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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Oct 16, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With rosasolis dream

˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ✩




🍂🍁°❀⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❀♫♡✰ 🎧☃︎・:*:。・:*:・゚❄️⋆˙⟡♡💝༝༚༝༚


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:02 PM
high rise - disallow
high rise disallow
live 96


8:13 PM
McCoy Tyner - Visions
McCoy Tyner Visions
Expansions 1970


8:25 PM
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society - 7 Up
Eero Koivistoinen Music Society 7 Up
Wahoo WEA 1973


8:30 PM
Eric Dolphy - Epistrophy
Eric Dolphy Epistrophy
Last Date 1964


8:42 PM
L'Etrange Mr. Whinster - Frayeur
L'Etrange Mr. Whinster Frayeur
Horrific Child


8:49 PM
The Residents - Shorty's Lament (Intermission)
The Residents Shorty's Lament (Intermission)
Intermission - EP CRYPTIC CORP 1983


8:56 PM
Ghedalia Tazartes - Casimodo Tango
Ghedalia Tazartes Casimodo Tango
Diasporas Dais Records 2020


9:00 PM
New Dalta Ahkri - Of Blues and Dreams
New Dalta Ahkri Of Blues and Dreams
Song of Humanity (Kanto Pri Homaro) 1977


9:10 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:20 PM
岩崎宏美 [Hiromi Iwasaki] - カンバセーション
岩崎宏美 [Hiromi Iwasaki] カンバセーション
パンドラの小箱 (Pandora no kobako)


9:25 PM
Tetê Espíndola - Amor e guavira
Tetê Espíndola Amor e guavira
Pássaros na garganta 1982


9:28 PM
L'Rain - 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG)
L'Rain 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG) N
I Killed Your Dog 2023


9:32 PM
Solid Space - Tenth Planet
Solid Space Tenth Planet
Space Museum Dark Entries Records 1982


9:36 PM
Márta Sebestyén - „Egy pár tánc” Mezőségről / A Couple's Dance From Mezőség
Márta Sebestyén „Egy pár tánc” Mezőségről / A Couple's Dance From Mezőség
Dúdoltam én: Sebestyén Márta 1987


9:40 PM
Train Fantôme - Abysses
Train Fantôme Abysses
Man​é​meur 2017


9:44 PM
David Thomas Broughton - Unmarked Grave
David Thomas Broughton Unmarked Grave
The Complete Guide To Insufficiency David Thomas Broughton 2019


9:52 PM
HIA & Biosphere - Countdown To Darkness
HIA & Biosphere Countdown To Darkness
Polar Sequences [Remastered]


9:55 PM
Jana Winderen - Pasvikdalen (excerpt)
Jana Winderen Pasvikdalen (excerpt)
Pasvikdalen 2019


9:59 PM
こじょう ひとし - Spawn Knot
こじょう ひとし Spawn Knot
Meteoric Eyes 覚醒彗星 2016


10:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:18 PM
Various Artists - Makaveli - Nammiliki
Various Artists Makaveli - Nammiliki
Sounds of Sisso 2017


10:23 PM
jackzebra - 土壤水阳光
jackzebra 土壤水阳光 N
Jack1888 Mixtape 2023


10:25 PM
Sangre Nueva - Sola
Sangre Nueva Sola
Goteo 2021


10:30 PM
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Original Mix)
Egyptian Empire The Horn Track (Original Mix)
The Horn Track 1992


10:36 PM
Cologne Summer - Sunshower
Cologne Summer Sunshower
Cologne Summer EP 1993


10:42 PM
Nico - Hope
Nico Hope


10:49 PM
Studio Pressure - Resolution
Studio Pressure Resolution


10:54 PM
Future Sound Of Hardcore - Euphoria
Future Sound Of Hardcore Euphoria


Chat is archived.
Rob from Maryland 8:02:33 PM
You just woke up the cat!!
rosasolis (host) 8:03:21 PM
hiii rob!! the kitty has to be my cohost..
Rob from Maryland 8:04:30 PM
And a purrfect cohost it will be!
Roffle 8:04:30 PM
Hey rosasolis! Nice art up!
rosasolis (host) 8:05:57 PM
hii roffle!! still looking for some more :) and yess rob ₍^. ̫.^₎
TAndy 8:09:33 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:12:41 PM
hii tandy!
TAndy 8:13:10 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:13:38 PM
hope someone does a kitty inspired show soon
Verb Crunch 8:16:27 PM
high rise have a new album out. wonder if it's the same high rise.
rosasolis (host) 8:17:36 PM
hi verb!! is that the dispersion reissue? i was really hoping to get it soon~
Verb Crunch 8:20:55 PM
yes! Didn't know it's a reissue. On Spotify as of Sept 22. Only learned of High Rise when you played just now.
DSM 8:22:36 PM
That cat in the bed picture is everything. Hey Rosasolis
rosasolis (host) 8:22:43 PM
ooh i see! then i think youd really like the "live" album from 1994.. its on cd / youtube i think
rosasolis (host) 8:23:01 PM
and hi dsm!! its so cozy.. if anyone can be cozy in this world, its a kitty
DSM 8:23:52 PM
it's true
Rob F 8:24:50 PM
the Visions
rosasolis (host) 8:25:26 PM
hii rob!
Rob F 8:26:13 PM
Roffle 8:26:26 PM
Kitties are cozy and purrrrrrr a lot.
Roffle 8:31:30 PM
Grand Whahoo?
rosasolis (host) 8:31:31 PM
ฅ/ᐠ˶> ﻌ<˶ᐟ\ฅ
rosasolis (host) 8:32:55 PM
eric dolphy! but that is a good zappa album
Roffle 8:33:03 PM
Dolphy gets it! So nicely.
Roffle 8:33:31 PM
Bar-B-Que ? lol
Ossy 8:38:06 PM
Hi Rosalinasolis! Being surfing challenged by Lana from Pokemon Sun and Moon ! https://www.deviantart.com/deaththeshadow/art/Trial-Captain-and-Cosmic-Surf-Challenge-973951517
rosasolis (host) 8:39:11 PM
hii ossy! and ooh i actually never played that pokemon
Ossy 8:39:50 PM
Me neither, but seen most of the anime version!
Ossy 8:40:33 PM
Like that Misty and Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time standing speechless
rosasolis (host) 8:43:30 PM
i remember that scene!
Roffle 8:43:56 PM
Oh My Ossy!! Too the parapets!
Roffle 8:44:52 PM
Ossy 8:46:21 PM
The surfing tale of a cosmic princess, fishy princess, redhead gym leader and pacific coast girl, Rofflestomp
Roffle 8:47:03 PM
So.... Sexy Nimbus cloud?
Ossy 8:47:16 PM
Speaking of that on random thought what if Ruto and Misty did marry Link and Ash respectively, lmao
Ossy 8:48:03 PM
Rofflestomp- One waving way of putting that, lol
Roffle 8:49:41 PM
I would wish them wellish for sure.
Roffle 8:53:19 PM
The Residents have arrived
rosasolis (host) 8:54:20 PM
too long of a wait!
Roffle 8:58:53 PM
I would ask, where they been? But they played Whorled Cafe lately.
Roffle 9:07:12 PM
Whorled peas is cool!
rosasolis (host) 9:07:40 PM
is that a dish or place :o
Roffle 9:08:18 PM
TAndy 9:10:06 PM
i'm so lost
Roffle 9:12:56 PM
Every step is potentially a different direction.
Roffle 9:13:09 PM
Go with it...
Ossy 9:13:20 PM
Speaking of cafés, I hear a Pangeo memorial service happening in Trenton at some place called Orchid Cafe on Saturday
rosasolis (host) 9:21:00 PM
yes exactly!! there will be such a memorial then, i can get the details for the next mic break..
Ossy 9:22:23 PM
And sounds fun from what I read!!
TAndy 9:23:10 PM
I wish I could join. If it were Sunday I'd definotely be able to go since I'm just a short bike ride away from there.
Ossy 9:23:19 PM
And always like you find these beautiful songs on surprising notice, especially Japanese ones 🌸🌟🧡
TAndy 9:23:24 PM
Sending my warm regards with whoever goes <3
Ossy 9:25:08 PM
So much love to go and give my blessings and condolences to Pangeo, but likely won't attend and will work on that day.
rosasolis (host) 9:26:08 PM
all your good wishes and regards will be warmly received! and yes i always look for some nice new city pop tracks..
Andrew In-The-Air 9:26:34 PM
Hey team, I'm in the air again.
Roffle 9:26:46 PM
This is nice in the scheme of music.
TAndy 9:27:06 PM
I assume you're not using United or American, given that you have useable wifi!
rosasolis (host) 9:27:14 PM
hi andrew!! safe travels~ hope u got to hear the residents.. and @roffle yes a bit kate bush but i felt like that was too obvious a reference
Andrew In-The-Air 9:27:57 PM
Yes! They kicked.
Andrew In-The-Air 9:28:59 PM
That Mr Whinster was pretty good too
rosasolis (host) 9:29:33 PM
its so wacky! fits the album cover perfectly
Andrew In-The-Air 9:30:55 PM
Jet Blue wifi does pretty well as long as it's a coast to coast flight. Flew from DC to NYC and it was pretty bad.
Elise Cube 9:36:08 PM
solid space track was sick
rosasolis (host) 9:36:37 PM
elise!!! <3 so doctor who coded
Ossy 9:38:11 PM
A random link - Neutron Genius! https://www.deviantart.com/deaththeshadow/art/Super-Neutron-Parents-988276396
Ossy 9:38:53 PM
And love the Hiromi Iwasaki from earlier!
Roffle 9:38:59 PM
Wacky the album covers are. Thank you for putting them in the subscript. Quite cool!
Ossy 9:39:03 PM
And hi Princess Elise
TAndy 9:39:04 PM
Alaska has the most stable wifi imo
TAndy 9:39:14 PM
Sup Elise
rosasolis (host) 9:41:31 PM
finding these album covers is part of the joy! and omg is that jimmy neutron
Elise Cube 9:43:05 PM
hey tandy
Elise Cube 9:43:11 PM
hello ossy
Elise Cube 9:43:22 PM
damn how could a song be so beautiful
DSM 9:43:37 PM
peaceful strange castle world
Elise Cube 9:44:00 PM
teared up a bit there
Ossy 9:44:02 PM
Rosa - Same for me of passion and sharing with friends and background occasional working and shower music. Yeah, that's the Boy Genius and his parents as Luigi and Daisy, which is perfectly matching!
Elise Cube 9:44:12 PM
feeling the sheer impact of the kingdom
TAndy 9:44:26 PM
i love the ghosts in the background. nice little ghouls <3333
Ossy 9:45:42 PM
That castle cover reminds to me of an old dos game called King's Quest
Elise Cube 9:45:56 PM
ahh yes kings quest
rosasolis (host) 9:46:06 PM
the song was so pretty... i love the castle and the little ghosts, so cozy.. that's where the kitty above lies
Ossy 9:46:25 PM
Elise - You know that game too?
Ossy 9:46:50 PM
Also like Police and Space Quest
TAndy 9:49:03 PM
what the bird doin
Elise Cube 9:49:22 PM
ossy its been a long time. I remember the spoof of it that homestar runner made
DSM 9:50:43 PM
omg kitty sleeping in that castle makes sense
rosasolis (host) 9:52:06 PM
Ossy 9:53:25 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:56:09 PM
i love meww
Rob F 9:58:23 PM
So enjoy long the chill music
Ossy 9:58:54 PM
Rosa - and Celebi too 💚💖https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-tmus-us-revc&sca_esv=573962864&q=gif+Celebi&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjJqbvQ_fuBAxWwFFkFHRReAmYQ0pQJegQIDxAB&biw=375&bih=683&dpr=1.92#imgrc=B2XgJZBw77WZhM&imgdii=SJORIplsFDdV6M
Rob from Maryland 10:01:11 PM
My wife loved that you played the Residents, rosasolis, thanks!
rosasolis (host) 10:01:49 PM
of course!! dont be surprised if theres more in the coming weeks~ :) and aw celebi.. i love field recordings
Ossy 10:05:58 PM
Celebi is me when I taste something very delicious or a favorite food! :)
DSM 10:08:56 PM
great second set that was lovely
TAndy 10:09:43 PM
Yep, loved the ambience sprinkled in.
rosasolis (host) 10:19:40 PM
love ambience on autumnal nights
Ossy 10:32:32 PM
Same, especially at night time and with n64 games on background music
TAndy 10:32:53 PM
Ossy 10:32:53 PM
Love the scent, color and breeze of autumn nights
Roffle 10:32:58 PM
This ain't it.
Roffle 10:34:40 PM
The fuck is in the punch?!?
Roffle 10:37:34 PM
Oh, you opened a window... :)
DSM 10:38:02 PM
Meanwhile me rn https://tenor.com/view/dogs-puppy-dog-cute-raving-gif-3555696
Jiano Briggs 10:38:32 PM
Hello everyone :)
Jiano Briggs 10:38:44 PM
Today is my birthday ‼️
Jiano Briggs 10:38:54 PM
Birthday show 😊
rosasolis (host) 10:38:56 PM
omg happy birthday jiano!!
DSM 10:39:14 PM
🥳 HBD Jiano!!
Ossy 10:39:15 PM
Happy birthday!
Jiano Briggs 10:39:16 PM
Tysm rosa :)
rosasolis (host) 10:39:18 PM
heres punch for everyone
TAndy 10:39:30 PM
sup jiano
TAndy 10:40:10 PM
god i love how early trance and harcore/breakbeat tracks did so much with so little. the little soundscapes and wide sounding piano notes
Jiano Briggs 10:40:57 PM
Sup tandy 🫡
Roffle 10:42:31 PM
Elise Cube 10:54:51 PM
im so sad its gonna end
TAndy 10:54:52 PM
ty for the show
Elise Cube 10:55:17 PM
oh yes and happy birthday Jiano!!!
DSM 10:55:47 PM
Thanks Rosasolis loved it. Have a nice night everyone 🌌
Roffle 10:57:36 PM
G' nite
Ossy 10:58:47 PM
Stay cosmic galaxy luma, Rosalina!
rosasolis (host) 10:59:50 PM
thanks so much for listening everyone, see you soon!! 🤍