled for today, so I'm blasting the tunes in my headphones and catching up on charts. Occasional drumming on the desktop. This is awesome
Matty Samhain 4:29:58 PM
Francis yes
Matty Samhain 4:30:24 PM
Francis ✊
Matty Samhain 4:30:53 PM
That is some chewy bass
Matty Samhain 4:32:15 PM
At the peak of Olympus Mons is apparently a 6 lb Case porkroll
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:34:44 PM
Encased in fabric that no mortal may tear asunder...
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:35:00 PM
A women with a bass should always be aloud past your threshold. Your just fukin' up if things go otherwise.
Parrscream 4:38:08 PM
Hey Captain Ahab!
Captain Ahab (host) 4:38:22 PM
hey Parrscream!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:38:30 PM
This could skip a rock right on an Alice in Chains album.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:41:11 PM
It appears dark out. Thanks Ahab!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:42:15 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 4:42:44 PM
my pleasure, not sure what I had to do with it lol
Matty Samhain 4:43:18 PM
Great word, darkish. Sounds like an elven name.
Francis 4:44:01 PM
70 bright and sunny up in the Redwoods in Sonoma, just N of San Fran. I'll have some local hot mulled wine tonight. You can see the Milky way at night here - pretty cool
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:44:07 PM
Matty Samhain 4:44:37 PM
Nice Francis! 🌌
Parrscream 4:45:10 PM
Dang Francis.... that sounds awesome!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:45:56 PM
Sonoma! Ahab is Paso Robles stuff!
Matty Samhain 4:46:08 PM
Btw Ahab, great infographic for today's show!
Francis 4:46:28 PM
Just as long as the fires or earthquakes aren't making my life an action movie Always + and -
Captain Ahab (host) 4:46:52 PM
lol well remembered Roffle
Captain Ahab (host) 4:47:09 PM
thanks Matt! did some AI magic finagling
Matty Samhain 4:47:49 PM
I still sleep in pants from so many Ca earthquakes Francis LOL
Francis 4:47:50 PM
LOL - that should be the next Sunn O))) album cover
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:48:21 PM
Yea, spend my time trying to be smartish. I fuck it up all time though.
Matty Samhain 4:49:36 PM
The mighty Sunn O))) I saw the band Failure and they had one Sunn amp just for feedback moments
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:49:48 PM
Have you considered a show with only the best songs by the bands with the dumbest names?
Matty Samhain 4:49:51 PM
Lol Roff
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:50:06 PM
Belzebong would make the cut!
Francis 4:50:20 PM
Yeah - I have my earthquake pants on the end of the bed. I guess I'm not alone
Matty Samhain 4:50:41 PM
There is a band called Witchshitter
Captain Ahab (host) 4:50:57 PM
lol Jon indeed
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:51:07 PM
I'll let the experts figure out a way to say their name on the radio.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:51:14 PM
Stupid is not what I wanted my son to marry! But whatever...
Captain Ahab (host) 4:51:22 PM
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard was in the sidelines for today's show
Jäsön 4:51:52 PM
LOL ...love the names
Matty Samhain 4:51:58 PM
Lol Jon
Matty Samhain 4:53:12 PM
Crust bands tend to have ridic names
Travis in Pledgarado 4:54:08 PM
Super Sabbathical Show Captn!
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:54:27 PM
Weed is a city in northern California. True story.
Matty Samhain 4:54:31 PM
From Cream to Belzebong! 🤯 What a cruise! 🏜️🌵
Jäsön 4:54:33 PM
Captain has yet to issue her standard disclaimer of not being a witch, wizard, or satan worshipper.
Matty Samhain 4:55:21 PM
Roff I been there! Great clean air, ironically.
Rob F 4:55:56 PM
Thanks Cap't
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:55:59 PM
Insane views of Shasta!
Jäsön 4:57:26 PM
Great music, cool history. Thanks, Captain.
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:58:06 PM
Black Hole Space Wizard! That's my neighbor!
Matty Samhain 4:58:20 PM
Brian 'D' for Donor 4:58:46 PM
In ancient times... Hundreds of years before the dawn of history Lived a strange race of people... the Druids No one knows who they were or what they were doing...
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 4:58:51 PM
Love you Ahab, See ya out there.
Matty Samhain 4:59:03 PM
Thanks to the best station around. Wprb saves lives. 🎙️📻
Matty Samhain 4:59:28 PM
Lol Brian
Travis in Pledgarado 4:59:34 PM
I can't wait to break the wind with that wind breaker!
Matty Samhain 4:59:49 PM
Solomon take us home babe
Matty Samhain 5:00:06 PM
Lol Trav
Brian 'D' for Donor 5:00:46 PM
Matt: There is a band called Witchshitter... did they open up for Bake McBride?
Captain Ahab (host) 5:01:00 PM
catch you in two weeks time friends! I'm off at a conference
Roffle bɛnɪfækta 5:02:25 PM
Enjoy the conference. Make them take note!