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Oct 30, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Methuselah Mouse

good morning, bros of all kinds, genders, tastes, and talents. let's get with the brogram.


10:12 AM
The Front Bottoms - Flashlight
The Front Bottoms Flashlight The Front Bottoms
The Front Bottoms Bar/None Records 2011
10:18 AM
Mothers - Hold Your Own Hand
Mothers Hold Your Own Hand Mothers
When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired Wichita Recordings 2016
10:25 AM
Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness
Florist If Blue Could Be Happiness Florist
If Blue Could Be Happiness Double Double Whammy 2017
10:30 AM
Japanese Breakfast - This House
Japanese Breakfast This House Japanese Breakfast
Soft Sounds from Another Planet Dead Oceans 2017
10:33 AM
Knifeplay - Untitled
Knifeplay Untitled Knifeplay
Animal Drowning Topshelf Records 2022
10:43 AM
Candy Claws - Exploder Falls
Candy Claws Exploder Falls Candy Claws
Two Airships / Exploder Falls Twosyllable Records 2012
11:01 AM
Clairo - Blouse
Clairo Blouse Clairo
Sling Republic Records 2021
11:06 AM
Black Country, New Road - Turbines/Pigs (Live at Bush Hall)
Black Country, New Road Turbines/Pigs (Live at Bush Hall) Black Country, New Road
Live at Bush Hall Ninja Tune 2023
11:16 AM
Palace Music - New Partner
Palace Music New Partner Palace Music
Viva Last Blues Drag City Records 1995
11:19 AM
Bright Eyes - At the Bottom of Everything
Bright Eyes At the Bottom of Everything Bright Eyes
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Dead Oceans 2005
11:24 AM
Modern Baseball - Hiding
Modern Baseball Hiding Modern Baseball
Holy Ghost Run For Cover Records 2016
11:28 AM
Cupid & Psyche - Romantic Music
Cupid & Psyche Romantic Music N
Romantic Music felte 2023
11:36 AM
boygenius - Powers
boygenius Powers N
the rest - EP Interscope Records 2023
11:40 AM
The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion
The Sisters of Mercy This Corrosion The Sisters of Mercy
Floodland Rhino 1987
11:50 AM
Plumtree - In the Sink
Plumtree In the Sink Plumtree
Mass Teen Fainting Cinnamon Toast 2003
11:54 AM
Horsegirl - Homage to Birdnoculars
Horsegirl Homage to Birdnoculars Horsegirl
Versions of Modern Performance Matador 2022
11:59 AM
Hop Along - Sister Cities
Hop Along Sister Cities Hop Along
Painted Shut Saddle Creek 2015
Chat is archived.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:11:08 AM
starting slightly late today whoops... love yall
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:12:14 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:13:06 AM
hey Tandy!
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:13:45 AM
love this song rn. really does sound like something i'd have heard in high school
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:14:39 AM
hahahaha it's just SOOO ANGSTY
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:14:41 AM
I love it
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:17:46 AM
I bet two specific people I know would tell me they loved this song when it came out in senior year lolol
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:18:10 AM
and yeah dude it really DOES feel like one of those days. The nostalgia is strong in the air today
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:18:46 AM
so true. things are HEAVY in the air around halloween
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:19:27 AM
Like unusually so. It feels so dope
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:20:38 AM
hahaha that's one thing you can say about it
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:21:17 AM
It's gonna be one of those "watch over the garden wall" nights tonight
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:21:40 AM
I keep getting tiktoks of people who went as OTGW for halloween haha
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:22:45 AM
If I remembered to make a halloween costume I totally would have been a 4 story tall pumpkin spirit
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:27:08 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:27:11 AM
love it Tandy
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:28:11 AM
This is so going to be a show to remember. Love these selections
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:28:59 AM
ahahahaha that's what I like to hear!!!
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:34:50 AM
This is still one of my favorite albums discovered through the station <3
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:35:58 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:36:05 AM
it's like. crunchy.
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:39:09 AM
still feels like the first time ive heard it. so beautiful
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:40:58 AM
I think angst is that remembering quality in a song
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:41:05 AM
like it truly does transport you
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:42:01 AM
yeah im legit thinking of a specific bittersweet memory during this outro
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:50:41 AM
Jawning to this rn
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:56:12 AM
Holy shiiiiiit
Parrscream 10:56:24 AM
Good morning MM! Good morning all!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:56:54 AM
good morning!!!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 10:57:04 AM
this song literally teleports me
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 10:59:52 AM
I can't believe this is still the same song. I love this so much
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:03:26 AM
this song is a bit of a vibe shift
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:03:36 AM
but angst.
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:04:57 AM
So true. That candy claws focused heavy on being stuck in an old moment I felt like a little kid hearing that. Excellent use of nostalgic synth at some parts too
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:06:42 AM
it's SO nostalgia synthy
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:06:56 AM
almost chiptunesque at points
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:07:37 AM
Watching a video about 00s camcorders and showing examples of the video quality is really transporting me back hard this morning with the music
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:13:21 AM
This is beautiful.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:13:30 AM
it's so awesome
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:13:46 AM
when the lead singer left I wasn't sure BC,NR would survive it but clearly they have
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:15:00 AM
I need to listen to this band, first time I have right now!
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:16:08 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:16:13 AM
it's SO GOOD TAndy
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:18:52 AM
The album with the plane on the cover looks familiar I should listen to that one first yeah?
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:19:29 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:19:30 AM
in order
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:19:35 AM
it's just a perfect album
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:20:42 AM
I'm gonna wishlist it, Bandcamp Friday IS this week after all 😉
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:20:48 AM
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:30:24 AM
Me rn
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:30:42 AM
omg Tandy were you an emo
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:30:56 AM
Noooo I could never pull off the look LOL
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:42:15 AM
That was sampled in a German Hardcore(gabber) track and I legit had to double take that on the playlist
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:45:41 AM
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:49:42 AM
Even the car review I'm watching is tipping into the angst and nostalgia discussion LMAO
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:49:57 AM
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:49:59 AM
it's everywhere
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:52:13 AM
It's even got winter driving footage with snow on the ground for b-role hahah really calling on that cold fall early winter mood for ANGST
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:52:40 AM
hahaha - when the snow lands it'll certainly bring in a new angst
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:54:15 AM
The angst of missing one's shovelled parking spot when the Camry from next door takes it
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:55:37 AM
This was the car review btw the last like 7 minutes has a really good aside about being stuck in the past and not liking the future and such
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:55:40 AM
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:56:07 AM
Unbelievably great show today, too.
Methuselah Mouse (host) 11:56:46 AM
thanks so much Tandy <3
TAndy: Spooky Pizza 🍕 11:57:23 AM
Thank YOU!