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Sep 27, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Paige

a weekly hodgepodge of tracks to accompany ur tuesday night...crack open a beer or a Vonnegut book, i'm aiming for enough genres to give u whiplash

8:01 PM
Mustapha Tettey Addy - Coming Home
Mustapha Tettey Addy Coming Home Mustapha Tettey Addy
Come and dance Weltwunder Records 2003
8:09 PM
Kavkasia Trio - Orovela
Kavkasia Trio Orovela Kavkasia Trio
Georgia Kavkasia Trio: Traditional Songs From Georgia Naxos 2001
8:16 PM
Cuarteto Caney - Parampanpin
Cuarteto Caney Parampanpin Cuarteto Caney
Cuarteto Caney: 1939-1940 - The Originals Series (Remastered, Collection) YOYO USA, Inc. 2006
8:19 PM
Milton Cardona - Yemaya
Milton Cardona Yemaya Milton Cardona
Bembé American Clave 1995
8:25 PM
Alex Diaz - Blues Para Chano
Alex Diaz Blues Para Chano Alex Diaz
Number Seven Bani Music 2013
8:31 PM
Orquesta Aragón - Suavecito
Orquesta Aragón Suavecito Orquesta Aragón
Aragoneando EGREM 2016
8:35 PM
Augusto Enríquez y Su Mambo Band - Locas por el mambo
Augusto Enríquez y Su Mambo Band Locas por el mambo Augusto Enríquez y Su Mambo Band
Trilogía del Mambo Rai Trade 2008
8:38 PM
Noro Morales - Granada
Noro Morales Granada Noro Morales
Recordando los Éxitos, Vol.1 El Gallo Productions 2002
8:41 PM
El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate - Keme Bourema
El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate Keme Bourema El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate
Balafon: Anthologie Du Balafon Mandingue, Vol. 2 Buda musique 2005
8:46 PM
Kante Manfila - Doumany
Kante Manfila Doumany Kante Manfila
Tradition Sterns Africa 1988
8:56 PM
Haydée Alba - Balada para un Loco (feat. José Lebertella, Osvaldo Berlinghieri & Kicho Diaz)
Haydée Alba Balada para un Loco (feat. José Lebertella, Osvaldo Berlinghieri & Kicho Diaz)
Argentine: Tango de Buenos Aires (feat. José Lebertella, Osvaldo Berlinghieri & Kicho Diaz) Ocora Radio-France 2014
8:59 PM
Luis Agudo Friends - Maya's Song
Luis Agudo Friends Maya's Song Luis Agudo Friends
Dona Fia Red records 2007
9:11 PM
Houari Benchenet - Taachki Felghir
Houari Benchenet Taachki Felghir
The World of Rai
9:26 PM
Mustapha Tettey Addy - Nana, Na-Na, Nana
Mustapha Tettey Addy Nana, Na-Na, Nana Mustapha Tettey Addy
Come and Drum 1999
9:31 PM
Kat Niles - Cool Air
Kat Niles Cool Air Kat Niles N
Cool Air - Single 4700091 Records DK2 2023
9:39 PM
Sofia Papazoglou - Ah, Feggaraki Mou
Sofia Papazoglou Ah, Feggaraki Mou Sofia Papazoglou
Pame Notia Melody Maker 1998
9:43 PM
Balla et ses Balladins - Sara
Balla et ses Balladins Sara Balla et ses Balladins
Grand tierce musical Syllart 2015
9:51 PM
Izio Gross - Por-de-Sol Enevoado
Izio Gross Por-de-Sol Enevoado
10:02 PM
Moisés Navarro - Então Vale a Pena (feat. Zé Manoel)
Moisés Navarro Então Vale a Pena (feat. Zé Manoel) Moisés Navarro
Aquele Abraço, Gilberto Gil Alves Madeira 2022
10:06 PM
Various Artists - Koma
Various Artists Koma
Africa, New York
10:31 PM
Djamchid Chemirani - Dastgah-e Shur
Djamchid Chemirani Dastgah-e Shur
Musique Iranienne harmonia mundi 1977
10:57 PM
Ensemble de Kol Aviv - Glik
Ensemble de Kol Aviv Glik Ensemble de Kol Aviv
Chants Yddish Arion 1988
Chat is archived.
Paige (host) 8:00:08 PM
missing dj grady...
stevie p 8:11:02 PM
hay Pool-pah.
stevie p 8:12:30 PM
yknow, the calendar is messed up. it says this timeslot is supposed to be white flower radio with Grady
stevie p 8:12:40 PM
I'm not complaining!
stevie p 8:12:57 PM
i liked your last show a bunch!!
Paige (host) 8:13:47 PM
Paige (host) 8:14:07 PM
grady is sick 3
Paige (host) 8:14:18 PM
so i am filling in!! it will be a wild ride
stevie p 8:14:53 PM
my regards to Grady for a speedy recovery
stevie p 8:15:28 PM
i'm up for a wild ride. i'll belt myself to my chair. i'm working, but listening
Paige (host) 8:16:42 PM
hahah glad to hear it!
stevie p 8:18:05 PM
what's your regular timeslot? i'm dumbly confused by the fall schedule
Paige (host) 8:19:46 PM
pool-pah is monday 11-1! biweekly
stevie p 8:20:51 PM
right after rosasolis. i feel like we just had this conversation a few days ago. hehe
Paige (host) 8:22:42 PM
hahah yes exactly!!
Ossy 8:27:01 PM
Hi Paige!
Ossy 8:27:13 PM
And the motherland African sounds!!
Paige (host) 8:27:15 PM
hi ossy!!
stevie p 8:34:41 PM
Ossy 8:35:19 PM
Hi Stevie!
Brian D 8:36:17 PM
Good stuff here. Mambo mambo mambo
Brian D 8:39:17 PM
Do you have any Perez Prado in the mix?
stevie p 8:39:19 PM
love this mambo. if i had some bananas, guavas, mangos and small pineapples, i'd pile 'em on my head and dance around like carmen miranda
Paige (host) 8:39:21 PM
hi brian!
Paige (host) 8:39:26 PM
i should add some
Paige (host) 8:39:32 PM
me too stevie!
stevie p 8:40:24 PM
now that i'm thinking about it... how did carmen miranda keep all that fruit on her head>
Brian D 8:46:35 PM
This is beautiful
stevie p 8:47:52 PM
this whole set is sweet
Ossy 8:49:29 PM
This song kinda felt some of Moana's opening song
Christine 8:50:01 PM
Loving this set 🩷
Christine 8:50:45 PM
Hey Paige!
Paige (host) 8:51:33 PM
hey hey!!
Ossy 8:51:36 PM
Evening Christine!
Christine 8:55:12 PM
Hi, Ossy! 🌔 Evening, all
Alan Pasnyk 8:56:11 PM
Hello Everyone! The FM signal has been coming in loud and strong in Doylestown, PA....Perfect music for a Fall Moonrise..
Paige (host) 8:57:20 PM
hi alan!! i curate music specifically to accompany moonrises
Ossy 8:57:34 PM
A Sailor Moon indeed!
stevie p 8:58:02 PM
If you go outside and look at the moon, and yell Hey Moon! you'll be a member of The Moon Society
stevie p 9:00:53 PM
i haven't heard this in years and years
Christine 9:01:59 PM
Thanks, Stevie P Bü! I'm going outside to join the Moon Society...
stevie p 9:03:37 PM
Christine Bü, the history of The Moon Society goes back more than 6 decades. I can fill you in once you're a member
TAndy 9:04:10 PM
moooooon evening Paige and all
Alan Pasnyk 9:05:35 PM
Hi stevie! OK so I did it, but I also read the mail during DJ Hog show last nite nite, and someone found this cool website...'s%20current%20phase%20for,is%20a%20Waxing%20Gibbous%20phase ...Nice!
Alan Pasnyk 9:06:32 PM
Does it count extra if I also Howwwl ??
stevie p 9:08:28 PM
Alan, as long as you yelled... and i mean YELLED Hey Moon, you're in. Any enhancements you care to add are certainly appreciated
stevie p 9:09:21 PM
i just peeked at the moon. super.
Paige (host) 9:09:32 PM
supermoon on friday!!
stevie p 9:09:57 PM
i'm not sure how much superer it can get
Alan Pasnyk 9:10:37 PM
stevie: Going back out to YELL
stevie p 9:11:18 PM
Great Alan. Please report back here when you've completed your moonquest
Alan Pasnyk 9:11:29 PM
(My neighbors don't mind, they're nuts too)
Ossy 9:11:55 PM
🎵 Meet Phyllis Hyman On The Moon 🎵
Alan Pasnyk 9:12:12 PM
Moonquest completed Captain (Salutes)
stevie p 9:15:10 PM
Alan, I can now share with you one of the secrets of The Moon Society. Pluto (planet or not) is ruled by King Arfwow, who, to our primitive minds, resembles an earth dog
Alan Pasnyk 9:18:51 PM
Stevie: Wow! Great Disguise!!
stevie p 9:19:19 PM
mum's the word
Alan Pasnyk 9:21:55 PM
This Houari track makes me feel like doin' one of those Egyptian dances..
Alan Pasnyk 9:23:03 PM
Egyptian dance at the Moon, and hey, I can see my breath!! Fall is Here..
Alan Pasnyk 9:25:28 PM
Added Bonus, That "star" just to the right of the Moon is Saturn..
stevie p 9:28:19 PM
i gotta check it out. it's been cloudy for so many days, i've forgotten about stargazing
stevie p 9:29:47 PM
y'know what amazes me every time i think about it? when i see jupiter big and bright, and then realize that i'm seeing the light jupiter send toward earth nearly an hour ago
Paige (host) 9:30:26 PM
speed of light gets funky
Alan Pasnyk 9:30:51 PM
stevie: It has a golden yellow color...(Saturn)
stevie p 9:30:57 PM
even at solar system scale, light speed is slow enough that jupiter's light that we see, from above, would look like a hose spewing photons at us as it moves
stevie p 9:31:37 PM
in an arc of photons
Ossy 9:32:23 PM
Pluto and Uranus cold
stevie p 9:32:27 PM
when you think about light speed, and retina - brain speed, even looking at your shoes is seeing your shoes in the past, by a few femtoseconds
stevie p 9:32:38 PM
nothing is real
Alan Pasnyk 9:33:01 PM
Paige: Your show is an Extra treat tonight, thought I'd have to wait until Monday..Sweet!!!
stevie p 9:33:12 PM
like real-real instant-simultaneous-everywhere real
Alan Pasnyk 9:33:44 PM
stevie: It may be that time is the biggest illusion...
Alan Pasnyk 9:34:48 PM
...but thankful that we live in a Universe that has Music!!
stevie p 9:35:29 PM
when you realize that the light your eyes see and your brain processes into images and thoughts... is in the past, even if you're just looking at your shoes... yeah, our reality is very relative
stevie p 9:36:42 PM
but when you perceive something that comes to you not limited by the speed of photons, that's quantum, and the essence of spiritual (to use a common word for quantum sht)
Paige (host) 9:38:56 PM
and when it's even faster than's 103.3 fm airwaves!
Alan Pasnyk 9:39:19 PM
" It just so happens that the Universe can be described with Differential Equations, but you can write all your Equations on pieces of paper and wave your Magic Wand, and the Equations just sit there. But the Universe has a sort of Life to it" John Wheeler, Physicist, Princeton University
stevie p 9:41:34 PM
Alan Pasnyk 9:41:42 PM
stevie p 9:42:19 PM
nice, thanks for the link Alan
Alan Pasnyk 9:42:25 PM
He also coined the term "Black Hole"
Alan Pasnyk 9:43:01 PM
Tons of Astrophysics going on at Princeton U.
stevie p 9:43:21 PM
i like to imagine that the next "einstein" will revolutionize physics as much or more than Einstein
Paige (host) 9:44:09 PM
woo that's what im studying!
stevie p 9:44:14 PM
no surprise that it's happening at princeton, professor Einstein's place of work
stevie p 9:44:36 PM
Paige... cool!
Alan Pasnyk 9:45:22 PM
Paige: W...O...W !!!!
Ossy 9:45:48 PM
Awesome Paige! One summer semester I took an astronomy class, for space learning
Paige (host) 9:46:18 PM
It's super fascinating stuff!!
Paige (host) 9:46:24 PM
Lotta math though :/
stevie p 9:46:43 PM
Paige, my thought experiment for "beyond einstein" physics... views space-time as behaving like a liquid, which is pushed away from mass (like planets), causing other objects of mass (humans) to "sink" to the bottom of the space-time "well", in this case, the surface of the earth
Ossy 9:46:48 PM
Ah, stinky stinky math
Alan Pasnyk 9:46:53 PM
Paige: And Tough Math!!!
stevie p 9:48:53 PM
i put myself to sleep every night with this thought experiment... space-time as a fluid, the absence of which, appears as gravity
stevie p 9:49:57 PM
Paige, can you express that mathematically? The Moon Society would certain appreciate it.
Alan Pasnyk 9:50:03 PM
..but this Balla track makes me forget about Math and Just...Relax...
Ossy 9:51:38 PM
Yeah math smells! Dance away to this vivid rhythm!
Alan Pasnyk 9:52:21 PM
stevie: F=G (M1xM2)/RSquared
Paige (host) 9:52:50 PM
hmm might be above my mathematical abilities
Alan Pasnyk 9:53:23 PM
sometimes relaxing makes it easier to Think clearly....No static...
Alan Pasnyk 9:53:59 PM
Izio relaxxxxx
stevie p 9:54:10 PM
math is not my strong suit
stevie p 9:54:33 PM
relaxed now
stevie p 9:55:36 PM
Paige, your show... so nice
Ossy 9:56:40 PM
I once tried Modern Math 2 years back in spring semester, and was pretty relaxing, cause due to a well trained instructor that made it fun
Alan Pasnyk 9:57:17 PM
Por de Sol Enevoado = For the Sun Foggy.. as per Google university..
Alan Pasnyk 9:57:53 PM
Ossy: Great teachers are always fondly remembered...
Alan Pasnyk 9:58:38 PM
Foggy Sun music.... Sax...
Ossy 9:59:03 PM
Alan - True very naturally rea!
TAndy 10:00:37 PM
This is so pretty
stevie p 10:02:19 PM
very pretty
Jon Solomon 10:02:50 PM
Enjoyed what I have heard so far. Feel better, Grady!
stevie p 10:02:57 PM
nice station ID
Alan Pasnyk 10:02:58 PM
...always a good time with Paige!
Alan Pasnyk 10:04:07 PM
Is Grady sick with COVID??
Paige (host) 10:04:40 PM
hey jon!!
Paige (host) 10:04:45 PM
thanks alan!!
Alan Pasnyk 10:04:46 PM
Sara was/is sick with COVID
Paige (host) 10:04:51 PM
grady will b back soon
Alan Pasnyk 10:05:23 PM
Christine 10:06:17 PM
Get well and feel better, Grady & Sara
Alan Pasnyk 10:07:45 PM
Love this Komo!
stevie p 10:30:16 PM
love this entire show
Alan Pasnyk 10:31:59 PM
this entire show Yes!
stevie p 10:32:29 PM
swimmingly... what a great word!
stevie p 10:32:50 PM
yes, it's going swimmingly for me!
Alan Pasnyk 10:50:50 PM
Iranian = Persian, named for Perseus who saved Andromeda, who was chained to a rock...both in the sky tonight and during the Fall season...
Colin 10:51:08 PM
this really has been a fantastic ride!! i've had it tuned in since the start.
Colin 10:51:24 PM
hi yall!
TAndy 10:52:00 PM
Paige (host) 10:52:17 PM
YAy i am so glad colin!!
Paige (host) 10:52:25 PM
hey TAndy!!
Alan Pasnyk 10:53:49 PM
Hi Colin!
Christine 10:55:29 PM
Cheers, Paige!
Alan Pasnyk 10:57:41 PM
Paige: Fun show!! Thank you and Get Well Grady...bcnu Paige on Monday!
TAndy 10:57:43 PM
Big love for the show!
Colin 10:58:10 PM
i hope everybody is well this eve. oop, i just reviewed the chat. multi-djs down!! this is good medicine music tho.
Ossy 10:58:10 PM
Chill festive show, Cream Paige Hopps!
Alan Pasnyk 10:59:52 PM