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Every Job Is Out To Get Me: An Exploration of Subterranean Records

Sep 4, 2023 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Dana K

Songs from the 80s San Francisco label Subterranean.

Every Job Is Out To Get Me: An Exploration of Subterranean Records
7:01 PM
Arkansaw Man - Every Job
Arkansaw Man Every Job
Single Subterranean 1983
7:09 PM
VKTMS - The Ballad of Pincushion Smith
VKTMS The Ballad of Pincushion Smith
SF Underground V/A Subterranean 1979
7:13 PM
Code of Honor - What Price Would You Pay?
Code of Honor What Price Would You Pay?
What Are We Gonna Do? Subterranean 1982
7:14 PM
Tools - Hard Wark
Tools Hard Wark
Hard Wark - Single Subterranean 1980
7:17 PM
Pop-O-Pies - A Political Song
Pop-O-Pies A Political Song
Joe's Second Record Subterranean 1984
7:20 PM
The Lewd - Mobile Home
The Lewd Mobile Home
SF Underground 2 V/A Subterranean 1980
7:21 PM
Society Dog - Working Class People
Society Dog Working Class People
Working Class People - Single Subterranean 1980
7:24 PM
The Jars - Electric Third Rail
The Jars Electric Third Rail
Start Rite Now Subterranean 1980
7:27 PM
Frightwig - A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do
Frightwig A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do
Cat Farm Faboo Subterranean 1984
7:36 PM
Wilma - Fast Fascist
Wilma Fast Fascist
Pornography Lies Subterranean 1981
7:39 PM
Ultrasheen - Alive Alive
Ultrasheen Alive Alive
Ultrasheen Subterranean 1981
7:41 PM
Psyclones - Gift of Noise
Psyclones Gift of Noise
Gift of Noise Subterranean 1985
7:45 PM
Nervous Gender - Cardinal Newman
Nervous Gender Cardinal Newman
Music from Hell Subterranean 1981
7:46 PM
Jr. Chemists - Spooky Cooties
Jr. Chemists Spooky Cooties
Arizona Disease V/A Subterranean 1981
7:50 PM
Longshoremen - Locomotive
Longshoremen Locomotive
Walk the Plank Subterranean 1986
7:53 PM
Inflatable Boy Clams - Boystown
Inflatable Boy Clams Boystown
Inflatable Boy Clams Subterranean 1981
7:58 PM
Bay of Pigs - Addiction
Bay of Pigs Addiction
Addiction - Single Subterranean 1980
7:59 PM
Research Library - Alien Love
Research Library Alien Love
Red Spot V/A Subterranean 1981
8:02 PM
Naked City - Atomic Age
Naked City Atomic Age
Club Foot V/A Subterranean
NOT the John Zorn group!
8:13 PM
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
Flipper Ha Ha Ha
Love Canal - Single Subterranean 1981
8:15 PM
The Leather Nun - Primemover
The Leather Nun Primemover
Primemover - Single Subterranean 1983
8:20 PM
Helios Creed - Sex Voodoo Venus
Helios Creed Sex Voodoo Venus
X-Rated Fairy Tales Subterranean 1985
8:24 PM
The Witch Trials - Humanoids from the Deep
The Witch Trials Humanoids from the Deep
The Witch Trials - EP Subterranean 1981
8:38 PM
Minimal Man - She Was a Visitor
Minimal Man She Was a Visitor
She Was A Visitor - Single Subterranean 1980
8:39 PM
Controlled Bleeding - Boiling Eggs Pt. 1
Controlled Bleeding Boiling Eggs Pt. 1
Core Subterranean 1986
8:43 PM
Pre Fix - Underneathica
Pre Fix Underneathica
Underneathica - Single Subterranean 1981
8:47 PM
Monte Cazazza - Stairway to Hell
Monte Cazazza Stairway to Hell
Stairway to Hell - Single Subterranean 1982
8:52 PM
Stefan Weisser - Indefensible Position
Stefan Weisser Indefensible Position
Editeditions Contexts Subterranean 1983
aka Z'EV
8:57 PM
Tana-Emmolo Smith - Prescient Dreams
Tana-Emmolo Smith Prescient Dreams
Prescient Dreams/Zanoni Subterranean 1983
Chat is archived.
TAndy 7:04:20 PM
Friday night came early
Rob from Maryland 7:06:32 PM
Hello! My wife and I are both really looking forward to this show
Dana K (host) 7:08:54 PM
hey folks! happy labor day!
Rob from Maryland 7:10:15 PM
Happy Labor Day to everyone!
Rob from Maryland 7:14:48 PM
And happy Labor Wave!
TAndy 7:15:26 PM
Happy Laborwave 💙
Dana K (host) 7:22:03 PM
Quiet chat today. Hope folks are out enjoying their day off (I didn't have a day off)
TAndy 7:24:27 PM
Personally I'm still sleepy from my traveling, and also busy hugging a kitty
Dana K (host) 7:24:58 PM
Oh man. Wish the Barge had a ship's cat. You know, to catch all the rats we have here.
yoni from kdu 7:27:21 PM
Oh hell yeah
Rob from Maryland 7:27:24 PM
Dana K (host) 7:27:44 PM
I am just getting into this band now, I can't believe it's taken me this long
Rob from Maryland 7:28:56 PM
I have their Subterranean album and their next one Faster Frightwig Kill Kill and they are both quite excellent!!
yoni from kdu 7:29:08 PM
You missed when they played KFN a few years ago!
Dana K (host) 7:29:14 PM
yoni from kdu 7:34:14 PM
Maybe seven years ago?
Rob from Maryland 7:34:20 PM
@Dana, would you be playing anything by the Longshoremen?
Dana K (host) 7:36:27 PM
Maaaaaybe :)
richard lyons:) 7:36:53 PM
so glad I happened to tune in! hello!
Christine 7:37:34 PM
Really enjoying the show, Dana K! I
Christine 7:37:46 PM
Hi, all 👋
Dana K (host) 7:38:01 PM
Hi Christine! Thank you!
Steve Keane 7:38:41 PM
Happy Labor Day, Comrade Workers!
Christine 7:39:22 PM
I would have dropped into the chat earlier, but I was driving home.
Christine 7:39:34 PM
Happy Labor Day! 🌹
Dana K (host) 7:39:45 PM
no worries, driving is the best way to listen to WPRB!
Dana K (host) 7:39:53 PM
Ossy 7:40:44 PM
Hi Dana!
Dana K (host) 7:41:03 PM
hi ossy! happy laborwave day!
Scooter France 7:42:52 PM
ultrasheen! Shout out to the dearly departed Jed Speare, who is kind of the godfather of the experimental music scene, who lived in SF in the early 80s and played in Ultrasheen and EZ Teeth.
Rob from Maryland 7:43:15 PM
No worries if you can't Dana. I won't walk the plank or anything
Rob from Maryland 7:44:33 PM
Hi Christine!
Dana K (host) 7:44:46 PM
@Scooter, Yoni did some research on them recently and found that another member played a Ferengi in Star Trek. Which of course I love.
Scooter France 7:44:56 PM
oh I missed a word, I meant Jed Speare was kind of the godfather of the Boston experimental music scene
Dana K (host) 7:45:09 PM
I didn't know about the Boston connection!
Scooter France 7:47:10 PM
He once told me that one of the EZ Teeth tracks on the Red Spot comp was constructed out of recordings of between song feedback he recorded at a Flipper rehearsal.
Dana K (host) 7:48:03 PM
Oh hell yeah. That checks out.
Rob from Maryland 7:50:01 PM
Longshoremen!! :-D
Scooter France 7:50:27 PM
the Ultrasheen/farengi connection rules
Dana K (host) 7:50:29 PM
Haha, yeah, I had them in the queue this entire time
Dana K (host) 7:50:35 PM
I love this
Rob from Maryland 7:51:54 PM
I figured that was the case, Dana K. I saw them in DC touring on this album in the 80s
Dana K (host) 7:52:17 PM
That's so cool!
Dana K (host) 7:53:05 PM
I think I played Inflatable Boy Clams a few weeks ago, but I couldn't leave them off this show
Rob from Maryland 7:55:56 PM
I think you did! I acquired this also back in the 80s. I'm Sorry is my/our favorite song by them
Dana K (host) 7:56:16 PM
I love that one, it's so deranged
Colin 8:06:42 PM
lol, I like how the not john zorn naked city still has saxophone. they like we don't care.
Rob from Maryland 8:07:07 PM
@Dana K, would it be possible to hear "I'm Writing It Down" by Bay of Pigs from the Club Foot comp?
Dana K (host) 8:12:14 PM
Already played "Addiction," but if I have room at the end of the show I might be able to
Rob from Maryland 8:12:21 PM
Rob from Maryland 8:12:54 PM
Thanks Dana! No biggie if you can't
Steve Keane 8:13:44 PM
1st Flipper song I ever heard. Probably on WKDU, though. Sorry.
Colin 8:15:31 PM
wkdu may have even played that song last night. I definitely heard it yesterday, just can't remember if it was at work or later back home.
Rob from Maryland 8:15:43 PM
@Dana K, I just found I'm Writing It Down on Y****** so I'll listen to it there after your show is over 😇. It's a pretty long song
Dana K (host) 8:16:17 PM
Colin 8:19:21 PM
during the first hour i labored and made some ground turkey rice a roni. as i was cooking i was like san francisco treats on the radio and in the pan!
Dana K (host) 8:19:42 PM
Dana K (host) 8:19:53 PM
i should play the jingle
Colin 8:22:13 PM
i'm already story boarding in my head a tv spot for subterranean records with a re-worded jingle.
Colin 8:23:21 PM
trolly door opens and punks with arm loads records spill out all over the street....
Dana K (host) 8:25:02 PM
i went wild with the record buying when i was last in SF/the bay
Dana K (host) 8:25:57 PM
actually bought the SF Underground EP and the Wilma LP, but I didn't have time to grab them before my show, so nothing analog tonight
Scooter France 8:26:54 PM
The Witch Trials ep is definitely one of the creepiest records ever. Also, what a line up of people to be in a band together.
Colin 8:28:07 PM
trying to check a 75 pound carry on bag stuffed with record purchases on the return flight home = a good vacation anywhere.
Dana K (host) 8:28:24 PM
It's wild that Adrian Borland is on the record. But it's very comparable to the Second Layer stuff.
Dana K (host) 8:28:43 PM
I usually find Jello's voice silly but it's genuinely unsettling on this one
Scooter France 8:29:32 PM
the Mott the Hoople connection is the boggles my mind about the Witch Trials. It isn't too far from Second Layer, you're right.
Dana K (host) 8:29:47 PM
Morgan Fisher was doing all kinds of weird shit at the time too
Colin 8:30:28 PM
there is a lot of synth and odd backing vocals that reveal the normally hidden unsettling vocal quirks of jello?
Scooter France 8:30:37 PM
also true
Gautham Kalva 8:31:54 PM
Great set Dana K. Hey can you please point me to where I can read your music reviews?
Dana K (host) 8:37:27 PM
@Gautham, https://www.maximumrocknroll.com/dj/dana-katharine/
Dana K (host) 8:37:40 PM
Only wrote for them for a few months last year
Dana K (host) 8:37:48 PM
and thank you!
Colin 8:41:21 PM
i actually forgot to boil some eggs, thanks for reminding me!!! wprb, helping the community finish their tasks!
Dana K (host) 8:41:53 PM
damn i'd love a hard-boiled egg right now
Colin 8:46:08 PM
i'm currently working my way through a TJ's chillie lime seasoning. hard boiled eggs rolled in a little of that make for an amazing breakfast
Dana K (host) 8:46:33 PM
that is a hot tip!
Rob from Maryland 8:46:40 PM
Dana, 🥚 🍳 is as close as I can get
Dana K (host) 8:46:56 PM
thank you Rob for the eggmojis
Rob from Maryland 8:47:25 PM
Yw Dana. Thank *you* for this stupendous Labourwave show!!!!!!!
Scooter France 8:47:47 PM
yes, this show was great!
Dana K (host) 8:48:19 PM
thanks lads!
yoni from kdu 8:48:41 PM
Been fantastic!
Dana K (host) 8:50:02 PM
I've actually wanted to do this one for a long time
richard lyons:) 8:55:10 PM
Thanks for the great show!
Dana K (host) 8:57:34 PM
two hour shows seem so short!
Dana K (host) 8:58:09 PM
and now I'm driving back to Philadelphia to finish my shift at the record store...gonna grab an egg first
Colin 8:59:36 PM
that really did fly by. great show. thanks for putting it together.
Colin 8:59:55 PM
egss rolled in old bay for the win too.
Colin 9:01:18 PM
also, crap, I bet those are are cooked af by now!