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Hidden Lands

Sep 26, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With DJ Hog

howdy pardner... come on an adventure with me why dontcha


semi-amphibious and fully insane..

NUKES on X: "Underwater atomic explosion code-named «Umbrella», with a  yield of 8 kilotons, was conducted at a depth of 45 m in Eniwetok lagoon,  June 9, 1958. The Michael Moran (EC-2)

Hidden Lands
8:03 PM
Candy Claws - Exploder Falls
Candy Claws Exploder Falls
Two Airships / Exploder Falls Twosyllable Records 2012

Blurred water background 2030333 Stock Photo at Vecteezy

8:21 PM
feeble little horse - Freak
feeble little horse Freak N
Girl with Fish Saddle Creek 2023

15 Top Quiet Dog Breeds That Don't Bark Too Much

8:23 PM
Beach House - Alien
Beach House Alien
Alien - Single Sub Pop Records 2018

A Journey on LSD Dream Emulator. I got to day 12. : r/gaming

8:27 PM
Casino Versus Japan - Making Lake Park In the Sun
Casino Versus Japan Making Lake Park In the Sun
Whole Numbers Play the Basics Carpark Records 2002

First 30 Minutes: LSD: Dream Emulator [PS1] |

8:30 PM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Love in the Time of Lexapro
Oneohtrix Point Never Love in the Time of Lexapro
Love in the Time of Lexapro - EP Warp Records 2018

Care Guide for GloFish – Fluorescent Fish for Freshwater Aquariums –  Aquarium Co-Op

8:34 PM
Magdalena Bay - I Don't Want to Cry Anymore
Magdalena Bay I Don't Want to Cry Anymore
mini mix vol. 2 Luminelle Recordings 2020

Magdalena Bay - I Don't Want to Cry Anymore - YouTube

8:35 PM
George Clanton - Ooh Rap I Ya
George Clanton Ooh Rap I Ya N
Ooh Rap I Ya 100% Electronica 2023

Night Sky Network

8:39 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
8:44 PM
Seefeel - Plainsong
Seefeel Plainsong
Quique (Redux Edition) Too Pure 2007

Plane Window View while Flying over the Ocean Free Stock Video Footage,  Royalty-Free 4K & HD Video Clip

8:51 PM
Seiichi Yamamoto 山本精一 - Mantral
Seiichi Yamamoto 山本精一 Mantral
Crown Of Fuzzy Groove

Pin on Lsd Dream Emulator

9:01 PM
Yu Su - I Want an Earth
Yu Su I Want an Earth N
I Want an Earth - EP Pinchy & Friends 2023

Cover art

9:06 PM
Kelly Lee Owens - Arthur
Kelly Lee Owens Arthur
Kelly Lee Owens calentito


9:11 PM
Approaching Mountains - Weeping in Radiance
Approaching Mountains Weeping in Radiance N
Ley Light Pillars 2023

From Night Sky in Wallpaper Wizard — HD Desktop Background With water tower  in the night sky

9:15 PM
Mouse On Mars - Glim
Mouse On Mars Glim
Glam Sonig 2003

LSD: Dream Emulator | Attention Deficit Disorder Prosthetic Memory Program

9:18 PM
yeule - 4ui12
yeule 4ui12 N
softscars Ninja Tune 2023

yeule Shares Details Of softscars LP - Northern Transmissions

9:22 PM
Oobe - Lightblue
Oobe Lightblue
Digitalisea 1080p 2014

LSD Dream Emulator (PS1, 1998) - Asmik Ace - Full PS1 Game : Asmik Ace :  Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

9:25 PM
Osamu Sato - Frozen Frogs
Osamu Sato Frozen Frogs

LSD: Dream Emulator - Looking Back on the Surreal Video Game

9:27 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:31 PM
A Beacon School - It's Late
A Beacon School It's Late
Cola Grind Select 2019
9:39 PM
Oh, Yoko - Boîte de Nuit
Oh, Yoko Boîte de Nuit
I Love You... Normal Cookie 2015
9:41 PM
Stereolab - Cosmic Country Noir
Stereolab Cosmic Country Noir
Margerine Eclipse Duophonic / Warp Records 2019

PlayStation 2 - Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex - Wumpa Fruit - The Models  Resource

9:45 PM
Ween - Zoloft
Ween Zoloft
Quebec Chocodog Records 2003

Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride) for Depression

9:49 PM
El Guincho - Antillas
El Guincho Antillas
Alegranza Young 2008
9:54 PM
Cavestar & Moore - Say The Word
Cavestar & Moore Say The Word
Los Angeles: Critical Mass
9:59 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:03 PM
Prefuse 73 - Perverted Undertone
Prefuse 73 Perverted Undertone
One Word Extinguisher Warp Records 2003
10:06 PM
Sophie - Pretending I Give in (Let Go)
Sophie Pretending I Give in (Let Go)
10:10 PM
Maurizio - Domina (Carl Craig's Mind Mix)
Maurizio Domina (Carl Craig's Mind Mix)
Domina - EP M 1993

Living Berlin - In a Pankow Night • Die Bärliner

10:17 PM
Naked Flames - I Love This Truth
Naked Flames I Love This Truth
Boring Fantasy
10:30 PM
GAS - Gas 2
GAS Gas 2
Nah und fern Kompakt 2008
10:41 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:44 PM
Iminazole - Miyako
Iminazole Miyako
Osaka and Manipulated Loops Cold Tear Records 2013
10:48 PM
micronism - constructing space
micronism constructing space
inside a quiet mind Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa 2017
10:56 PM
Vladislav Delay - Karrha
Vladislav Delay Karrha
Multila Huume Recordings 2007
Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 8:04:40 PM
Hey friends
Harry (host) 8:04:45 PM
It's hidden lands
Abe 8:10:14 PM
Harry (host) 8:11:59 PM
hey abe!
vtall 8:12:50 PM
Harry (host) 8:13:38 PM
hi vtall! welcome to the show
Mattsabbath 8:14:38 PM
This is dope
Harry (host) 8:15:06 PM
i agree! their first record is much different from the rest of their work but i really enjoy it
Harry (host) 8:15:18 PM
also hello mattsabbath! welcome
Abe 8:16:09 PM
Harry who is ur pfp lol
Harry (host) 8:17:23 PM
dr tobias funke
Mattsabbath 8:18:57 PM
Love the PS logo! I have a PS2 😂💪
Harry (host) 8:20:29 PM
almost time to say goodbye to this awesome song...
Kelly Nielsen 8:21:06 PM
Play this all night long!
TAndy 8:21:30 PM
Ossy 8:21:36 PM
Evening, awesome gaming like sounds
TAndy 8:22:03 PM
Nice to have your show accompany my drive home
Ossy 8:22:15 PM
And cool image title with the Playstation logo
TAndy 8:23:44 PM
Harry (host) 8:24:02 PM
hey tandy and ossy!
Mattsabbath 8:26:14 PM
Esch Chewsday innit
Mattsabbath 8:27:02 PM
I said same thing Ossy, love the PS logo
Ossy 8:27:57 PM
Oh yeahhhh (Princess Daisy voice)
Harry (host) 8:28:08 PM
glad you guys like the new hidden lands pic
Ossy 8:28:34 PM
Imagine him doing his title with the N64 logo! 🔴🟢🟡🔵🟣
Harry (host) 8:28:52 PM
maybe next season!
Mattsabbath 8:29:06 PM
Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus' Forbidden Lands 🗡️
TAndy 8:29:19 PM
I mean the following statement in pure jest and not as a fact
TAndy 8:29:31 PM
Mattsabbath 8:29:52 PM
Abe 8:30:30 PM
this is so good.
Harry (host) 8:30:55 PM
TAndy 8:30:55 PM
Omfg I love this.
Mattsabbath 8:31:02 PM
Candy Claws is a great band name
Abe 8:31:14 PM
all the photos look like how the songs sound.
Mattsabbath 8:31:22 PM
Reminds me of Tim & Eric's Candy Tails 😂🤣
Abe 8:31:25 PM
besides the second track maybe
TAndy 8:34:28 PM
That outro was very Pilotredsun-esque
Ossy 8:34:56 PM
Nice images of the vividly colored scary head and the school of fish in those last two songs!
TAndy 8:41:08 PM
That's really cool. I love when software corps enlist musicians for their music/sfx like how Microsoft hired Eno for the Windows 95 or 98 sounds
TAndy 8:42:23 PM
Susie 8:42:55 PM
Hiiiiiii Helen!
Susan Solinsky 8:43:26 PM
Welcome Helen!
Harry (host) 8:45:54 PM
two susans in the chat...
Christine 8:46:08 PM
Σvening, all...loving this vibe
TAndy 8:46:47 PM
Ossy 8:46:50 PM
Hi Christine and nice articulate font!
Harry (host) 8:47:04 PM
hey christine!!!
Christine 8:49:17 PM
Hey DJ Hog, Ossy, TAndy, Susan, Suzie, Abe, Mattsabbath & all
Harry (host) 8:49:50 PM
she said hi to everyone!!
Christine 8:50:28 PM
@Ossy, I can't take credit; it's a vaporwave font from
Harry (host) 8:52:21 PM
Christine 8:53:35 PM
Susie 8:54:26 PM
Moon Phase Check:'s%20current%20phase%20for,is%20a%20Waxing%20Gibbous%20phase.
DSM 8:56:56 PM
This song is wonderful. Hey Harry and all
sean burns 8:57:30 PM
Nice could have used a mushroom chocolate bar about a half hour ago
TAndy 8:57:48 PM
That's what I'm talking about
Ossy 9:01:00 PM
Chiming mystical noise!
sean burns 9:02:35 PM
Scratch that could have used that mushroom bar 15 minutes before your show started
DSM 9:03:58 PM
loͦngiͥng foͦrͬ aͣn eͤaͣrͬtͭhͪ
Ossy 9:04:32 PM
And Christine, cool site you got that vaporwave font from!
stevie p 9:08:18 PM
Howdy Harry & my PRB pals
Harry (host) 9:08:52 PM
hey stevie p!!!
Christine 9:09:12 PM
TAndy 9:14:36 PM
The feeling on this is so raw
TAndy 9:15:11 PM
Ossy 9:17:36 PM
❤🧡💛💚💙💜🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣 Christine!
Christine 9:17:53 PM
sean burns 9:18:12 PM
Great set great transitions between tunes flawless! This is disc jockeying at its jockeyingest
Ossy 9:18:52 PM
Mouse on Mars cover looks kinda something of Kirby 64 on the Rock Star planet desert section
Harry (host) 9:21:33 PM
thanks sean!
Harry (host) 9:25:26 PM
i think we take a break after this song... much to discuss
Christine 9:25:47 PM
Smooth segue
Susie 9:28:53 PM
This is very waxing gibbous and I am digging it
Ossy 9:34:36 PM
𝙼𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚖𝚋𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎, 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚎𝚡𝚌𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝!
Christine 9:34:38 PM
🌔 ✨️
stevie p 9:37:52 PM
i'm working, but listening and really digging your show Harry
sean burns 9:38:58 PM
Definitely waxing not waning
stevie p 9:39:25 PM
waxing on on side, waning on the other
Ossy 9:39:46 PM
Wax on, wax off
Harry (host) 9:40:36 PM
glad to have so many moon lovers in the chat tonight
stevie p 9:41:51 PM
when i was a little kid, like kindergarten age, my mom asked me if i wanted to join The Moon Society.
stevie p 9:42:15 PM
i said Yes, of course. The procedure is easy:
Susie 9:42:19 PM
I hope you said yes :)
stevie p 9:42:37 PM
You just go outside, look at the moon and yell "Hey MOON!"
Ossy 9:43:37 PM
stevie p 9:44:31 PM
thanks, Os. that's a good representation of us Moon Society members
Christine 9:44:48 PM
I was born on a Mo(o)nday 🌛
Ossy 9:44:52 PM
And the fruity peach from Crash Bandicoot!
TAndy 9:45:28 PM
Wumpa fruit
TAndy 9:45:39 PM
I mean apple. For some reason some people call em apples
Christine 9:46:50 PM
Ossy 9:47:01 PM Oh yeah Stevie, like a certain magical iconic girl group
Ossy 9:47:58 PM
Oh right, wumpa fruit the name. I always thought of them as peaches
TAndy 9:49:31 PM
The sound it makes when you collect them makes them seem like succulent peachy fruits
TAndy 9:49:36 PM
God I wish they were real
TAndy 9:49:53 PM
JAM ALERT 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Ossy 9:53:26 PM
And good sound enough to get real peaches and apples for dessert
Harry (host) 9:53:47 PM
what was that ossy!
TAndy 9:54:02 PM
Nix the fruit I found a bag of marshmallows they use in cereal at the store. Diet ruined
Ossy 9:56:32 PM
Harry - I tried to type "awesome" in an 8bit styled font, but it was to compact and bolt for anyone to understand, LMAO
Harry (host) 9:56:41 PM
that's what i thought it was!
stevie p 10:03:14 PM
TAndy, my son entered a Lucky Charms contest a few years ago and won a box of Lucky Charms that's all charms. No cereal. Talk about Lucky.
Harry (host) 10:03:21 PM
we enter the last hour of our show...
Christine 10:05:09 PM
@TAndy, I recently found out they're called marbits. @Stevie, whoa! ☘️🔹️⭐️❤️🌈
TAndy 10:05:35 PM
I wish I won a box of contest marbits
stevie p 10:06:19 PM
Christine Bü... they're not called Charm?
stevie p 10:07:26 PM
I've bugged my son to open the box and see if it's really all marbits. still No here 3 or 4 years later
Christine 10:08:46 PM
sean burns 10:09:02 PM
Stevie don't open that box! It's highly collectible! Send it to CGC, one of the outfits that encapsulates and grades comics and ball cards and Star wars toys and stuff
sean burns 10:09:33 PM
You can buy more bits by the pound on Amazon for $6.50!
TAndy 10:09:43 PM
go to lucky 7 deli in Lawrence, they sell small bags of them too :]
Christine 10:09:48 PM
You can buy a 2-pound package of cereal marshmallow bits online, because of course you can
sean burns 10:10:05 PM
Marbits (marshmallow bits, dehydrated sugar)
stevie p 10:10:37 PM
Christine Bü... bad advice! Bad, Christine Bü
stevie p 10:11:12 PM
@sean... that's what my son says... total collectors item
Christine 10:11:13 PM
Sorry, Stevie P Bü. Do NOT open the box!
Susie 10:11:21 PM
If I'm going to eat an entire quantity of magically delicious marbits, I better damn well be able to talk to leprechauns or I want my money back
sean burns 10:11:39 PM
A few millennia from now your CGC encapsulated lucky charms box will be featured in a museum on an alien planet in another star system after they explore the desiccated ruins of planet Earth
stevie p 10:12:04 PM
exactly, sean
Christine 10:12:18 PM
I think if you ate a whole box of marbits, you could communicate with leprechauns and also see through time
stevie p 10:12:21 PM
at least, that's what we're hoping and planning for
stevie p 10:13:41 PM
that's tempting, Christine
sean burns 10:16:55 PM
I'd be a little concerned eating a bag of those things. It's highly concentrated dehydrated sugar The only substance known with a higher sugar content is a squishy from apu's quick E Mart and we see what that did to Bart and Millhouse
Christine 10:18:08 PM
@sean, exactly! That's where I borrowed my joke from; they drank concentrated squishy and could see through time lol
sean burns 10:19:35 PM
Gee Christine we were on the same wavelength and I didn't recognize the see-through time bit
DubNP 10:19:45 PM
Great tonight.
sean burns 10:20:00 PM
Heaven knows, no one wants to go crazy Broadway style well not often anyway
Harry (host) 10:21:36 PM
welcome DubNP!
Harry (host) 10:21:55 PM
and thank you very much
Ossy 10:23:35 PM
Lucky Charms, the gold rainbow life!
TAndy 10:24:31 PM
Chewsday evenings rule
Susie 10:28:20 PM
Shrodinger's Marbits: they are both in the box and not in the box at the same time.
stevie p 10:29:54 PM
Lucky Marbits. They're magically something or other
sean burns 10:32:58 PM
Well Schrodinger's cat is in the box and either dead or alive. So I guess with the marbits the analogy would be they're either fresh or they're stale tasting like Kix cereal
Susie 10:33:35 PM
Magically delicious or poisonous?
sean burns 10:34:25 PM
If you've ever had Capn crunch berries- just the berries - you will gladly leave marshmallow bits behind
Ossy 10:35:46 PM
Ever tried Charms with Fruit Loops and/or Trix
sean burns 10:37:32 PM
Trix good, fruit loops were too fake fruit tasting, and being of Irish descent I objected to Lucky charms and their racist stereotype
stevie p 10:37:48 PM
dammit, i'm so old, i remember when cereals proudly put SUGAR in their name
stevie p 10:38:03 PM
Sugar Pops, Sugar Smacks.
sean burns 10:38:15 PM
I'm sorry Irish are not all leprechauns speaking in a brogue. Some of us are drunks that like to fight and others of us become personalities on Fox TV
Susie 10:38:25 PM
As am I, and we hardly ever were allowed to eat them!
Ossy 10:40:03 PM
Sean - I see and never noticed of that, ouch
Ossy 10:40:49 PM
Nobody mentioned other throwback cereal, cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch and cocoa puffs
stevie p 10:42:11 PM
my nostalgia is for cereals that didn't shy away from putting Sugar in the name
stevie p 10:42:49 PM
at least they were being honest, with the first ingredient being ... sugar
Christine 10:42:55 PM
Sugar Smacks nostalgia ✨️🐸
sean burns 10:43:29 PM
Here's a tip for 1960's sugar cereal lovers... Rice Krinkles with its little Chinese mascot So-Hi is no longer available and hasn't been for years, but Walmart has a knock off brand that is the exact same little rice crisps totally coated with glazed sugar
stevie p 10:44:29 PM
sean, I still remember the commercials... the cartoon "oriental" kid saying rahss krinkles
stevie p 10:45:09 PM
i did not know that kid had a name. So-Hi
sean burns 10:45:13 PM
To tell the truth I wasn't really upset with the leprechauns from Lucky charms I was 10 years old what the heck did I know? But I never liked them from the first time I tried them.
stevie p 10:45:46 PM
He probably said "Ah So" as all Asian cartoon sterotypes did back then.
sean burns 10:46:34 PM
Yes he was a real caricature like so many other advertising and cartoon and other figures back in the day! But one thing I can't understand is why the term Oriental is considered derogatory. We in the western world are Occidental, the Eastern world is Oriental it doesn't sound bad to me.
stevie p 10:46:52 PM
our sht was really effed up back then
Ossy 10:47:37 PM
For real and this generation now pointing them out more
sean burns 10:47:39 PM
But people didn't know it Stevie, which doesn't make it right but it makes it more innocent than the racist and xenophobes and Nazis of today
stevie p 10:48:36 PM
yeah, i think denigrating "oriental" was a reaction to us occidentals doing sht like having Mickey Rooney being the "chinee" guy upstairs in Brekkie at Tiffanys
stevie p 10:49:20 PM
just looking at old commercials from back in the 1960s is megacringe
sean burns 10:50:16 PM
Yep, women especially bore the brunt of an unenlightened time
stevie p 10:51:10 PM
sean, back to Leprechauns... it's still OK to goof on Leprechauns and drunken foightin' irish
sean burns 10:51:59 PM
Yeah well the Irish have been assimilated and they're part of the ruling class now so the insults don't hurt like when you're an underdog being kicked
stevie p 10:52:03 PM
one of my favorite The Onion memes: For St Patrick's Day... "Time for the reinforcin' o' th' stereotypes"
stevie p 10:52:31 PM
sean, good point
TAndy 10:53:00 PM
Massive show, DJ Hog. Thank you!
Harry (host) 10:53:12 PM
thanks everyone for tuning in
Susie 10:53:24 PM
sean burns 10:53:33 PM
St Patty's Day! The funny thing is everyone in the world no matter if they're Jewish black Armenian or whatever well maybe not a lot of the Jewish black and Armenian people but all the other ones can't wait to come out on St Patty's Day and use it as an excuse to get lit and puke in the gutter!
sean burns 10:54:58 PM
What a smooth groove from beginning to end thanks
stevie p 10:55:33 PM
holey crap. it's the end of the show! Harry, Hog... excellent show, in every way. Thanks!
Christine 10:56:01 PM
Excellent show tonight...Cheers, DJ Hog!
vtall 10:56:05 PM
Thanks for the show!
Harry (host) 10:56:25 PM
thanks everyone for tuning in! enjoy o(vera)chiever and sleep well!
sean burns 10:57:20 PM
We can all sleep well, knowing that the moon society is watching over us
Ossy 10:58:52 PM
Vivid rave ambient broadcast like TB, Harry!
Harry (host) 10:59:09 PM
thanks sean, and thank you ossy... any comparison to TB is a top tier compliment
stevie p 10:59:29 PM
Hey Moon!
Susie 10:59:40 PM
Hey Moon!
stevie p 10:59:53 PM
I urge you all to join the Moon Society at your earliest convenience
stevie p 11:00:31 PM
Remember: according to my mom's rule, you have to be looking at the moon when you yell Hey Moon
Susie 11:00:56 PM
sean burns 11:01:08 PM
No moon here stolen by clouds
stevie p 11:01:33 PM
patience, sean-grasshopper