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Desert Cruising

Nov 1, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 264: 11/1/23

Woowee it's spooky season!

Desert Cruising
3:02 PM
Weedeater - Wizard Fight
Weedeater Wizard Fight
God Luck and Good Speed Season of Mist 2007
3:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:12 PM
Devil Electric - Take the Edge Off
Devil Electric Take the Edge Off
Godless Independent 2021
3:14 PM
Witch Mountain - Wing of the Lord
Witch Mountain Wing of the Lord
South of Salem Mountastic Records 2011
3:22 PM
Domkraft - Night Prowler
Domkraft Night Prowler
Night Prowler - Single Magnetic Eye Records 2021
3:29 PM
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Black Sabbath The Wizard
Black Sabbath Rhino/Warner Records 1970
3:34 PM
Electric Wizard - Satanic Rites of Drugula
Electric Wizard Satanic Rites of Drugula
Witchcult Today Rise Above Limited 2007
3:40 PM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Witchcraft
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Witchcraft N
PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation KGLW (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) 2023
3:45 PM
Wizzerd - The Guild
Wizzerd The Guild
Space?: Issue No. 000 - Single Wizzerd 2021
3:52 PM
Witchcraft - Ghosts House
Witchcraft Ghosts House
Legend Nuclear Blast 2012
3:56 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:05 PM
Orchid - Eastern Woman
Orchid Eastern Woman
Through the Devil's Doorway - EP The Church Within 2009
4:10 PM
Stone Giant - Wizard
Stone Giant Wizard
Stone Giant Stone Giant 2015
4:14 PM
Witch - Changing
Witch Changing
Witch Outer Battery Records 2006
4:21 PM
Saint Vitus - White Magic/Black Magic
Saint Vitus White Magic/Black Magic
Saint Vitus SST Records 1984
4:28 PM
Year Of The Cobra - White Wizard
Year Of The Cobra White Wizard
...in the Shadows Below Prophecy Productions 2016
4:31 PM
Pagan Altar - Judgement of the Dead
Pagan Altar Judgement of the Dead
Judgement of the Dead Temple of Mystery Records 1984
4:39 PM
Black Widow - Come to the Sabbat
Black Widow Come to the Sabbat
Return to the Sabbat Mystic Records 2007
4:44 PM
Blood Ceremony - Into the Coven
Blood Ceremony Into the Coven
Blood Ceremony Rise Above Limited 2008
4:48 PM
Glitter Wizard - Worship the Devil
Glitter Wizard Worship the Devil
Hunting Gatherers Captcha 2012
4:52 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:55 PM
Salem's Bend - Balshazzar
Salem's Bend Balshazzar
Salem's Bend Ripple Music 2016
Chat is archived.
Jäsön 3:08:09 PM
now we're rockin'
Matty Samhain 3:08:20 PM
God luck & good speed to y'all!
Roffle 3:08:26 PM
Well, that was scary!
Rob F 3:08:31 PM
Woowee its fuzz
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:08:51 PM
Away we go!
Matty Samhain 3:10:31 PM
Halloween 3: Season of the Glitch
Matty Samhain 3:11:01 PM
This is why we ran the Brits outta Jersey.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:12:06 PM
Jäsön 3:12:19 PM
Play "Got the Time" - Anthrax version
Matty Samhain 3:12:24 PM
Let's go dumb.
Matty Samhain 3:12:39 PM
Jason that song rules! ✊
Roffle 3:12:52 PM
They came back Matt, and bought the house a block over.
Jäsön 3:12:56 PM
yeah @Matt , love that version
Matty Samhain 3:13:23 PM
Roff be vigilant!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:13:29 PM
This will be funny over time.
Matty Samhain 3:14:46 PM
nat'l sugar hangover day
Matty Samhain 3:16:31 PM
Witch Mountain today, Blood Mountain tomorrow. (Flexus Luthorius.) Wprb. Pledge.
Jäsön 3:17:33 PM
I'm seeing all the buzzwords so far ; Wizard, Devil, Electric, Witch...
Matty Samhain 3:18:44 PM
I wuz thinkin that too Jason
Travis in Ganjarado 3:19:00 PM
And Weedeater. I did that yesterday.
Captain Ahab (host) 3:19:13 PM
Captain Ahab (host) 3:19:24 PM
anyone have any fun halloween stories?
Matty Samhain 3:19:30 PM
Mammoth Witch Wizard Bastard Vulture Hookah Doom Demon
Matty Samhain 3:19:45 PM
Travis nice!
Jäsön 3:20:32 PM
Our Halloween was too quiet...very few trick-or-treaters.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:20:35 PM
When in Ganjarado...
Matty Samhain 3:21:00 PM
I ate two halloween hot dogs like a gotdamn true American.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:21:52 PM
Matty Samhain 3:21:59 PM
Trav, my Uncle in Lakewood CO likes to give me giant shrooms...as breakfast. Um, thanks Unc
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:22:04 PM
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Roffle 3:22:16 PM
Watched the news on Halloween. Scares the shit outta me every time.
Matty Samhain 3:22:31 PM
Roff so true
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:22:42 PM
I told a mushroom they could come in our house but the vampire with them I could not invite in. Then I realized I'd invited a random child inside my home and quickly shut the door.
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:22:57 PM
Otherwise, a fun night!
Jäsön 3:23:36 PM
lol @Jon.
Roffle 3:23:40 PM
With the child inside?!? Quite the trick!
Matty Samhain 3:24:32 PM
Saw an American Psycho costume ...on a girl. Great costume.
Jäsön 3:25:03 PM
This is an AC/DC song, no?
Captain Ahab (host) 3:25:34 PM
Roffle 3:25:38 PM
@Jäsön - Wonderin' the same...
Matty Samhain 3:26:02 PM
Jason nice! Man after me own heart! Yer 2 fer 2 dude!
Travis in Ganjarado 3:26:39 PM
Matty, What kind of card stock was her business card? And did she have to leave to return some video tapes?
Jäsön 3:26:47 PM
i still have a soft spot for the old AC/DC albums.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:27:12 PM
I want to be Patrick Bateman next year now!
Matty Samhain 3:27:30 PM
Lol Trav. Something called "bone." She had the rain (blood) poncho and all.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:28:15 PM
I have an electric chainsaw that I can pull the chain off an run around with!
Matty Samhain 3:28:32 PM
I love when girls embrace the horror cine. Like our very dj now! ✊
Matty Samhain 3:28:50 PM
(or horror musics)
Roffle 3:29:41 PM
@Travis - Long cord or what?
Travis in Ganjarado 3:30:11 PM
It's a 20v Dewalt cordless
Matty Samhain 3:30:24 PM
Roffle 3:30:47 PM
As classic as it gets.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:31:00 PM
Matty, and it's usually the super smart girls into the dark stuff.
Matty Samhain 3:31:02 PM
hey I know that harmonica riff
Matty Samhain 3:31:21 PM
The Polka Tulk Blues Band!
Matty Samhain 3:31:59 PM
Dj Ahab is pretty smart I suspect
Rob F 3:32:32 PM
Season now complete
Travis in Ganjarado 3:32:41 PM
Ivy league!
Matty Samhain 3:32:43 PM
There's footage of Ozzy plugging his harmonica cord into his arse.
Roffle 3:32:57 PM
@Travis - Smart girls do tend to roll a bit nihilistic.
Matty Samhain 3:33:20 PM
Those Brummies ya know
Matty Samhain 3:34:40 PM
Ozzy's memoir is pure comedy gold. Highly recommend it.
Matty Samhain 3:36:11 PM
Stank riff from Electric Wizard
Roffle 3:36:11 PM
I saw Sabbath long ago, and Ozzy was such a mess, I believe he had something plugged in somewhere.
Matty Samhain 3:36:34 PM
Lol Roff sounds right
Matty Samhain 3:38:52 PM
My buddy booked a trip to Birmingham and I told him two things: Sabbath bench. Godflesh.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:41:23 PM
Nice! Gizzard
Matty Samhain 3:43:43 PM
Wprb has the best gizzard in town.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:44:13 PM
What about Chitlins?
Matty Samhain 3:44:46 PM
Now yer tawkin
Roffle 3:45:14 PM
Way to Alabama for this northman.
Matty Samhain 3:45:29 PM
I had grits today cuz the Georgian in me still haunts
Roffle 3:47:12 PM
Matty Samhain 3:47:26 PM
Roffle 3:47:46 PM
Matty Samhain 3:47:48 PM
I dolloped out gruel to the trick or treaters.
Roffle 3:48:38 PM
Right up there with rasins.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:48:43 PM
Hopefully they had good bags !
Matty Samhain 3:48:55 PM
Just slopped it in their bags & buckets & bare hands.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:49:18 PM
Open up!
Matty Samhain 3:49:28 PM
like a true NJ scumbag
Rob F 3:49:44 PM
Updated: https://www.get-into-gizz.com/albums
Travis in Ganjarado 3:49:45 PM
Did you dress up like the lunch lady?
Matty Samhain 3:49:57 PM
Matty Samhain 3:50:33 PM
I always give em too much candy cuz they are so adorable and nervous on Halloween.
Travis in Ganjarado 3:51:00 PM
Rob, and that's just the albums from this year! haha
Matty Samhain 3:54:14 PM
Gave out beer to dads LOL 🎃 (and beer drinkin moms)
Matty Samhain 3:55:06 PM
We dont have cops in town so it's great.
Matty Samhain 3:55:51 PM
Lil NJ rural towns keep it loose
Travis in Ganjarado 3:56:17 PM
No dancing allowed?
Matty Samhain 3:57:15 PM
There was dancing! Too small a town to have a cop shop. Which is nice. People just exercise personal responsibility.
Ossy 4:00:56 PM
Merry post scary season/halloween and All Souls Day, especially Dias De Los Muertos
Matty Samhain 4:01:08 PM
Dj Ahab you are a brave woman! That mill is so iconic. 🧙‍♀️🦇
Rob F 4:01:32 PM
People just exercise personal responsibility. Where is this paradise?
Matty Samhain 4:01:35 PM
Nice Ozzy! 💀
Matty Samhain 4:02:16 PM
Lol Rob. Califon, NJ! Near Transylvania/PA
Matty Samhain 4:04:07 PM
Rob F you know NJ's byob restaurant policy? I once tested it and brought a Slash-size Costco jug of bourbon to an Italian joint.
Matty Samhain 4:05:01 PM
...for two people. Lol.
Rob F 4:05:15 PM
Matty Samhain 4:06:37 PM
I've always wanted to roll a keg into a restaurant and cite byob.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:07:16 PM
I have learned of a new thing that apparently people are doing called trunk or treating??
Captain Ahab (host) 4:07:22 PM
what's the point!
Travis in Ganjarado 4:07:36 PM
Haha, 'first round's on me!'
Matty Samhain 4:08:31 PM
I heard about that trunk or treating
Rob F 4:11:26 PM
Rob F 4:11:55 PM
Londonderry's annual Halloween festival
Captain Ahab (host) 4:12:17 PM
very cool
Matty Samhain 4:13:08 PM
Wow that looks fun. Mandalorians trick or treating for Beskar armor.
Matty Samhain 4:13:55 PM
Jawas trick or treating for Krite eggs.
Rob F 4:14:58 PM
So hard to get Beskar armor
Matty Samhain 4:16:24 PM
I saw a genuinely creepy costume, a dude as a scarecrow with a burlap pig head & pitchfork. 😬
Bud Burroughs 4:17:00 PM
Ahoy, Cap'n! So much excellent wizardry and witchery on today's show.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:17:13 PM
thanks Bud!
Bud Burroughs 4:19:30 PM
And jumping back a topic, the one good usage for "trunk-or-treating" that I've seen is a local place that does it for kids with autism/sensory issues. Other than that, house-to-house rules!
Matty Samhain 4:19:41 PM
The Scarecrow always scared me most in Wizard of Oz.
Matty Samhain 4:20:03 PM
Good point Bud
Matty Samhain 4:23:55 PM
St Vitus! OG doomers
Race109 4:24:02 PM
Keeping with the theme, can i request the Magician and the Magic Lamp by Disaster Artist?
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:26:33 PM
Did you see the person who built a "floating" speeder for their Mando to ride?
Matty Samhain 4:27:06 PM
Dayum! All out
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:27:19 PM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:27:28 PM
Mirrors to make the effect work. Incredible.
Matty Samhain 4:27:51 PM
Jon you know I have mention Ghoel. 👅🤣😂
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:28:13 PM
I took the Krite egg bait!
Jäsön 4:28:48 PM
Matty Samhain 4:29:24 PM
Ghoel licks his tongue in all the kids' candy bags searching for plasma
Matty Samhain 4:30:21 PM
I gotta build a Ghoel licker for next Halloween
Captain Ahab (host) 4:32:04 PM
hi Race, just saw your request
Captain Ahab (host) 4:32:34 PM
Gonna stick with the playlist I've got lined up for tonight if that's alright, concerned about timings
Matty Samhain 4:35:01 PM
All this wizardry is great! Wprb: more wizardry for your hard earned dollar!
Matty Samhain 4:36:48 PM
More wizardry than you can shake a 6 lb Case porkroll at!
Travis in Ganjarado 4:38:05 PM
More wizardry at which you can shake a 6 lb Gizzard!
Matty Samhain 4:38:49 PM
Lolz dont give Case any ideas Trav 🤣
Matty Samhain 4:39:17 PM
Band name: 6 Pounds of Gizzard
Race109 4:40:09 PM
Yeah no worries! Just thought I'd shoot the suggestion cause it fits well both sonically and lyrically Imo, disaster artist even calls themselves wizard punk lmao
Matty Samhain 4:40:24 PM
I tried to buy a 6 lb Case porkroll log at Costco and my dad (80) said: Put that goddamn thing back.
Travis in Ganjarado 4:41:28 PM
But was he was okay with Taylor Ham?
Matty Samhain 4:41:43 PM
Rob F 4:41:49 PM
Matty Samhain 4:42:23 PM
Rob F great one 😂🤣🐷
Jäsön 4:42:56 PM
The ghost of Ian Anderson
Travis in Ganjarado 4:43:05 PM
Pass me the Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese, if you please
Matty Samhain 4:43:48 PM
Trav w/ the Ween ref! My man!
Travis in Ganjarado 4:44:49 PM
The only reason I've heard of this pork roll taylor ham controversy
Matty Samhain 4:44:53 PM
Flute doom! Floom.
Matty Samhain 4:45:30 PM
Trav I think Ween get kickbacks from porkroll makers. 😂
Matty Samhain 4:46:19 PM
Or should
Travis in Ganjarado 4:46:32 PM
Or at least a christmas pork log!
Matty Samhain 4:47:53 PM
There's also the debate: make porkroll flowers (cut) or let it curl like pepperoni.
Matty Samhain 4:50:01 PM
Holy moley Glitter Wizard! Great live band, see em if ya can! They go hard.
Captain Ahab (host) 4:51:08 PM
Matty Samhain 4:51:24 PM
Bring double earplugs
Matty Samhain 4:52:04 PM
Lol Trav. As Gene Ween said: meat product in a sock
Travis in Ganjarado 4:52:15 PM
Porkroll is like canned ham, right? You can call him Crisco cuz he's fat in the can. -Beavis
Matty Samhain 4:53:11 PM
Enough sodium to kill a Sandcrawler of Jawas.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 4:54:07 PM
Yarr... At least I got to hear the last two songs
Matty Samhain 4:54:16 PM
Mark yer calendars Nov. 8, 3 pm EST. Prof Ahab goes deep.
Richard from Rocky Hill 4:55:00 PM
@ Captain Ahab (host) Gad! What a devilish medley to conclude this Desert Cruising! But appropriate for November 1st, All Saints' Day and Day of the Dead ... ohhhhh ...
Travis in Ganjarado 4:55:05 PM
Thanks for the devilish wizardry Selecta Ahab, and all the pork roll talk in the chat.
Matty Samhain 4:55:31 PM
Selecta Ahab!!
Rob F 4:56:40 PM
Thanks Ahab!
Matty Samhain 4:56:44 PM
We need a tracker for where Prof/dj Ahab is in the world. Thanks dj for bringing the desert to NJ.
Jäsön 4:57:09 PM
Today's show was pure wizardry. Thanks Captain.
Matty Samhain 4:57:37 PM
Lol Jason well said
Roffle 4:57:41 PM
👍 🖖
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:42 PM
lol at that tracker idea
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:45 PM
cheers friends
Captain Ahab (host) 4:57:59 PM
see you next week, I won't mess up the time again lol
Cody Krimmel 4:58:42 PM
Great show cap'ñ àhab!!
Jäsön 4:59:04 PM
When Matt creates the Ahab-tracker, it will show a countdown til the next show.
Matty Samhain 4:59:08 PM
Solly up next! Prep your gray matter. Wprb forevah
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:59:37 PM
Matty Samhain 5:00:15 PM
Love it Jason