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❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀

Sep 18, 2023 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With rosasolis dream

˄̻ ̊σ(˃̴͈◡ुමੈॆ⋆)˄̻ ̊~♡⃛ hyperreal oneiric and wistful tunes from retrofuturist bitcrushed vaporware -- flooding the simulated lacunae of your imagined second life with absurdly ethereal polyglottic soundscapes courtesy of your local amnesic brainrot angel ✧*♡ᑕू✧ ✶ཹ։❀ ፧ ੈ✩




🍂˚ ༘ ೀ⋆。˚☕️๋࣭ ⭑๋࣭༄˚ ༘ ೀ⋆。˚🦢🩰🎀✩📜°。⋆⸜ 🎧✮₊˚ෆ🕰.ೃ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・🥧༄⋆⭒˚。⋆


❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
8:02 PM
high rise - mira
high rise mira
live 94


8:14 PM
The Sonny Criss Orchestra - Sonny's Dream
The Sonny Criss Orchestra Sonny's Dream
Sonny's Dream (Birth of the New Cool) 1968


8:22 PM
Andrew Hill - Siete Ocho
Andrew Hill Siete Ocho
Judgment! Blue Note


8:31 PM
Stan Kenton - Dance Before the Mirror
Stan Kenton Dance Before the Mirror Robert Graettinger
City of Glass 1952


8:35 PM
Don Ellis - Hey Jude
Don Ellis Hey Jude
Don Ellis At Fillmore Columbia/Legacy 1970


8:39 PM
Dinosaur L - #5 (Go Bang!)
Dinosaur L #5 (Go Bang!)
24→24 Music 1981


8:47 PM
Gal Costa - Baby
Gal Costa Baby
gal costa


8:52 PM
Popol Vuh - Einsjäger und siebenjäger
Popol Vuh Einsjäger und siebenjäger
Einsjäger & siebenjäger BMG Rights Management GmbH 1974


9:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


9:20 PM
西山豊乃 [Hirono Nishiyama] - L'été
西山豊乃 [Hirono Nishiyama] L'été
Yura Yura Yureru


9:25 PM
Cartola - Disfarça e Chora
Cartola Disfarça e Chora


9:27 PM
مرتضی محجوبی [Morteza Mahjubi] - Improvisation in Abu-Ata (Golha-ye Rangarang #204)
مرتضی محجوبی [Morteza Mahjubi] Improvisation in Abu-Ata (Golha-ye Rangarang #204)
Selected Improvisations from Golha, Pt. I 2021


9:30 PM
早瀬優香子 [Yukako Hayase] - 去年マリエンバードで
早瀬優香子 [Yukako Hayase] 去年マリエンバードで
躁鬱 So・Utsu


9:33 PM
Hildegard Westerkamp - Gently Penetrating Beneath the Sounding Surfaces of Another Place (excerpt)
Hildegard Westerkamp Gently Penetrating Beneath the Sounding Surfaces of Another Place (excerpt)
Into India Centrediscs 2002


9:35 PM
Portraits of Past - Bang Yer Head
Portraits of Past Bang Yer Head
Discography Ebullition Records 1996


9:43 PM
The Dismemberment Plan - You Are Invited
The Dismemberment Plan You Are Invited
Emergency & I DeSoto Records 1999


9:47 PM
The Dillinger Escape Plan - 43% Burnt
The Dillinger Escape Plan 43% Burnt
Calculating Infinity 1999


9:52 PM
World's End Girlfriend - Ave Maria
World's End Girlfriend Ave Maria N
Resistance & the Blessing 2023


9:59 PM
7038634357 - Perfect Night
7038634357 Perfect Night N
Neo Seven Blank Forms Editions 2023


10:03 PM
foresteppe - Radonitsa
foresteppe Radonitsa
No Time To Hurry 2013


10:08 PM
George Harrison - Isn't It a Pity (Version 1)
George Harrison Isn't It a Pity (Version 1)
All Things Must Pass BMG Rights Management (US) LLC


10:14 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------


10:22 PM
Club Casualties - Fall of the Leaves
Club Casualties Fall of the Leaves N
Bridge Underwater 2023


10:24 PM
Tinashe - Talk to Me Nice
Tinashe Talk to Me Nice
BB/ANG3L 2023


10:28 PM
Splash - Babylon
Splash Babylon
Babylon/Heaven 1995


10:34 PM
1-800 GIRLS - . Will Silver - I Can't Keep My Head (He's Mine) (Will Silver Remix)
1-800 GIRLS . Will Silver - I Can't Keep My Head (He's Mine) (Will Silver Remix)
Slipping EP 2020


10:39 PM
Hokusai - Jade
Hokusai Jade


10:43 PM
Roni Size & Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag
Roni Size & Reprazent Brown Paper Bag
New Forms (20th Anniversary Edition) [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue 1997


10:49 PM
M27 - Jade Elephant (excerpt)
M27 Jade Elephant (excerpt)
Jade Elephant 2020


10:54 PM
Bye2 - 「逆説」 Heaven & Earth
Bye2 「逆説」 Heaven & Earth
霊体ミミズ (GHOST_WORM) 2021


Chat is archived.
Roffle 8:03:02 PM
I am audibly confused, but happy
rosasolis (host) 8:03:24 PM
hii roffle and everyone!!
Roffle 8:03:55 PM
Hi rosasolis!
TAndy 8:12:37 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:14:46 PM
mondee initt!!
stevie p 8:16:33 PM
hi rosasolis! i've been absent for a few weeks. end of summer and whatnot. happy to be here now!
rosasolis (host) 8:17:18 PM
hii stevie welcome! hope u had a lovely end of summer
stevie p 8:17:46 PM
i did. i hope you did too.
stevie p 8:18:02 PM
howdy TAndy and Roffle
DSM 8:18:37 PM
Hey Rosa, Hey Everyone. Dug that sound collagey intro pre high rise.
rosasolis (host) 8:19:29 PM
hii dsm! yess im trying to play around more with some nifty sound sources and field recordings..
stevie p 8:19:43 PM
hi (and) DSM
Roffle 8:20:04 PM
Heya stevie! Hi guys!
DSM 8:21:30 PM
very cool
Roffle 8:21:35 PM
When a great wind musician has an excellent set of valves.
Mattsabbath 8:22:01 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:22:59 PM
love the flairr from the saxophonists~ and hii matt!
DSM 8:23:29 PM
lol with that entrance Matt
Mattsabbath 8:26:13 PM
Lol I try
Mattsabbath 8:27:47 PM
Rosasolis & Tandy:
Roffle 8:27:56 PM
Setenta y ocho? Could be...
rosasolis (host) 8:29:28 PM
that book cover is insane 😭 and could be? :o
DSM 8:29:36 PM
shellin' peanuts over here. something about having to put the work in makes it taste better.
DSM 8:30:02 PM
lol wtf matt I am buying that next Amz order
Roffle 8:30:44 PM
And the mild saltiness is a plus... :)
rosasolis (host) 8:31:27 PM
shellin peanuts seems like an appropriate autumn activity!!
Roffle 8:32:13 PM
I bought a cool faucet expander on Amz. Then bought one for the bathroom. Fucking Amazon!
TAndy 8:32:24 PM
I need that book
Mattsabbath 8:32:38 PM
Lol DSM lemmy know how it is! Bizarro literature is hit or miss.
Mattsabbath 8:33:09 PM
I saw that book & instantly thought of From the Notebook 😂
DSM 8:33:13 PM
for $4 it's worth the risk lol
stevie p 8:33:21 PM
first line of first 5-star review of the book "This was truly entertaining, my anus did not relax once during the entire read due to laughter"
Mattsabbath 8:33:52 PM
Lolololololol stevie p
rosasolis (host) 8:33:59 PM
ill take that as a compliment (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
Mattsabbath 8:34:08 PM
The anus knows
Roffle 8:34:36 PM
OMG, should have bought some fiber too.
TAndy 8:34:42 PM
Mattsabbath 8:37:19 PM
Lol Tandy
Andrew WestCoast 8:37:43 PM
Naaa naaa na na naaa naaaaa
Andrew WestCoast 8:38:49 PM
Maynard Ferguson used to do charts like this.
rosasolis (host) 8:39:09 PM
hi andrew!! i didnt expect such a crazed coverr
stevie p 8:39:26 PM
"The anus knows" -- Mattsabbath
stevie p 8:39:29 PM
Wisdom of the Ages be Upon Us!
Mattsabbath 8:40:28 PM
Mattsabbath 8:41:03 PM
The anus knows. Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
stevie p 8:41:30 PM
Thus Spoke Zarathustra's butthole
Mattsabbath 8:42:00 PM
Andrew WestCoast 8:45:09 PM
Get down and boogie y'all!
DSM 8:47:31 PM
LOL stevie p
rosasolis (host) 8:47:55 PM
love me some mutant disco 💃
stevie p 8:49:28 PM
DSM, Martha is still out in the lower 40 milking the soybeans. She'll be stoked to hear you're here
DSM 8:49:34 PM
great music on this crisp September night :)
Mattsabbath 8:50:23 PM
DSM 8:50:40 PM
yell out cross the fields of soy and let her know, a smile to her hard working face would bring me joy
Andrew G/ 8:50:44 PM
i don't speak any Portuguese but I can listen to Gal all day
Andrew G/ 8:50:50 PM
and Joyce
Ossy 8:51:00 PM
Hi Rosalina!
rosasolis (host) 8:51:04 PM
the nights are crisp and perfect for some hot ciderr and hoodies :)
Mattsabbath 8:51:09 PM
rosasolis (host) 8:51:39 PM
hii andrew and ossy!! i love the stargazing.. and i agree i can listen to her singing whenever and it always feels appropriate~
DSM 8:51:51 PM
stevie p 8:52:22 PM
one of the things i always miss about the warm months: rolling out of bed and putting on socks, shorts and a tee shirt
stevie p 8:52:58 PM
cold months? roll out of bed, quickly put on sweatpants, wool socks, turtleneck and hoodie, and slippers
DSM 8:53:06 PM
the transition from shorts back to pants is always odd
TAndy 8:53:17 PM
I'm still wearing shorts till halloween
Mattsabbath 8:53:48 PM
DSM 8:53:55 PM
popol vuh rule
stevie p 8:53:57 PM
TAndy, yeah, i always say that... but reality sets in the first time i'm freezing cold and feel like an idiot
TAndy 8:54:17 PM
We love Popol Vuh in this house
Mattsabbath 8:54:46 PM
I always admired how Nomeansno wore hockey jerseys in hot cramped little punk venues
Roffle 8:56:07 PM
Looking forward to some hot cider and hoodie time. Not a big fan of hot summer nights.
Mattsabbath 8:57:00 PM
Roff 👊
Roffle 8:57:41 PM
Zup Matt?
Mattsabbath 8:58:29 PM
Roff I am however a big fan of Crom's 'Hot Sumerian Nights' album 👍
Ossy 8:58:43 PM
Rosasolis- Yeah, Rosie with Sonic's friends(Silver, Blaze and Elise) in the night sky! Noticed the one black Luma there as well, named Polari
Roffle 8:59:31 PM
That's one for Alan Ossy!
Ossy 9:00:50 PM
And speaking of autumn season, which I love, still sweater/hoodie with very long socks ❤🧡💛🍂🍁🍊🌟
rosasolis (host) 9:00:57 PM
i love all popol vuh :) i should do another german kosmiche show..
Mattsabbath 9:03:09 PM
Ja wohl
DSM 9:03:13 PM
yes plz :)
Roffle 9:03:17 PM
Cool well to go to.
Mattsabbath 9:04:21 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:04:59 PM
sooo much fausttt.. will need to ask dto for suggestions for sure
Mattsabbath 9:05:18 PM
Jk Diesel Dudes are from Oakland Ca
Roffle 9:06:50 PM
DTO probably has a whole mine vain loaded with stuff like that. lol
Mattsabbath 9:07:43 PM
Doc Wor Mirran!
Rob F 9:10:56 PM
Mattsabbath 9:11:16 PM
Tell them whales to pipe down
tb 9:12:55 PM
Mattsabbath 9:13:21 PM
Fall schedule looks great
TAndy 9:13:24 PM
tb 9:13:28 PM
he died??
TAndy 9:13:29 PM
Big love to DJ Pato
Ossy 9:13:35 PM
Those dolphins and hi TB!
Ossy 9:14:01 PM
TB - Sadly true :*
Ossy 9:14:05 PM
tb 9:14:15 PM
god thats awful
DSM 9:14:26 PM
Pat was a real one
Ossy 9:15:16 PM
Going to miss hearing World's Fare on Tuesday mornings
Roffle 9:16:51 PM
One of ours. Love ya Pangeo! We will all see you there. Later.
rosasolis (host) 9:20:13 PM
hii tb!! he will be greatly missed :(
rosasolis (host) 9:20:24 PM
and the whales say hi to everyone here
Rob F 9:21:08 PM
except Matt
rosasolis (host) 9:21:30 PM
hii rob!! matt needs time to just appreciate them more
Rob F 9:22:13 PM
Hi Rosasolis
stevie p 9:22:18 PM
rosasolis, i loved the intro to this next set. i like the mystery trips you put on your show!
rosasolis (host) 9:24:20 PM
im glad!! i like to get lostt~ who knows where we can go
Mattsabbath 9:24:26 PM
I'm a desert rat. What are these whale and dolphin creatures
Ossy 9:26:03 PM
I love venturing and wondering why of mysteries :)
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 9:26:05 PM
Ja, ich habe ganz viel kosmische Muzik.
tb 9:26:23 PM
did they write an email about it?
stevie p 9:28:21 PM
hello ǝʌɐꓷ
rosasolis (host) 9:28:23 PM
hallo dave!! ich brauche die Musik~
rosasolis (host) 9:28:34 PM
and i think it was @tb :(
tb 9:29:46 PM
damn i didnt see one
DubNP 9:30:18 PM
Flowing tonight so nicely.
stevie p 9:30:18 PM
sweet tuune! cute, too
rosasolis (host) 9:30:56 PM
hii dub!! glad to hear :) and yess i luv those little synths too
Ossy 9:33:39 PM
This is cute 💜💙 💣 🌟
stevie p 9:34:13 PM
damb cute, Os!
DubNP 9:35:53 PM
DubNP 9:37:22 PM
I’m surprised this 12” even works anymore for me. People in for a treat here.
rosasolis (host) 9:39:29 PM
i was soo happy to find this again this weekend
DSM 9:39:42 PM
this kinda reminds me of Trail of Dead meets Deafheaven and predates it all, glad to hear this
DubNP 9:39:59 PM
This is a must have.
Ossy 9:40:51 PM
Stevie - Waluigi the guy that nobody understands like Timmy Turner!
DubNP 9:40:52 PM
Glad I got to see them. Funeral Diner were good too. Spent time touring a little with those guys. Good people.
nekogrrrl 9:42:50 PM
meow meow! happy monday all
rosasolis (host) 9:43:41 PM
touring thats amazing!! and omgg nekogrrl hiiiiiiii
Jiano Briggs 9:45:13 PM
This song hits WEIRD on K
rosasolis (host) 9:45:51 PM
Roffle 9:46:00 PM
Catz and schedules. Sure, why not?
Roffle 9:48:44 PM
But I gotta say rosasolis, this is a different turn tonight. Love this station!
Roffle 9:49:22 PM
rosasolis (host) 9:49:36 PM
needed a little noiseee :)
DubNP 9:49:52 PM
Dillinger were crazy good live when this came out. Look at you tonight. I’m sure we will be listening the jungle from bali soon.
nekogrrrl 9:50:00 PM
hell yeah this is exactly how im feeling
Ossy 9:50:28 PM
Sludge and Desert Cruising noise!
Mattsabbath 9:52:12 PM
We need Dillinger + Mike Patton doing Aphex Twin
rosasolis (host) 9:55:50 PM
i would like to hear that!~ and im jealous that dillinger album sounds like it would be unparalleled livee
TAndy 9:56:28 PM
God this is so good
tb 9:57:42 PM
tb 9:59:20 PM
reminds me of serslut
tb 9:59:26 PM
TAndy 10:00:04 PM
rosasolis (host) 10:00:08 PM
ooh i need to listen to moree
Roffle 10:00:38 PM
Sewerslut? Jeez, that's getting scarry tb!
tb 10:00:54 PM
play katys song by red house painters 👀
tb 10:01:01 PM
@roffle rofl
tb 10:01:15 PM
tb 10:01:20 PM
roll on floor laugh in sewer
rosasolis (host) 10:01:37 PM
katys song breaks my heart 😭 i played it a few weeks back in august 3
Roffle 10:01:48 PM
red house painters! Awesome band!
tb 10:01:50 PM
i knowww its so sad'
tb 10:01:57 PM
gona play it next week
tb 10:02:15 PM
doing calc 3 hw to this rn 🫦
tb 10:02:48 PM
r() = √2i +  j + − k ⇒ v() = r0() = √2i +  j − − k, a() = v0() =  j + − k, |v()| = √2 + 2 + −2 = ( + −)2 =  + −.
TAndy 10:03:01 PM
Homework 3
Ossy 10:03:34 PM
Fun times, stinky math homework
Roffle 10:03:46 PM
Homework! LMAO!
Roffle 10:04:41 PM
Calc is just a function of itself
Mattsabbath 10:06:03 PM
tb the answer is 42
tb 10:06:21 PM
its actually my mom
stevie p 10:06:37 PM
my dear old mom told me i don't have math genes.
Roffle 10:06:52 PM
No Diff
Mattsabbath 10:08:22 PM
Pissed Jeans
DSM 10:08:52 PM
this album is a banger
rosasolis (host) 10:10:28 PM
i love it i was so happy to come across it yesterday again
Mattsabbath 10:11:16 PM
But Rosasolis this means you MUST play a Kramer Guilt Trip song
rosasolis (host) 10:13:04 PM
i guess i can do one from the cd i didnt play a song from before :o
Mattsabbath 10:13:07 PM
FCC law.
Ossy 10:13:46 PM
That wretched noisome FCC
Mattsabbath 10:13:56 PM
NJ regulation.
Roffle 10:14:14 PM
? I have concerns that are making me laugh.
TAndy 10:14:16 PM
Federal law
Mattsabbath 10:14:27 PM
"We wouldn't want to go against the law, Em." - Wizard of Oz
stevie p 10:14:42 PM
in "freeform" there is no law
Ossy 10:15:32 PM
It's the law of the house- Carl Winslow from Family Matters
stevie p 10:15:34 PM
freeform radio don't need no stinking badges
Colin 10:19:50 PM
hello class! happy monday to yall.
DSM 10:20:48 PM
lol Ossy
Colin 10:21:03 PM
i been listening as i did all my domestic shores. all done and time to vaporize flurs
Roffle 10:21:08 PM
Hey Colin!
tb 10:22:14 PM
DSM 10:22:52 PM
time to shotgun a beer
rosasolis (host) 10:22:55 PM
hiii colin! vaporize flurs i like thaat.. and yess we luv @tb
stevie p 10:25:57 PM
time for another Boost drop
Mattsabbath 10:27:50 PM
(snorts a ground-up Buspirone pill)
Roffle 10:27:52 PM
Shotgun a beer? Just what frat house?
Mattsabbath 10:28:50 PM
DSM is doing one of the most American things possible and I salute him 🍺
Ossy 10:29:08 PM
A friend of mine met Tinashe at some Philly's baseball or hockey game. She was like a normal person in the audience, without drawing too much crowd
TAndy 10:30:15 PM
Yeah I'd think that most people regardless of their talent want to just do normal stuff
Mattsabbath 10:31:33 PM
Harm Korine has a great art series of corpse paint black metalers doing mundane things 😂
Roffle 10:31:48 PM
I prefer to appear normal, but I just can't do normal.
Ossy 10:33:27 PM
I like out of ordinary at times
DSM 10:34:30 PM
Harm Korine has a new show up in LA with oil paintings that look pretty good, ‘AGGRESSIVE DR1FTER’ at Hauser & Wirth
stevie p 10:34:57 PM
rosasolis... this tune. wow. flying along a deserted city freeway in the night...
Roffle 10:35:39 PM
I like out of ordinary at times too Ossy. That makes the most sense.
Mattsabbath 10:35:42 PM
Nice DSM! 🎨
rosasolis (host) 10:36:35 PM
ooh nice heads up @dsm! and yess i love how this track makes me soar :) @stevie
stevie p 10:36:57 PM
your show is too damb short!
stevie p 10:37:35 PM
i could go for about 6 hours of ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀
Colin 10:38:57 PM
wasn't there that brief moment when the show was only 2 hours?!?!? That felt rosa could only play like 4 songs.
rosasolis (host) 10:39:49 PM
i need to do more marathon shows(with sara!);; and omg yeaa that was last year 11pm-1am~ it was a vibe tho :)
Rob F 10:40:16 PM
DSM I am in LA next weekend. I might check that out
Ossy 10:42:00 PM
Rosa - Oh do, really cute!
DSM 10:42:06 PM
Nice Rob! I need to make an LA visit soon, been awhile
Mattsabbath 10:42:14 PM
Rob please do and report back
stevie p 10:42:37 PM
more marathon shows with sara, and more repeat shows during the overnight slots!
stevie p 10:43:40 PM
i always check the weekly prb schedule to see if ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ i missed is rebroadcast on an overnight time slot
Colin 10:43:43 PM
i always enjoyed the late night weekend fill in shows too. those get vibey. weekends i get to be more of a night owl.
Roffle 10:43:57 PM
I have not been to LAX in many years with no regrets. I just hate the 405 though.
Roffle 10:45:25 PM
Get there after midnight, and it's not so bad.
Colin 10:45:28 PM
my memory may be a little shuffled on this one but I think I saw dj food open for roni size at the tla once.
Mattsabbath 10:46:00 PM
rosasolis (host) 10:46:26 PM
ill gladly take more of those night subs when i can!! its always a pleasure~ i feel like i can really explore
rosasolis (host) 10:46:59 PM
and omg i rewatched muholland drive a day or two ago by accident and it made me wanna stay far away from la
Colin 10:47:01 PM
i saw dj food at silk city once, that was lit!
stevie p 10:48:06 PM
my first-ever ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ from the notebook ❀༅༺☆༻༅❀ ... was on one of your night subs. i've been a fan ever since
Mattsabbath 10:48:39 PM
Rosasolis never look behind the Winkie's restaurant
Ossy 10:48:50 PM
Speaking of Cali and food..
tb 10:50:06 PM
haa silk city
tb 10:50:09 PM
ooo good song
Roffle 10:50:20 PM
Enjoyed the show rosasolis! Muholland Dr. is not so bad really. lol
DSM 10:50:32 PM
Mattsabbath 10:50:37 PM
I just called 1 800 GIRLS. Some dude answered.
stevie p 10:51:08 PM
this show... sooo good, toooo short
Mattsabbath 10:51:15 PM
DSM yesssssss
TAndy 10:51:30 PM
Yo thanks for the show
stevie p 10:52:21 PM
Mattsabbath 10:52:38 PM
Saw Mulholland Dr 2x in theater when it came out
Ossy 10:52:54 PM
Sounds like battle Kirby music
DSM 10:54:34 PM
Thanks Rosasolis this show rocked! Thanks chat crew fun chattin' tonight.
Mattsabbath 10:55:05 PM
Thanks DJ!
Mattsabbath 10:55:25 PM
Colin 10:55:30 PM
Love this song😎 good night y’all
Rob F 10:55:35 PM
thanks Rosasolis
stevie p 10:56:11 PM
thanks rosasolis!
Roffle 10:56:56 PM
👍 stuff rosasolis! Thanks y'all fer chatin'! G'nite!
Ossy 10:57:28 PM
Stay cosmo guarding luma, Rosalina!
tb 10:57:34 PM
rosasolis (host) 10:57:36 PM
omg i lost track of time everyone!! thanks so much for listening 💗 see you all v spoon!!
Jiano Briggs 10:57:59 PM
Factually great show
Mattsabbath 10:58:13 PM
creep it real y'all
stevie p 11:00:11 PM
til next week.....