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Hidden Lands

Sep 5, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Hog

howdy pardner... come on an adventure with me why dontcha

Final Boss

Prepare for the end...

Hidden Lands
3:00 PM
Ashra - Ocean of Tenderness
Ashra Ocean of Tenderness
New Age of Earth Virgin Records 1977
3:06 PM
Emeralds - Candy Shoppe
Emeralds Candy Shoppe
Does It Look Like I'm Here? Ghostly International 2010

40 Stunningly Beautiful Statues Of Fairies And Angels For Your Home & Garden

3:09 PM
Oneohtrix Point Never - Boring Angel
Oneohtrix Point Never Boring Angel
R Plus Seven Warp Records 2013

LSD: Dream Emulator / Nightmare Fuel - TV Tropes

3:11 PM
Floating Points - Falaise
Floating Points Falaise
Crush Ninja Tune 2019

Paintings | Francis Bacon

3:15 PM
Luke Abbott - Holkham Drones
Luke Abbott Holkham Drones
Holkham Drones Border Community 2010

Data Sculptures | ZKM

3:21 PM
Mura Oka - Zr Dnt
Mura Oka Zr Dnt
Auftakt Latency 2014

Brain MRI scan | Medserena Open MRI

3:27 PM
Mount Kimbie - Four Years and One Day
Mount Kimbie Four Years and One Day
Love What Survives Warp Records 2017

The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui - Sawan Books

3:32 PM
Cosmic Neighbourhood - Faeries
Cosmic Neighbourhood Faeries
Collages I Kit Records 2015

Best Artistic Argument for LSD 2018 | Distant Horizons: Pioneers of  Psychedelic Art | Arts & Culture | Cincinnati

3:38 PM
Suzanne Ciani - The Third Wave - Love In the Waves
Suzanne Ciani The Third Wave - Love In the Waves
Seven Waves Seventh Wave 1982

Sub Culture (1997) - PC Review and Full Download | Old PC Gaming

3:43 PM
James Ferraro - Green Hill Cross
James Ferraro Green Hill Cross
Four Pieces for Mirai California Digital 2018

Remembering old games on Mac is like visiting a lost world | Rock Paper  Shotgun

3:49 PM
Nico Niquo - Maru Dai Dawn
Nico Niquo Maru Dai Dawn
Epitaph Orange Milk 2015

Энтузиаст «на коленке» создал полноценную Windows. Получилось не хуже, чем  у Microsoft

3:52 PM
Pariah - Linnaea
Pariah Linnaea
Here From Where We Are Houndstooth 2018

Q*bert (1999) – Hardcore Gaming 101

4:01 PM
Naked Flames - Visiting Corners
Naked Flames Visiting Corners
Miracle in Transit Dismiss Yourself 2022

Wave Race 64 is the next N64 game coming to Switch Online | VGC

4:07 PM
Underworld - Kittens
Underworld Kittens
Beaucoup Fish (Remastered) Smith Hyde Productions 2016

It's Never Been Easier to Play Wipeout, the '90s Coolest Racing Game

4:11 PM
Luke Slater - Love
Luke Slater Love
Freek Funk Mute 1997

Phantasy Star Cave - Phantasy Star Generation 1 English Translation

4:16 PM
c678924 - End Sky
c678924 End Sky
End Sky - Single C6 c6 2022

The War in Heaven (1999) - PC Game

4:20 PM
zircon - Depth Charge
zircon Depth Charge
Antigravity Zircon Studios 2007

90s Super GP

4:23 PM
Exodia - Submersion
Exodia Submersion
Valkyria - Single Dismiss Yourself 2022


4:28 PM
isyti - Porcelain
isyti Porcelain
Bootleg (+) Dismiss Yourself 2022

Download RAMA - Abandonware Games

4:31 PM
Vladimir Dubyshkin - ticket to childhood
Vladimir Dubyshkin ticket to childhood
Botox Queen - EP trip recordings 2022

Old School Musical is a rhythm game that revels in its retro roots - Polygon

4:35 PM
Team Mekano - 10.000 NFT Screenshots per Second (Terminally Online Remix)
Team Mekano 10.000 NFT Screenshots per Second (Terminally Online Remix)
Mekanoworld.Xyz Dismiss Yourself 2022

Jet Set GIF - Jet Set Radio - Discover & Share GIFs

4:39 PM
Naked Flames - The O
Naked Flames The O
247 365 No Agreements 2021

7 Seriously Bizarre First-Person Shooters From the 90s | PCMag

4:42 PM
Lyra Valenza - Reality Blizz
Lyra Valenza Reality Blizz
Scan, Deliver - EP Petrola 80 2018
4:44 PM
Doss - Puppy
Doss Puppy
4 New Hit Songs - EP LuckyMe 2021

Nintendo working on new 'Nintendogs' game according to patent

4:46 PM
Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx)
Underworld Born Slippy (Nuxx)
Second Toughest in the Infants (Deluxe) [Remastered] Smith Hyde Productions 2015

Trainspotting: Cinematography

Chat is archived.
Harry (host) 3:02:10 PM
TAndy 3:03:40 PM
Glad you're still on at least
Misty 3:07:20 PM
heyyyy guys
Misty 3:08:04 PM
whoever started playing that first song for you must be really cool and beautiful
TAndy 3:08:42 PM
hullo misty
Misty 3:10:42 PM
Richard from Rocky Hill 3:27:09 PM
@ DJ Hog (host) What is the spectral artwork you've posted in the playlist next to "Falaise" by Floating Points? And/or where is it from? Thanks.
Harry (host) 3:28:10 PM
it's a francis bacon painting!
TAndy 3:28:46 PM
mmm bacon...
TAndy 3:30:25 PM
the outro for that trac ruled
DSM 3:38:37 PM
Howdy Hog. Loving the tunes today. Susan Ciani is so cool.
Harry (host) 3:39:11 PM
hey DSM! i love ciani
Richard from Rocky Hill 3:39:25 PM
@ Harry (host) Thanks.
DSM 3:40:58 PM
there's a great youtube video of Ciani describing how she made the sounds for a pinball machine, really fun watch
Harry (host) 3:41:27 PM
i'll be sure to check that out, she's got tons of great interviews
TAndy 3:47:02 PM
mmm delicious dialup sounds
zeroo 4:01:20 PM
Harry (host) 4:02:04 PM
hi zero
TAndy 4:07:08 PM
this rules rn
TAndy 4:07:19 PM
Harry (host) 4:08:13 PM
full speed ahead
TAndy 4:11:42 PM
this second hour is kicking ass so far. an appropriate end for the season
Harry (host) 4:13:51 PM
TAndy 4:36:00 PM
omfg this track name LOL
Harry (host) 4:36:16 PM
Harry (host) 4:42:29 PM
running out of music...
TAndy 4:45:26 PM
its ok dj hog just pad out the mic break
TAndy 4:45:43 PM
tell us a story, idk if i have ay requests but i'll look
DSM 4:45:49 PM
omg the nintendogs lol
zeroo 4:45:55 PM
oh go to hundred percent silk label they got dance music
Harry (host) 4:46:01 PM
i think i'll make it... last track is pretty long
TAndy 4:49:33 PM
born slippy is cheating but i'll allow it LOL
DSM 4:51:26 PM
TAndy 4:51:44 PM
big love for all the excellent programming all summer, dj hog. can't wait to hear your fall programs
zeroo 4:54:13 PM
so wish I lived in radius of tower cuz messing my phone 4 music in car so frustratin would just turn dial to wprb
zeroo 4:54:51 PM
only country, top 40 and npr here, french talk
Harry (host) 4:55:20 PM
thank you all very much for listening!
Harry (host) 4:55:30 PM
hidden lands will return tuesdays at 8
DSM 4:56:12 PM
Thanks Harry! Glad you'll be on the airwaves this fall.
zeroo 4:57:03 PM
Thank you Harry the bops are bopping as usual big ups big love xx