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Desert Cruising

Sep 25, 2023 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Captain Ahab

The latest and greatest in stoner rock, doom metal, fuzz and more.

Every Wednesday 3–5pm on 103.3fm WPRB.

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Ep. 258: 9/25/23

Filling in for Brotalitarianism!


Desert Cruising
10:00 AM
Harms Way - Undertow ft. King Woman
Harms Way Undertow ft. King Woman N
Undertow - Single 2023
10:04 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:07 AM
Dead Feathers - Robbery
Dead Feathers Robbery N
Full Circle Ripple Music 2023
10:16 AM
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Terror's Pillow
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Terror's Pillow N
Live in New York Missing Piece Records 2023
10:22 AM
Yawning Man - Digital Smoke Signals
Yawning Man Digital Smoke Signals N
Pot Head - EP Ripple Music 2023
10:29 AM
Supersilverhaze - Rock de Combate
Supersilverhaze Rock de Combate N
Rock De Combate - Single Devil In The Woods 2023
10:33 AM
Baroness - Under the Wheel
Baroness Under the Wheel N
Stone Abraxan Hymns 2023
10:39 AM
Restless Spirit - The Fatalist
Restless Spirit The Fatalist N
The Fatalist - Single 2023
10:44 AM
Cosmic Caravan - Glass House
Cosmic Caravan Glass House N
Glass House - Single 2023
10:48 AM
Compra y Venta - Mr. Muggs
Compra y Venta Mr. Muggs N
Mr. Muggs - EP 2023
10:53 AM
Tusoc - Mítico
Tusoc Mítico N
Mítico - Single Tusoc 2023
10:56 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:05 AM
Mondo Drag - Passages
Mondo Drag Passages N
Through the Hourglass RidingEasy Records 2023
11:16 AM
Domkraft - The Big Chill
Domkraft The Big Chill N
Sonic Moons Magnetic Eye Records 2023
11:25 AM
Estoner - Pontifex Maximus
Estoner Pontifex Maximus N
H​ä​mmastav Radioaktiivne Asfaltmees. I Osa - EP Estoner 2023
11:30 AM
Ritual King - Landmass
Ritual King Landmass N
Landmass - Single Ripple Music 2023
11:37 AM
Rocky's Pride And Joy - Your Hell
Rocky's Pride And Joy Your Hell N
Your Hell - Single Electric Valley Records 2023
11:42 AM
Goat - Let It Burn
Goat Let It Burn N
The Gallows Pole: Original Score Rocket Recordings 2023
11:49 AM
Fuzzy Grass - Insight
Fuzzy Grass Insight N
Insight - Single Independent 2023
11:53 AM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
11:57 AM
Howling Giant - Aluminum Crown
Howling Giant Aluminum Crown N
Aluminum Crown - Single Magnetic Eye Records 2023
Chat is archived.
Captain Ahab (host) 10:01:05 AM
Mike Lupica 10:02:28 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 10:03:22 AM
wooo hey Mike
TAndy 10:03:59 AM
TAndy 10:04:19 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your bongs.
TAndy 10:06:22 AM
Oh no the Harm's Way running man memes flying into my vision
Brian D 10:07:38 AM
Undiluted Desert
Captain Ahab (host) 10:08:20 AM
unfiltered sand
Mike Tropiano 10:09:16 AM
What a great surprise!
Mike Tropiano 10:12:59 AM
In a world where your frequency is 103.3, always expect the unexpected (imagine Don La Fontaine saying that)
Parrscream 10:18:46 AM
Good morning Captain! Love that I feel like I've heard you at least three times over the past week.
Captain Ahab (host) 10:19:31 AM
morning Parrscream! thank you
TAndy 10:34:21 AM
Mornin Mike, Parr, Mike, and Mike!
TAndy 10:34:30 AM
Wake and bake
Mike Tropiano 10:36:20 AM
mornin' TAndy
TAndy 10:57:08 AM
Mike Tropiano 11:04:52 AM
I thought there might be a time and space differential between many of us listeners and our host. With daylight savings time, Greenwich prime meridian, international dateline and various other space-time anomalies, I guess it's probably almost Wednesday to our Captain.
Captain Ahab (host) 11:05:33 AM
It's wednesday somewhere
Mike Tropiano 11:06:04 AM
In our minds and ears.
TAndy 11:06:24 AM
Goddddddd this is so good
Captain Ahab (host) 11:07:35 AM
this whole album is a masterpiece
Mike Tropiano 11:09:06 AM
Yessiree!. Got done a lab really early, office mate out sick, turned the computer on at 10 and found the usual Wed soundtrack was 2 days early. Glorious to listen for 2 uninterrupted (I hope) hours..
Mike Tropiano 11:10:01 AM
Ahab, did you read anything more about Buckminster Fuller?
Francis 11:10:20 AM
Weird the pop-up player is saying the show Brotalitarianism is the show, but chat shows Deset Cruising
Mike Tropiano 11:10:58 AM
It always seem to do that Francis, when there's a sub.
Mike Tropiano 11:12:07 AM
Reminding me of Echoes.
Captain Ahab (host) 11:12:46 AM
Mike I have not beyond that wikipedia page that day, havent had a chance, interesting stuff however
Mike Tropiano 11:12:47 AM
Very much so.
Captain Ahab (host) 11:13:17 AM
hey Francis, yeah it seems to work only about 50% of the time whenever a sub is on sadly
TAndy 11:13:43 AM
Those Floyd chords tho
Mike Tropiano 11:15:16 AM
I was driving when you mentioned it so couldn't comment. There's a class of molecules named after him, Fullerenes. They are composed of carbon atoms that are arranged like a geodesic dome (which he invented). One, Buckminsterfullerene
Captain Ahab (host) 11:15:42 AM
woah, that is so cool
Mike Tropiano 11:16:06 AM
Buckminsterfullerene is a molecule with the shape of a football (not american football) with a carbon atom at each point.
Mike Tropiano 11:18:20 AM
I once read a parody of Fuller, where the humorist wrote the drawings and description that might have been made had Fuller designed human reproducitve organs. Funny, if you read any Fuller.
Mike Tropiano 11:23:42 AM
I'll stop but must add, given the last two things I've written, that Buckminsterfullerene is often referred to as Bucky balls.
DubNP 11:24:42 AM
This one.
Russell 11:27:54 AM
Captain Ahab (host) 11:28:28 AM
that is very interesting indeed Mike, I'd heard of bucky balls but never knew the origin of hte namae
Captain Ahab (host) 11:28:35 AM
wild stuff
Mike Tropiano 11:45:25 AM
student came, gotta bug out.
Captain Ahab (host) 11:45:38 AM
thanks for stopping by!
TAndy 11:56:45 AM
Thanks for the banger of a show!
Francis 11:56:59 AM
Theres a Buckminster dome house in Princeton area. Lots were built all over the country - lots in Davis, CA. You can see the house on 17? Carson Rd, just off of Carter Rd. Bit North in Princeton towards Hopewell
Captain Ahab (host) 11:58:12 AM
clearly i have missed out on many many cultural references over the years, I only just learned about this dude last week